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Found 16 results

  1. Hola! I am having a tough time selecting universities to apply to for MS -CS (AI / ML ). Tough cause I am trying to shortlist universities that will take me and are ranked in the top 50. Profile: GRE: 169Q, 158 V, 4 AWA TOEFL: 117 GPA: 7.2 ( 65% Mumbai university) 3-4 projects 2 years work experience (software developer) Please help me shortlist universities as safe/mod/ambi. Right now I am looking at - ASU, UC Davis, UCI, Virginia Tech, Indiana bloomington.
  2. I am reapplying for grad programs for summer and fall 2018. I graduated with my bachelors in fall 2017 and recently was forced to leave a graduate program because of my grades. Would my chances of reapplying be damaged or hindered if it mentioned that I was at another school? I'm asking because I'm having little luck in finding someone to write me a letter of recommendation and my options may have to be with the professors and supervisors I worked with in the last graduate program. I'm afraid it would lead to schools viewing me as an unsuitable candidate, but I think I had a good relation with my professors in grad school despite the ending of it.
  3. Fall 2018 Canadian Application Prep

    Thought I might get this thread started for those prepping to apply in the fall.
  4. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Hi, Thought I'd start this topic for 2018 fall applicants specifically for Public Health. I realise there is a general one for all applicants, but thought it might be useful to have one for just a Public Health field (in the most broad sense). I apologise if this post is redundant. I just wanted comments on whether my choice of universities were too strong. Although these were the only programmes which matched my interests. Feel free to comment/share your experience so far. Undergrad Institution: Imperial College London, UK (Top for science in UK)Major(s): Biomedical SciencesMinor(s): n/aGPA in Major: no GPA system in UK (Upper 2nd class)Overall GPA: n/aPosition in Class: Type of Student: International female Postgrad: MSc in Public Health (GPA 3.88) at London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 160 (76%)V: 167 (98%)W: 4.5 (82%)B:TOEFL Total: n/aResearch Experience: 2 years in health services researchAwards/Honors/Recognitions:Pertinent Activities or Jobs: some teaching assistanceAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points:Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where:Harvard, John Hopkins, UNC, UCLA, UCSF, Northwestern, Brown, Ohio State, Iowa, Standford
  5. Hey everyone! Is there anyone from KAUST MS Bioscience program who can give me a few pointers on the admission process and how I can basically improve my chances of getting there? I'm in my senior year of Applied Biosciences at NUST, in Pakistan, so I was looking around for places to get admission for a post grad degree, and I'm really psyched out about KAUST. Obsessively reading the FAQs on their website and scouring every webpage they have isn't helping matters much however, so I decided to head over here. I have a 3.88/4 cGPA, I'm pretty much at the top of my class (which the professors I'm planning to ask for LORs will collaborate) and I think I'm good enough at English that I can be confident about TOEFL/IELTS even though I haven't given them yet. I'm also planning to give the GRE this fall as well. I'm also going to be starting my undergrad research project, so I won't have much of a 'research experience' beyond that and a mini-project about nanoparticles that won me and my team the Biotechnology category at one of our universities entrepreneurship and innovation competitions. So, what are my chances, and what can I do to make them better? I await with bated breath... =)
  6. Hello fellows, I really need some advice on whether I should retake GRE. I only took GRE once in July and got: 152V, 153Q, 3AW and GPA is 3.54. So the numbers actually fall right on the average score published on ASHA for schools that I intend to apply. I know that being average is not competitive enough. However, since I only started my SOP and have not yet gotten LORs, I work full-time and taking two pre-requisites coming semester. Should I retake GRE just to raise the score? GRE prep is such time-consuming and stressful process, I am sure I could do little better, and possibly increase 10 points combined if I worked with a tutor. However, with my average GRE score, is it worthy of that much time, money and energy on a GRE retake? Considering I undone SOP and LORs. I have been hearing that GRE is important and not from different places, how true is that for my situation? I am really lost. Attached is a spreadsheet I made for schools that I could apply in NY area, hope this could save some of your time. SLP LIST.xlsx - SLP Master.pdf
