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  1. Hi, everyone. I have been waitlisted on the MSEI(master in entrepreneurship and innovation)since 19 April, and interviewed twice in March. According to the director, the decision should be out on 1 May. BUT it didn't. What freaks me out is that I‘m an international student who probably won't have enough time to process the bank, visa, and housing issues if be admitted after May, because the program begins at 13 Aug. So should I contact the director again? (I have sent several emails after interview, waitlist, and asked a friend, who withdrew the offer, referring me to the director) and any suggestion on writing this e-mail since I don't wanna act so desperate for an offer(even though this program is my last hope) Thanks!!!!!
  2. Hi there! I have been rejected by pretty much all of the schools I applied to. With a 3.95 GPA (MBA from a reputed school in Asia), LORs from senior academicians (from non USA based unis, though), a 700 GMAT, and decent SOPs (I had them reviewed by my references, too), a 100% rejection rate has caused significant shock (and depression). I was wondering if someone might be willing to take a shot at demystifying the following? 1. What is the most important criterion in a Marketing PhD application? (To me, it looks like research experience) 2. Can someone who has been away from academics (and working in industry in a non-research position) for many years, and has decided to try to get into academia, actually ever have a chance of making it into a top 10 PhD program in the USA? 3. Anyone out there who has in the past battled the depression arising from rejections and rallied for applications all over again next year? What's your secret? :-(
  3. I'm a Thai national who is planning on applying to top PhD programs in Bioengineering to universities like: 1. UCSD 2. MIT BE 3. JHU 4. Stanford 5. Columbia (MS leading to PhD track) My profile is as follows: 1. Undergraduate Institution: Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand) 2. TOEFL Score: 118/120 3. GRE Score: Q164, V160, AWA (not out yet) 4. cGPA: 3.85/4.00 5. FUNDING: ***FULLY FUNDED FROM THE THAI GOVERNMENT TO PURSUE MY PHD STUDIES*** 6. Research Experience: 1. Summer internship as a research assistant at Korea Institute of Science and Technology 2. Conducted undergraduate research project in developing metallic titanium implants from additive manufacturing 3. Undergraduate research project on the development of hollow microneedles for intravitreal drug delivery 7. Publications: NO Publications What are my chances of getting accepted given that I have already received an external source of funding and am applying for the Fall 2018 semester? Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! Since a thread has not been created yet for incoming UGA graduate students this year, I thought it would be great make one now, so we can talk with other incoming students. To introduce myself: I will be attending UGA as an international PhD student in the Department of Plant pathology. Did anyone attend the Accepted Graduate Students Day?
  5. Hello fellow students, I just wanted to inquire if anyone has heard from Memorial University in regards to their Masters in Psychology application for Fall 2017 semester? More so, I was wondering how the acceptances/rejections work and if there is a waitlist? Will I receive an email acceptance/rejection or something in the mail? Just today my Application Status was changed from "Complete - Ready for Review" to "Decision Made" therefore, I emailed the Graduate Studies Office and waiting for reply. Though I still remain hopeful for an acceptance, it is pretty late to receive one. Compared to other programs, is this considered late to hear back? I really appreciate any feedback/opinions/questions/critique/insight/etc.! Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has had any updates on their application status? I submitted my application for the Flex program on 1/19/17. I called yesterday to ask what the notification process is like and a woman in the MSW Dept. told me that they "don't know" and that some years it takes a month and some years it takes three months. She did say that the next step would be to get called for an interview. My Application Status still says "Thank you for applying to Cal State Fullerton. We have received your application. No admission decision has been made at this time" Has anyone (2-year or Flex) heard anything or heard anything different than what she mentioned? Let me know!
  7. Hi, Who all will be joining the University of Rochester in the Fall, 2017? Please comment here. I am joining the Computational Linguistics program at U of R. Hoping to hear from other students!
  8. Anyone else applying to UNC-Chapel Hill or thinking about it? The January application date is creeping up! If you're planning to apply, what attracted you to UNC? Anything you're excited/hopeful about?
  9. I know some folks have received admission decisions in Computer Science, so I think it will be nice for everyone to share their profile, schools applied to, GRE score, TOEFL score(if applicable), accepts, awaiting decision and/or rejects.
