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Found 20 results

  1. Hi everyone! I graduated from UCF Dec 2017 with a bachelors in legal studies and minor in criminal justice. I had hopes of becoming a lawyer but after working at a law firm and interning for a judge, I realized it just wasn't for me. I then decided to switch directions and started working towards getting a doctorate in physical therapy (I was originally a biomed major when I started college and wanted to go to med school but was also super interested in law). After much thought and having tried my hand at having hands on medical experience working as a tech in a trauma unit at a hospital, I realized the medical field wasn't really for me and I still longed for a path similar to my undergrad degree. I did some research and became really interested in a master in public administration (MPA). I want to further my education with UCF since I had a great undergrad experience and the MPA is offered online which is great because I really don't want to move back to Orlando. UCF also offers a dual MPA and master in criminal justice. I want to apply to that program but I'm worried because I don't have much relevant work experience. Since 2018 I've worked for a medically-integrated fitness facility (fancy way of saying gym that is owned/operated by a hospital) because I tried to get into the medical field it was a great foot in the door. Now that I want to get an MPA/MSCJ I'm worried I won't be seen as a great candidate since I am lacking recent relevant work experience. I had a 4.0 in my major and worked at a law firm throughout my last year in school. After graduating I interned for a criminal court judge for a few months before moving back to my hometown and I helped the judge conduct research on a capital punishment case. I now work at a gym that is owned by a well-known not-for-profit hospital. I started as a front desk employee before moving up to exercise specialist/personal trainer. I do volunteer (at least I did before COVID) for various organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Children First, and others. I really don't want to leave the job I'm at because it pays GREAT and has amazing benefits but I do worry that admissions committee won't see it as a positive. Basically, I'm worried about my lack of recent relevant work experience affecting my chance at being accepted. Anyone have any insight into getting admitted without too much (relevant) work experience? TL;DR Graduated in 2017 with plans of being a lawyer, changed my mind and worked towards becoming a physical therapist. Started working at a gym that's owned by a hospital so it's not a typical gym get my foot into healthcare, changed my mind again and want to get my MPA/MSCJ but worry that my lack of relevant lack experience will hurt my application.
  2. Hi all, I am currently in the midst of waiting to hear back from graduate school admissions! In the meantime I have been trying to educate myself about the process from being a graduate student to being a clinician. I just have one pretty generally question which is: Do you graduate with your masters before or after completing the clinical fellowship year (specifically in Florida)? Just curious. From my understanding, the clinical fellowship year is required to get your CCC, but is it also required to receive your masters in Speech-Language Pathology? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone currently attend/is anyone considering the SLP graduate program at University of Central Florida? I was recently accepted off the waitlist but I have not heard great things about the program from my peers and from my current faculty at FSU (it is too large, very unorganized, etc.), and I was wondering if anyone had a different opinion? I am definitely considering attending because I have a lot of family and a part-time job opportunity in Orlando, but I am worried that the program might not be the best, based on what I've heard. My other option is USF in Tampa, which looks and sounds like a great program but I was initially leaning toward UCF and just really need help deciding. Thank you in advance!
  4. If you have not heard back from a school and know that other people were notified over a week ago should you just assume you were rejected?? I did not realize some schools will just not tell you if you got rejected.. And if that is the case how long do you wait to accept the fact that they just are not going to tell you? I am over here going crazy trying not to be hopeful that I will hear eventually but it is just hard when I haven't officially heard. Please help!! (To be specific I am talking about Georgia State and UF😕) Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi All, I'm pretty bad at navigating this site so forgive me if this thread already exists for 2018 but I've been looking at a 2015 edition of this thread and it seemed really helpful so I figured I'd start one for this year. I'm currently trying to decide between: Rutgers: Interdisciplinary. 2 years. full ride. possibility of GA positions worth 7k a semester. #20 in US News Rankings (don't know how they do these but...) University of Florida: Arts + Technology. 3 years. full ride. 22k/year teaching fellowship (20 hrs/wk). #82 in US News. USC: New Genres. 2 years. Waiting to hear back on funding. #69 in US News. Florida State University: Interdisciplinary. 3 years. full ride. 8k/year teaching fellowship (10 hrs/wk) #69 in US News. I'm currently pretty stuck between Rutgers and UF. It's hard to ignore Rutger's stature and proximity to NY but it's also hard to ignore 22k/year in Gainesville, Florida (this would feel like a fortune) and the added bonus of a 3 year program with lots of individual attention. Any input on either the specific programs or just best modes of thinking for identifying the right school would be super appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi everyone! I recently got accepted into an experimental psychology master's program at Radford University. I'm super excited but quite nervous. I'll be moving from Florida to Virginia alone. Does anyone have any moving advice for me? Currently looking into places to live but it'll also be my first time living on my own, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, any words of wisdom for grad school? Thank you!!