  7. Hello I'm planning to apply for Ph.D. in Machine Learning(Fall 2018). I've been researching a lot about various colleges where I would want to apply. I have made a list of places according to the area of my interest and the research that's currently going on. I would be really grateful if you can help me in selecting from the lot on the basis of the value of the place and the availability of funding. These are the two most important filters I want to apply on my list. A number of 10-15 universities would be helpful. PS: I understand that selection of a college is based on other individualistic parameters as well, which I will use. But, please provide your valuable insights based on the two points mentioned above. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- University of Bristol TU Dortmund U Penn University of Maryland Arizona State University TU Darmstadt Cambridge Purdue Columbia University FU Berlin Georgia Tech Aalto University John Hopkins HU Berlin Brown University of Waterloo Cornell University University Wuerzburg University of Wisconsin-Madison University of British Columbia University of Toronto University of Bonn University of Montreal University of Amsterdam University of Alberta University of Stuttgart University college of London University of Surrey UT Austin University of Munich University of Michigan University of Southhampton Saarland University University of Waikato Universiy of Washington Unversity of Nottingham Technical University of Munich UC Berkely University of Illinoi University of Exeter University of Helsinki ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hello Everyone! I am looking to apply to grad school this fall for fall 2018 admission. My undergraduate GPA is terrible (2.85 overall, 3.1 major) but from a good school (Carnegie Mellon University) and I have a lot of research experience (3.5 years as an RA in undergrad, two independent projects, one with a classmate, two symposium presentations, and 1 year employed as an RA after graduation). I took the GRE and scored 160V/153Q/5W, but I plan to take it again to shoot for higher scores in verbal and especially quantitative so I'll at least have a great GRE score on my side. Since my GPA is so low, I was going to shoot for a master's programs this time around (Villanova, Wake Forest, and William and Mary are on my list currently), but I've had a few people tell me to go for a few PhD programs as well because of my research experience. Does anyone know of any mid-tier Social Psychology PhD programs that I should look into/might have a shot at? Thanks in advance! (Just fyi, I'm interested in romantic relationships, friendships, social support, and online interactions.)
  9. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Bachelors: Psychology Masters of Science: Human Cognitive Neuropsychology Undergrad overall GPA (I had one horrible semester): 3.465 Undergrad Psychology GPA: 3.8 I am a horrible test taker: -GRE Verbal: 149; 42% -GRE Quant: 146; 24% -GRE Writing: 4.5; 82% Research experience: 3 years (Research technician in EEG , fMRI and clinical lab); 3 years (Project coordinator at upper limb prosthesis research lab) Clinical experience: 3 years (Clinical lab working with patients with ASD, dyslexia and schizophrenia and assist with writing neuropsych reports); 1 year (clinical lab learning how to administer cognitive measures and shadowing Clinical Psychologist). Teaching experience: Taught two one-hour courses to research interns on EEG data analysis and protocol for conducting research with at risk populations. Supervised training of summer interns at Neuroimaging lab. Abstract submission and Poster presentation: 5 (3 secondary author @ VA medical center; 2 first authors @ Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science VI; and @ University of Edinburgh, respectively). Publications: 6 (2 second author, 3 third authorships). Potential publication by time I submit PHD applications: 9 (three manuscripts currently under review) Race: Black Gender: Male Languages speak and understand: English (fluent), French (can semi comprehend and speak), creole (can semi-comprehend a little difficulty speaking) Schools applying to, in order of preference: 1. Yale University 2. Harvard University 3. University of Pennsylvania 4. University of Michigan 5. University of Iowa 6. Temple University 7. DUKE University 8. University of Oregon 9. Indiana University Bloomington 10. Washington State University 11. Boston University 12. The university of Vermont 13. The University of Maine 14. University of Missouri, Kansas City 15. George Mason University 16. Eastern Michigan University 17. University of Wisconsin-Madison 18. University of Wyoming
