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Found 15 results

  1. Hola everyone, Any applicants for the programs under Erasmus Mundus Scholarships in 2022? The deadline to submit is Jan. '22 on most, IIRC. I currently am planning on applying to the IMCEERES, TourDC, and EGEI Programs. The former two are both under the same university (Glasgow), is it advisable to apply to two programs from the same university? It's not clear to me whether the scholarship itself is "awarded" by the home institution for the program. Best of luck to all!
  2. I have received an acceptance to an Erasmus Mundus MA with a fully-funded scholarship, covering everything from living expenses and tuition to plane tickets + a monthly allowance. However, I really do not believe the program to be aligned with my research interests at all. I am still awaiting the decision for my first priority program that offers a curriculum that is perfect for me and is a historically prestigious and acclaimed University. That program has no fees either, however I would have to cover the living expenses out of my own pocket, which will be challenging as an international student. I would of course still try to work part-time and secure some funding at least for the second year by applying for scholarship programs (the deadlines for this year have long passed sadly), however that is nothing concrete. I feel really conflicted right now because I don't know if choosing my academically desired program would be worth the financial hassle, when I have a mid-tier fully funded option, which only very remotely relates to my research interests. I am also unsure how I feel about Erasmus programs, as the rankings of the involved institutions are quite low, whereas my priority University is within the top 100 worldwide. Would the rankings make a difference in the long run given that I am Humanities/Art History major? What should I do? Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone! I have applied to Euroculture, Eurosud, and EPS and now looking forward to the results. Let's exchange our views. How about your programs? Wish us the best luck!
  4. Is anyone else waiting for Erasmus Mundus application results? What programme/s did you apply to? How have you been handling the wait? Has anyone been accepted/waitlisted/rejected already? Since there are no Erasmus Mundus 2019 threads, let's talk!
  5. Hello! I am applying for Euroculture, IMCEERES, EPS programs. Could you share if you have received any letters or news from these programs? Thanks! Good luck to all!
  6. Hi guys, has anyone else applied to the Gemma women's and gender studies master's course? I noticed there's literally no discussions on the same in grad cafe and got curious. I was told that the results will be out in 2 weeks for the first round! F
  7. Hey folks, Have anyone applied for Erasmus Mundus programs this year? Which ones? How is your selection process going? Cheers, Roman
  8. Hey! Is there anyone else who applied to Erasmus Mundus EPS? Has anyone heard from them so far?
  9. I am applying to Erasmus Mundus programs and I am in need to provide the proof of residence. Now, I was born, raised and graduated with a bachelor degree in Bangladesh but I have been living in the US for last 3 years as a dependent of my husband. Should I give the proof of US or Bangladesh residence (provided that I am not a US citizen)?
  10. Hi All, Are you applying to any EM programmes this year? Lets Chat! Regards, Dah
  11. Hi y'all! Since the Erasmus Mundus International Master in Central & East European, Russian & Eurasian Studies (IMCEERES) has been revamped and significantly expanded since last year, I created a separate forum thread. Are you as psyched as me about the programme? Are you as stressed as myself about the scholarship? Let's share backgrounds, information, tips and co-ordinate in order to have an as much as stress-free experience as possible and get to know each other! :-) I will start. I am from Greece and I am a journalist! Studied and also worked in London and the FSU region is my life's main interest!
  12. Hey guys! First things first, is there anyone else who applied to EUPADRA and has been short-listed and invited for the interview? Second - I have got a small concern, maybe someone can help me out in resolving it. I received a full scholarship from IMCEERES and I have to reply to them by April 9th. Also, I am waiting for results from EPS next week, as well as MA in Human Rights at CEU (Central European University, Budapest). The problem is that according to those who already study EUPADRA, even after the interview they are usually notified only at the end of May about the scholarships. So I am afraid to reject IMCEERES and EPS with CEU (if I get scholarships from them) and then also get rejected by EUPADRA. Because EUPADRA is my top priority. Hope I explained it clearly. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. Kind regards.
  13. Hi! I got into the Erasmus Mundus EMTM (tourism mngt) programme last year but with no scholarship unfortunately. I'm applying again this year hoping to get that funding, i'd like to ask if it's alright to have the same references this year or do you advise on having 2 completely new references? My programme requires 2 references (they suggest univ professors). i've graduated last 2014 so ive been working for 2/3 years already. i plan on having 1 univ professor and 1 employer, though my univ professor would be the same that wrote for my application last year.. of course, the content would be edited.. would that be fine or do you suggest i look for my other professors? the reason why i'd like to have him as my reference is because he was really my mentor during my thesis year. in addition, ive read from previous EM forums about the reserve/ waiting/main list and waiting time with EACEA, but with my application last year, i was immediately informed that i did not get a scholarship but had a spot as a self-funded student, has the Erasmus mundus changed its selection process or was just the EMTM committee more direct in its process? hope someone can answer my queries! thanks.
  14. Hi Everyone! I am wondering if anyone else on here has applied for the Master in Education Policies for Global Development program (or any other Erasmus Mundus programs) for the Fall 2017 entry?
  15. Has anyone heard of this? I have seen a few on the results page. I applied for it this year and I got in for SERP-Chem Masters. They said that the final results will be given on late-April.
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