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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I started this topic for Stanford Design Impact program. I submitted my application before Dec 1, but still haven't heard anything yet, I saw someone got an interview already.
  2. Anxious as in where my profile stands for Med School PhD. UG - B.Tech Biotech at SASTRA University, India (7.2/10) PG - MS Biological Sciences at University of Massachusetts Lowell (3.6/4) Work experience - 16 months at BIDMC/Harvard, post PG (Research) Research experience - 8 months MS Thesis at UMass Amherst, 8 months UG Thesis at SASTRA, 16 months post graduation research at BIDMC/Harvard Publication - 1st author article (BIDMC/Harvard) 2 more in progress, 3rd author book chapter (UMass) Presentation - 1 International conference (Won best poster) LORs - Chair professor of Medicine at Harvard, Chair professor at UMass Lowell, Professor at UMass Amherst Target - BBS Harvard, CMM Johns Hopkins, BBSP UNC, IGP Vanderbilt, PiBS Boston Univ GRE, TOEFL waived. 1. Would like to know how competitive my profile looks for each of these univs. 2. When can I expect a call for interview / reject decision from these univs? 3. Would like to connect with fellow applicants in the aforementioned programs. TIA!!
  3. Hey! Has anyone received interview invites for the Master's in Engineering Management program at Dartmouth?
  4. Hi everyone! Loyola announced they will be sending out decisions soon and I am trying to compare it to other schools I got into. I don't know much about the program besides stuff from their website. Anyone know current students who like/dislike it? Pros/cons? Any info helps. ☺️
  5. I haven't heard back from this programme but when I emailed I got this response: Unfortunately, we had one of the largest applicant pools on record, and you weren’t selected for our first round of interviews. While many applicants have already been rejected, the Admissions Committee decided to keep your application on file and it falls into group that would be revisited depending on the responses and timing of the first offers. However, any further consideration would not happen until late March. Sorry for the news, and please do let us know if you want us to keep your application under consideration. I was wondering how this works and what the timeline for this is considering I haven't been interviewed? Do they send out more interview invites in late March? Will I realistically get into the programme or am I better off placing my bets elsewhere? Thank you!
  6. I just noticed that there is no thread for CEE this year. So I created this one.
  7. Starting this thread for a friend who's applying to MSBA programs and anxiously waiting. We'd love to hear any updates anyone have on their applications!
  8. After a discussion over email, a professor encouraged me to apply and I've submitted the application by the priority deadline (15th Dec) at the UC Merced, EECS PhD program. After application submission, he interviewed me on the 2nd week of January 2021. At the end of the interview, he was positive to accept me in his lab and told me the offer will be sent by February 2nd week. However, still, I didn't receive any decision and the professor not replying my emails. What should I do in this situation? Should I approach another professor? Any suggestion?
  9. After a discussion over email, a professor encouraged me to apply and I've submitted the application by the priority deadline (15th Dec). After application submission, he interviewed me on the 2nd week of January 2021. At the end of the interview, he was positive to accept me in his lab and told me the offer will be sent by February 2nd week. However, still, I didn't receive any decision and the professor not replying my emails. What should I do in this situation? Should I approach another professor? Any suggestion?
  10. Hello, Thank you for your time. I am confused between selecting one of the above university. Can you please advice which university will be the best? (It would be great if you could write the pros and cons of unis.) I will be looking for job opportunities after completing my masters. According to csrankings, NJIT is at 68 and Santa Clara is at 138. Should I rely on the rankings provided by the popular sites and csranking? Thank you again.
  11. The website says decisions will be published late february, however a lot of people have already been accepted on the 4th. So if you were not called for an interviews you have no chances basically?