  10. International student attending undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering (Top 5-10 in the nation). Two minors: ECE and CS (Top 5 in the nation for both disciplines). I don't have a solid GPA (3.45), but my GPA for the last 60 credit hour is around 3.75 (really improved since second semester Sophomore year). GRE is 163+170+4.5. Haven't taken TOFEL, but I got 115 when I entered college anyways, so shouldn't be a big problem. Two different research experiences, I've been doing one of them for 2.5 years and the other half a year (just started last semester). One other summer research experience in Germany. Unfortunately I will not have any publication by the time that I apply. I am really interested in intelligent vehicles, robotics programs in general also interest me. Got As in all relevant classes I took for the past year. I'm also in the leadership of my school's electric SAE team. What schools should I apply? I really wanna get into University of Michigan!! Other schools I'm looking at, from reach to safe, are: Stanford, Berkeley, CMU, UIUC, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State. The professor I have been doing research for 2.5 years with graduated from Michigan. Not sure if that'll help in any way. Please let me know your thoughts about my situation. First time posting here, tons of thanks in advance!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm very interested in Penn State's (not UPenn) Bioengineering PhD program, but I have not been able to find much information regarding admission stats or applicant profiles. If you have been accepted to this program or know any info about the selection process, replies would be great! I'm looking to apply for the Fall of 2018. I also have heard that some applicants to this program that were rejected were offered admission to Penn State's 1-year non-thesis masters program in Biomedical Engineering, which I wouldn't mind at for a back up situation. Have any of you participated in this program? I ultimately want to get my PhD, so I'm curious if this program would be a good segue into Penn State's PhD program. Also any opinions on how I stack up among the applicant pool at Penn State or other PhD bioengineering/biomedical engineering programs would be great. Here's an overview of my application: Overall GPA: 3.6 Major GPA: 3.8 GRE: Taking in August Research Experience: 1 semester of nanotech research for drug delivery applications summer undergrad research assistant for unrelated field (don't even know if I should include on my application) summer research assistant for bio-membrane science lab (professors both very established in the field of membrane science) will be starting and completing my honors thesis this fall (use of polyelectrolytes for virus inactivation, applications in downstream biopharmaceutical processing) Publications/Conferences: None. Honors thesis will be submitted for publication at time of application. Letters of Rec: 2 Strong LOR from well-known professors in separations science, 1 strong LOR from post-doc (probably not as strong since not from professor?) Grants/Awards: Several university scholarships and prestigious state government scholarship in my state, no grants. Don't feel competitive enough to apply for grants, thoughts? Research Interests: Biopharmaceuticals, drug delivery, regenerative medicine Extracurriculars are mostly related to leadership experience: tutor within sorority, peer mentor within College of Engineering Other schools interested in: Rutgers CSU - Fort Collins University of Arkansas Duke? Still looking around, if you have others that you think would be a good fit let me know Any input is appreciated!
  12. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to create this topic for those who are applying to DrPH programs to begin in the Fall of 2018! I'm beginning to look at programs and browsing through this board, so it would be great to hear from others who are doing the same. We can share our thoughts/updates/support here throughout this application cycle that we are about to begin soon!
  13. Hey guys, I have been a silent lurker on this site for a long time! I've finally decided to post with the traditional "what are my chances" post! Hoping I can get some advice on here for my applications to MPP programs. I understand that no one here is an expert and can give perfect answers, but some direction about how my profile stands will be very helpful in deciding I am looking to apply for fall 2018 for MPP/MPA programs to mid-to-top-tier colleges such as SIPA, IHEID, LSE, LKYSP, Fels', Sanford.. Still working out this list of course, but essential a course that focuses on overall development policies, good combination of theory and practice and a flexibility in courses, esp quant (ie, not quant heavy). My application background is as follows: Undergrad school: B.A in Economics (major) with sociology and political science majors from top 5 arts college in India GPA: 3.6 with an undergraduate thesis Other qualifications: Diploma in leadership and liberal arts from a competitive and renowned fellowship program Work Experience: Currently 1.5yrs in a not-for-profit (social enterprise incubator and investor), 1 month of development consultancy work in Vietnam and 1 yr as a co-founder of a social enterprise GRE: 160V/158Q Volunteer/Public Service experience: none since graduating college. I was much more involved in volunteering in college (head of social action club, publications, and editor of a few department magazines) and internships in think tanks Look forward to hearing from all of you and learning more as we go through this grueling process soon! Thanks!
