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Found 2 results

  1. I decided to start this thread as I am beginning the process of applying to (mostly) Sociology PhD programs for Fall 2023!
  2. Undergrad Institution : Top 5 public university (US News) Major(s): Statistics, Mathematics, minor in Physics GPA: 4.0, haven't graduated yet Type of Student: Hispanic male, domestic Programs Applying: Statistics PhD, Fall 2023 admission Courses taken: Calculus I-III, Differential questions, Modern Physics, Mechanics I, Data Structures and Algorithms, Electromagnetism I, Regression Analysis, Intro to Probability Theory, Sets and logic, Discrete math, 3 linear algebra courses (computational, proof-based, data science applications), Design of Experiments/ANOVA, Statistical Theory / Mathematical Statistics Currently taking and plan to take: Time series analysis, a second probability course (stochastic processes, probability spaces), Abstract Algebra, Categorical Data analysis, Real Analysis I-II, Nonparametric statistics, Statistical computing, Statistical learning, Complex variables GRE General Test: Haven't taken yet Research Experience: Worked with a radiation oncology professor in a project involving proton therapy, mostly did literature review until I realized it wasn't my thing and left. Currently doing applied time series analysis with a statistics professor. I am the primary author for a current paper and it could be published. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for a research course, mentor for an undergraduate research program, tutoring chair for a Physics society chapter Awards: Dean's list / Presidential honor roll some semesters, a merit scholarship Letters of Recommendation (prospective): Two from statistics professors. One is my research mentor and the other is one who I believe can write me a strong letter. Third will probably be from a mathematics professor. Miscellaneous skills & points: Haven't taken any graduate courses yet and don't plan on it, but that could change. I have a few years of programming experience and have a few projects listed on my resume in various languages, including GUIs, implementations of B-spline and Bezier curve interpolation and visualization, and large-scale machine learning and AI. I switched into the math major sort of late so I won't be taking much after Real Analysis since I'm doing it my senior year. Schools applying to: This is where I'm the most lost as I'm not sure where I should be applying to. A preliminary list is UW Florida State U of Michigan CMU Penn State Ohio State Too early to say what I'm interested in exactly but I think that any school with a presence of Bayesian statisticians would be nice. My process for picking schools was looking loosely at USNews rankings, seeing if they had professors doing stuff I have marginal interests in, and weighing in whether I would want to live in the area. I also started looking at what alumni are up to, but to be frank I have no idea what I'm doing. Overall I'm looking for advice and or recommendations for schools to apply to. If there is anything missing in my profile that I should try to address before I graduate. Thanks in advance.
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