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  1. Starting this year, we are running a student-led initiative at ETH Zurich through which we are looking to assist applicants from underrepresented groups (women, persons of color etc - see website for exhaustive list) with their applications to ETH's graduate programs (https://sites.google.com/view/ethpaap) If your background will contribute in some way to the diversity of the incoming cohort, we look forward to assisting you:)
  2. Starting this year, we are running a student-led initiative at ETH Zurich through which we are looking to assist applicants from underrepresented groups (women, persons of color etc - see website for exhaustive list) with their applications to ETH's graduate programs (https://sites.google.com/view/ethpaap) If your background will contribute in some way to the diversity of the incoming cohort, we look forward to assisting you:)
  3. I got accepted into both ETH Zurich Mechanical Engineering Masters and TU Delft Aerospace Engineering Masters. From a practical point of view, both are almost equivalent in cost since I can stay with family in Delft. Although Delft seems to be a bit more applied than ETH, I think I would be happy academically in either program. Since my end goal is likely to be a PhD I was leaning more towards ETH, but I am unsure since Delft seems to have gained in reputation quite a bit in aerospace. Am I missing something here? I can't really find a a real reason to go for one over the other.
  4. I recently received admits from the University of British Columbia for a Master's in Physics, and from ETH Zurich for a Masters in Quantum Engineering. I am really happy with my options, but there are differences between them which have made this choice a tough one: At UBC, I'll be fully funded, and have also secured an additional scholarship that would entail more funding and an internship at a Canadian company working in quantum computing (QC). From what I have read online, the job prospects in physics in particular(industry or otherwise) are much better in North America than in Europe. At ETH, I couldn't apply for the ESOP/ETH-D scholarships in time, and will have to bear the gigantic living costs (the tuition fees at ETH is very affordable)in Zurich on my own. However, I will be applying to third party sources for fellowships, and am anticipating some respite via them. The program will also allow me to pursue an internship in QC for a semester, which will help my finances as well. I am torn between which uni to choose. UBC is ranked between 30-50 in physics from what I have seen, whereas ETH is consistently ranked within the top 10. Both institutes are doing very good research in the areas of my interest, and I have found supervisors I am excited to work with at both. I see myself pursuing a PhD in atomic/molecular physics in the future, with the end goal of working in the RnD divisions of quantum computing startups and companies, or if I get lucky, getting tenure track in a related field. I would really appreciate any inputs that help me make an informed decision. Edit: I will be graduating with a bachelors degree this June, and will start my Masters at either institute in September.
  5. Hi! I am so happy about the offers I received for the - St. Gallen SIM( 2 years - consulting oriented - great international experience - no Supply Chain Management related electives ), - RSM MiM (1 year - international exchange opportunities - more generic), - ETH MTEC - MSc in Management, Technology, and Economics ( 2 years - generic courses with some technical courses - great SCM related chair - no international exchange opportunities) However, I cannot decide which of them constitutes the best choice for me. I would deeply appreciate any thoughts on any of these programs. My profile MEng in Mechanical Engineering, 3 years of experience (2 in the Tech industry as software developer + 1 as Engineer in an Engineering Service company). EU citizen. I speak German at a B1-B2 level, but no Dutch. My post-Masters goal Supply Chain Management related position, ideally with a social impact/sustainability aspect. Industries: Consulting or Retail/ Fast-moving consumer goods One problem is that I am still considering pursuing a PhD ( preferably at a top US business school ) after my MSc. Consequently, I want to join a school with a good international academic reputation on operations/SCM but also with promising job prospects. Moreover, if you believe that there is any other program that matches my goals feel free to make any suggestions! Thank you in advance for your help!
  6. Is anybody here doing the program? What is your opinion about it? Besides, I'm curious about the date of the interview and reference procedure. Thanks in advance!
  7. Sup everyone, My name is Elia and I applied for a Master in Robotics, Systems and Control at ETH. I also applied for the ESOP scholarship. I thought it would be nice to start a new thread for this year's waiting process, in order to share our interviews (if any), advice, etc. Let's see if this works
  8. So I got offers from both UT Austin and ETHZ and now I am confused as hell. I haven't received funding from either, that could have made my decision a lot easier, since money is an issue for me. From what I have read all across the internet is that UT Austin is like a job haven while ETHZ has a huge problem on that end (especially for non-EU citizens like me, an Indian, who btw does NOT know German). On the other hand, ETHZ costs nearly half of UT Austin (based on rough estimates on their respective websites). Not to mention that this year's rankings put ETH in 3rd for EE and 7th overall. Moreover, I am not entirely sure I want to pursue a job after masters or study further and get a Ph.D. If I were to pursue a Ph.D., I guess ETHZ would be a much better choice given it's reputation. But as I mentioned above, if I were to pursue a job, ETHZ doesn't come close. Just for the sake of completion, I also got an offer from TU Delft, but felt ETH probably be a much better choice. And I am also awaiting results from UIUC and KTH. Since I felt UT Austin would be better than UIUC and ETH better than KTH, I am not thinking about them too much, unless one of them offers funding, which changes the whole equation. Any suggestions, advice, anecdotes from your experience, or anything really you feel can help me. Appreciate your time. Thanks
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Mark James and I applied for a Master at ETH. I also applied for the ESOP and MSP scholarship. I had my interview on the 25th. Is that if we get the interview invitation we are pretty much certain that we get accepted for the master program? Anyone has any idea about this?
