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Found 15 results

  1. tngus777

    Master of Teaching OISE 2019

    Hello, I am waiting for offer of admission from Master of Teaching program at OISE for Fall 2019. Anyone received an update on their application? I applied for J/I Mathematics.
  2. SLPapplicant2019

    NYC SLP Grad Applicants Fall 2019

    Hey Everyone, I don't think there is a topic like this yet. I'm from New York and only applied to SLP grad programs in the NY are (LIU Post and Brooklyn, Adelphi, Hofstra, Iona, St. Johns, and Molloy). Did everyone send out their applications yet? When anyone hears back from a school or gets an interview let us know!
  3. Can someone please help in providing me the questions that are asked on the interview and also their answers in key points? It would be a great help!
  4. Anxiously Hopeful

    In a state of flux

    Hello everyone! The previous week I got accepted to the master's program at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Florida in Biomedical Engineering. I love Case Western as it has been a pioneer in BME research for a long time, however, it is a private university and does not offer any financial aid to incoming masters students. The University of Florida, on the other hand, is a public university and I got a 4500 USD scholarship. I would have chosen Case Western over the University of Florida had it been more economical for me, but I am not sure whether I am thinking about this the right way. Is it worth it to let go of Case Western??
  5. ElleCo

    No invite, no news

    I have a weird situation. This is my second round of applying to the same university for a PhD program. The first go around, I was waitlisted and invited out, but committed to another school. Now I’m reapplying and it’s radio silence. This week last year was when I found out about the invite, and I’m positive they are already having their invite this month. Do you all think I got rejected this go around? The wait is killing me.
  6. Anxiously Hopeful

    Not getting the interview invite.....

    Hey, I applied for a Ph.D. at Michigan State University and masters at other universities like Johns Hopkins, Arizona State, Purdue, University of Florida, and the University of Pittsburgh in the area of Biomedical Engineering but I haven't heard back yet. The wait and the anxiety accompanying it is killing me. Is it all over? Anyone in the same boat as me? ?
  7. Anxiously Hopeful

    Masters 2019 applicants

    Hello!! I felt a need for this thread since most of the others concentrated mainly on PhDs. So, for all the master's applicants who are waiting for the results or have got the acceptance letters, share the details about your application. Here goes mine: Program: Biomedical Engineering (Neural Engineering Specialization) Universities applied to: 1)Purdue 2)Johns Hopkins 3) Case Western Reserve 4)University of Pittsburgh 5)University of Florida 6)Arizona State University GRE: 323 TOEFL: 113 Publications: 2 international conference publications( one oral and the other poster) in IEEE and SPIE journals. CGPA: 9.3/10 Main concern: None of my publications is in the area in which I would like to specialize in. I hope I hear from some university soon. The wait is so nerve-wracking.
  8. I’m in the process of applying to three MPH programs: Emory, Georgia southern and university of Arizona for heath behaviors. I just took the GRE for the second time and I got a 151 V and 141 Q ? (quant this time around was the same as last). However my GPA was a 3.5 and I have some work experience. How bad will this horrible quant score affect me?? Or should I try for a third go around?
  9. suhlast

    WashU MSW Fall 2019

    Hi all! I submitted my application for WashU on Nov 1. Since then the status has been "application under review" until today it turned to "decision rendered." However, I can't see anywhere what that decision is! Any ideas?!
  10. Sus1145

