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Found 26 results

  1. applied for EPFL math for 15 th of January but wondered anybody else who accepted for PhD in mathematics or other fields thanks in advance
  2. Has anyone heard from EPFL regarding their master's applications?
  3. Anyone else applied to either EPFL or ETH Zürich for the Cybersecurity MSc joint degree? Let's talk here
  4. Really anxious about the results for summer@epfl programme. Has anyone received nay response yet?
  5. Anybody got the result of this summer intern opportunity?
  6. Hello Everyone! I am a bit worried to decide between schools. My background is computational chemistry and computational material science and I been accepted into the following schools : 1) UCLA-Chemical Engineering 2) EPFL-Chemistry and chemical engineering 3) Oxford-Chemistry (still waiting for funding ) I am a bit distressed about what to choose. Can you please help me out here? Any kind of help would be very appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!
  7. Hi friends! I'm having a hard time choosing between the two schools. The context is that I'm an international student, currently undergrad in the US. UW and EPFL both have good locations (for me), and I'd be down to learn French for daily use, but in some other aspects I don't know which would be better. In terms of funding, EPFL is a little better than UW (this included considerations like health insurance and tuition). There is a 1-year fellowship, and the lab is well funded. But they require students to teach every semester, although the PhD students there told me it's not very hard and basically you only teach tutorials, and grading is mostly done by undergrad TAs. UW requires 2 quarters of TA, but if advisor runs out of funding I'll have to TA. Right now I'm not so sure about the funding situation at UW, but I heard that my POI is new so they will have start-up funding. In terms of research fit, I like both schools' research. EPFL's POI is already very established and our meeting went pretty well too. I feel they have a clear framework of doing good research. The lab also has three postdocs (another is coming in the fall too) and currently 2 PhD students (one of them is graduating soon), and they publish regularly at top conferences in my area. I feel I will have a lot of freedom and get to learn from many experienced researchers. UW's POI is AP, hasn't had students yet and I would be in their first batch, so there is a risk if I choose them. Their publication records have been pretty strong. They are very excited about me, but one of the potential projects we talked about during the meeting seemed less interesting. There will be one postdoc coming into the group. In terms of career prospects, graduated students from EPFL's lab all had pretty good placement, but I'm not sure if being non-EU international will change things (I heard work permit in Switzerland is hard to get). UW apparently has a lot of advantages because so many companies are in the Seattle area. My goal is to go into academia/industry research positions if possible, but okay with software engineering jobs as well. I really appreciate your opinions on the two schools/experience with them! Thanks!
  8. Hi folks! I am new to this forum, so please feel free to correct me if I make any mistake here So I am trying to apply for a graduate program from EPFL, and it is stated in the requirements for recommendation letters that 'The recommendation letters must be issued by professors who are well aware of your work and qualities.' Does this imply that the academies I request for LoR must hold a Prof. title? Or could it be any academy who is willing to write me a LoR from my uni.? It might sound like a silly question, but I am totally not familiar with the European education system. So any help will be really appreciated
  9. I applied to the program for the international round. This is my second time applying and I know the odds are low. I can't help but getting anxious about this since I have not received any follow-up yet which I am afraid that it is likely that I will just receive a rejection email in early march.... Has anyone received a request for interview? Thanks!
  10. Hi~~ I have applied the EPFL doctoral schools with the deadline being 15th December 2018. I haven't heard any news yet. Have u guys received any emails recently?
  11. I am applying to the Masters in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MTE) degree at EPFL. Reporting GRE scores are optional and I realize I should only include the scores if they will help my application, however, since EPFL does not publish any statistics on GRE scores for it's admitted students, I don't really have a gauge on what a good score is. I got a 160 V (86%) 158 Q (68%) and 5 AWA (92%). The quant section could definitely be improved, but for the scores I have now, is it a good idea to submit the scores to show I am a serious applicant and actually took the GRE or are these scores not beneficial to report?
  12. Hello everybody, Any one applied and got accepted or rejected for EPFLinnovators program this year (probably from 1st round coz results of 2nd round are still not released) ? Some info about your profile ? Which PhD school you are into ? laboratory ? Anyone from EDMI school ? Thanks a lot Cheers
  13. Hello everybody, Any one applied and got accepted or rejected for EPFLinnovators program this year (probably from 1st round coz results of 2nd round are still not released) ? Some info about your profile ? Which PhD school you are into ? laboratory ? Anyone from EDMI school ? Thanks a lot Cheers
  14. Hey guys, I just got interview invitation from two epfl professors this week. One of them invited me to interview and asked when can i start the project. however after I replied his email saying i can start on october, no news from him. it is almost a week now. Another one also invited me for interview this week and asked me when can i start, i told him i can start on October and gave him a time window for interview (supposed to be today). but, again... i hear nothing until now. i have sent a reminder email but also no reply. I wonder if this has something to do with my starting time on October and the academic course in epfl starts on 18 Sept. I cannot really leave the country I am doing the master study until at least 20 Sept because I am under scholarship. Any doctoral student here, what is your opinion for two weeks late to enter the doctoral school? I hope it should not be that big of problem as it is only about two weeks anyway...
  15. I am trying to choose between two offers, but I feel like the brand of one of the schools affects me too much. Ultimately, how much does the brand name / ranking really matter in making a decision? Would you choose funding over brand name, or vice versa? Those of you who chose one over the other, do you have any regrets? What would you consider given what you know now? Thanks in advance!
