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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings everybody, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself, hence, maybe get some feedback about my graduate school pursuits. I just finished my bachelor's degree in Public Health and luckily I passed the interview for a Master's degree in One Health and Epidemiology at the same time. But the problem is: Now I have to choose which one to attend: 1. PH: Master in Public Health: (1-year course) from SEAOHUN, if I keep my score 3.0 GPA, free 1 year (not include the money to do my thesis) + 1500$ stipend. => I can learn in-depth about economic health or nutrition/occupational health/reproductive health. 2. Epi: if I have scholar: free 2 year-course, even including my thesis (help from a teacher of Massachusetts or my school to publish the thesis) + time to do summer course at University of Massachusetts Medical School => study in favor of academic research. I haven't decided which one to enroll in. I have trouble finding my interest because each course has its advantages. It is triggering to choose between the two. QUESTIONS 1: Have anyone learned PH or Epi program? Could you tell me your own experience? What are the major differences between the 2 coursework? 2: Career path in the future, which one will benefit more? 3: Could you share some insights about PH or Epi? P/s: I am not a native English, therefore, I will have some mistakes in my writing. I am so thankful if anyone could give me some advice. Thank you so much.
  2. Hi, I'm a potential international applicant for PhD programs (maybe fall 2024). Currently working as a foreign service officer, I expect my career to be 5-year experience, including a couple of years in a developing country in South-east Asia possibly. My major was sociology (undergraduate) and was quite much interested in public health (or more specifically, demography, health disparities, social epidemiology) but I finally started my job for mainly two reasons: a) i wanted to know whether I prefer real-world work to research and b) i needed some financial surplus. Nevertheless, my goal is to quit the job within a few years and get into PhD program in my interests. Im currently a graduate student for statistics in an open university in my country.(its not so much demanding as top-notch schools though) My question are as below: Im still quite not very convinced of the exact field I'd like to study (and its the biggest problem, I know). Do you think a diplomat career would help getting into PhD program? If so, which program do you think will be most appropriate for me? My undergraduate thesis was about the quality of employment of workers in their 50s-60s and its effect on their self-reported health status.(not very sociological, but social epi. I think) My interests started from that topic but Im also interested in health systems and policy evaluation, too. You can see me perplexed, I agree but as a forerunner, which advice could you give for me? Thousands of thanks in advance.
  3. I submitted my application back at the early deadline and it was confirmed that all of my supporting materials and fees had come in a couple of weeks later, but I still haven’t heard anything? I applied to the gerontology concentration and they told me it’d only be about 2 to 3 weeks to hear back about a decision, but my admissions status is still listed as pending. I’ve tried to get in contact with someone to no avail lol. So it’d be nice to hear about how long you had to wait! Also, if you have estimates for how long it took to hear back from Georgia State, that’s good too!
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