  14. Statistics Phd/Applied Mathematics Advice

    I'm new to this site so please forgive any breach in protocol. I am currently a math and physics double major at my undergrad institution, which has a small grad program, but I am not particularly interested in attending there. I plan on applying to phd programs in statistics, despite no research in mathematics, although I do have research experience in physics. I also was not able to take any graduate courses because of the double major. I have yet to take my GRE's, though I expect decent scores on general, and I am not sure whether I will take the subject. My gpa is a 3.88, a little higher for math, a little lower for physics. My letters should be really good, although none will come from statistics professors. My question is, is this an issue? Also, what schools would be attainable given the information provided, how many schools to apply to (ie; safety, target, reach). Thank you.
  15. Undergrad institution:US top 30 liberal arts school (depending on rankings) Major: Biology Minor: Psychology GPA in Major: 3.42 or something like that, should be higher when I graduate given trends in my grades Overall GPA: 3.45, which also should be above 3.5 when I graduate Type of student: Domestic, minority female, current senior I have not taken the GRE yet, but I plan to after graduation in May. Research experience: Summer research internship that I found by contacting a local PI whose research focused on the role of monoamine neurotransmitters and associated neuropeptides in stress related pathology. I got a poster and a presentation out of it, and a really good relationship with the lab. I still volunteer there from time to time, and am scheduled to present my poster at the local Society for Neuroscience chapter early next year. Additionally, I am in the processes of doing research at my home institution for a thesis. My project for the thesis is more based on neuroethology and contains more physiology than pharmacology, and even though this is not my primary interest I do like that I am getting to do electophysiological assays. Awards/Honors: 4 Year Full Tuition Leadership scholarship from a national organization affiliated with my college. I am on track to graduate Cum Laude (as if that matters). Activities/Jobs: I have been a TA for the introductory biology lab course for 2 years, so I have gotten to help students and do the more time consuming parts of experiments that focus heavily on molecular biology and genetics (which is the dominant focus of the bio department at my school). I am also head of a committee that advocates for the needs of students in STEM majors, where we have focused on improving career resources and advising for these students (which pales in comparison to what is available at large research institutions and probably Ivies). Heavily involved in student government all four years, as well as cultural groups on campus. These positions have taught me how to manage finances for clubs and manage larger projects and events. In my spare time, my SO and I are working on a book about mental illness or something to that effect. I'll let you know if we actually get somewhere! Applying to Where: I'm not applying this round, but next round (Fall 2018). But here are the following schools I am looking into, ranked in order by how much I want to go there. The list is short for now as I am still trying to come up with a list of 6-7 schools worth applying to. It should be noted that I am looking to go into a master's program as opposed to a PhD, because I don't think my grades + experience are quite there and I am not sure if I want to go the PhD route. I know that in the case of Penn, you are essentially getting a master, but also are basically being streamlined into the PhD program after a year. I listed it as an option seeing as quite a few people who graduate from my school do end up going to U Penn to get graduate degrees if they don't get an RA position there after graduating. University of Toronto - Pharmacology & Toxicology McGill - Integrative Program in Neuroscience/Psychiatry/Pharmacology (unsure which one suits my needs) Drexel Graduate School of Biomedical and Professional Studies - Pharmacology & Physiology (I did my internship here) UPenn BGS - Neuroscience Special Bonus Points: Minority status may help in the states, but I doubt it means much for Canadian schools. Other Info: I am also sort of pre-med, which shows in my coursework, but unsure if I actually want to commit to going to medical school. Additionally, exposure to certain topics in some of my courses really has me interested in the research side of things. Organic chemistry was not my friend but I received merit grades (no lower than B- though), however I did much better in lab than I did in lecture, but unfortunately the grade on my transcript does not reflect that considering that the lab course and the lecture course are combined into one grade. The same could be said for a lot of the courses in which I took lab courses actually, but my grades in all my other courses are much better. Additionally, a lot of my psych coursework is more neuroscience based or health related. Finally, I have taken two research methods/statistics courses, both of which have taught me how to use R (bio stats) and SPSS (psych stats). My main issue is that I don't think I am competitive for any of the master's programs I want to attend, so I was planning to use my gap year to not only delve further into my research interests, but to also get more research experience. Several alums have recommended that I go for an IRTA program at NIH, and I am considering that. However, i also have a great relationship with the lab I interned at and I know the tech is leaving this spring. I may consider taking his position also. The second option is more ideal because then I could resume work with the project I worked on over the summer, assuming my PI successfully secured grant funding to do a lot more with it. Would doing either of these things make me more competitive for the programs I am interested in?