    Profile evaluation

    Hi all, I'm planing to apply for PhD. in statistics for Fall 2019. I need a few suggestions regarding the schools I'm applying. Undergraduate: non US university GPA 3.26/4.00 (Major:Statistics with research experience) Graduate: currently doing a Master of Applied Statistics, GPA 4.00/4.00 GRE 307(160-Q and 147-V) I haven't taken TOEFL since most of the schools waived the TOEFL requirement if you have a degree from US university. Recommendation: from 3 professors who I know well . I'm planing to apply for some universities ranking from 20-50 (US news ranking). Do you think is it reasonable to apply to theses ranked universities or should I lower my expectation? Thank you
  11. I'm a GSU student and already got a MS in computer science. I want to apply 2019 Fall CS phd program. My GPA is 3.65/4, GRE is V152, Q168, AW(still waiting the score). No publications, no job experience, but I have some related research experience and TA experience. So what ranking range of CS phd program I could apply? Top 50 to top 90?
  12. Hello, this is my first time applying for grad school. I need all the advice I can get. I’m looking for a PHD in PSYC preferably neuro, cognitive or behavioral. Could anyone give me tips on how to prepare my statement of purpose and application process? Right now, I’m looking at a couple of grad school, All APA accredited. · Ohio state · University of Miami · University of Florida · University of Maryland · Colorado State
  13. Hello Everyone, Present I am currently working as a Full Stack developer for a technology company. I have had hands on experience with recent .Net(MVC, WebAPI) and front end frameworks(AngularJS/Angular2/4/5). I started working with a startup right after my under-grad and have been with them for 3.5 years now. I got promoted from Software Engineer to Sr. Software Engineer and currently lead a team of 15 people on several projects. Simultaneously, I work for an international client (Director of Technology) on building their complex internal use software, for which I have designed the architecture, take requirements(Agile), develop and deploy its releases. I have a stack overflow reputation of ~4K. I am in top 5% users in AngularJs and top 20% in c# and always #SOreadytohelp. Past I graduated from Manipal University, Karantaka after completing my BE in computer science. I have had a tough time in my college as I could manage a mere 5.73/10 cgpa with over 15 backlogs. I self taught myself different languages(c#, javascript, python, PHP, etc..) and worked on small and enterprise projects when i entered the real world. Future Now, I believe I have gained enough knowledge that I could have from my current role and wish to explore further on my potential by doing masters in either MIS/DataScience/ML/AI. Another reason is that I really wish to taste proper education by studying in a good school. GRE/TOEFL I would be giving the standardized tests by end of August and very certain to score 320-323 in GRE and 105-107 in TOEFL (got this data by analyzing mock tests I have given). LOR I can manage 4 recommendations 1 from either my java or maths professor in college. 1 from my ex-manager who recently quit. 1 from the CEO of my current company with whom I have worked on php projects. 1 from the client based in USA for whom I have worked closely in developing internal software. SOP I believe that I can write a convincing statement about my potential to work for the program, defend my low grades and other relevant things. Funding I have gathered some to self-fund my tuition fees and rest would be a bank loan depending on the tuition cost (15K-25K per annum) Need clarification on the below queries : What if I could not manage a LOR from any of my professors since its been 4 years now, would a professor LOR really be required? How do I go about shortlisting universities(Ambi, Mod, Safe) which are not GPA centric yet can offer competitive computer science programs? Which universities of Canada can offer similar programs with my profile? What are my chances of scholarship in these universities? Are my chances better if i apply early to these programs?
  14. Hello grad cafè hive mind! I’m an opera singer about to complete my MM in vocal performance. Being back in school he made me remember how much I love music history, and I want to pursue a career as a professor of music history/musicologist. I applied to pretty much just reach schools for Fall 2018 and was rejected from all, offered a Masters program at 2, which I could not finding for that year. While I’ve already learned much from the experience, I’d like to reach out and see if anyone else has had a similar background. How do I spin my performance experience into a strength? What programs would be most likely to accept a performance based musician into their program? Thank you in advance for your insight!
  15. Undergrad Institution: Sri venkateswara College, University of Delhi Major(s): Mathematics Percentage-73.64 Masters Institution: Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) Major(s): Industrial Mathematics & Informatics Percentage-70.5 Type of Student: Indian GRE General Test: Q: 169 V: 156 W: 4.0 GRE Subject Test Mathematics 900 Research Experience: 1. Oct 2012-Dec 2012: Department of Mathematics, Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi:To find the shortest route among all the colleges of University of Delhi using Floyd Warshall Algorithm 2. Aug 2015-Nov 2015: Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee: To solve the ODEs and PDEs using Differential Quadrature Method. 3.Dec 2015- May 2016: Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee:To use Radial Basis Differential Quadrature Method for solving different engineering and scientific problems. Math Courses: Got A and B Grade in all subjects related to Differential Equations and Finite element method Work Experience: May 2016-Mar 2017: The Princeton Review, Noida, India Role- Quant Faculty Responsibilities- 1. Taking quant classes for SAT, GRE and GMAT. 2. Develop material for all international tests · Mar 2017-till date : The Princeton Review, Noida, India Role- Area Manager Responsibilities- 1. Target Achievement (Sales) a) Execute target achievement plan for all products b. Tracking all leads & maximizing conversion percentages by team management c) Support sales team with closures 2. Customer Satisfaction a) Ensure achievement by providing quality delivery b. Ensure all customers’ complaints are closed c) Manage daily operation all activities d) Ensure inventory management 3. Centre & Team Management a) Support Regional Manager in ensuring talent retention b. Work closely with regional operations and BD team c) Facility management and centre administration for smooth business continuity Letters of Recommendation: A letter from Assistant professor from IIT Roorkee under whom I did my M.Sc thesis. This could be strong. A letter from Assistant professor who taught me Finite element methods and Numerical Analysis. A letter from my current boss from The Princeton Review Programs Applying: I would like to apply to the programs related to Numerical Analysis and Finite Element Methods, It would be good if I can continue y M.Sc Research topic again i.e. Differential Quadrature Method Which Universities in US can give me admits with this profile?

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