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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, everyone! Just wanted to start this page for those applying to any type of graduate program in music (MA, MM, PhD, or DMA) for the upcoming application cycle.
  2. Hello, Anyone here got accepted to the Taps-Music joint PhD at the University of Chicago? Also, anyone else who interviewed for the Taps-Music joint PhD at Chicago last week? Looking forward!
  3. This is precisely what the title suggests. Invite everyone planning to apply for a master's course in the field of Music to share concerns, updates here. And I request everyone already enrolled in such programmes to help us out. @Musicologist I am personally confused between Musicology and Ethnomusicology and want to find out more about Music therapy as a programme. Any disussion around it is much appreciated!
  4. I semi-finalized the list of schools to apply for musicology phd programs based on the interests of their faculty matching mine, but would like to know from those "in the know" if the programs I chose would potentially be suspicious of my age. I'm 34 - spent the last ten years playing and teaching music - and now I want to finally go for the final degree. I know my age can look unambitious, compared to those applying at age 22. I was told by one professor it depends on the program. So if any of you are already in these programs, I would be grateful if you shared your comments and observations! University of North Texas at Denton ethno NYU ethno Columbia historical music or music theory CUNY ethno University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign musicology Northwestern musicology Duke ethno U of Chicago ethno U Pittsburgh ethno In particular, what is the age range of phd students in your program? Thanks in advance for taking time. It's greatly appreciated.
  5. I applied for a PhD program at UCLA, UC Davis, and UC Riverside. I have not heard anything from them yet. I emailed them 2 days ago, however, they have not replied me. Does it mean I should give up?
  6. Hello, all! I'm having some trouble deciding between two PhD programs. Both have offered me very similar funding, both are in great locations, both have faculty with whom I would be thrilled to work. I have weighed all the pros and cons, and it all comes down to one big difference: one is an anthropology program, and the other is ethnomusicology. My research interests can easily go in either direction, so I'm not really worried about which discipline is a better fit for what I hope to study for the next several years. The issue I'm struggling with is the long-term value of each degree: will I have more job opportunities and flexibility with one degree than I would with the other? Is this something that could change in 10 or 20 years? I know ethnomusicologists who teach anthro courses, and vice versa. I am currently co-teaching a "world music" course with an ethnomusicologist who got his PhD in anthro, but his undergrad degree was in music. There is a lot of comfortable overlap between the disciplines, and I plan to be a lifelong SEM and AAA member, but I guess I'm worried about appearances. When I start applying for teaching positions in a few years, which degree is going to look better? (Assume both universities and their faculty have equally good reputations.) Thanks!
  7. Wondering if anyone has heard from any departments within the Columbia GSAS, specifically the Ethnomusicology department. I've been accepted with full funding to UCSB, but it would be nice to have another acceptance under my belt. I saw one acceptance on the results page, but that was back in February so I'm assuming that was just their first round...
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