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Found 5 results

  1. ISSUE TASK Some people believe that corporations have a responsibility to promote the well-being of the societies and environments in which they operate. Others believe that the only responsibility of corporations, provided they operate within the law, is to make as much money as possible. Write a response in which you discuss which view more closely aligns with your own position and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should address both of the views presented. My response: The prompt brings into focus the role of powerful corporations in people's lives, which is quite subtle and behind the curtains but significant. A grocery store chain, retail stores, restaurants and so on, may seem like a small part of our daily lives, but they involve many business functions that directly or indirectly depend on our other functions of our lives. Hence, I am of the opinion that corporations most definitely have an ethical responsibility towards society because along with money they possess tons of power. It's pretty much an established fact that money isn't the only defining factor for the success of a project or even an individual's accomplishments for that matter. It's essential for keeping it afloat, but only focusing on this one aspect leads to deterioration in other more important supporting factors of a business like employment satisfaction, affecting social changes in the society, business practices that affect the environment, ethical foundations and so forth. Large Corporations that have been in an industry or market beyond a significant period of time, tend to have strong influence which also is an ode to their evolution because of how they have thrived in the domain they work in for so many years. Let's take Amazon as an example. It began as a small book keeping business that now, almost two and a half decades later, has become a powerful and a well known conglomerate and the most well known brand in our time. Maybe 25 years ago, they didn't have much of a responsibility because they were still finding their way through cementing their establishment in the industry. But now, after seeing their company grow and becoming an expert, which eventually led them to succeed, also brings in the responsibility factor towards other industries, consumers, the environment and their own corporation as well. After gaining all possible insights, you can only improve your services which doesn't always mean making more money. Let's look at the ethical repurcussions of corporations. Let's say a hypothetical company would like to expand their offices and buildings to increase productivity and they seem to focus on building projects in rural areas due to access to space and lower costs of building compared to cities. In such situations it is essential that the company seek permission from local communities since there's a possibility people will be displaced and also consider how much the local biodiversity is going to be affected by their project; The local flora and fauna must ideally not be disrupted as this can, in the long run, have dire consequences in the form of negative environment changes. Alternate arrangements must be made in order to protect these communities as well as the biodiversity in the area. If these factors are considered, the people in these areas are going to be relieved, while also creating new opportunities for both the local community as well as the expanding corporation and all in all leading to development with less problematic and more positive consequences. While it is true that in the initial years of starting and handling a business, yes money plays a huge role in determining its success. But in hindsight, this must not be done at the expense of others which includes the society as well as the environment. Hence focus on sustainable business practices is a must, as a solution to balance the money and society factor to lead to a more prosperous, enlightened future. In conclusion, being focused on the company goals while essential shouldn't lead to being inconsiderate as it will most definitely disrupt certain factions of society and the environment. For any large corporation, being mindful of their impact and taking steps to curtail the negative effects is of utmost importance for a more optimistic and brighter future for them as well as everybody else.
  2. Undergraduate students majoring in Business or in the Sciences should not be required to take any courses in the Humanities since those courses won’t benefit their future careers. Write a response to the prompt in which you discuss whether or not you agree or disagree. Be certain to fully develop your position and carefully consider ways in which your position could be challenged. Experts have gone through various teaching systems that could be efficient as well as save time for students. Every country has a varying process of evaluation for a child's "intelligence". In my opinion, the main features that are relevant to a system that could be called efficient would ultimately be how useful it would be to the students in their daily lives. In an undergraduate course, a student spends considerable amount of money, time and effort to gather credits and build their portfolio to make them appealing for future job prospects which would eventually improve their lives. But are these job related courses sufficient to lead a wholesome life? Aren't other characteristics involved while undergoing these tasks? We shall discuss this below. Now, with regards to a Business or Science degree or any course related to these fields, I would completely agree with students having to take certain humanities subjects along with their majors. Now, it may seem irrelevant, but subjects like languages, which would involve writing and grammar courses, is very useful for students trying to write their job applications, their SOPs or other important documents related to work or further studies. Having a strong hold of a singular language can make a student stand out and pass on their ideas in a clear and succinct manner in a collaborative environment. A course on basic finances, especially for a science student would also be very helpful for their out of work lives too as these things are very hard to grasp for someone not of the same background. These tasks are essential for their everyday lives as well. A crash course on psychology would greatly impact a student's ability to thrive in a work environment with many other people as they would get a better understanding of how to deal with difficult situations and how to manage things like stress and anxiety, which are very common in any adult's life. Now, one may argue that this would take up alot of useful time off a student's time in their undergraduate course, to which a possible solution would be to probably involve more interactive sessions and less theoretical concepts with regards to these classes and avoid going too in-depth for these courses unless students are willing to make up more time for it, in which case there could be an advanced version of these classes. Another arguement could be that students may rather skip these things which can be learnt on their own, which may be true, but not everybody can deal with these efficiently. Alot of times, in training phases while joining a company, students undergo people training too to help them with seemingly simple things like team building, communication, dispute resolutions etc. It would greatly help students get industry ready by undergoing such basic trainings with their course which they would inevitably need in their daily lives as well.
