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Found 275 results

  1. Hi All, I am yet to make my choice of University for Fall 2018 admissions. I have received offers from Iowa State Univ. with funding and Purdue without funding. I am talking to the professors @ Purdue to know my chances for funding. Could anyone please let me know how much time I have left to decide without being too late for the visa applications. I am an Indian resident. Thanks Smrithi
  2. George Z

    I-20 for Visa Appointment.

    I have received the I-20 (without funding) from my University. But now they are offering me a GRA. So a new I-20 would be issued showing the funding. As visa slots are filling up quickly, should I be waiting for the new I-20 or can I book the visa slot with the I-20 that I have right now?
  3. Hi all, I still have not heard about funding yet. My PI told me that it would take about 2 weeks for her to finalize on the funding after discussing with my co-supervisors. I emailed her after 2 weeks asking for an update only to get a reply saying she will be out of office till end of the month. I am considering emailing the co-supervisors ( but I am worried it might look like I am overstepping ) and calling the admission office. I am an international student and I am worried that I may not make it on time since I have to apply for the visa as well and they still do not give me a decision. How do I proceed ?
  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XNJR4IhOJ56zd7zLuVSUK7h054dBRNvyiC7iStCOsxo/ Last year, I started the process of making an updated version of funding packages with the help of students accepted into programs. The list isn't complete but I hope it provides a more complete version of what universities expect in exchange for their funding. It is open-access so edits are welcome.
  5. AnnMarie

    Fulbright 2018-2019

    Hello to everyone! Since the last Grant cycle is coming to an end and the next cycle's application is now open, I figured it would be helpful to begin this next thread! Congratulations to the last cycle's grantees! Let's help each other out in the Fulbright process. This is a great place to ask questions, get familiar with the process, and chit chat to blow off some steam! Good luck to us all!
  6. Hi, My university has not yet sent the official acceptance letter because " My co-supervisors are still discussing about funding". What does this mean ? During the interview my PI mentioned that I will receive a " small" stipend, which may be low compared to some colleges but enough to survive in that region. She mentioned nothing about the tuition. Are they discussing about the stipend amount or the tuition amount ? If they are not going to offer me tuition then I will accept my second choice. I do not know how to politely email and ask about it either, I do not want to sound like I have got my sights on the funding alone and not the actual research. This is my top choice PhD program. any help will be much appreciated.
  7. Hello, I I received an offer from a school with partial scholarship and a graduate assistantship. I asked them about the type of assistantship and the stipend, but they basically did not give me an answer. Just said that it can be either an RA or TA, 10h/w or 20h/w and the information of the amount that will be paid for assistantship is not available yet and only will be in May. I had to give them an answer in a short time, and since I did not hear back from the other schools yet I said yes. But I have no idea what I will get. This is in New York and a STEM field, but not a PhD and most of the things I have read through search is related to PhDs. I know I am lucky that I even got the offer since I am only doing masters. But I do not even know if the funding will cover tuition. And they are not answering my questions about this, I tried. They just say the information is not available. Was I not supposed to get a detailed offer letter? I prepared and sent my I20 form like there is no assistantship at all as they asked. But I do not know what to do as I am also waiting for other schools which will give me answers really late since I applied late.
  8. A few weeks ago, one PhD program I am applying to told me that right now they don't have an open position for me but I'm a highly ranked applicant. They also told me that they are still looking for funding and once there is change of my status, they will let me know. Is this just another way saying that I'm on their wait-list? The director of the committee replied to me that my chance will possibly materialize after April 15th. Does it mean anything? Any thoughts guys? Thank you very much!
  9. Prester John

