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Found 8 results

  1. Has anyone heard from the Fall 2020 MIT CEE PhD program yet. So far there are no stats regarding this on gradcafe, and also, there is no information regarding the number of students that were accepted last year into this program.
  2. Applying to Environmental Engineering MS (and later PhD) here. I got an acceptance from Carnegie Mellon Feb 1st (funding but not full ride), and an acceptance from Montana State University March 27th. I still have not heard back from the other two schools, (Oregon State University and University of Minnesota). Minnesota is my number 1 pick because of their Bioremediation focus (which is my focus). But I don't know what to do because the April 15th deadline is this Sunday! Also Minnesota seems to be avoiding me because the professor I have been communicating with for the last year is suddenly unresponsive and the admissions department is also not responding to me... Do yall think I should just accept my number 2 (Carnegie Mellon) and withdraw if I get a good offer from Minnesota? I would rather not tarnish bridges and be out a $100 deposit if I don't have to. But I will if I need to. Carnegie Mellon said they would give me another week past April 15th if I need it, I just don't know how long to hold out and I am going crazy. Also, does anyone know if University of Minnesota Civil and Environmental Engineering Masters offers have gone out yet? I suspect a first round went out a while ago but don't have any information on that. Thanks! GPA: 3.69 Major: Biology , Minor: Chemistry GRE: 159 Verbal (83%), 160 Quantitative (76%), 4.5 Writing (82%)
  3. Hi! I received an admit from CMU for Masters in Environmental Engineering in early Feb (with ~50% funding for the first year) and have been pondering over it since. I've been waiting for the other important decisions i.e. UIUC and Georgia Tech, but I've pretty much zeroed in on CMU coz of the courses. However, common consensus states I should take UIUC without a doubt if I get it as its awesome. As an international, an early decision will help me start the VISA process sooner. Should I wait for the supposedly better schools or go for the one that seems like the best fit? I could really do with some opinions. Any other useful information about CMU is also welcome! Thanks!
  4. I got into UC Berkeley and Stanford Environmental Engineering MS program to study Water Resource Engineering. I'm not sure which to choose. Any opinions of pros and cons of each university for academics(course material) and campus life in general are appreciated! Where should I go?
  5. Hey all, I recently got accepted into UT Austin, University of Notre Dame, WUSTL and UCRiverside for a PhD in Chemical Engineering. All offers have similar funding and all the programs are pretty great, especially UT Austin and Notre Dame. I want to continue in academia so I want to make a good decision about my university. Any advice? Thanks!
  6. Hello folks, I would like to enroll myself in the UC Berkeley Extension - Advanced Program in Sustainability Mgmt Graduate Certificate. Is it worth it? Has anyone ever had experiences in taking this course? Does it help anyway in job searches? Please let me know your valuable suggestions. Also, do you guys have an idea on any useful Professional/graduate certificate programs offered in other universities concentrating on Environmental field? Thanks in advance!
  7. I've been accepted into the CMU and Georgia Tech programs for MS in Environmental Engineering. I've got funding at CMU(12,000 USD) and no funding at Georgia Tech, so the expenses turn out to be similar at both places. Both are really great programs and i'm not able to make up my mind. Could someone help? Thanks!
  8. I am thrilled to say I got an invitation to interview weekend at Duke for the Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD program! I know that different schools have different approaches to interviews, with some schools making interviews competitive with only 25% admission, others where you are basically guaranteed as long as you aren't super awkward or get really drunk, or in the middle inviting 12 and accepting 6. Does anyone have knowledge of where Duke's CEE program stands on the spectrum?
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