  7. So I got accepted to FSU's online distance learning program for my masters in speech-language pathology. I haven't heard much about it. This is my first and only acceptance (I'm still waiting to hear from the others) Does anyone have reviews or heard anything from people currently in the program? Thanks!
  8. Hi All, My first post here, I have received acceptances from the University of Florida and Kansas State University for the Ph.D. Agricultural Economics program. Could you guys please help me make a decision on the basis of program strength, liveability as an international student, and ranking for career prospects. My focus of research is on the impact of price volatility (of agri commodities when sold by the farmers in the market) on the vulnerability of small farmers towards poverty and rural inequality. It includes price uncertainty, asymmetric information, price variability, and farmer poverty themes. P.S. I have to make the decision quickly, so prompt responses highly appreciated.
  9. Hey all! I just joined GradCafe, and I am so stoked but also nervous about the fact that applying for grad schools is just around the corner. Right now I am feeling so nervous because I know my credentials are not where they need to be. I'm graduating early in December, but since most grad schools don't do spring start and heading straight to grad school with no break would be INSANE, I am planning on finishing out my lease here. Then I'll be applying for summer and fall start dates at multiple schools. I have a few school ideas, which I'll state down below. I plan to earn a Masters in Social Work, potentially with a concentration in mental health. First, I wanted to give you an idea of my stats (no judgment--from the threads I have read so many of you have intensive experience and stellar GPAs :/ ): Undergraduate Degree @ University of South Carolina -- Experimental Psychology major with two minors: Social Work; Counselor Education GPA - 3.0 overall, should be closer to a 3.1 by the time I graduate (Yes, I know, it's low...it's not horrible, but if college had been a little less rocky I could have done super well ) Member of Psi Chi, International Honors Society in Psychology Member of a panhellenic sorority through which I have volunteered and participated in philanthropy events Was in charge of a philanthropy within my sorority where sisters help a local blind man with every day tasks This is it so far, however I have a few plans under my belt that I am almost positive I can follow through with: This semester I will be completing at least 45 service hours with a local organization that provides lower-income individuals with housing (definitely happening, it's a part of a practicum I'm taking) If all goes well, I plan to intern in Rome for 8 weeks with a social service organization this summer. I should be working about 20 hours a week. I plan to join Delta Alpha Pi, an Honors Society for people with disabilities (I have severe depression which has contributed to my mediocre GPA). I plan to get involved with the Undergraduate Social Work Student Association at my school. I haven't taken the GRE yet, so it could definitely still be a factor in boosting the impressiveness of my application. I am a strong reader and writer. If anyone has specific tips about the GRE, please let me know! ^^^So this is what I plan to achieve before I have to do applications (in the fall for the summer 2019 start, and in the winter for the fall 2019 start I suppose). For some reason, I have had a hard time finding paid opportunities/internships in the city of Columbia that are geared towards psychology or social work. I am going to keep looking, but the opportunities seem few and far between. That being said...what do you all think? What are some things you suggest I do, between now and the time I apply, to make my application as impressive as possible? I know I can't take back my GPA, but I can try to make up for it in other respects. From what I have read on here, those with low GPAs have been able to impress graduate schools in other ways. Again, if yo've got tips, let me know! Lastly, I wanted to list some schools that I am considering. I am going to rank them in order of my interest right now. If any of you know anything about these school's admission rates or have any specific insider info about a school, PLEASE contact me. I would love to get in touch with some of you and potentially ease my fears about applying for grad school! Here's my list: 1. University of Denver 2. San Diego State University 3. University of Southern California (the other USC...hehe) 4. Arizona State University 5. Florida International University and some maybes: Cal State - Long Beach; San Jose State University; Metropolitan State University of Denver As you can see, I really want to go far away and preferably out west (I've lived in SC my entire life). I am not sure about the admission rates of these schools, though I have heard that SDSU and USC are more competitive. I would love to hear thoughts on your experience with applying (especially to any of the schools above), selectiveness of these schools, my potential chances of getting in, and their quality of education. Thank you for anyone who actually took the time to read all of this!!! Any help at all would be so appreciated, even if it is constructive criticism. ~PeaceLoveSocialWork~
  10. I'm looking into application deadlines for Florida grad programs in February of 2018, and NOVA popped up (taking the GRE in Dec). The main campus seems to be in Fort Lauderdale, with others in Orlando, Miami, etc. They don't require the GRE according to edfind, but they also receive upwards of 900 applicants each term!! Does anyone actually go here?! It's like this mystery school and I'm hoping to find any relevant info. Thanks for the help!
  11. Hey all, does anyone know what the schedule would be like should we get admitted to summer semester for graduate program? I applied to traditional track, "Summer 1" through CSDCAS. When I looked at the calendar on the UCF website, there are Sessions A-D for summer with specific dates. Does Summer 1 mean A-D, or just A? I'm not finding any info anywhere! Also, would love to be in contact with anyone else who is applying! I'm from California. If I don't get in, I'll try again for Spring! Thanks everyone!