    SIPA scholarship negotiation

    Guys, Now that it’s almost the end of February, I think it’s the right time to ask for more funding at SIPA for the early admits. I had received 80k for 2 years. But coming from a public sector background and planning to go back to the sector, the cost of attendance is still unaffordable for me. I had sent a mail to their financial aid office yesterday to which they replied it won’t be possible to give any more aid that what is already given right now but I can apply for assistantships in the second year. Anyone else tried reaching out?
  10. Hello, Recently I applied to a number of graduate program in the humanities. After applying to eight schools, I received an offer in late February for a full funding package, from one of the universities, which seemed rather early to me. This offer came from an advisor, not the actual graduate school - the official letter of acceptance from the graduate school came several weeks later. In the offer, the advisor stated that though I had been offered funding, they would appreciate an answer on whether I would accept the funding as soon as possible. Since this was late February, and I had only heard back from one school at the time, this put me in tricky situation, and I couldn't really give her a definitive answer. I would certainly accept the funding if I chose to attend, but that was not a certainty by any means. The school from which I received the offer was not my top choice, a good school, but not a top choice. As such, I told her I needed more time, without going into any details. Quite simply though, I just hadn't heard back from most of my schools. A couple of weeks later I heard back from this same advisor, and this time she again asked for an answer as soon as possible, but did notify me that the national deadline in which a decision can be made is April 15th, several weeks away. At this time, I was still waiting to receive a decision from a couple of other schools. I told her (the advisor that contacted me) that I needed more time. One to two weeks went by, and trying to expedite the decision, I contacted the one last school that I hadn't heard from, and found out I had been placed on the waiting list. My waitlisted school said they needed to receive word from a couple of other students whom they had made offers to, and they could then possibly make an offer to me if these students declined. As such, after thinking myself into a rabbit hole with these complications, rashly, despite having thought of it for several weeks (which may be why I thought myself into a rabbit hole) I accepted the offer from the initial school that made the offer. I have read elsewhere on these boards that accepting an offer and then withdrawing it after April 15th, for a waitlisted school is highly unethical and can cause dismissal from all schools. I certainly see the reasoning behind that, but if I were to rescind my acceptance before April 15th, hopefully a week or more, would this be considered unethical since they could still easily give the funding elsewhere? Moroever, would it be a disadvantage to the school I did receive the offer from? Finally, could it possibly have an effect on my long-term career if I rescinded the offer and accepted admission to the waitlisted school? Another question, which seems to be a personal one depending on who is replying: I have seen some people say that programs reaching out like this early isn't necessarily right because they are applying pressure on a student earlier than maybe they should? I have also heard other people on these threads make strong points that these universities need to hear back as soon as they can so other students aren't caught in a similar limbo as the the one I am in now. So I guess if anyone has to offer on this point, please feel free to do so. I did feel pressured because it was so early and I had received so few responses, but I also understand what the university is trying to do. Again, is it ethical to rescind an acceptance of funding and admission before April 15th (hopefully a week or more before)? Would this burn a serious bridge that would hurt my career? Would another student not receive funding since I accepted the offer and then withdrew it? I understand that some programs will reach out to their highly-regarded candidates in order to recruit them, but it sounds like I have a solid chance of getting off of the waitlist. It was one of my top schools, for not just academic reasons but personal as well. Seeing how this is the next five years of my life, it's a weighty decision to make. Please let me know what you think, or if you have any official procedures for going about these matters. Thanks!
  11. Hey y'all! I'm a prospective Computer Science PhD student interested in natural language processing. I've been accepted into a certain Ivy with a great reputation in a great location, but a location which happens to be extremely expensive, as most east-coast cities are. I've also been accepted into another school (henceforth Great School) whose research interests are a bit closer to mine and with a similar--if slightly lower--level of prestige, and in a much cheaper (but also much more dangerous) location. This is a 5-year program, so I want to make sure I'll be happy where I end up. How should I decide? Ivy's location is more expensive, but it's been my dream to live in an east-coast city for a long time now and this would be my chance. Great School's location is very cheap, but very dangerous. Ivy's overall computer science reputation is better, but Great School's natural language processing reputation is better. Ivy's research interests are close to mine, and there are multiple faculty doing work I'd like to be on. Great School has research even closer to my interests, and tons of faculty doing things I'd kill to do for a living. Both schools are covering my tuition. However, I'm getting approximately the same stipend in both places, and Ivy is in a much more costly location. At the same time, however, I have lived in Great School's city for a summer and absolutely hated everything about the surrounding city, despite somewhat liking Great School's campus. Ivy's faculty seem to have a reputation for neglecting their students, despite being friendly overall; I have had to fight for their attention, but they are always great about answering my questions when they get back to me. Great School has been trying to recruit me hard and they are very accommodating toward my interests and concerns, and they seem much more interested in me as a researcher. The faculty I'd be working with at Great School are cited noticeably more than those that I would be working with at Ivy. This is essentially a decision of quality-of-life versus quality-of-work. Basically, I'm deciding between research quality/faculty compatibility and location/prestige. I know that research should be the most important thing, but Great School's location is just so antithetical to everything I want from my home city. Ivy has a wonderful reputation and a location I've been dying to get to for a long time, but I'm worried that the research experience itself may not be as smooth, despite being amazing overall regardless. Both have great alumni connections in companies I want to work for upon graduation, and it's hard to go wrong with either, really. Any input would be wonderfully and genuinely appreciated. Thanks y'all!
  12. vsgajd

