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  1. Dear All, I applied PhD programs in Economics however, I will probably not get accepted due to lack of research experience. So I would like to start preparing for next year, any suggestion where to find pre doctoral fellowships? Thank you D.
  2. Hi everyone, I applied for the Davis Fellowship to study French at the summer intensive language program at the Middlebury Institute in Monterey. The application just closed a few days ago so I was just wondering if anyone else applied for it as well! 🤗
  3. Has anyone heard back from the American Academy in Rome (AAR) about acceptance/ rejection decisions re: the 2020 Rome Prize? The interviews for the "Humanities" applicants were supposed to be on February 24 but I never heard anything. Probably bad news... Any insight would be appreciated. Even timelines from last year? Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I was thinking of applying to the Frédéric Bastiat Fellowship offered by the mercatus centre of George Mason University. Does anyone have an idea about this fellowship? I checked online but there was limited info available regarding this.Except their official page and 1-2 interviews of former students there's barely anything.I'd like to know your opinion about the fellowship and the acceptance rate if you have an idea!! i would appreciate anything on this thank you all!!
  5. Hi all- I have been following this forum for a long time so very excited to post! I am 25, originally from NYC/NJ, currently living in San Diego, CA working in biopharmaceutical advertising. I did AmeriCorps right after I graduated from college and served as a high school English teacher in the South Bronx. I also worked all throughout high school and college as a camp counselor. I am so excited to be (hopefully) returning to the field of social justice. I hope to concentrate in Children and Families with a Clinical pathway (based on what the programs I apply to are offering). I ap
  6. I was wondering if anyone that has been accepted to the English PhD program at Texas A&M received any information on fellowships nominations? I received an offer with stipend and all on Feb 4th, but I’ve received better offers and now I’m just waiting to see if they will offer a fellowship or not. This is a top choice for me because of location and faculty , but the stipend is half compared to another more prestigious offer I’ve received.
  7. Hi All, I'm pretty bad at navigating this site so forgive me if this thread already exists for 2018 but I've been looking at a 2015 edition of this thread and it seemed really helpful so I figured I'd start one for this year. I'm currently trying to decide between: Rutgers: Interdisciplinary. 2 years. full ride. possibility of GA positions worth 7k a semester. #20 in US News Rankings (don't know how they do these but...) University of Florida: Arts + Technology. 3 years. full ride. 22k/year teaching fellowship (20 hrs/wk). #82 in US News. USC: New Genres. 2 years. Wai
  8. E-P

    Ross Fellowship

    One of my schools has offered me a Ross fellowship. The main "rules" seem to be that: - You don't teach the first year, but you teach subsequent years (cool by me) - You have to take at least 9 hours of classes during the long semesters, and 6 hours of classes in the summer. If you don't take classes in the summer, you don't get paid for the summer months (fair). Of course, I'm full of questions: Is there any tension/drama between people who have TAships, versus fellowships? Am I opening myself up to be, I dunno, ostracized? Is it something that looks good
  9. Hey guys and gals, I've recently been accepted for a Masters in Columbia University, but due to personal issues I wasn't able to find the additional time to apply to their internal fellowships and funding. Now that everything is right again in life and I have some time to take a breather, I realize it's already past most fellowship deadlines. Under the eventuality that nothing is available at all, I'd be able to pool basically every cent of my savings and make it work with student loans, but I'd rather not have that much debt if I can help it. Wondering if any of you know of any that
  10. I have received what I am pretty sure is an internal fellowship for my first year with no required work. I think I can TA if I want but I wouldn't have to and the fellowship is big enough for me to live on. In the remaining years I will work as a TA or RA with relative funding security. I would assume that 3 years of TAing would be enough for the academic job market and not working would be less stressful and give me the flexibility to work on research. It also includes a scholarship with I think I receive in addition to a waiver for years 2-4. It's my best financial offer so far and
  11. So this post is predicated on me getting things that aren't set in stone yet, so its more of a hypothetical at this point. I want to go to a Geography Ph.D. program, but one where I can also focus on Gender Studies. There is one program that is a dual Ph.D. in Geography and Women's and Gender Studies, which I haven't heard back yet, but I feel really good about it. However, I definitively got accepted to another program which is less prestigious and they also nominated me for a university-wide fellowship and their department is raising their GA stipends. The second program, I would
  12. Hey everyone! I've been thinking about applying to the 2018 batch of this fellowship. I'm a first year PhD student at a state university (Ohio State University), but I have an MS degree from the University of Chicago and have gone for internships at UW-Madison and ETH-Zurich. My GPA is around 3.5. On the one hand I feel like applying, but on the other hand I feel like I don't stand a chance (it seems like most recipients are enrolled in higher-tier institutions). I know no one can tell me whether I would be awarded or not, but I was wondering if you could shed some light on what you hones
  13. NRC Research Associateship Programs The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine offers postdoctoral and senior research awards on behalf of 23 U.S. federal research agencies and affiliated institutions with facilities at over 100 locations throughout the U.S. and abroad. We are actively seeking highly qualified candidates including recent doctoral recipients and senior researchers. Applications are accepted during 4 annual review cycles (with deadlines of February 1, May 1, August 1, November 1). Awardees have the opportunity to: · conduct independe
  14. Hi guys... In American universities, does sending an application makes me considered for fellowships automatically, or does one have to submit additional material or requests to be considered for fellowships?
