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Found 28 results

  1. Hello, I'm newly registered to GradCafe (although I've read forum posts) and i was wondering if I could get some help with looking for work experience prior to grad school. I live in NYC and am currently in my 3rd to last semester of second BA grad studies (Queens College for reference) and am very worried that my resume (CV?) will not be strong when applying. I have not taken my GRE yet which I plan to do so come this summer. I hold a 3.6 GPA from my bachelor's in psychology degree (Hunter College) and currently have a 4.0 in my CSD pre requisite courses. I've had some volunteer experience in the past and am now shadowing 2 SLPs (not fieldwork or observation hours) in a public elementary school. However I am now seeking possible positions more closely related to the CSD/SLP field in order to gain valuable experience and, as I have been told, jobs will hold more weight than volunteer/shadowing experience. I recently got let go from my retail job (which was absolutely justified and might i say, quite embarrassing as well) so I am worried that HR from the retail will intervene with me applying to other jobs. That said, would there be any suggestions as to where to apply? I've searched for, child program assistant, medical receptionist, PT office receptionist, PT aide, and tutoring jobs. I have also emailed a bunch of clinics to inquire as to whether there may be openings (even if receptionist or clerical). I've had very little luck however, some responses here and there but no interviews or calls. I've read a little about ABA therapy and teacher's assistant/paraprofessional possibilities but am wondering what the procedure is like to get certification in either. I read about TA regulations here at but am still a little confused as to what the procedure is like and what is required. I am also wondering if this REQUIRES working Mon-Fri every morning as my classes are usually held in the morning. My sincerest apologies for the wall of text but I am very worried now and would like advice or suggestions as to what steps to take right now. If there are any clarifications or questions for me to help be more clear, do please let me know. Thank you!
  2. I've been reading that the way an MPP makes sense financially and/or career-wise is in circumstances where grads are able to use it as leverage to the work experience they already had. My situation is a bit different. I have a BA in Psychology, taught English in Korea for a year after college, and have spent the last 3 and a half years in social work jobs- mostly doing case management. I've been a mental health case manager and am currently working as a medical case manager at a community center for people living with HIV/AIDS. I have been in this field because I've been building experience with the eventual goal of becoming a licensed social worker and a therapist. But after seeing the state of social services and "working in the trenches" so to speak, I've realized that I'm not so sure I want to be working on the individual level. Instead of helping people process trauma I want to be able to work on a macro level to influence the systems that cause trauma. Policy issues like access to mental health services, healthcare, affordable housing, etc. That's where my passion is pushing me. I would love to work for my state's DHS, or Dept of Health, or on a national level at HUD or HRSA. My concern is that while I've been working directly with the systems I want to change on a policy level, I don't have any direct policy experience. And I'm hearing from all of these MPP grad applicants who've had internships or jobs on Capitol Hill, or working abroad at NGOs doing development work, or in other arenas that I have no access to. I've been pushing myself to get as much non-professional experience as possible: I volunteered for a city council campaign and now a state house rep campaign, I'm the chair of my neighborhood association and am leading a housing task force to address affordable housing in the area, I was appointed to my Dept of Health's Heath Equity and Advisory Leadership committee where I'll be advising the state on health policy, and I attend monthly Transgender Equity Council meetings for my city (even though I'm not on the council). But it all seems like small beans compared to the stuff that would make a difference in the career options I have. Was my original understanding of an MPP degree correct in thinking that it could give me the kind of traction I need to gain a foothold into the policy world? Or am I setting myself up to waste a lot of money on tuition only to have essentially the same set of career options that I do now?
  3. Hello! I am recently admitted to the mph program at mailman school of public health, and am exploring this program more in depth. I have a few questions that I would like to ask people who have been to this program. I am wondering if anybody who went to Mailman School of Public Health received merit-based scholarship from the program? If yes, what portion does it cover for your tuition? Also, what is the estimated cost of the whole program(including tuition, living expense, etc.). Based on your post-program job experience, would you say it's worth it? Last, what would you say is the greatest advantage for the program? Or disadvantage? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello Everyone! Can those of you with ABA experience elaborate on whether or not it helped you to get into a program. Can you share what schools you got into or what schools consider applicants with ABA experience? I understand a lot goes into an application (GPA, GRE score, etc) but I was told by a professor that ABA experience does not matter at all. I have heard otherwise on this forum and would love to get your opinion. Is there anyone who feels ABA experience was a major factor that helped them get into a program?
