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Found 6 results

  1. Was invited to an interview, but the POI's websites are a little outdated (3 years). Is it appropriate to ask directly for an updated CV? If so, how would you frame it? Is it appropriate to contact the POI's students or colleagues about their work related to the POI? If so, how would you frame it? If the POI signs off on the email with "First name (shortened) + Last name," is it okay to address them by their first name? Mainly want to save time by doing the homework instead of spending precious interview time to ask a question that can be answered by just reading a CV. Also scared of being that person who has the POI repeat basic info about themselves. Thoughts?
  2. I'm in the process of writing emails to POIs (not going to send them until after finals are over, though), and I have some questions about etiquette. 1. Can I send emails to more than one professor in the same department at the same university, or is that frowned upon? 2. How much familiarity should I demonstrate with their work? Like "I've read some of your recent articles and they're really cool and intersect with my own interests," or "I've read everything you've ever written"? Somewhere in between? 3. How much should I include on my own work? "My undergraduate thesis was on......and I'm interested in studying.....as a PhD student," or should it be more in depth? I've had literally no guidance in this process, and I really want to do it right this time, so any help you can give me would be much appreciated! -Rosali
  3. I was accepted to a handful of schools. My decision ultimately came down to an Ivy and a large state school that has a strong program in my area of specialization. After visiting both schools, asking the advice of many people in my field, and spending sleepless nights thinking about my future, I determined the state school was my better option. There is a part of me that wants to let the state school know I turned down an Ivy to accept their offer. I am hoping that maybe they will value me more if they knew. Is this an asshole, narcissistic move? Is there any diplomatic way to let them know?
  4. I'm reaching out to the socially savvy grad students among us for a little advice, and to the socially ridiculous among us for a little empathy. I am cripplingly shy. Not "I'm a little quiet when you first meet me" shy, but "my brain malfunctions when I'm meeting new people and I probably come off looking like a serial killer" shy. I end up saying ridiculous things and responding strangely, then I spend the next 24 hours replaying the scenario over and over in my head and praying for death. This effect is magnified when I behave ridiculously in front of Very Important People, e.g. professors. Where I'm going with this is that I will be visiting my future school and meeting/making my first impressions on my future adviser and professors in March, If I was going on the official Visitation Day, I could cope because there would be a group and a planned itinerary and blah blah blah. BUT! I'm unable to make it on the official day, so I've arranged to have an unofficial visitation day in which they've kindly offered to let me sit in on some graduate courses and so on. I'm already hyperventilating over the fact that this is going to be all me, and there will not be any other future grads to share the pressure with. If I have one-on-one time with future professors, what do I do? How do I behave? WHAT DO WE TALK ABOUT? Can they rescind an offer of admission if they decide I'm too weird? Sigh.
  5. Hi all, a quick question about "thank you" etiquette. I'm interested in applying to a grad program, so I wrote to a professor who was listed on its site as a contact for more information. The professor has replied (and very helpfully, too). Is a "thank you" email appropriate? My instinct is that yes, it is, but I'd like to hear your opinions, too. Thanks in advance!
  6. Question in title, what is proper etiquette? Thanks in advance
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