  10. Hey! I have been accepted into the 2 year MSW program at the University of Washington. They will not be giving me any scholarship and I am concerned about the finances because I will be paying out of state tuition. I have also been accepted into NYU and they have given me a scholarship. I know UW is a really good fit for me but NYU is a good school too and they are also giving me scholarship. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this? and if other MSW applicants of UW also did not receive scholarship?
  11. Soooo seems kinda quiet around here with the fall 2017 PhD application to Linguistics. Is no one applying this year?? Tell me now so I can apply to Harvard lololol just kiddinggggg. But seriously - anyone submit any applications yet?? How's it going...???
  12. Hi! I do not see any thread dedicated to Dartmouth MEM, Fall 2017. Please comment here in case you've accepted Dartmouth's offer. It would be nice to connect with all heading to the same program this year.
  13. Is there anybody joining UCalgary this Fall?
  14. I've been accepted to Georgetown's English MA and I'm thrilled! No news on funding, though, and I'm not really sure when I should expect to hear back. Has anyone heard about funding yet?
  15. Hi, folks I'm applicant for master's degree in Communication. I narrow down into two universities. One is SDSU the other University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My interest is health communication. SDSU has good faculties for health communication, but here is no funding. They said I'm on wait list for GTA, so they are not sure about the position of Teaching Assistant. San Diego whether is good, but living expense is so expensive I guess. UW-Milwaukee does not have any strong curriculum for health communication. But one or two professors are working on similar field, not exactly heath communication. However, they offer me full funding. Living expense is relatively cheaper than San Diego. SDSU sounds good when it only comes to the field of study. However, financial problem is always driving me crazy.. When it comes to UW-milwaukee, I'm little bit worried about the ranking of that program because I want to continue for Ph.D in top school... I hope. I am planning to continue to study for Ph.D In this situation, I'm a little bit confused which choice would be better for me. Any advice would be great help for me.
  16. Is there anyone else for UManitoba Fall 2017 ? I received an acceptance March 26 for M.arch program
  17. Hey guys. Just wanted to know who else is headed towards Michigan State University this fall? Just thought we`d do a virtual meet n greet session:)
  18. Didn't see one of these yet for this cycle. Anyone else Apply by December 1st? I'm starting to get extra nervous. I have a pretty high GPA but am coming from the Humanities with a background in community organizing/activism. Shooting for clinical, to boot.
  19. Hi, I applied to and got selected for the 1 year MS Bioengineering program at Stanford. Currently I'm weighing it against another MS offer from ETH Zurich (2 years, research based), and a PhD offer from Duke (Computational Bio.) The selling point for Stanford is the university's reputation and the prospect of moving into a job rather than a 5 year PhD commitment. Could anybody share some light about the reputation of the particular program, and how it's viewed in the industry? I'm basically skeptical about landing in a good place with a not-so great program, especially since it's just a 1 year thing. Since its not funded at all, I'd also want to keep that in mind.
  20. Hi everyone! I submitted my application for the Fletcher MALD program by the early notification deadline and heard back from them recently. They've said that they will hold my application and review it relative to the applications they receive by the regular deadline. Can someone tell me what the chances are of being admitted if your application is reviewed a second time? Thanks in advance.
  21. Is anyone applying that can provide some guidance on what the Ford Fellowship app wants for Proposed Plan of Graduate Study and Research?
  22. Anyone applied to purdue phd applied linguistics heard back from them?
  23. I was accepted into a Master's program that starts in the Fall. I need to take 12 hours of pre-requisite undergraduate courses in the first year, and the actual program is 60 hours. Im considering taking at least a few pre-reqs online this summer in order to streamline the process, while working. The only issue is that if I am not in schools this summer I will have time to work more = more money saved. Any thoughts on which option might be best?
  24. Hello, Like many, I am anxiously awaiting the results of my applications. Anyway, I haven't been offered any interviews, and I am not really sure if that is a major problem or not. Three of the schools(including the one I was rejected from) are campuses that I visited and met with some faculty and the DGS etc. pre-application. Schools I applied to are: Kentucky, Clark University, University of Oregon, University of Minnesota If anyone knows whether these these schools offer interviews I would really appreciate it. It might lessen some of the anxiety of waiting.
  25. Wanted to start a Colorado State University- Fort Collins thread. Does anyone know how competitive it is to get into CSU's MSW program? Has anyone been accepted/ rejected?
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