  15. Can anyone clarify or explain to me how NSF fellowships work in conjuction with receiving department funding? I've been interested in applying for a NSF fellowship but I'm not sure when I should be doing so. This would really help me a alot and hopefully others!
  16. Hi! I'm curious if anyone in a clinical program has applied for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, especially with the recent changes. This is the relevent info from their application materials: Individuals are not eligible to apply if they will be enrolled in an area of graduate study focused on clinical practice, for example, counseling, social work, as well as patient-oriented research, epidemiological and medical behavioral studies, outcomes research and health services research. Ineligible clinical studies include investigations to provide evidence leading to a scientific
  17. Hi all, I wanted to know if there are any scholarships available for someone on the following masters program: Masters of Science, Forensic and Biological Anthropology Track. I found a few, but would like to expand my options. Thank you and good luck to you all!!!
  18. Probably quite clear from the title: Where should I be looking for additional fellowships for funding to attend graduate school in the United States as an international student? I've already been accepted, and I have been awarded some stipends by the school. However, if I can, I would like to be able to apply for a few others in order to better my quality of life as a student who cannot work outside of the institution.
  19. Does anyone know anything about the selection process for university-wide fellowships, or has anyone been selected for one and had some light shed on how they were chosen? I read a paper on the use of the GRE in this process (found here) and I'm mostly interested in this quotation: "To tell the truth, it is basically a GRE competition." (Referring to the final selection of fellows by a grad school committee.) How true is this in general? I know selection will vary from school to school (the study above was only conducted across 9 schools), but I wonder if the GRE plays more of a role in t
  20. Hi. I have an invisible disability that involves a chronic health condition and a language processing disability. This recent fall, I started my graduate program at a new university. The university is an R1type university in Canada. Moving to a new place meant I had to adjust to a new health care system and wait in line for a new specialist, which I have yet to see till today. The wait line at student health services was also very long (7 weeks for a new appointment). Long story short, I have been struggling terribly. The stress of a new program and such has also left me sick most of the
  21. I applied to a doctoral program in Louisiana. I love it to death, and gladly would go except the funding is very low. Especially coming from Texas, the funding for students here is over 2x the amount. I have talked to students in grad school in LA but I really don't want to accrue a large amount of federal loans. Does anyone have any ideas of the funding options in the state?
  22. I recently got my acceptance into my first program Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey! They have great funding for Peace Corps and other service organization vets. I have no such background, just non-profit work. They offered me $5,000 per semester or $20,000 total for all four semesters. Is that typical at MIIS? Has anyone had success asking for more in the past?
  23. I am applying to a few MA programs in education (educational technology, to be exact), and a few of the applications require short answers (1500 characters max). For example, in the scholarship portion of the Columbia app, it asks: Have you worked or volunteered in your anticipated program of study? If yes, please provide the details (e.g. teaching, event support, other jobs). If there are other pertinent aspects of your previous academic work and/or work you plan on doing in the future that you would like to share, please feel free to add this information. Are the answers to
  24. One of my application asks, "Have you applied for or been awarded a government, foundation, or private fellowship?," following the standard "Please list any honors you have received (such as Dean’s list, placement in national competitions, etc.)." What do you guys think?: Does the fellowships question pertain to previous fellowships awarded and completed, or those obtained for future graduate studies, to which you're now applying? I ask because as an undergraduate, I was awarded a fellowship toward my thesis research, but I'd previously been listing that under the "please list any honors"
  25. Dear all, I am posting this because I am starting to understand that even if I do get into a Ph.D. program, their funding and stipend might not guarantee that I will live "comfortably" (as in can survive without too many sacrifices). From some of your posts, I also understand that funding varies and since my "GPA" and GREs are not the most competitive, I might not receive something that survivable (provided I am offered admission somewhere -- if the mighty gods of the adcomm hear me and think I lack modesty and prudence). Parallel to my googling this stuff, I thought I could try and ask f
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