  10. Hi, I applied for the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme along with a MSc Physics application and I thought it might be useful to open a thread to talk about the admission results and interviews. Until now, I still have not heard from both the scholarship and the study program. Has anyobody already heard from them or gotten an interview for the ESOP scholarship, yet, or knows when the interviews will take place?
  11. I was wondering if any of us lucky ones who got into ETH Zürich (yes, that's WITH an Umlaut) for Autumn 2018 could connect here? We could get to know each other and pool our knowledge on things like accommodation easily. I'll be doing a Masters in Engineering Physics starting September, unless I get a better offer by April.
  12. I am from India and I have taken about 70 courses in my bachelors. Do I have to fill the details about every one of them to complete my masters application? I am applying for Master of Science in Robotics, System and Control.
  13. Did anyone get an answer by email? positive or negative
  14. Has anybody (or anybody you know of) heard back from ETH Zurich for Msc. in BME? They're supposed to send out decisions before March 15th, but I see that a lot of other branches have received theirs already, so I was wondering.
  15. Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IpdN6RMLKKqCtqOojQzPFL The above is the eth group for fall 2018.
  16. Anyone heard from computer science department yet either regarding admit or esop. Has anyone received an email for interview for esop in Computer science
  17. Has anyone heard from ETH Zurich yet regarding admits
  18. Hey people! I was wondering if those who got admits from ETH Zurich for Autumn 2017 can connect here and sort out stuff like visa process, accommodation, travel plans etc. Kindly respond if interested. P.S. Also wondering if anyone got reply about ESOP for Masters in EEIT
  19. Can anyone who already got into ETH for MSc. Physics or High Energy Physics message me? I have some questions to ask.
  20. Hi! I would like to ask you guys about the MA CIS of ETH Zurich because I can rarely find information. Also, is anyone here applying to the program for fall 2017?
  21. Is anybody applying to "Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance" course at University of Zurich and (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich)? Need some help on motivation letter about the theme? Let's use this forum to further discuss the application and admits.
  22. After getting my application decisions for Fall 2016, I currently have 4 options: the MS programs at Yale, Columbia and ETH Zurich, and the MEng program at Cornell. I am obviously interested in really good courses and teachers (specifically in theory, algorithms and artificial intelligence), but also in getting some research immersion to decide whether I want to apply to a Phd afterwards. Any advice?
  23. Hello all, I am seeking some advice here.... So my goal is to strengthen my background through a master's program and THEN apply for a TOP PhD program in the US. My interested research areas are theoretical cs, algorithm and machine learning. UofT: Masters program at UofT is research oriented, which means I'll have a lot more time conducting research. Strong in my areas of interest. Professors have closer tiers to those in the US, compared with ETH. RA and stipend. Yale: Every professor here is really strong, though the department is relatively small. The highest reputation among my list. As far as I know, almost all master students at Yale go to work after graduation. Any successful case of PhD application? ETH: I personally think it is not as strong as the toronto or ucsd in my areas of interest. It's highly esteemed. Also, 2 or 3 years living in the Europe is really something I'd like, though it's unlikely that I will develop my career there. But life is not just about career right? However, does it defeat my purpose of apply for a US school later? I mean, is it better to study in northern america? ucsd: This one actually, in my opinion, has the strongest faculty in my list. Professors there also have even stronger tiers with those in top schools, compared with toronto. However, since this is also a masters program, I don not know if there are successful cases of PhD application. In addition, ucsd doesn't seem to have a "big name" to me... So the point is, I want to choose one so that I will have the highest possibility of being admitted to stanford, mit, berkeley. Any advice or comment will be highly appreciated!
  24. Hey people! I was wondering if few of us who have got ETH Zurich admits for Autumn 2016 could connect here? We could get to know each other and further sort out things like accommodation easily. Kindly respond if interested.
  25. Hello everyone! I have been accepted by the Mres in Medical Robotics and Image-Guided Recognition in Imperial College London and Robotics, Systems and Control in ETH and I am having a pretty difficult time deciding between both of them. Any pros or cons about the programmes or the universities in general?
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