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Found 25 results

  1. And so it begins, GC applicants for 2019! Welcome first time applicants, applicants who didn't get interviews, multiple cycle applicants, applicants who didn't matched, and basically everyone interested in genetic counseling. In such a competitive field I think there is no such thing as starting too early!
  2. Hi all! I know it's early but I just thought I would start this thread for those planning to apply to the University of Pittsburgh's MSW program this year. This can be a space to share our hopes, fears, stats, scholarship info, and any technical issues that we may be having with the process. As for me, I'm planning to apply by the December 31st deadline so that I can get that sweet sweet combination of guaranteed admission and scholarship assistance. This is my second cycle applying and I'm eager to get the process over and done with! Does anyone know if they have opened the application yet? I already asked my references from last year if they would mind writing me one more letter of recommendation and they all said yes, thank God. I'm having a little trouble with the ApplyYourself portal, though - when I log in and click on "Edit Application" nothing happens. I did create my profile last spring though so maybe that's part of the problem? Thoughts?
  3. verosanchez

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to connect with others who are also waiting for admission decisions for MSW programs; this process feels like it's taking forever! I applied to UC Berkeley, CSU East Bay, SF State, and am still working on SJSU. This is definitely nerve-wracking! Has anyone else applied and feels nervous????? Which programs did ya'll apply to??
  4. Has anybody applied to the NYU Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences in PhD open Program? If yes, please post your stats and decisions here below.
  5. Hopingtobeanslpgrad

    Fall 2019 UMD Admission Process

    Did you consider and apply to UMD's program? What other schools have or are applying to? Why did you choose UMD? What worries or hopes do you have about being admitted to their program? As one of my top choices, I'm hoping I will have a chance especially with my interest in the bilingual track.
  6. belpheg0r

    Profile Evaluation

    Hey Guys! I have applied to the following unis for a masters in computer science for fall 2019: 1. ETH Zurich 2. University of Waterloo 3. University of British Columbia 4. McGill University My profile is as follows: 1. GPA 3.7/4 (BSc Computer Science from University of Bahrain, best in my country) 2. GRE: 166Q 160V 4.5AWA 3. IELTS: 8.5 4. A senior project on facial recognition using deep learning 5. A year of relevant work experience that includes developing websites and web apps, and teaching robotics and programming to kids. *No publications or significant research experience (except for a term paper and a few other projects done as part of my bachelor) Given the information, what do you guys think are my chances? I was pretty confident when applying, but pretty nervous now. Anybody who's been admitted into any of these programs, what do you think about my chances? Any information is appreciated :) Thanks in advance!
  7. pakiprincess

    DrPH Applicants Fall 2019

    Hi folks! First time posting on grad cafe! I wanted to continue the tradition and start a discussion forum for those applying to DrPH programs to begin in Fall 2019! We can use this topic to discuss and share our experiences through the application cycle.
  8. I submitted my application for NYU Wagner-MPA program right after the December 1st Priority deadline. I shot myself in the foot by not looking through the application first and realizing the application had questions that wasn't listed on the required material page. That lead up to me submitting it on December 2nd at 1am est so I don't expect much funding from the school. However, I am curious if I have to wait until June 14th (around 6 months from now) to receive a decision. Looking around this site, I saw that most people received their decision email on the date mentioned on the site. I know my application will get pushed back to deal with the priority applicants first but will I really have to wait that long to hear something back? Has anyone applied after the priority deadline?
  9. This is my first time starting a forum so please be kind to me In the past, it looks as if cohort groups start the forum a little later. However, I'm stressing out and I wanted to start a forum that is along the same lines as the ones before it, and use it as a type of support group. I've put all of the programs for P/J divisions together, and thought that this forum coud be used to discuss acceptances, applications, and anything else related. Ill start by talking about my application: I'm in my final year studying public health. The year previous I made Dean's list (fall 2017) and presidents list (winter 2018). My over all average is 78% but my average last year was between 82-85%. I've worked with an after school program going on 5 years where I run gym activities and do some teaching and tutoring (ages 4-13), the past 3 summers I've worked as a kindergarten readiness teacher (ages 3-6), I work as a supply ECA (ages 2-12), and I worked one summer as a camp arts/crafts specialist (ages 2.5-13). My references were from a work supervisor for the kindergarten readiness program, and a professor who I don't know well, but I got good grades in their class. I applied to, in order, MACSE, MT P/J, and MT J/I. I'm really hoping I get into this program. I'm applying to other schools for teaching, but of course this is my first choice.
  10. Hello, I have applied to the following programs for PhD UC Berkeley (MSE) Carnegie Mellon University (BME) Iowa State University (MSE) University of Delaware (MSE) Drexel University (BME) University of Central Florida (MSE) University of Massachusetts - Amherst (ChE) What do you think about my chances in these schools? Should I apply to few more schools? Here is my brief profile B.Sc. in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (3.61/4.0, Bangladesh Uni. of Eng. and Tech.) GRE: 315 (Quant 165, Verbal 150, AWA 3.5) IELTS: 8 (Reading 9, Listening 7.5, Speaking 7.5, Writing 7) Research Experience: Working as a RA from December 2017 Publications: 1 published (Materials Research Express, IOP), 1 submitted
  11. I welcome all to post their admission threads here for PhD Fall 2019 applications.
  12. Hey there! I got a 4.5 on the analytical section of the GRE but both the quantitative and verbal were under the average scores for the two. Should I be worried and retake the GRE? It would be my third time.  Feedback would be helpful!!! Thanks.
  13. Any response to anyone yet? Please post.
  14. Ayub2306

