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Found 9 results

  1. As the application season has begun, I felt we should have a thread for prospective applicants for MIA/MPA and other Graduate programs at SIPA (commencing in Fall 2021). We can discuss application related stuff and other other relevant topics here.
  2. Thought I'd start the thread for prospective doctoral students applying to start in Fall 2021. I'm starting it early so we can discuss and support each other given the added challenges of applying during a pandemic. I'm applying for my PhD in Social & Behavioral Health programs.
  3. I noticed we haven't started the Fall 2021 Applicants thread yet, so I wanted to get it rolling! I've been working on my statements of purpose and just finished emailing my professors for letters of recommendation. I had to take Columbia off my list because Classics isn't taking students for Fall 2021. I hope everyone is having good luck with their applications so far! I'm waiting for some of the other apps to open. I'm mainly focused on interdisciplinary programs and Art/Archaeology.
  4. A group for people who have applied to University of Toronto for MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering
  5. Is there a thread for Fall 2021 Medical Sciences program at McMaster University or University of Toronto IMS? I've applied to both the schools for the MSc program and looking to see if there's anyone else on the same boat?
  6. Hello, Thank you for your time. I am confused between selecting one of the above university. Can you please advice which university will be the best? (It would be great if you could write the pros and cons of unis.) I will be looking for job opportunities after completing my masters. According to csrankings, NJIT is at 68 and Santa Clara is at 138. Should I rely on the rankings provided by the popular sites and csranking? Thank you again.
  7. Hello! I applied for the MA in Sociology and Education program by the priority deadline for the Fall 2021 semester, and I've heard conflicting information regarding the admissions timeline! Has anyone else applied for this? If so do you know if interviews are apart of the process? I don't believe they are but of course wanted to double check. I am under the impression decisions will go out around March. Good luck to anyone else who applied!!
  8. Hi everyone! First time posting here. I was looking for some feedback on my profile and what kind of universities I should be targeting. I'm not looking for a PhD, want to gain better knowledge of Data Science to improve my career prospects. Looking for universities in both US and UK. Degree: B.E. (Hons.), Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, BITS Pilani Goa (Tier 1 university in India), CGPA: 7.8/10 GRE General: 336 (Q 170, V 166, AWA 4.5) Had taken the TOEFL in 2018, will need to take it again this year. Score last time around: 112 (W:29 R:29 L:29 S:25) Grades in Relevant courses, converted to US equivalents: Mathematics - I (Linear Algebra & Geometry): A, Probability & Statistics: B, Mathematics - II (Calculus): B+, Mathematics-III (calculus): B- Work Experience: 3 years so far as a data scientist (2 years in an analytics consulting firm, 1 year at a startup working with a sports franchise - this is the area I would like to proceed with). Another year before I go. Research Experience: None LOR: a professor I had a project under in college, my manager at the consulting firm and my current boss (CEO of the startup). I'm open to consider any programs in the US or the UK. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone. I am a newcomer at Gradcafe and this forum is very, very helpful. I want to pose questions here about the planning of the application year. I shall only be applying to socio-anthro departments or to area studies departments for Fall 2021 session. I am an international applicant. Some of my questions are; 1. Exactly WHEN should we email our POI's? Most have advised me to email between July and November. While others have said that mail at any time of the year. What is a good time to write to them? 2. HOW MUCH detail should one give in emailing POI's? My proposal is just a one line in my head at the moment and I have no idea how it will shape up. I'm doubtful about the different ways in which I would take this research proposal forward given that deadlines are 10 months away. 3. HOW SHOULD I PLAN THE WHOLE YEAR?: I was hoping for some advice regarding the different things one MUST do in an application year. For instance, mailing POI's, taking the GRE TOEFL, working on the writing sample etc. but are there other things one should be doing? I have only recently decided to apply to the US and have very little knowledge of the process. I have a lot of free time and now sure how to best put it to the application year. It would be great to receive responses from you all. Thanks a lot! Happy Week to everyone!
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