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  1. It's a little early in the game, but I thought I'd start a thread for those of us applying to programs in cinema, film, and media studies later this year. Personally, I'm just about to complete my master's here in the UK—but I'm still narrowing down which US PhD programs I'd most like to apply to. What programs are you most interested in?
  2. Hi. I know someone already made a thread for 2022 film and media studies applicants, but it was created a while ago and it doesn't look like it is receiving much attention, so I thought I would make a new thread. To which schools are you applying? How do you feel about your application thus far? What are your research interests? I am not applying to very many schools because I am struggling to find programs that fit my interests. I am very nervous about my few applications.
  3. Hi all! I searched the forum and I could not find a topic specific to Film & Media Studies and/or Cinema Studies. I named the thread with both titles for the sake of keyword search. As you all know programs adopt different names. Please use this space to discuss applications, decision anxiety, research and whatever else you see fit! I applied to these programs: UC Berkeley Yale NYU University of Washington, Seattle USC University of California, Santa Barbara I've only heard back from UCSB and unfortunately I was rejected. I'm holding out hope for the others. It only takes one school! What schools have you applied to?
  4. Hi all! I am in my last year of my undergraduate and am majoring in Film and Screen Studies (minoring in Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies and Urban Studies). Right now I am feeling pretty lost in searching for a masters program. I was interested in Columbia at first but have read that a lot of classes are undergrad and it is not very contemporary. I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences they have had in a similar program/if anyone has recommendations. A lot of film programs are MFA and production based whereas I am more interested in the studies/theory aspect of it. I had initially wanted to stay in the same location (NYC) but it seems that the only two options are Columbia and NYU (which both known for their lack of funding). I am open to anything and would love to hear your experiences!
  5. Hi all! I am in my last year of my undergraduate and am majoring in Film and Screen Studies (minoring in Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies and Urban Studies). Right now I am feeling pretty lost in searching for a masters program. I was interested in Columbia at first but have read that a lot of classes are undergrad and it is not very contemporary. I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences they have had in a similar program/if anyone has recommendations. A lot of film programs are MFA and production based whereas I am more interested in the studies/theory aspect of it. I had initially wanted to stay in the same location (NYC) but it seems that the only two options are Columbia and NYU (which both known for their lack of funding). I am open to anything and would love to hear your experiences!
  6. Hi there!Does anyone know how competitive this program is? And how is the Ph.D. placement of this program?
  7. Hello everyone, Seeking advice, opinion and guidance upon my recent decision to pursue my PhD. I have a Masters in Theatre and Literature and built (and ran) a theatre department within a classical music school for many years. I have also lectured in poetry and film and ran art exhibitions for local artists. Because of these varied immersions, it is my true desire to seek a PhD that has intertextuality as its point and purpose. I won't go into the details of the core of my intent but I am wondering if anyone can provide advice on the feasibility of approaching a specific area of theatre by intrinsically connectingand comparing it to film, art and literature. All general advice I have gleaned and deciphered seems to purport the narrower the scope the better ... am I mental to desire breadth and random alignments?
  8. Wanted to start a thread for anyone who applied to an interdisciplinary or "combined" African American studies & Film/Media/Cinema studies program ...or are looking to minor in African American studies/incorporate African American history and culture into a Film/Media/Cinema studies PhD program.
  9. Hi. I currently manage an animated series production in a company in Pakistan. I want a better grounding in film and production aspects. I want to go to a grad school ASAP (deadlines are close) but I am having a hard time finding scholarships and funding for international students in art/film schools. Can anyone help? Any country is good though I prefer the US. I am interested in RIT, Pratt, SCAD, and Chicago NY. If you could mention schools with January deadlines, I would prefer that.
  10. Hello, My question is for anyone who has been accepted to media related PhD programs. I'm looking to apply for Communications/media studies programs and wanted to know for those who have been accepted to these programs what type of background did you have: - what was your GRE score? - past college GPA's - did you have any publication experience? - did you have and related work experience in the field of communications/media studies/film? - what school were you accepted to and what did they offer full funding?
  11. I'm trying to gauge the competitiveness of admissions for MFA film programs. It seems like a lot of the place I've researched accept very few students each year, and almost every program requires a portfolio with the application. I didn't study film production for undergrad (I did art history and film history/theory), so I worry it's a disadvantage to be starting from scratch trying to cobble together some videos for the portfolio in time. I'm applying to 18 schools, but I'm not sure I can make the cut anywhere with so little practical experience in film production. Does anyone have any advice or insight for a person applying to MFA programs from different academic backgrounds?
