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Found 18 results

  1. I am looking to apply for English PhD programs in the New England area (or around there) which are fully funded with professors studying 19th century British literature and feminist/gender theory. However, I am worried about my chances of getting into a fully funded program because I didn't go to a prestigious undergrad or master's program. What kind of students apply to these programs? Does someone with this kind of background even stand a chance? University of Arizona BA in Creative Writing & Anthropology (Double Major) - 3.74 University of Southern Maine Stonecoast Creative
  2. I am looking to apply for English PhD programs in the New England area (or around there) which are fully funded with professors studying 19th century British literature and feminist/gender theory. However, I am worried about my chances of getting into a fully funded program because I didn't go to a prestigious undergrad or master's program. Is there any hope for someone with this kind of background? University of Arizona BA in Creative Writing & Anthropology (Double Major) - 3.74 University of Southern Maine Stonecoast Creative Writing MFA - Pass (out of pass/fail) 4 acad
  3. Hey everyone, long time lurker here. First of all, congratulations to everyone who got into a program and also for surviving this application cycle! Even if this cycle didn't work out, be positively sure it had everything to do with how difficult this year was and that if you have the resources, you can always apply again. This was my second cycle after a terrible first one (complete shutout). I am an international first generation grad student from India. I guess you can imagine how difficult it must have been to navigate through the entire US academic system, prepare materials I've n
  4. If anyone here has applied to Penn State for their Ph.D. in English program and you know about this, please clarify for me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! So on the English department's website, it says that a SOP (1-3 double-spaced pages) is required. However, when I went to start the application, the portal says that part of the documentation required is a personal statement with the following prompt: "Why do you want to pursue a higher degree in English studies at a time when the Liberal Arts are often less valued than science and technology?" This doesn't sound like a
  5. I have a pretty difficult decision in front of me. I got accepted to a few English MA programs (one of them is a super-ideal program) and one MFA program in creative writing, and I'm not sure about which path to follow. I really, really want to attend an MFA. I see creative writing as a life-long pursuit, and I think getting an MFA right now would be a great step in that pursuit. The "problem" (I realize how lucky I am to have this problem) is that I'm unsure about this particular MFA program. It's only a few years old, not as well known or renowned as other places, and is taught by
  6. Hey! (To the current students and others) Based on your experiences, how would advise someone to use their time before graduate school? As in, how can we prepare ourselves better for what lies ahead? Some essential reading or something? Thanks!
  7. Hello Grad Cafe peeps! I'm interested in a very specific English M.A. or PhD program with an emphasis (or expertise) in graphic novel creation (or with image and textual analysis together). Does something like this exist in the U.S.? I haven't found anything in my research, but I'd love to know if any of you have come across programs like these.
  8. Hi! Very recent college graduate here currently applying to English Masters and/or PhD programs for Fall 2020 (originally planned on applying last fall, but my courseload and general lack of money made it a little difficult, so I waited a year). I have my B.A. in English, minor in Writing, overall GPA of 3.588 (GPA in major is about the same, I'll have to check, but it's at least 3.5), was in top % of seniors of my major, graduated Cum Laude, plenty of extracurriculars/honor societies/etc. My (December 2018) GRE score for verbal was 159, which isn't too hot, but I was in the higher end of the
  9. Greetings GradCafe Community, So, I am interested in applying in the future for an English PhD Program. I was told that when looking for a specific program, I have to look for faculty who have the same interests as I do (go figure!) However, I have only found two faculty members (U of Texas Austin and U of Washington) who have similar interests as I do. I am interested in Queer and Ethnically diverse Young Adult Fiction, and would like to specialize in this area, but its been hard to find other faculty in other schools who work with these kinds of texts. Any suggestions on how to improve
  10. Have these universities started sending application offers for English PhD? New York University University of California Berkeley University of Texas Austin Washington University in St. Louis University of Michigan Ann Arbor University of Chicago Northwestern University Louisiana State University Yale University
  11. Hi, all – I apologize in advance if any of my questions are glaringly obvious, but I require gradcafe wisdom on submitting a multimedia essay to PhD programs in English literature and similar disciplines like cultural/media studies. As a point of reference, my essay examines the ideological edifice of two Steve Bannon documentaries, Torchbearer and Generation Zero, and draws on the theoretical framework of S. Žižek's The Sublime Object of Ideology. Such analysis requires that I embed clips from either film as textual evidence, and the platform I decided upon was WordPress, buying my own d
  12. Hi All, I have a question for those who may have experience regarding withdrawls and PhD admissions. I continued from undergrad into a Master's program with the intention of taking a semester of coursework in order to beef up the PhD applications (English/Lit) I'm currently working on. However, doing so made me realize that I need a break, and the burn out has not only made me consider postponing my applications, but withdrawing from the courses I'm currently enrolled in. While the semester's end is only a few weeks away, there still remains the seminar papers I'll need to submit by Decem
  13. So I'm new and this is (obviously) my first post after lurking on here for a bit for an answer to a nagging question I have. Not much of an introduction, but hi i guess? Anyway, I have a B.A. in English from UCONN and am applying for a few PhD programs. Going straight for the PhD rather than the MA because my professors recommended it, as they believe my writing is strong enough to do so. As for the components of my applications: letters of recommendation, GRE, C.V., SOP, all that is pretty much taken care of (aka I'm not too worried about them). I'm finished with the CV and SOP, hav
  14. Hi everyone! Just wanted to start a forum to discuss UF, connect with other UF acceptances..This is specifically for English and MFA but other gators and prospective gators are also welcome! Are you guys considering attending UF? What are your impressions? Any body going to the visit weekend? For me, their admin side seems kinda chaotic but the courses seem interesting and the dept kinda seem nice enough..what I'm most interested in knowing is the "vibe" of the UF dept? Are they generally supportive? How is Gainesville? I guess it differs from person to person but would love to hear your thoug
  15. As an undergraduate student entering my senior year, I have an unfortunate amount of questions regarding the application process for doctoral programs in English literature. Having written extensively on Joyce's Ulysses, I'm primarily interested in the relationship between narrative theory and postcolonial studies, with an emphasis on 20th century modernism. So, then, does anyone know of some top tier doctoral programs known for research in postcolonialism, narratology, and/or modernism? I'm also interested in American postmodern literature—e.g. Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo, and David Foster Wa
  16. I'm trying to find others who have applied to the UNC-CH PhD program in English and Comparative Literature. I've seen one acceptance and a few wait listed on the Results Survey. Email inquiry only gave me a generic response that decisions are being made every day, and I'll receive an email.
  17. I have offers for the doctoral programmes at CUNY and NYU. My area of interest is Victorian Studies (Women's Writing). I would be really grateful for any advice/suggestions on what you think is a better programme, which one i choose, or what i should consider while choosing. CUNY's letter mentions some fantastic rankings, but NYU shouldn't be too far behind(if at all) on that front. Both departments have impressive Victorian scholars, though I am more familiar with the work of some of the profs at NYU. Would really appreciate some help on this. ps- I am awaiting the funding decision at C
  18. I've been able to look up information on average GPAs and GRE scores; however, I'd like to know if anyone can offer advice as to the rest of the application? What about work experience? Volunteerism? Other community involvement? Honors recognitions/ societies? Any suggestions for activities with which I can become involved for my junior and senior years as an English major? What about advice for course-load? Specific classes/ subject areas? Anything else that I might've missed despite my dozen questions? I'm interested in top-tier M.A./ Ph.D. programs, so I would like any and all
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