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Hey guys... Please post your updates here!
  15. Hey there! I got a 4.5 on the analytical section of the GRE but both the quantitative and verbal were under the average scores for the two. Should I be worried and retake the GRE? It would be my third time. Feedback would be helpful!!! Thanks.
  16. Hi Everyone! I'm applying to English/ Comp & Rhet programs for fall 2019. For my writing sample, I'm submitting a section of my Master's thesis and I'm wondering how to format it. Do I keep the cover page of my thesis so they know it's from a longer work? do I title it instead? Do I put my name?? for my SoP, I'm putting just my name and Statement of Purpose in the header--should I do this for the writing sample as well? I appreciate any insight--I've been out of school for several years and have no one to turn to for advice on small matters like these. Thank you!!
  17. Undergrad Institution: International school (world 28th in CS, 100-200 in life sciences, 49 overall in QS ranking) Major(s): Cell and molecular biology Minor(s): N/A GPA in Major: 3.491 Overall GPA: 3.281 Position in Class: not sure, probably upper-half; graduated with second upper-class honor (HK system, similar to UK's). Graduate Institution: the same school as undergraduate school Major(s): M. Phil (2-year research degree, similar to first 2 year in PhD) in computer science and engineering, thesis project is on bioinformatics Overall GPA: 3.694 Type of Student: International male (quite a number of programs say that they do not have enough funding to cover tuition for international students....) GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 157 V: 169 W: 3.5 TOEFL Total: 109 Research Experience: Equivalent 50 months full-time research (some application form require that by converting part-time experience to full-time ones), mostly in bioinformatics (multi-omics & method development) 7 projects listed on CV. 3 in undergrad, two of which are wet-lab, another is multi-omics bioinformatics study. One wet-lab project yield in a 4th authorship in PNAS (direct submission); Been able to do some higher-level experiments in undergrad, for example, confocal microscopy, Y2H and FRET 4 in postgrad: 3 manuscripts in prep, one is the thesis project which should be a 1st-authorship and hopefully on a prestigious journal (but unfortunately, I'm not able to get it published now apparently); another one of the 3 should be a co-first if things work smoothly. The thesis project is luckily a hot open question in the field. Quite a number of my PI-of-interests are working on the same problem using various approaches. A side collaborative-project (which I'm not the major working force) yields another 4th-authorship on a specialized biology journal (if > 20) LORs Got one letter from my thesis advisor, another two from two PI-in-collaboration in my thesis project (h-index 36, 124, 36 respectively). All should be strong as our relationship is quite good generally. My advisor might or might not have connections with faculties I listed as interested, for some of them are in the same ENCODE project. SOP No idea whether I nailed it or not... Awards/Honors/Recognitions: (Within your school or outside?) - Received university entrance scholarship - Another scholarship that covers half of my undergraduate tuition fees Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (Such as tutor, TA, SPS officer etc...) - TA for a 3000-level CS course, >100 students, has lab session and tutorial courses - RA in current research lab. Applying to Where: UCSD: BISB, Princeton QCB, Harvard BIG, MIT CSBi, WashU DBBS-CSB, UW Genome Sciences I contacted 4 profs in UCSD and Princeton, but only get 1 reply from UCSD. The email reads that he is impressed but still I need to pass the committee first. So I guess that may not be too helpful for me to get the interview?
  18. Anyone else already submit their applications, and are now wondering why they gave themselves the extra weeks of waiting????
  19. Suraj9596

    Graduate Application

    Profile Evaluation for fall 2019: GRE: 309 GPA: 8.51 (National Institute of Technology) TOEFL: 100 Research Internships: 1) Mitacs Globalink research internship, Canada 2) National University of Singapore Publications: 5 research papers presented in international IEEE conferences. 3 good LoRs Decent SOP Good extra circular activities Hoping to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering. Could you guys please suggest me ambitious, moderate and safe Universities in USA/ canada/ europe based on my profile?
  20. sauvezleschats

    Fall 2019 Neuroscience Applicants!