  5. Hi folks, So I just transferred into a CommDis program, and I am receiving good marks: but I am wondering about certain facets of the grad school application. For example, student research at my school is incredibly hard to come by: this is because there is a large number of CommDis majors at my school with frankly, all of the same qualifications, so the chances of any student(even with good grades) being accepted into one of these positions is few and far between. Is there a way to offset this in my application, or any organizations that allow students to participate in research? Additionally, I am wondering about what is considered an "average" resume for grad school, and also what is the top standard. I have had some experience working with children, and I am doing a ten week internship with an autism program next year. I plan on doing tutoring, as well as doing a weekly program as a teaching assistant with The Literacy Project(A program which helps both highschoolers and adults graduate with a high school diploma). I am also a member of the NSSLHA chapter at my school. However, I feel that these things seem sub-par at best on my application. I am attempting to get a job working as a PCA one-on-one, but those jobs are also hard to come by in my area. Any advice or ideas? Thank you for your time!
  6. I am trying to gauge admissions outcomes for the upcoming admissions cycle for MA programs in international development and affairs. If you could, please include the following information in your response: GPA: GRE (Verbal/Math/Writing) Applied: Accepted: Rejected: Waitlist: description of relevant work experience and other factors: Thank you!
  7. Type of work experience?

    Hi all, This is my first post. After searching a bit through the forum, I haven't really found an answer to the questions I am asking. While some types of work experience definitely seem to be more valuable than others, I was just hoping for any information about how volunteer work and community/grassroots organizing is valued for MPA/MPP students? My ideal career is hopefully gonna combine policy, communications, and outreach. I have worked as a community organizer for a non-profit dealing with reproductive rights for about a year. Additionally, I also have six years of volunteer experience for a local arts/culture non-profit and another year of volunteer experience for a non-partisan voter education organization. Basically, should I wait awhile longer before applying (and get a different job) or will this been seen as valuable work experience? My apologies if this question seems obvious- I can't really find any information on it. Thanks!
  8. SLPA in Idaho

    One of my mentors informed me that all I needed was a Bachelors Degree to work in schools (they only have it labeled as SLP but min requirement is bachelor's), similar to a SLPA job. Any fellow Idahoans out there that have been through this process or are considering this? I'm curious to know how it works and what it's like. Thanks for the help
  9. I wanted to post this thread here because I was wondering if I could get advice on gaining experience before becoming an SLP. I am currently an out of field applicant hoping to start a post bacc program in the fall for speech. I want to start gaining experience that can benefit me in the long run whether thats in my application for masters programs or just in general as an SLP. Or also if maybe you guys could share your job experience you had while you were receiving a bachelors in comm disorders or what you did job wise?
  10. Hello, I am a political science undergrad student at a comprehensive university in Ontario, Canada. I currently possess a cumulative GPA of 3.78/4.00 and a major GPA of 3.91/4.00. I recently (two days ago) finished my 3rd out of 4 years of university and will be applying in September/October of 2017 with the marks I have already attained. I have work experience as a teaching and grading IR assistant at my university (going to be 8 months), as a trade policy intern at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC (4 months), as a legal intern for a prestigious international law firm (1 month), and as a Corporate Affairs intern at a Fortune 500 company (4 months). In terms of university extracurriculars I am the President of my university's pre-law society. I also have three strong letters of recommendation from my professors who specialize in IR--they attended St. Andrews, UofT, and UCambridge respectively. My dream MSc program is The London School of Economics & Political Science MSc International Relations. As an aside, it is my goal to pursue a PhD and a career in academia after completing this program. I wanted to know (from individuals who have been accepted/rejected to this program or similar) what my chances are of being accepted? I am also applying to the MSc in Conflict Studies (second choice) so an estimate of my chances for that program would be most appreciated as well. Canadian LSE MSc Minimum GPA entry requirement: 3.3/4.0 (No GRE or GMAT required) 2017/2018 MSc International Relations acceptance rate: 11.14% (101/907) 2017/2018 MSc Conflict Studies acceptance rate: 17.14% (55/321)