    Provisional admission

    What are the chances of a conditional admission turning to an official offer ? I got my conditional offer a week back, I was told that I will be contacted by faculty in the next 2 weeks. I still have not heard anything. I am freaking out. Did they pull my offer ?
  13. Hello! I'm an international student applying to MA programs in rhetoric and composition. I got 2 MA-only offers (which I've declined), and 2 MA --> PhD offers, from Penn State and UW. The MA-PhD offers are the ones I am still considering. This morning I woke up to an e-mail from the DGS of the University of Washington saying that they can now offer me funding for 5 years. I was originally on the waitlist for funding, with only a "small chance" of getting it. Now the funding comes in the form of a fellowship for the spring quarter of my first year, and TAship for the rest. It's upwards of 20,000 for 9-month academic year and includes health insurance. I'll be teaching 1 class per quarter. The problem is, I had just decided on accepting Penn State's offer before this happened. I was just about to formally accept, but this sudden funding offer from UW just threw me off-balance and now I don't know what to do. Penn State doesn't offer me funding for the MA, but I have funding from my government for the 2-year MA. It's USD 1,500 per month (a total of USD 18,000 per calendar year), though it will only kick in next year, so I've deferred my Penn State offer to 2019. And Penn State told that if I'm allowed to proceed to their PhD program, there will be funding for 4 years, though I'm not told how much that's gonna be for me. Meanwhile, admission Previously, I decided against UW because of some concerns I had after talking to some of their grad students. A student said that the course offering for rhet/comp was kind of limited, and that there had been cases of students having difficulties with finding dissertation committee or getting time for advising because the professors were overwhelmed. I've also heard tales about the competitive and sometimes toxic atmosphere of the cohort/program. Penn State, on the other hand, has a stellar reputation for rhet/comp, offers really interesting and varied coursework, and has this mentoring program where I'll be matched up with 2 more senior grad students and a faculty member. The program also seems to have a more supportive and friendly culture. The good thing about UW is their location. As an international student, I feel like I'll be more comfortable in a big city with good public transportation system, more diversity, and what I hear is a more progressive political view. Not to mention its natural beauty! Besides that, their funding offer allows me to start school this year, while going to Penn State means I will have to wait for my government funding next year. However, though it's good to start as soon as possible, accepting their funding offer might mean that I'll have to give up my government fellowship, which is a prestigious program that offers quite a good networking opportunity with the people that matter in my country. Moreover, I've personally gotten so used to thinking that I'll leave next year that the prospect of leaving this year scares me a bit. My boyfriend was planning on resigning next year so that he can come and stay with me for a month or so as I adjust to my new life, but going this year will be difficult if not impossible for him. I'm afraid that leaving so soon will strain my relationship with him, something that I don't want because he's an important support system for me. Both schools fit reasonably well with my research interest, though I suspect that Penn State will have more support for me if I do decide to be in the rhet/comp path as planned. I realize that I'm very fortunate to be having this problem, but still, it's literally 3 days before April 15. UW has given me more time until April 23 to accept or decline, but that's still so soon. Any advice will be much appreciated! If you have more info about the two programs that I should consider, please also feel free to share it. I didn't get a chance to visit either school, so any info will be very useful to me. Sorry if this is long, and thanks for reading!
  14. πŸ‘“ πŸ˜†πŸ™†β™‚οΈπŸ”πŸ‘«

    Funding Available for PhD applicants on Finance and/or Management in US

    I am applying to PhDs in Finance for Fall 2019. I want to see if I can secure some external funding before starting my PhD. I haven't found much information, besides Fulbright. I am a permanent resident in the US, so any scholarship/funding opportunity that has as a prerequisite being a US Citizen is out of the question. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  15. costigan95