  3. Prompt: Paleo diets, in which one eats how early hominids (human ancestors) did, are becoming increasingly popular. Proponents claim our bodies evolved to eat these types of food, especially bone broth, a soup made by cooking animal bones for several hours. They believe it has many health-promoting nutrients, such as cartilage, which can heal our joints, and chondroitin, which promotes nerve regeneration. Skeptics point out that ingested cartilage can’t replenish cartilage in your knees or elbows and ingested chondroitin doesn’t make our brains any healthier. Yet, there is strong anecdotal evidence that people who consume bone broth have fewer metabolic and inflammatory diseases than those who don’t. Therefore, ancient humans knew something about our physiology that we don’t, and that by emulating the way they ate, we can cure many chronic illnesses. Write a response in which you examine the stated and/or unstated assumptions of the argument. Be sure to explain how the argument depends on these assumptions and what the implications are for the argument if the assumptions prove unwarranted. My response: Diets are an essential part of our daily lives. So what we put in our bodies matters to a great extent. Everybody has different preferences and different body types and issues they try to address with varying diets. Although for most people a diet is about being palatable, having a healthy, physically benefitting diet has become increasingly popular nowadays as people realise the importance of eating healthy instead of only following your taste bud's preferences. Although throughout history, diets played a major role, in recent decades, humans have been obsessed with diets for maintaining their physical appearances, as well as for improving their quality of life and health. Many "diet fads" have come and gone in the last few years one of which is the Paleo Diet. Paleo diets are considered to be healthy due to its raw nutrients and simplistic ingredients but let's dig a little deeper into why it may not be as accurate. The fact that having animal bone dishes is the main source of nutrition, it is stated that due to the consumption of cartilages, bones in our bodies tend to get stronger. But it is also established that our bones cannot absorb the nutrients from these digested cartilage. In fact there isn't enough proof that our bodies benefit from the cartilage in these soups. They may have a hand in helping with metabolic and inflammatory diseases as people have reported. But this benefit could arise due to many other factors or other nutrients and there isn't sufficient data to establish that bone broth may have contributed to the fall in such diseases. If this was conducted as a survey, their family health history as well as other existing diseases must be taken into consideration. Again, promotion of nerve regeneration and it's impact on our brains would need extensive studies which could increase or decrease the chances of possessing these diseases based on common pre-existing conditions. Also, stating that ancient humans understood human physiology would be a bold statement to make. Ancient humans just started discovering the wonders of everything around them so they definitely didn't have enough information to establish something is useful for curing diseases. The most probable cause for them adopting this diet would be the increased variety of flavours they got exposed to and it's also possible they noticed a boost in energy due to the increased intake of proteins in their diets. Everything else was probably based on assumptions or temporary changes which could be due to a variety of factors and we can't certainly say for sure since there is no recorded evidence of this. Therefore, from the above arguments, I believe it's possible this diet could benefit us, but the data provided is insufficient to make concrete, confidable conclusions in favour of Paleo diets being beneficial for chronic illnesses.