  12. Hi everyone, I got waitlisted at my first-choice program at LSU and I am struggling with coping. To give more context, I believe I am #2 on the waitlist, so I would get an offer if the other applicant declined, or if the POI receives additional funding for a second student. They applied for a grant in the fall and are waiting to hear back from them. I feel as if I have a better chance of waiting until April 15th for the POI to get funding because I highly doubt anyone would decline an offer from this program and POI - it's unimaginable for me. What might be some reasons for applicants to reject an acceptance offer? I've read a lot of posts about people's experiences with waitlists but I am still feeling a bit defeated. When I read other people's success stories, I am happy for them but I also know that each program and application year is different, especially this year with COVID and how that may severely impact this POI's chances of getting funding for a second student. I hate that being waitlisted places you in a state of purgatory because I want to do anything in my power to increase my chances of getting an offer. I've thought of a few ideas like reaching out to fellow applicants and asking them kindly what their intentions are with their offer, but I realize this is a terrible idea. Another idea I had was emailing the DCT and asking them what their experience has been like with waitlisted applicants or how long it typically takes for a professor to receive funding after they applied for a grant in the fall. I guess my question is: Is there absolutely nothing I can do to ease my nerves about this? With 2 months left until April 15th, that is a long wait and this program is truly my dream. It's actually been affecting me so badly that I haven't been able to be excited about other programs that I've gotten interviews and an acceptance offer from. I hope I do not sound like I am whining, complaining, or ungrateful. I am more than appreciative to be in the position I am in, but the amount of weight I placed on this program is coming to bite me. This past week I have ruminated a lot and have lost sleep on this, and that should tell you how badly I wanted to be offered an acceptance letter. What are your experiences like if you have had a similar experience with mine?
  13. Hello all! I'm applying for applied maths PhD in theoretical machine learning and computational mathematics. I am looking for advice as to what schools I should apply. Undergrad Institution: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar, India Major: B.Tech Mechanical engineering Minors: Mathematics GPA: 8.3/10 (3.4/4 approx) Type of Student: Male GRE General Test & Subject Test in Mathematics: n/a (due to COVID) Programs Applying: Applied maths PhD Research Experience: - Paper in machine learning related area (designed a CNN to solve some agriculture related problem) - Doing capstone project (1 year long compulsory project) in application of deep learning in mechanical problem Letters of Recommendation: I'm expecting three strong letters from professors with whom I have done research and taken courses under. Coding Skills: Python, Tensorflow, MATLAB (basic) Relevant Courses + Grades: Undergraduate level - Multivariable calculus (B), Linear Algebra (B-), Differential Eqjuations (A-), Probability and statistics(A-) Graduate level - Topology(A-), Functional Analysis(B-), Complex analysis(B-), Discrete mathematics (taking this semester), Applied linear algebra and matrix analysis(taking this semester), Algebra(taking this semester) Other Relevant Courses: Deep learning for physical systems(taking this semester) Additional comments/concerns: I think my biggest weakness is my math background and I am doubtful about my grades in mathematics being sufficiently good enough. I know I am late in applying but I hope there are still some programs where I can apply. Currently, I am thinking of UChicago(top choice), Northeastern, NCSU. Rest all deadlines have passed as far as I know. I'd really appreciate any feedback on my schools (if there are others I should be looking at please let me know!). Thanks so much for your help! Please help me urgently since I am already quite late.
  14. Dear all, I am an international applicant (from India) to the PhD program in Statistics/Biostatistics for Fall 2021 session. A little background about me: I completed my undergraduate in 2015, majoring in statistics with minor in mathematics and economics and my masters in statistics in 2017, both with US equivalent GPA of 4.0. Both my undergrad and masters universities are quite reputed (not ISI) and I believe I have decent mathematical preparation. After that, till now I have been working as a biostatistician at a pharmaceutical company. Along with my job, I have been involved in some academic research projects(not full time though). One of my research project is a collaboration work with professors from Yale biostatistics, Boston University statistics and Tel Aviv University statistics. Now I was asked by the professor at Yale to apply to the PhD program at Yale and I received recommendation letters from all other research collaborators and one of my master's professor. Yes, I am of course most interested in the Yale program because the work that I am doing is new and can be extended further into my doctoral research (perhaps) Although I have been involved in several research projects and presented talks or posters at international conferences about these projects, I have not been to get any publication as of yet (on the verge of submitting one and organizing for another submission currently). However, my GRE score is a bit on the low side 151V/163Q/4.5AWA and due to the pandemic, I could not retake the test. So, I was wondering how important GRE scores are for PhD applications? Now I know that the professor from Yale is not in the admissions committee, though I received an LOR from the same professor. Will my scores lead to automatic rejection? Particularly since the Ivy leagues are very selective in all respect. Thanks in advance for your replies
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