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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks, I've applied to a few fully funded programs. Thinking positively, I'm looking into housing and moving before hearing back! How much do you think I can afford for housing? Do they give a good living stipend? Or do I still need loans? Any suggestions would be great, thanks.
  2. Hi! I got accepted into my top choice PhD at University of Southern California. I got a really lovely email from an advanced grad student who's in their fifth or sixth year offering to guide me through the program and field any questions I might have. They also sent a 'living in LA' guide that around six of the current grad students had made with breakdown of the neighborhoods they live in and all sorts of helpful information. Here's my dilemma, however: I'm finishing a Master's at Queen's University in Kingston,Ontario, Canada. I have a sublet here with my partner from May 1st to August 31st and classes start August 22nd at USC this Fall. My partner is also applying to USC but for a much different program and they don't usually notify until late March or early April. So, I'd love any advice anyone could offer me on how to get from here to LA with my 'stuff'. I'm not bringing furniture (which may be a bad thing? I'm not sure how many LA apartments come furnished, although that's common in the places I've lived), I have probably 100 books I'd like to bring, I'm ditching a lot of clothes since it won't be anywhere near as cold there, and I have more books stored at my parents' house in North Carolina. I've already begun trying to figure out if it makes the most sense to ship things and try to beat the shipment there to pick them up, or if I should try to check multiple bags on a flight, or if there's some way that I could go down and get a storage unit or something before getting there. Two other things. I'm American so I don't have to worry about a visa or anything (although my partner will, because he's Canadian). And I don't have like *any* savings because this degree as an international student has been quite expensive. I have between now and whenever I leave to potentially make/save money, but I just don't know what makes the most logistical sense. There's the smallest of chances my family might be able to pool resources to help me get out there, but even between them it won't be much more than a couple hundred or so (we're not a very well-off family at all). Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! And yes I do plan to ask the department about potentially helping with moving expenses, but not sure I want to rush that.
  3. Hey guys, I just received an offer letter from a prestigious University in Houston and along with the letter, I was told I will be receiving a tuition waiver, health insurance aid (70% will be covered), and a stipend for 9 months per year during five years. I would be making 18k per year working 10 hours per week. After looking up PhD Stipends for other programs or for other Universities but in a similar program, I came to the conclusion that it might not be enough. I know I could try to find cheap housing and live a frugal life for five years, but would it be worth the time? I would be grateful to hear any suggestions. I also have been thinking that I could find part-time/freelance jobs and make, at least, +500 dollars per month. Would you have any suggestions on what kind of job I should look for? And most importantly, should I look for a freelance job or not? Thank you for helping! Any advice is truly appreciated.
  4. Hi there, friends! I'm currently juggling between offers and can't help but begin to feel worried about stipend amounts between schools. They are incredibly low, even in California schools where the cost of living is quite high. A few examples can be found in any UC school, where a stipend of about $17,000 or $18,000 per nine months is expected to be enough. Of course, summer work is almost guaranteed...but is this possible? I'm the most frugal person I know and spend money only on necessities, but even so, I'm worried about this. I currently live on the east coast, so moving expenses would have to be taken into account. Does anyone have any suggestions or first-hand experience with these dilemmas?
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