  4. If anybody has the time to critique my Issue and Argument Tasks, I'd appreciate it. I used real test scenarios for both. I feel they're worthy of 4's. It seems to be a typical score for me. Any advice to improve and overcome this plateau would be appreciated as well. ISSUE TOPIC Discussing controversial topics with those with contrasting views is not useful because very few people change their mind when questioned about their core beliefs. Write a response to the prompt in which you discuss whether or not you agree or disagree. Be certain to fully develop your position and carefully consider ways in which your position could be challenged. RESPONSE To say that it is not useful to discuss controversial topics with those who have contrasting views is false. Engaging in controversial topics can have risks but there are benefits. These engagements allow for people to listen to opposing sides of their arguments that can lead to one expanding their thinking and practicing open-mindedness as well as the possiblity of increasing their confidence in their core belief. When two people engage in a controversial topic it allows for both parties to listen to a side that they may not have given much thought. They may listen to the evidences provided in the opposing argumen which can lead to an individual to question their belief. Why they believe it? What are the positives and negatives of this belief? A person could then start on a path openmindedness that could lead to a solid self indentification that may not have occurred if they never engaged in controversial topics that questioned their beliefs. Taking part in debates such as these may not always lead to one changing their beliefs, in fact, it may futher cement their beliefs. Listening to opposing views may help a person see where certain arguments are flawed, including their own. If one can recognize an opposing view is flawed, then that person can use that fallacy as a way to defend their beliefs in future arguments. If one recognizes that their own arguement is flawed then they can revise their reasons for their beliefs which can lead to a more structured and solid argument that futher build their confidence. It should be noted that partaking in these debates are not 100% beneficial for all parties involved. Debates like these can lead to major conflicts with close friends and family. To preserve valuable relationships, one must recognize the risks that are involved in these debates and weigh the consequences to determine if it is worth engaging in the discussion. There are times when an argument can lead to a "stalemate" in which case neither party is influenced. This does not mean neither party benefitted from the debate. Debates can be a valuable experience that help people grow into erudite Being involved in controversial topics has its risks but is useful for the parties involved. A person may change their thinking and lead a life of openmindedness or they can increase their confidence in their core beliefs. ARGUMENT TASK The following is a petition to the city council of Centerville: "Over the past three years, there has been a marked increase in cases of 'sidewalk rage,' similar to the irrational anger drivers experience on the road, but instead among sidewalk walkers. The result is an increase in assaults, property damage, and disruptions of normal pedestrian traffic. In order to address this growing problem, the council must ban cell phone use on sidewalks. Not only do people texting or using their phones slow down pedestrian traffic, but they are also more likely to walk into the road or bump into other walkers. Children are especially vulnerable because they are too short to be easily seen. Middletown passed such a ban and not only have they heard no complaints, but the reported incidents of sidewalk crime has gone down significantly." Write a response in which you discuss what specific evidence is needed to evaluate the argument and explain how the evidence would weaken or strengthen the argument. RESPONSE The argument infers that if the city council bans cell phone use on sidewalks then "sidewalk rage" will decrease therefore leading a decrease in assaults, property damage, and disruptions of pedestrian traffic. This argument makes several assumptions that requires additional evidence before a complete analysis and decision can be made. The argument discusses assaults and property damage but it does not say that these crimes are specific to pedestrains. It is possible that if cell phone use is limited on the sidewalks then possibly foot traffic will flow more smoothly and the chances of property damage will decrease but only in the relm of sidewalk crimes. It is possible that the crime rates that are increasing do not invlove pedestrains and the increase in crime rates have nothing to do cell phone use on sidewalks. A more thorough survey of crime rates needs to be evaluated to make this assumption. The argument that Middletown passed this ban and saw positive results so Centerville should do the same is flawed as well. Obviously these are two different cities. An analysis needs to be made of the two cities to see how they are related. What are their populations? How many people commute by foot? How are the two cities traffic systems structed? These are some questions that need to answered before you can compare the two cities and expect similar outcomes. It is also posssible that Middletown's crime rate decrease had nothing to do with cell phone use on city sidewalks. Did Middletown start enforcing other sidewalk rules? Maybe they started putting up new signs that help direct traffic. There are other possibilites that led to the decrease in sidewalk crime. Before Centerville passes such a bill, the city should consider a complete survey of city crime rates, compare/contrast themselves with Middletown, as well as other possibilities for Middletown's success in sidewalk crimes.
  5. Hi I was wondering if someone would be so kind to evaluate my argument essay for the GRE. ESSAY TOPIC FROM ETS: "All students should be required to take the driver's education course at Centerville High School. In the past two years, several accidents in and around Centerville have involved teenage drivers. Since a number of parents in Centerville have complained that they are too busy to teach their teenagers to drive, some other instruction is necessary to ensure that these teenagers are safe drivers. Although there are two driving schools in Centerville, parents on a tight budget cannot afford to pay for driving instruction. Therefore an effective and mandatory program sponsored by the high school is the only solution to this serious problem." Write a response in which you discuss what questions would need to be answered in order to decide whether the recommendation and the argument on which it is based are reasonable. Be sure to explain how the answers to these questions would help to evaluate the recommendation. HERE IS MY RESPONSE:
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