  11. Volunteering!

    Hey guys! So I've been volunteering in several places for a while now and I'm having some kind of idea as to what demographic I want to work with, which is mainly the older population. Although of course, I'd like to work in a setting where I can work with both kids and adults. I've volunteered in places where I mainly had to work with kids and I find it really hard to find places that will give me exposure to adults. Right now I'm volunteering at a communication recovery group for people with aphasia and other neurological disorders and also at a non-profit center for people who have TBI. Do any of you guys know facilities or rehab centers that will give me more experience with adults? Anywhere in the Orange/Los Angeles County would be great. Thank you so much!
  12. Hey all, I am looking to see how likely I am to get into the following schools with the following criteria. I feel like I am fitting in somewhere around the average requirements of most applicants at these schools, with maybe a slightly lower GPA. GPA: 3.3 from a small liberal arts school in Ohio GRE: 161 V and 159 Q with 5.0 Analytical Writing Experience: 3 campaign cycles as an intern/volunteer (since '08), 3 campaign cycles as a paid staff in field management and data analytics; 1 year in nonprofit fundraising; 3 months interning with a lobbying firm in D.C.; Only 2 years of work experience after completing my undergrad (I took a semester off to work on the 2012 Presidential campaign) and volunteered/interned throughout college on various local, state, and national races in digital and organizing related work. I am applying/have applied to the following schools: Duke Sanford (MPP), Chicago Harris (MPP), Syracuse Maxwell (MPP), UT-Austin (MPA), Georgetown McCourt (MPP), NYU Wagner (MPA), OSU John Glenn (MPA), USC Price (MPA), IU SPEA (MPA). Thanks!
  13. Does my research in a reputed institute of India under the guidance of a Prof and sponsored by Microsoft count as an índependent research experience? The Harvard AM Statistics Application has one of the questions as ‘Describe an independent research experience’ and I wanted to be sure about what I write.
  14. Hello! I'm interested in science writing programs and am planning on applying to MIT and NYU. I majored in neuroscience at Pomona in undergrad (GPA: 3.67, GRE: verb 169, quant 163), currently work as a grant writer at USC, but developed an interest in science writing through my work and want to move into science journalism. I launched a blog called Free Radicals about a year ago (, which has over 1,000 likes on FB (I know small potatoes, but we only launched in January!) This type of background seems to be sufficient for the science writing programs, but I'm thinking of expanding my applications to include journalism programs that have some sort of science writing track like UC Berkeley or UNC Chapel Hill. These programs seem to require more professional journalism experience to be competitive. Do you think it's worth applying or am I wasting my time?
  15. I'll be applying to CSUs for MSW (mental health) and MFT (counseling psych) programs. If you only had time for either research or working in a related field gaining experience ... Which would you choose or believe to be most important? Also if you care to share How much experience or research you think is reasonable that would be helpful. Thanks!
  16. I'm applying for M.A. TESOL programs for Fall 2017. After discussing experience levels with a current ESL teacher and graduate of SIT, I'm a little concerned about my applications. She told me that most of her classmates had taught abroad, and the rest had taught a language in the U.S. I had read on many graduate school websites that prior experience isn't required, but now I'm wondering if most of the spots go to people who have taught anyway. So, if you are a current M.A. student or are applying this year, how much experience do you have and what schools did/will you apply to?
  17. I'm graduating this year and starting to really research grad programs for Speech Path. I'm a non-SLP undergrad so I am looking for grad programs that have a "leveler" or "bridge" program, or who accept students with non-slp undergrad and allow them to take prerequisites in their first year. I am interested in bilingual programs and working with people on the autism spectrum as well. I was wondering if any master's students could reach out and tell me what you love about your program/what your experience has been like so far. I know that each school has a different focus and atmosphere, but it's hard to tell that from just a website.
