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Found 16 results

  1. I thought I would start a thread for Columbia. I will be a student in their art history MA program; despite all of the uncertainty, I am still looking forward to the fall.
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to create to group to gather everyone who are also applying for graduate schools in Canada. Here is my list: - University of Alberta (First Choice)- Found a potential Supervisor - University of British Columbia - McGill University - Found a potential Supervisor - Western Ontario University - University of Manitoba - Dalhousie University - University of Saskatchewan -Laurier University - Queens University - Found a supervisor
  3. https://chat.whatsapp.com/H36MaEOIyVf3qTSrPObs5R
  4. Starting this topic because I couldn't find an existing one! Has anyone heard back from CMU regarding MS in ECE for Fall 2020 cycle ?
  5. Has anyone heard from University of the Pacific for the Speech Language Pathology 15 or 24 month program? The due date for the application was postponed to a later date, so I’m wondering if this has pushed back their responses to applications. The longer I wait the more I start thinking that I’m going to be declined. Has anyone heard back from them yet? Or Has anyone been in this same situation before with their school? If so, does it mean your less likely to get accepted if they contact you later in the month? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hi everyone!! I applied for three Master’s programs for Fall 2020. I have yet to hear back from two of them. But my third program reached out to me to come visit and said they would help with expenses that visiting would accrue since I’m out of state. Their applications don’t close till March though. Is this a good sign that they reached out to me before the applications even close or is this something they likely do with most of their applicants? I’m pretty stressed about waiting out the admissions decisions so I may just be overthinking this..
  7. So I see that a lot of admission decisions for SM Mechanical Engineering MIT have come out. Is there a second wave or is everyone who hasn't received a decision rejected?
  8. International student. I just applied for my alma mater, ERAU PhD Aerospace Engineering program /fall 2020. Background: B.S and MS. Aerospace Engineering from Embry Riddle - Daytona beach campus(CGPA 3.47 & 3.7. Received scholarship and stipend for MS.). 12 years of working experience in a third world country (National engineering director of huge projects). Terrible GRE scores ( 150 V, 154 Q, 4 AW = 12 years away from academia and mathematical training 🙈). Personal visit to the University on September (spoke with program coordinator and lots of teachers)... 2/3 letters of recommendations form PhD AE program teachers. Do you thing I have any chance of being accepted? Fingers crossed
  9. Hey Guys! I know we have a lot of experienced members here who see these kind of posts very often. Can someone please have a look on my following scenario and recommend some programs/schools that seem reasonable for my profile? Please help me out here and feel free to be brutally honest!! Program of Interest: MS Statistics (smth more inclined towards applications especially in data analytics) Undergrad Institution: #218 National University US News & World Report (a US public school) Major: BS Mathematics, Minor: Economics CGPA: 4.00/4.00 (Last 60 hours) Type of Student: International, Male Relevant Coursework: Calc I (A+), Calc II-III(B), Linear Algebra (A), Mathematical Statistics I-II (A+, A), Real Analysis I (A-), Intro to Proofs (A+), Econometric (A), Data Analytics Tools (in Python) (A), DBMS (A), Foundation of Algebra I (DG) (Not taking again), In progress (SP 2020): Eco and Business Forecasting, BI, Data Mining, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Computing GRE scores (This is where I completely sucked :( : V/Q/AW: 141/159/3.00) Relevant Experience: Peer Tutor in Math & Stat for over a year in our department's tutoring center Computational Skills: Intermediate knowledge in R, Python, and MySQL. Thank you for your time and patience.
  10. I have a liberal arts bachelors degree with a 2.4 cumulative GPA. I am looking to pursue an online MSW soon but have some questions. Should I take some pre-reqs before applying? Should I take the GRE even though it isn't required? Or should I just go for it and apply without spending additional money first. I'm a little lost here and advisors aren't really giving me a yes or no answer. i don't want to waste time.
  11. Hello Friends, I am a prospective student planning to apply for MSCS program in USA for Fall 2020 intake. It will be of great help if someone can review my SOP. Thanks a ton!
  12. Does anyone know when the application decisions is going to be sent out? On their website, they said 4-6 weeks but on grad admission website, they said Jan.15th, 2020. Anyone knows anything? Thanks!
  13. Hi guys. I just gave my GRE a few days back and got an unofficial score of 303. (Quants- 150, Verbal - 153) (Not a great score,IK. TBH, my projected score in Magoosh was 310-319. I freaked out during my test). I just want to know if there's any universities in this list that would still accept this score. Boston University Georgia Institute of Technology New York University Ohio State University Purdue University Rutgers Texas A & M University University of California - Irvine University of California - Los Angeles University of Chicago University of Colorado Boulder University of Illinois - Chicago University of Massachusetts - Amherst University of Minnesota University of North Carolina University of Southern California University of Texas - Austin University of Utah University of Virginia University of Wisconsin - Madison I know the list is ambitious but I want to know if there's any chance or if I should start looking further down.
  14. Hello, I am probably a bit early to start this forum, but would love to connect with folks applying to SJSU MSW for Fall 2020. Good luck to everyone working on their apps!
  15. Hi. To anyone reading this, looking for some advise. I'm from Kenya, looking to apply to a master's SLP program. There are so many options out there quite overwhelmed. Because of my international status, looking for programs which could be affordable to me. Or those with in-state offers/GA/any other form of funding. No preferences on location, open to anything that would work. I'm looking to apply for the Fall2020, and need to start alot of preparation right now. Any help/advise/tips would be appreciated!
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