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Found 6 results

  1. I've the lead TA for a 100-level lab geography science class at a state university, in change of about 160 students in on-campus and online sections. My question is, once I've noticed that a student has poor grades and I've sent them an email or two inviting them to office hours and reminding them of course expectations, and they never reply and barely show up for class, am I a horrible person for not chasing them down further? Because I grade 110 assignments per week I have to admit that I'm not the best at noticing what concept each student is struggling with over multiple lab assignments (although I follow class-wide trends). I'm torn because I love my subject and want my students to enjoy exploring it, but if I actively reached out to all of them all the time I wouldn't have time for my own class work. My professor told me to just do my best but I'm not sure what that needs to be. How far to you go to reach out to students in huge classes? What can I do when my students don't give a "dam" about my class? (the number who spelled that structure with an "n" at the end during their hydrology assignment gave me a good giggle)
  2. Hey there! This topic invites all of us Education ( counselling) Masters applicants to vent and talk about our expectations. Any news from the front? If not, what are your real expectations? good luck y'all !
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for some inside information. I've been accepted to two Canadian PhD programs in social science fields and I am trying to decide whether to take the leap. What I really want to know, in a nutshell, is what my life will look like for the next 4 years. I'm unattached, no kids, dog-parent only. I have scoured the blogusphere to figure out exactly what it looks like on a day-to-day basis as a full time doc student and here is what (I think) I have come up with so far: Year 1: Course work (in my case 3-4 courses) which appear to be in the evening and based on a combination of regular graduate-level classes focused on research methods, and current topics in the field with some research papers for evaluation. Meanwhile, prepare my proposal and convince my supervisor that I am read to start independent research on my topic of choice. Hopefully, I get the Ok. - How much employment work (i.e. to make money outside of school) is feasible during this first year? I've heard that people start looking for academic jobs after first year and, if they are very lucky, can continue PhD work while teaching/working at another university. Year 2-3: Read & write. Read research related to my dissertation. Write some chapters, maybe publish some articles relating to those chapters. Come up wth a list of 30-40 articles on which to be tested for my "comprehensive exam" (no idea what that looks like btw... I'm guessing essay questions involving critical analysis...). Year 4: Finish dissertation, defend in front of a committee who quiz me on the research and poke holes, then revise and resubmit (do you have to re-defend?). Does this outline sound close? I've also heard that there may be an expectation to work for your supervisor on their research. I am I under a misconception that I will spend my time working on my own project? I'm not talking about applying for research assistantships or teaching here... just straight up bare-bones doctoral studies. I'm feeling pretty naive about what to expect so I'm trying to educate myself before I make any big, life changing decisions. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks for your help!
  4. I've been invited to a few interviews and excited to get them underway! But first hoping y'all can help clarify a few things... 1. How long should I expect the interview to last? They're all during the week, mostly in the evening time since I work full time. 2. I'm also wondering which questions to expect? I'm already prepared for the "Why this program" and "What are your research interests" questions 3. How long after an interview can you expect an answers? 4. What are some questions you asked? I know each program is different, but some insight from those who have already started to interview would be really helpful!
  5. I wanted to know what expectations should I have for applying to PhD. in Linguistics and which Universities would be realistics. I am a chilean graduate student, enrolled in a Philosophy MA already working on the first manuscript of my thesis (Pragmatism in the philosophy of language: a naturalist proposal). I have a BA in Philosophy, which I ended with maxima cum laude, 6.4 out of 7.0 (which is around 3.7 GPA) and a 4.0 on the grade seminar and thesis (Radical contextualism, or pragmatism, as an alternative to the tradition in the philosophy of language). Both at the University of Chile. Also, while I was an undergrad, I received a scholarship for academic collaboration in the department of ethics (it is a kind of monthly funding to which you apply each term), and was an asistant to a research grant of a professor. On the MA, I was a thesis assistant for my thesis advisor, and also worked as assistant professor in a national university for a course, and as an assistant in another (not professor, though). For the MA I got a national scholarship that payed me for the 75% of the tuition and give me a monthly salary to live, and also got another scholarship from a private foundation (Calbuco) that payed for the other 25%. Probably I will be graduating with a ~3.8 GPA on the MA. I think I could get pretty convincing recommendation letters: my actual advisors are the director of the department of cognitive scences and the director of the department of linguistics. Also, In case 3 are needed, I have also received recommendations from a professor of mine who is right now the director of the department of philosophy. I have only one publication in an indexed magazine, though it is only "latindex catalogue" and it is not even on my research area (it was on the philosophy of social science), a couple in non indexed journals (though, they are from universities) and a handful of presentation in local congress and the like. I should be finishing the program by June of this year. The 24th of March is the deadline for applying to the Fulbright scholarchip here in Chile, though I am not counting really with it (since they only give around 40 per year), I will still give the GRE on the 7th of March (since the results should be ready by the end of the application period). On this first try, I expect to obtain somewhere around 150Q/155V/4W, I guess I could expect more if I study all the year so I could try it again by the end of the year (since applications on the USA are around December-January). What is ideal on my mind is a program such as UCSD, UChicago, UMichigan, tough for what I have seen, it seems that my scores are not good enough. In fact, a friend of mine who has slightly higher credentials is being rejected. Thus, I wanted to know what you would recommend me and what would be realistic expectations for me. I am also trying to see my options on a PhD program in which I am very interested on Denmark, though I can not give myself the luxury of not applying to everything I can. This is my Academia.edu https://uchile.academia.edu/AlfonsoPizarro though, everything is on Spanish and I think my CV did not updated correctly. Thanks for the forum!
  6. Hi ya'll! I'm trying to figure out how to start a critical response essay as the title says, BUT the questions are if the book lived up to my expectations or not. Seems like a basic response to me, but I still need the: problem/thesis, evidence, and point/conclusion. I'm thinking the thesis/problem should be "did this live up to my expectations?" Any ideas? I'm bugging out!
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