    Cheaper MA vs. Higher Ranking MA

    Hello, Similar questions have been asked, but I wanted to give my particular example. I graduated from a Public University with a 3.55 GPA BS in Sociology with a History minor, in December. I am planning to pursue a PhD in History and am reasoning the best path forward. The head of the History Department at my alma mater recommended that I look in to a MA before pursuing a PhD, as I need to iron out my languages, some more research experience, and it would only serve to strengthen my overall admission chances into a strong PhD program. My two areas of interest are 20th Century German History and US Foreign Policy in in the 1960s. If my end goal is a PhD, then does the ranking of my MA matter all that much? My school's graduate program specializes in US History, but she said that my focus on Foreign Policy would allow for a reasonably easy transition into a German History PhD, along with better language skills. I can go here for my MA and accumulate a relatively small amount of debt, and the faculty is great. However, its not ranked super high. Alternatively, I could drop more money on a well known MA program and go into a PhD with substantially more debt. I would appreciate thoughts on the matter. Thanks! tldr; Cheap and convenient MA, or prestigious and expensive MA before PhD?
  16. I was accepted to the Oxford Bphil program, but have not yet heard if I will receive funding yet. Originally I was told that if I don't hear anything by April 10th, I should assume that I did not receive any. I am just wondering if anyone else that was accepted to the BPhil has heard back yet Re: funding?
  17. Hi all, I'm a recent graduate from a top liberal arts school who is interested in pursuing graduate study for neuroscience/pharmacology in Canada, and I am also looking to eventually relocate here permanently. I found a few programs and professors whose research areas fit my interests, skills, and experience extremely well. Although the websites claim that international students are guaranteed a certain stipend, considering that most grant agencies place restrictions on use of funds for non-citizens or non-permanent residents, it makes me skeptical that I would be able to get in on the basis of not having available funding. I know that there are limited scholarship opportunities available for non-Canadian students, but my GPA is nowhere near high enough to be considered for them (I'm in 3.5-land, GPA wise). If anyone could answer these, I would really appreciate it: Am I competitive enough for my programs of interest even without the ability to bring in additional funding? Even if I somehow manage to get in, how am I going to fund graduate study without going into a significant amount of debt? Thanks!
  18. Hello all! As admittance letters are rolling in, has anyone heard about funding for ASU? I emailed the Speech grad department about it and she told me that they only give funding to "highest ranked students" after review is complete. Do they usually give them out in the admission letters? Or after they already accept you? I am a bit confused because I also received an email for an invitation for "Top Admit Open House."
  19. This is a question for posterity, mostly, since this doesn't seem to have been updated for a few years now. Based on my limited observations, WWS obviously does the best. Sanford and LBJ seem pretty good. Harris is in the middle of the pack. SIPA and NYU Wagner are supposed to be rough, at least for incoming first-years. No idea what the HKS situation is like outside the very slim possibility of attaining a fellowship. I know everyone's situation is different, but what has been your general observation? I'm sure funding also differs quite a bit for those who have no Full Time work experience vs. those with 2-3+ years as well.
  20. Hi all I have been offered admission to Electrical Engineering PhD at UW Madison but haven't heard anything about funding. Have tried contacting professors but no luck. The department has yet to give their final word (they said next week). I am an international student and want to know if anyone is in the same boat. Really want to attend but funding is an issue for me. How common is it for them to admit PhDs without funding?
  21. Hello all, As the title suggests, I'm not entirely sure how this NSF GROW funding works. The only part I'm 100% certain about is that NSF gives us a one time allowance of $5000. Here's where my questions arise: 1) It says the host institution pays some allowance too. How has this worked for anyone who has done GROW? Is it by the international NSF-like counterpart? 2) Do your abroad mentors end up paying for your analytical costs? I know I want to look at Ca isotopes and that's about $300/sample 3) I would stay on tenure. Do I still get my ~2700/month? Thank you for any insight! The NSF website is a bit confusing and I just want to be sure I'm not assuming something that I shouldn't be.
  22. Hello everyone, I got an email from the chair of the department I was applying to. It goes like this, " We are pleased to offer you condition admission. But before we can offer you an official admission with financial assistance, we must match you with a research advisor who can provide financial support." What does this mean ? Do I write to the Professor I was in contact with again ? Is this a sure offer? I don't know if I can celebrate yet :\ Any leads will be much appreciated.
  23. williamsp10

    George Washington

    I have been accepted into the Security Policy Studies masters program at GW. They have only offered me $4k a semester in aid and I need much more help than that to be able to attend. My loans will only cover about $20k a year. Does anyone know of the best way to approach this? Should I write them and ask about more funding opportunities? Can I appeal for more money?
  24. Nickybert

    Funding at York University, Toronto

    Let's discuss the probabilities for securing graduate funding at York Uni for would-be Yorkers 2018.

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