  16. Did anyone apply for the master program of Microengineering at EPFL? I applied for the robotics and control track under that program and would like to find someone who is also waiting for the decision. :>
  17. Hello everyone, I have been accepted to the EPFL for the coming academic year. I will be doing my Master Degree in Computer Science starting from the Fall 2017 semester. I have therefore created a Facebook group in order to collect everyone who is coming. It will be a great place to know each other, share informations, ask for help and generally to make this Master Degree start right :-) Here is the name of the group you can search (without "") -> "EPFL Master Fall 2017 - 2019" Hope everyone will join and share it with friends. We need to make a very huge community! Take care
  18. Anyone heard from epfl graduate admission??
  19. Hi all, I wanted to ask for guidance In December I received an email from EPFL doctoral school regarding getting accepted in EDPY program (PhD-Physics). and they also gave me six months opportunity to find a thesis advisor. From 21 December I had started emailing some of the professors, but didn't received any reply from them. I don't know what else should I do. Is it because of Christmas holiday?! when it will be finished? (we do not have Christmas in our country, so I'm not much sure) In May I was in Switzerland and contacted one of the professors, he replied me back then even though he was in Brazil. and advised me to meet one of his postdoc students. but he is not replying my emails too. what could be the reason? Did I leave bad impression? I even emailed his secretory this Saturday, but she didn't replied too. Should I speak with them directly?! Thank you in advance.
  20. Is anybody applying to "The Master in Financial Engineering (MFE)" course at Swiss Finance Institute (SFI), École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)? Need some help on statement of purpose about the theme? Let's use this forum to further discuss the application and admits.
  21. Hello everyone, I am a senior EE undergrad and I am going to study for PhD beginning from Fall 2016. I currently have offers from 4 schools and I am full of questions on which one would be the best for me. My offers are: - EPFL, EDIC PhD: 1 year fellowship - UC San Diego, ECE PhD: 3 years fellowship - UT Austin, ECE PhD: Funding decisions will be made in the following week as the Graduate Coordinator said. - Stanford, EE, Master’s: No funding, I do not think I will accept this offer. The schools that I did not get any response yet, are University of Michigan, USC and CMU. My research interests are statistical signal and image processing and there are professors and labs that I would love to work with, in all of the schools that I have offers from. Before getting any news from the schools, EPFL was my first choice due to its location. From what I have learnt from the internet, EPFL has a PhD system similar to U.S. in terms of quality, and it is close to my home country, which, I think, is the ideal case for me. However, I talked to some professors in my university and some of them suggested to me to choose a school in the U.S. if I want to be a professor in the future. Their main point was that the schools in the U.S. are known better worldwide, and the name-brand of the university matters in academia. The question that I am very curious about is whether EPFL is comparable to institutions such as UC San Diego, UT Austin or other “near-to-top” universities in the U.S or not. Would attending EPFL for my PhD hurt me when it comes to finding academic jobs in US or Europe? Another question I have is that, the department I have offer from at EPFL is "Computer and Communication Sciences", not EE. However, the topics that I am going to work on are the same as what I will work on if I go to an EE department at another university. Do you know whether the name of the PhD program not being EE would cause problems for me while looking for academic jobs in EE departments, after my graduation? I am unable find further information on these topics and any help and information you provide will be very important for me. Thank you all in advance.
  22. Hello all, Until now, I have been accepted to 4 universities to pursue a PhD degree in electrical and computer engineering, and at this point I am a bit confused. These schools are: 1. USC (Computer Engineering), in contact with professors in computer architecture. There are professors showing considerable interest in working with me. Location-wise: very enjoyable weather, close to very good places for travelling and close to industry but I heard that the neighborhood is not very nice. 2+2 year guaranteed fellowship: I have the first two years to decide which professor that I want to work with, and for the other two I think the school pays still but I should have an advisor. 2. CMU (ECE), in contact with professors in comp arch and wireless networking Similarly, a few professors have shown their interest in working with me, sent emails. But their topics do not intrigue me as much as the others do. The weather is not very nice, and I did not like my travel options very much. However, the city looks good. I am with fellowship but it seems I need to find an advisor in the first few months of arrival. - EPFL (EDIC), in contact with professors in comp arch Just exchanged a few emails with professors but nothing in detail. Will attend Open House in two weeks. Its location-wise plus is that it is close to home but I'd really rather study in US. I have one year to find an advisor, and almost none of them seems to have a problem funding students. - UT at Austin, accepted to the computer arch track Just a quick interview and an acceptance followed like a month ago. Not much contact since, but I am planning on getting more information from current students and professors. I definitely rather hot weather than cold. They say that it is also close to many tech companies. And Austin looks like a great city to be a student in. I am told that I have a 4 year fellowship but I need to find an advisor in one year. My primary interest was in computer architecture, and I had mentioned in my SOP that I might also do some things in networking. Research and that I like what I do are the most important aspects but I also give a lot of importance to the location and amount of financial support. Luckily, all of them seems ok regarding financial concerns. I am now closest to choosing UT at Austin, but I might as well choose CMU or maybe others. I cannot be sure which one would be better, or if there is even a great gap between them. Which one do you think is best in comp arch field? Or more generally, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Your comments are all appreciated greatly. Thanks all in advance,
  23. Hi everyone! I've applied to EPFL's MSc Physics programme for fall 2016. I'm sure many master's applicatants, like me, are still waiting to hear from them. This is a thread to discuss our concerns about their decisions, discuss our profiles etc.
  24. Hey guys! I notice that EPFL doesn't have much representation here so hopefully this will change that. Well, it's that time of the year again and I am sure many, like me, are freaking out. Decisions are right around the corner. So, have you guys heard anything yet? Or are you sitting in front of the Grad Cafe/your email and hitting refresh every 5 mins too?
  25. Hello, How many of you have applied to Summer@EPFL 2016 Research Internship Programme? And from which country and University?
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