  18. Teach/Internship aboard--China!

    Hey, we are currently looking for people who's willing to teach in China, if you are interested in pls contact me~ my email address is, see below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Position: Intern Teacher About the Position We are looking for qualified and passionate teachers. Duration of Contract: 4.5 months; Working Hours: 25 hours/week; Location: China Requirement *Native English speaker; *NO NEED TEFL Certification; *Open-minded, good presentation & communication skills Benefits *Free apartment(single room) *Work meal *Health Insurance *Free travel *X2 visa sponsorship --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Position: Language Teacher around $1,500/m About the Position We are looking for qualified and passionate teachers. Duration of Contract: 1-3 years; Working Hours: 40 hours/week; Class hours: 25 hours/week Location: China Requirement *Native English speaker; *NO NEED TEFL Certification; *Open-minded, good presentation & communication skills Benefits *Free apartment(single room) *Work meal *Health Insurance *Free travel *Z visa sponsorship ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Position: Subject Teacher (Language, History, Geography, Maths, Physics,Chemical, Biology, Art, PE, Dance which related to ACT/SAT, MYP/IB, ALevel, IGCSE) around $2,000/m About the Position We are looking for qualified and passionate teachers. Duration of Contract: 1-3 years; Working Hours: 40 hours/week; Class hours: 20 hours/week; Location: China Requirement *Native English speaker; *NO NEED TEFL Certification; *Open-minded, good presentation & communication skills Benefits *Free apartment(single room) *Work meal *Health Insurance *Paid summer/winter vacation *Free travel *Z visa sponsorship
  19. Hi all! I know you can't 100% accurately 'chance' someone, but I don't really know how competitive I sound overall. I just want to make sure I get into at least one school is all I care about! I want to specialize in bilingual kids. GRE Verbal: 160 GRE Quant: 155 Writing: don't have score yet but I think I'll get at least a 3.5 or 4 Psychology and Spanish majors both have a 3.9 GPA, overall I have a 3.85 Relevant experience: tutoring Latino-American kids, research assistant for a preschool study on inhibition (going to start this fall), observations right before I started college of about 10 SLPs at one location a few times a week for two months, observations of another SLP a few months ago for two days, did my own research on second language development with the help of two professors at Pitt right before starting college (it wasn't published or anything but still good experience), and this summer I was a full time camp counselor. I've also had two leadership positions in Greek life throughout college and I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a summer. Haven't asked for letters of rec yet but they will most likely be from a psych professor who used to be my advisor and has had me in several classes, the psych professor that's leading the research I'll be starting this fall who has also had me twice in class, and a Spanish professor that I've had like 5 times that knows me very well and who got me into the tutoring. I plan to apply to: University of Virginia, Marquette University, University of Arizona, University of Colorado Boulder, UT Dallas, Indiana University, University of Minnesota, New Mexico State University, and Emerson College. All of these schools offer three year programs for out of field applicants and have either told me they offer bilingual placements or offer a separate bilingual specialization. Thanks in advance!!!
  20. The title probably gave you an idea about how indecisive I'll sound in the following few sentences so here it goes: I graduated from a Canadian university with a BA in Political Science (focus: political philosophy, int'l development) and another totally different and unrelated to my inquiries discipline. As a result, my experience is in, well, research and some odd jobs here and there relating to communications and teaching. I never really planned to work in either field, the plan was always to do a Master's degree or another (professional) Bach'. I've narrowed down the programs that I'm interested in to a couple and the one that stands out the most (for now) is in Public Health. I hear that it's really competitive getting in an MPH program in Canada and schools usually consider experience in the field an asset. My question then is: What sort of work and volunteer opportunities should I be looking at in order to gain experience in the field of/related to PH? I'm already looking into taking some math/stats/health science courses, but I'd like to have some more hands-on experience, even if it means it's through volunteering. Also, I prefer applying to a Canadian school, but I am considering some UK ones, too. Would that damage my prospects of finding employment in Canada? Any information would be much appreciated! Cheers, N.
  21. Hi all, I am currently in the process of applying to grad school, however I need help to figure out the best approach to this issue. So I graduated with a sub 3.0 GPA (2.87) and a high major GPA (3.5) in IT. I've done pretty well in my major related courses but my gen eds were always my weak point. Since 2013 I've had 2 software related internships in the field (software testing) and currently work full time at a well known computer company in the same field. I've taken the GRE last year and my scores weren't great but I plan to retake them in the next few weeks. Do I have a chance at getting accepted into a M.S of Computer Science program ? Also I'm in the process of finishing my statement of purpose and I'm not sure if I should mention my major gpa at all. Please help !