  12. Hey everyone! Is there anyone here who has experience with NSU and knows about their 25 hour clinic requirement? I want to apply for their Fall 2018 semester but my clinic hours are currently in progress and won't be completed by their deadline. I don't exactly know if this will disqualify me as an applicant as I've heard mixed things every time I call their department. No one from their admission board has answered any of my emails either.... If any one has any thoughts or knowledge on the matter it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks guys
  13. Hi, I will start applying to grad school next year and am wanting to go to school in Florida. I was wondering if anyone had experience with SLP grad programs in Florida or had any advise on which programs I should be looking at to apply to? Thanks!
  14. Is anyone waiting to hear back from UCF for Spring 2017? Has anyone been accepted? I wanted to start an official post for this term so all the UCF applicants can talk/discuss/vent here
  15. I wanted to say Hello to all of the soon to be graduate students. I am getting my masters in speech-language pathology starting spring 2017
  16. Greetings, my name is Alex and I am inquiring to see if I stand a chance at being accepted to Ph.d. programs in my home state of Florida. I am willing to be accepted to a smaller programs like FAU (average GPA of admitted students is 3.6), but I'm mainly only considering public programs, also I am prepared for the LMHC or MFT route if I don't stand a chance. My stats are good, but not stellar: GPA: 3.558 GRE:156Q&155V (AW is not scored yet) Graduated from Sacramento City College with honors, transferred to Humboldt State aka California State University (Humboldt) Major GPA: 3.64 Last 60 semester hours GPA: 3.97 On track to graduate MAGNA CUM LAUDE Student researcher, for 4 semesters, in 3 experiments working under a fairly well known researcher Authored a poster presented at WPA in 2016 and will again in 2017 I volunteer in 2 places right now one is in a fairly influential role at a family resource center and secondly I am conducting the day to day operations of a local nonprofit (which is an indoor park for skateboards, bicycles, scooters, rollerblades and roller-skates) including data entry and supervision of very young children. PSI CHI member Academic honors awards continually for the past 2 years Thank you for your help
  17. Hi! I'm an Indian student interested in biochemistry/bio organic chemistry. I have received 3 Ph.D Chem offers and am really confused! Any input would be really appreciated. The universities are U of British Columbia Vancouver campus (Canada) , Ohio State and University of Florida (US). UBC is ranked top 50 in the world for my program and is much more reputed than Ohio State. However, I'm having a tough time deciding between a few things - 1. US versus Canada. As an international student, Canada offers a better deal in terms of VISA conditions both during and after my PH.D. But US has better job prospects (both industrial research and academic) due to the sheer number of universities and pharmaceutical companies etc. Would it be tough to enter the States after my PH.D from Canada? Or would a better university be the better option? 2. The stipend. UBC offers a very low stipend ($21000 + $2000 one time fellowship) on which I'd have to keep a tight budget. I need to pay for my medical insurance and student fees too from this (around $1000-2000 per year). Canada is more expensive too for living costs. On the other hand, Florida is offering me $24000 with full health insurance, while Ohio State is giving me $27500 (+2000 one time fellowship) with 85% health insurance. 3. As for professors, Ohio State and UBC both have 3-4 professors whose research I like. Having had limited research experience, I don't really have a particular research topic in mind, just a broad idea. However, Ohio state has loads of grad students in the department. Will this be a drawback? 4. Lab rotations. In Ohio state, the first term would be spent interacting with professors to decide which lab would be the best fit. UBC doesn't really have such a policy - most students know which lab to join, and a few do "look about" for the first term (as told by a current UBC student) and some do so before joining. The latter won't be an option for me because I'd have to arrive quite a bit in advance and spend my own money during that time. Everyone I've spoken to tells me that I'd be foolish to let UBC go for state universities that aren't top 20 or even top 30 programs in USA. I'd really like advice from someone in the field/someone who knows about the future prospects as that would be more accurate than rankings! Thanks a ton and sorry for the long post!
  18. I wanted to start this post so we can track the speech pathology programs in the south. There are so many threads regarding the northern schools, it gets tiring sorting through all of the different posts. This thread is for southern school programs ONLY (ex. schools states like Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Carolinas).
  19. I just accepted my offer for the University of Florida's Pharmacodynamics program in their College of Pharmacy. I saw that the IDP for the college of medicine has been making decisions and the south campus is pretty interconnected. So are there any other future Gators on the forum?
  20. Hi there! I am an international student, and I just received the admission email this morning, as it says, it's a non-thesis program that only need one year's study.What do you guys think about it? Will it be beneficial to future jobs? Thanks, J. Yin
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