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Found 11 results

  1. Hey fellas, How's it goin' for ya? I'm still waiting for a single admission. no answer up to now. ucsd, uci, northeastern -> chemical engineering ucr, uic ,uiuc -> bioengineering all phd. is there anybody heard from these programs at these univs? should I have hope for any admission letter? ------------------------------profile------------------------------------ TOEFL:104-IELTS:7-GRE GENERAL:146(v)168(q)-GPA:3.60 with a year or two related research exprience.
  2. Hello, everyone ! I graduated from university with my Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology. My GPA was a 3.91, and my GRE score was 308 with 3.0 in awa section;IELTS:6.5. I have great recommendations and have completed 3 research internships Here is the thing, I applied to 10 PhD programs last year, only interviewed at one, and was not given a spot at any of them. Which leads me to the next question, what did I do wrong? should I just stop applying and apply for my masters first? I don't want to disappoint anyone again with another round of rejections. Please tell me what to do nexttttt !!!! Thanks !
  3. Hey y'all! As the national date approaches it seems like a lot of people finally decided where they wanted to go! 1. Why did you choose the program you're going to? What really sold it for you? 2. How many schools did you apply to 3. If you haven't decided, what is going to be the factor that pushes you to decide? So exciting to see where everyone is ending up. I still have yet to hear back from 2 schools and have been waitlisted, I only applied to schools in DC area because my husband matched to residency there so I wasn't able to move anywhere, otherwise I would have applied all over the place! My number one choice is UMD. Hoping to get off the waitlist there but at this point with how competitive it seems to be ill take an acceptance anywhere!
  4. ANYONE HEAR FROM CALIFORNIA STATE LONG BEACH Master of Arts in Psychological Research or MAPR???? This is the last school that I am waiting for a decision. Any information will be helpful. Thank you
  5. Greetings, Has anyone received any communication from NCCU? If so was it by email or did you just check the "message center" on your own? Thanks.
  6. Last week I contacted the graduate coordinator of my dream college to know the status of my PhD application. But she said that they have made offers and need to wait until they hear back from most of them before they could consider additional offers. At this time, they have not made a final decision on my application. What does that mean? Am i waitlisted or ????Someone pls reply.
  7. Anyone have any information in general about waitlists? Do people actually get off of them or should we just take it as a gentle rejection? Any stories of people getting off waitlists?
  8. Anyone have any information in general about waitlists? Do people actually get off of them or should we just take it as a gentle rejection? Any stories of people getting off waitlists?
  9. Hello everyone, I am starting to freak out since today is Feb 23rd and I haven't heard from Cornell since the application - Romace Studies (Spanish) PhD. I saw there's one person accepted in the program (decision date: Jan 31st). What are my chances? Should I contact the POI? Do you know how many students are admitted per year? If you have any information, I will appreciate it! THANKS!
  10. Hello Everyone , I have just applied for MS Electrical Engineering at KAUST for Fall 2016. I have completed B.E Telecommunications from Iqra University , Karachi, Pakistan with a CGPA of 3.3/4 .Having an experience of 3 internships in large scale organisation along with an IEEE conference publication as a co-author. Moreover I have been participating in Model United Nations Conferences here in Karachi as a part of my extra curricular activities . I want to ask that with this profile , do I have chances of getting admission in KAUST . I have not completed my GRE and IELTS so will it effect my application ? . Need your reviews and comments on it. Thankyou and best regards.
  11. Waiting on a few schools for History (PhD) and have seen that people have already been notified by their professors. Any chance I've been accepted but my professor of interest didn't feel like sending me an email? Or am I doomed? I am waiting on UCLA, Cornell, and University of Washington in particular.
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