    Calling all neuro applicants for Fall 2019 matriculation! I figured it was time to make a post specifically for us to comment, ask for feedback, and post interview dates and results!
  21. Worldring199

    MSW Fall 2019 Application

    Oops, I think I put my original post in the wrong place. I am placing it here since this seems to be where it belongs. Hi, I am applying to MSW programs for Fall 2019. I am super nervous and it seems that I am not the only one around here that is. I am applying to Washington, Utah, USC, UCLA, Ohio State, and Michigan. I will probably be submitting my first apps to Utah and USC within the next week. I am getting some things finalized with my letters. Anyway, I probably have nothing to fear. But it is nerve wracking, Utah is my top choice and it seems like that isn't a school people are talking about on here. Here are my credentials I am a research assistant for a lab at my university. I have presented a poster for the lab and was the first author on it. My cumulative is a 3.42 GPA I have been a TA in the past for an intro to Psychology Course. I have an internship right now that is within the field of social work. I have taken the GRE and while most programs do not care about it, my scores for Quant and Verbal were below the 50th Percentile, my writing was a 5 and at the 92nd. I have also volunteered at numerous places, some important ones to me were my time with the Boys and Girls Club and being a crisis counselor for the Crisis Text Line. Sorry, I guess I am just nervous and it is scary putting all of this out there for people to see. I wish everyone the best during this busy time.
  22. Greetings all, I have joined Grad Cafe today. I need your opinion about the universities that are within my reach, based on my profile. I want to apply for MS in Computer Science in fall of 2019. Here's a gist of my profile : GRE score: 315 (161 in quants, 154 in Verbal, AWA- 3.5) TOEFL - Scheduled on 8th September Work Experience: I have been working as a System Engineer for the past 2 years in Hewlett-Packard Enterprise at Bangalore, India. My undergrad GPA on a scale of 4 is : 3.4 I don't have any publications. Kindly suggest 4-5 universities, if possible in which you think I stand a chance
  23. jriveracal

    Fall 2019 anyone?

    I'm new here so I apologize if there is a previous thread on this. Anyone else beginning to prepare for Fall 2019? I am narrowing down schools and making a spreadsheet on the requirements for each school and also beginning to self-study for the GRE. As of right now I am looking at Berkeley, Harvard, UCLA, Princeton, Brown, NYU, Columbia, U of Chicago, U of Michigan, Northwestern, Stanford, Yale, U Penn, UC Davis and UC San Diego. Anyone else?
  24. Hello Everyone, I'll be applying for the Fall 2019 admission cycle for a Masters in US for the streams of Public Policy/Public Administration/International Development/Migration Policy. Can any kind soul assess my chances of getting admission and FUNDING. Here are my details: GPA: 3.2, Honours in Economics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Work Experience : - 1 year in Innovations for Poverty Actions (a US based research organization) working in a project to assess the rate of financial inclusion of garments workers in the suburbs of Bangladesh. - 2 years in a up and coming internationally ranked think tank as a Senior Research Associate. - Wrote a journal article with a professor from Duke University on SDG 13. -Co-authored two G20 Policy Briefs on Forced Migration. -Currently co-authoring a paper on SDG-Fourth Industrial Revolution to be presented at SDG Conference by Columbia University. - Have organized numerous expert and academic panel discussions and written reports. Supervised interns and juniors. - Have written funding proposals with UNDP which was submitted to UAE government. GRE - not given. Core Strengths - excellent writing skills and capability Core Weakness - not a math person Whoever assesses this, thanks in advance.
  25. Is it too soon for Fall 2019? Well here we go! I recently switched back to I/O psychology (after a brief detour through health psychology). I'm planning on applying to programs this year for fall 2019 programs. I'm a little lost when it comes to contacting POI's. Is this recommended or neutral? But mainly what do you even say if you do contact them?? It's tough to know who will be accepting students next year but if you're looking to apply, what are your top schools? Thank you for any advice and good luck to everyone!!

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