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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm an international student currently studying in the UK. I was accepted into a PhD programme in the US and am now trying to apply for an F-1 visa. Due to the travel ban and closure of consulates/embassies worldwide, I am quite worried about getting my visa on time - I assume I am not the only one. I tried to schedule an appointment in my home country (Germany), however, appointments are fully booked until December. Thus, I was wondering if anyone is in a similar situation and has tried to schedule a visa appointment in the UK (London/Belfast)? I'd rather not pay the application fee for the UK as well unless I know more about appointment availability - unfortunately, I was not given any information on this when calling the embassy in London. Thanks in advance and fingers crossed for our visas!!
  2. Hello, I am currently on an F-1 visa in America and I am from a European country. I am currently finishing my master program and I have an F-1 visa which was given 2 years ago. The visa is a 5-year student visa. I will be starting my Ph.D. program in the US in Fall 2019 semester, probably in a different school than my master school. I do not want to go back to my country as it is semi-problematic and the plane tickets are super expensive. Can I transfer my SEVIS record directly to my Ph.D. school when I am in America? Can I renew my visa later, like in 2 years? Or should I go back my country this summer and get a new visa?
  3. Hi, I hope someone is out there helping me solve this question. I am applying for F1 visa and I have a question about "person paying for your trip" section in DS-160. The program I admitted is 2 year program, and I got "1" year RA. So on i-20, funding I got for 1 year is listed. So the question is what do I have to select for "person paying for your trip" question! self / parent / organization(university)? If i get 2year RA, i would choose university without any concern. But i am worried that i am getting 1 year for now... hope there is someone to answer my question thanks in advance
  4. Oi guys, F-1 student here who is planning on attending a conference in Canada in September. I have my F-1 status still valid but my visa expired last year. Questions: 1. It states on the Canadian immigration page that F-1 students can travel to Canada without being required to have a Visa. Does anyone have any experience with this? 2. If it is indeed possible to travel with just my F-1 status, would the cbp require a visa in returning to the country? 3. If they would, can an international student renew their visa in Canada without having to return to their countries?
  5. Hey guys, I was denied my F-1 twice in a row this summer. I'm 100% confident that both denials (by the same officer) were biased. Anyone has similar experience? Any tips?
  6. I just had my master's degree in May 2015 and it's likely that I'll be going back to school for a PhD this coming fall. I am wondering if I have to renew my F-1 VISA or do anything with it. Any thoughts?
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