  22. I have a few big questions to ask regarding admission to MPH programs and I would really appreciate it if I could get some advise!! Backstory: I will be graduating from a top research school in Summer 2016 and I am applying for to a few MPH programs in California for the first time. I have one that I will apply to for Fall 2016, then a few that I want to apply to for Fall 2017 assuming I don't get in for 2016. I am a microbiology major and I am applying with aspirations of becoming an epidemiologist. My GPA is low, and I will probably graduate with a 2.75 - 2.8. However, my GRE scores are pretty competative with verbal being 156, quantitative being 156, and analytical being a 5. I have had some intern experience which includes a marine biology lab, and the other being at a physical therapy office. I have also regular jobs worked since age 16 and volunteered a tiny bit, but very infrequently. So here are my questions: 1) How realistic is getting accepted with my standing? I have a difficult major at a great school, but a low GPA. However, I have taken many classes applicable to Public Health (virology (B), bacterial pathogenesis (most likely B), immunology (most likely B), and statistics (A-)). Will my GRE scores help much? 2) Would an internship/job at a PT office count as public health experience? 3) What are some other internships or volunteer opportunities in the Public Health field that I could seek out? I can't seem to find anything in my area. If I take a year off, I want to fill my time with gaining experience to strengthen my application. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 4) How important is a program's emphasis in epidemiology if I am applying with hopes of becoming an epidemiologist? They all seem to have that in the curriculum, so would that be sufficient as far as job outlook considering my prior experience in microbiology?
  23. Hey all! I'm planning on applying to grad schools for Fall 2017 and was just wondering what kind of volunteer work, experience, etc. everyone has on their resumes in order to distinguish them from other applicants. Is it mainly all just SLP-related experience/volunteer work? I've done some shadowing and currently have an internship, but I don't feel like that's nearly enough. I'd like to get involved in undergraduate research, but my university doesn't offer it, and I live in a town with limited access for volunteer opportunities in the field. I'm always on the hunt for new opportunities though! I guess what I'm getting at is how much overall experience/accolades does everyone have, what is it/are they, and how much is actually related to speech pathology? Any insight would be fantastic!
  24. I've lurked here for awhile but I haven't really been able to find the answer to this question. I'm hoping to apply to Applied Linguistics/SLA programs for Fall 2017, but I want to make sure this isn't a lost cause because of my total lack of experience in the field. My background: graduated in 2014 from a small Midwestern liberal arts school with a B.A. in German (also a B.A. in Music, but that's not relevant here). GPA: 3.8, Major GPA: 3.95 interned at a refugee resettlement agency currently teaching math at an underprivileged high school in Denver, CO through Americorps GRE: 160 V, 167 Q, 5 AW not as much experience abroad as I would like :/ These experiences are what have led me to want to pursue Applied Linguistics, but I really don't think it's enough to make my applications stand out. I originally thought I was interested in teaching German at a public high school, but these last several months teaching high school kids has changed my mind about that. Now, I'm more interested in teaching adults, but my interests extend beyond TESOL. I really want to understand how foreign languages are learned, and I'd be happy to teach English, but what really fascinates me is developing content for language learning and/or doing research. I've also recently become very interested in endangered languages. What I'm wondering is, what can I do in the next year to better my chances? I'm willing to leave my teaching job and even move somewhere else if need be, and I hope to take some introductory courses in linguistics during the summer. I've searched for jobs and internships, but nearly everything I find requires applicants to already have a master's in linguistics/SLA/education, etc. In fact, the jobs I've been finding are the types of jobs I would hope to have after my master's degree is complete! Here are a few examples if it helps:; Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it when experienced people help out newbies like me!
  25. Hi all, After a dreadful application season, I want to start my searching early and have been reading up on University of Colorado at Denver and Boulder, along with U of New Mexico. I'm interested in the Applied Math graduate program and more specifically into Biomath. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about these three schools?