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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone! So, I got my first grad school interview ever, and it is over skype this Friday with the program director of the forensic psychology department at George Washington University. I was wondering if anyone on here interviewed with this school, and if so, could they tell me a little bit about what there experience was like, what kind of questions were asked, etc.?? Please feel free to PM or comment!! I am super nervous.
  2. I'm currently trying to decide between two Forensic Psychology graduate programs. One is a Forensic Psychology, M.A. program and the other is a Community Psychology M.A., with a Forensic Psychology concentration. The course load for the first program is very specific to Forensic Psychology, but they do not offer any research experience. Only externship experience and the program is double the price. The Community Psychology program doesn't offer many Forensic Psychology courses (4 required for the concentration), but they do offer both internship experience and the opportunity to do a thesis and get involved in research. I'm not positive about whether I'll do a PhD yet (I probably will - Forensic or Clinical) so I don't know if I would be better off getting involved in research. Anyone else pursing a graduate degree in Forensic Psychology -- Is it more beneficial to do a concentration in Forensics with the option to do research or a program that's specific to Forensics without research?
  3. Hey guys!! Just wanted to pop on here and ask if anyone has interviewed with Spalding University for their Clinical Psychology PsyD program yet? And if so, would anyone be willing to talk about how the experience went for them? I have applied to all Masters programs, and this is the only doctorate program that I applied to, so I would love to know how it is going to differ from interviews for MA programs. Feel free to PM me or just respond to my post. Thanks!
  4. Hi all!! I’m suddenly all confused and completely uncertain whether I want to stick to pursuing Clinical PhD with Forensic focus or Criminal justice PhD. I used to be so sure that I want to go for clinical psychology. But now I actually think of it, the main reason why I was so attracted to clinical psych is bc of full funding programs and it’s relatively solid future. My ultimate goal is to be a practitioner working in a private institutions or government agencies directly helping the victims (and studying the effects of crime on victims and sometimes mental health of criminals) Don’t get me wrong. I love research and I always have fun with it. But I’m just not sure if I want to spend next 5-7 years away from what I really want to study. however, at the same time, all my past efforts have been geared to clinical psych programs and all my knowledge about grad school application is based on clinical psych so I don’t know how much of those knowledge will be applicable to criminal justice or forensic psychology. If you were me and was really interested in working with crime victims (victimology) and criminal personality, but need funding at least for tuition and fees, would you choose clinical psychology (hopefully I can work with a mentor who has interests in forensic psychology) at a prestigious university or just apply for specialized forensic psychology programs in a less well known university?
  5. I've applied to a couple Forensic Psyc Masters Programs and am currently waiting for responses. Does anyone know if online programs typically ask to interview? My first choice is UCI so any information on their Master of Legal and Forensic Psychology would be awesome.
  6. Hi all, I am applying to Denver's forensic psychology MA program. One of their essay prompts requests the following: Describe someone you know who has engaged in behavior of which you disapprove. How has this behavior affected your view of this person? How has your relationship with this person changed? How do you understand your reactions? I am tempted to write an essay about a patient I have worked with (without disclosing their name, age, crime, HIPPA type violations), but I am worried this will come across as unprofessional. I have not included anything about patients in my other essays but this prompt seems to be looking for a level of self/professional disclosure that I have not seen in other applications, so I am unsure of how to proceed. Does anyone have experience with essays like this? AND: If I do not write about a patient, would it be unprofessional to write about a coworker who I discovered have multiple DUIs, and how that affected my view of their work and professional judgement? Thanks!
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