  12. Howwwdy folks! I'm 33 with a lot of Army years behind me and in my senior year. Kind of a late start but I've found I really enjoy this college thing and have recently decided on doing the graduate program thing, currently rushing to get some applications in and figure this all out. Luckily I should have enough GI Bill left to pay for a Master's so cost isn't an issue. So, any of you philosophers have recommendations for aesthetics programs with a film focus? I've attached a resource from the American Society for Aesthetics that's been helpful but I really wanted to get some feedback on what I can expect, and I really have no clue how this grad school thing works as I've so recently decided to try it while rushing through my BA. My creds Degree: I'm graduating in English teaching (my fallback career) from the University of Utah. GPA: On track for a 3.98 GPA (one A- in history that sunuvabitch). Letters: I expect two very solid letters and one ok letter. The fourth would be generic. Research/Experience: I just started a research assistant gig with the theater department. It's all I could find in my rush, but my mentor is a mucho legit Harvard educated department lead and the products range from an Oxford encyclopedia entry to a comprehensive biography. I have 5 years of on and off film-production experience including two of my own short films. I took one philosophy QR course and three film courses; one 5000 level, one honors production 3000 level documentary thing, and one intro theory class. I have some rudimentary knowledge of philosophy as a lifetime Marcus Aurelius and Plato fan who casually reads other authors on occasion. GRE: I expect my GRE score to be 162V 159Q and 5W or so judging by my practice tests and having people read over my essasys. ----------------------------- Whattya think? Can I expect to get in anywhere? I'm not too picky on where I go but I'd like to at least have a decent mentor or program behind me. What are the top programs? Other specialties I should consider? I like classics so ancient philosophy would be a definite "yes" alternative for one. I'm also applying to a few film schools for kicks. Any Ph.D. programs that an English major has a chance to get into? How do you feel about UK universities? THANK YOU! graduateguide.pdf
  13. So I'm currently applying for an MFA in film production at UCLA and in the guidelines they don't indicate anything about a personal history statement, however in the application form it seems that we are required to fill it. There are no specific guidelines given and I'm very confused as to how to approach it. I feel like it will sound like my statement of purpose...
  14. This may be a long shot, but is anyone in here in a program focusing on film music composition, theory, and/or production? What are the courses like and what are you hoping to do with the degree? How did you get started on a portfolio/what material did you submit upon entrance to a program like this?
  15. Hi I'm an international student and I recently got into a master's program for NYU and WUSTL. I know at a first glance NYU seems much more superior, but I have a few issues that bugs me. One is obviously the money. WUSTL offered a full tuition remission for one year ( not sure about my 2nd year, they didn't say anything in the letter about extending the offer to my second year) NYU offered about 20k off from tuition for one year. They did say this offer is contingent in my second year, so I need to hold a good academic standing in my first year. It's also obvious that NYC is notorious for expensive rents and other fees. I know NYU is one of the top universities in relation to film, and NYC itself is full of resources and opportunities for film-related work, but the money is a bit of a worry for me. Also, although I've lived my life in a big city for +15 years, I don't think I'm such a city person based on past experiences, so I'm worried whether I'll be able to get used to the environment. I really don't need the extra stress. All this seems to aim at going to WUSTL, but my other problem is that I haven't really decided for certain whether I want to get into PhD after my master's for now, since I ultimately aim to work as a film programmer rather than teaching academically. If I was certain about getting into PhD, I probably would choose go to WUSTL, since I have another chance of applying for PhDs in the future. But since I may just finish my studies with a Master's degree, it just increases my uncertainty about going to WUSTL Master's Program. I did also get into UCLA and UT Austin Master's as well, but they didn't offer any funding or tuition remission, so I'm only considering NYU and WUSTL right now. I've been stressing over this for days, but I just can't make up my mind. Any advice would be really helpful.
  16. Hi, I've applied for Emerson Film and Media Art MFA program and hasn't gotten any updates. I checked the portal too but still nothing.. Did anyone get any updates? I don't even know when they're gonna make the decision approximately.
  17. Thought I'd start a thread somewhat akin to last year's, since I can't find one I'm a 2017 graduate with a BA in Asian Studies (maj) and film (min) looking at phd/masters programs in film studies with a focus on east Asia, specifically Japan. As of now, I've contacted Harvard (through EALC, not film and media) Yale, and Chicago, which appear to be the ONLY schools with programs in my area of interest I'm a bit freaked out by the admission stats, for all three, though. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on other programs worth looking at?
  18. So all of the forums and columns I have found has been on what it is like to go back to school for law, med, or a social science none of them have focused on art. Anyone have any perspective on attending the same department of graduate program after working in the same field of study for a lengthy period of time?
  19. Thought I'd start a thread as nothing popped up in my search! I come from the UK with a BA in art history and MA that specialised in film studies (though my degree is officially 'history of art', hoping it won't be held against me!) and so far I'm interested in: -Film and Visual Studies at Harvard -MCM at Brown -History, Theory and Crit at MIT (in the arch department, but they accept art historians there's a guy who specialises in my intended topic) I don't have a large choice of locations, as I'm staying on the East Coast to be near my partner who can't move. Also feeling pretty bummed that the course most aligned with my interests is Harvard's, which seems impossible to get into!
  20. Hi, all. This is my first post here, but this forum has been greatly helpful to me in my grad school search so thank you so much! But I digress... I'm a recent graduate with a BA in English Literature from a small but respectable private university in Indiana, and I'm taking a gap year now before applying to PhD programs. My interests are in Gender and Sexuality and others forms of media such as Film and Theatre. I'm also interested in Post-1900s American literature, although it isn't my primary focus. I'm not sure how all to go about wording this in my personal statement to programs, and I was also curious about the importance of specifying a time period. Would it benefit me to include my interest in Post-1900s American literature along with my primary interests (or as one of my primary interest)? Would all of that be too much to detail in a personal statement? (Note: My 24-page senior thesis, which I plan to use for applications, is on queer theory and analysis of a French queer film, if that info is useful at all.) I was also curious if anyone has programs they think could align with my interests. I have a list of 11 schools so far that I'm considering applying to, but I'd love to hear suggestions and broaden that list. (Preferably schools that don't require the GRE Subject Test in Literature because I know I haven't read enough classic literature to get high scores on that and would rather not bother.) Let me know in the comments if you need any additional information from me. Thank you in advance!
  21. Hi. I applied CCA, SFAI only two schools and I got accepted in CCA and SFAI both in MFA Film. Please read my stupid history and help me out guys I have bachelor's degree in Fine Art Painting outside of US, however, my portfolios are kind of filled with videos. I wanted to go for MFA in film so that I can have the opportunity to deeply engage in video/film field and stuff, but anyways I think I want to make videos in the context of art, not like getting into a film industry as a part... I should have done research about more schools carefully cause I kind of wasted last fall - winter time to prepare for admissions for Fall 2017 because I was confused if I wanted to go for this or not....like I was lack of self confidence. I was ready for applying Hunter Integrated Media Arts(IMA), CalArts Experimental Animation and UCLA Film but I just didn't submit applications last winter... So when I decided to go for MFA it was already March and I had no choice but those schools to apply for this Fall cause their deadlines were like end of March. Now that I got into both schools and CCA's offering me 20% tuition scholarship, I'm considering going for CCA maybe but I'm still confused...Now I'm thinking of going CCA only for a year and then apply for Hunter IMA next year...or just not going for MFA this year and looking for some residencies - if possible - until I apply for Hunter and other schools next year. I mean I researched some vimeos and everything about CCA and SFAI and I have this feeling that both are not the exact schools that matches my work...or the works I want to do... What do you guys think, what's the best to do? I really thought too much of all the options that I cannot think rationally anymore!!!! And do I have to pay back the scholarship if I don't register the second year? Seriously I'm kind of lack of basic infos about US schools... Please help me outtttt!!! I'm freaking out. Thanks a lot.
  22. Hey guys! New to the boards! I m currently an MA student looking to apply for Ph.D. programs fro the 2018/2019 academic year. I am currently getting an MA in Art History focusing on critical theory, mostly relating to the exclusion of animation from the art historical canon. I am hoping to continue this project and working with animation, particularly Disney, in a Ph.D program, but I am having trouble with programs that may be open to this. I have been looking at visual studies programs as well, which may be more flexible with my desired area of study. I just have no idea where to start, what programs would even potentially be a good fit for me, and if there are academics out there that may be a good fit for an advisor. Any ideas would be super helpful! Thanks!
  23. I just found out I got a Fulbright for all three years of my phd film program in Scotland! I'm so proud of this opportunity, but I also just got a promotion at my current job in a really great museum. I now get to work with films in a museum. I think i want to work in non-academic sector,/museums, so this is also a great opportunity to keep moving with my career. I think going to school would be great, but i worry about giving up my great job. I can't defer the scholarship nor can I come back to my job. I also just moved in with my girlfriend. What should i do? Thanks!!
  24. So, I'm in a MA urban studies program, and taking courses on media and film. will apply to a PhD next year. I've been doing some research on finding scholars who are doing research on media (would be better if it's on film) and urban space. I found like one person at NYU MCC, and one PhD student there. And I really like the the PhD program at Brown MCM since they are doing a combination of researching and producing, but it looks they have 0 person is doing stuff on urban space. Anyone has any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  25. Hey all! This is my first post on here and I'm terrified really excited. So here's my dilemma: I've completed my undergrad and have always known that I've wanted to go to Graduate School and - oddly enough - I knew it would either be in screenwriting (my undergrad) or I'd go off paths completely and pursue my other passion, which is the study of history. I've had my fill of the film industry after working on a feature film, some commercials, doing the LA thing for a while and whatnot. I'm just not looking for that kind of life any longer. Academia is a place I've always wanted to be and so I'm strongly considering - if not fully decided already - to finally pursue my love of history and get my masters and possibly my PhD as well. Frankly, most of this is coming from my imagination. It's something I want to do and I've been doing research on the schools I want, but a few things are frightening me. The biggest hurdle for me right now is the obvious one - is changing your academic path something schools will consider in a negative way? "Oh, he did film as his undergrad and now he wants to do history? We might as well choose someone who did their undergrad in history!" This thought it beginning to worry me. I've got a 3.89 GPA from undergrad and I'm prepping like mad for my GRE. All of this is possible, right? Or is it just a pipe dream and I should stick to my current path in life? Or should I do another undergrad altogether? Oh gosh, the possibilities. As you can tell, I'm really nervous and confused about the whole thing. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks guys!
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