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Found 214 results

  1. Hi, Is there anybody who is applying for U Florida Sociology Ph.D.'s program or has applied for it? Can the same letters of recommendation on the online application be used for both application and financial aid application? Or do my recommenders need to send additional letters of recommendation for financial aid applications to the Department in hardcopies? I have contacted the department several times on weekdays but no one answered the telephone... Thanks!!
  2. I know I'm shooting for the moon here, but in my wildest dreams I would love to not drown in debt in the process of getting an SLP MA. I'd love to hear from anyone who has gotten full (or nearly full) funding, whether through an outside scholarship, fellowship, assistantship, etc. I'd like to know the specifics of the school/funding source, amount of funding, and why you think you got that funding. Also, if you care to tell me how realistic this dream is, my stats are below. I know stats aren't everything but I guess it'll give you an idea. I'm open to any school but partial to the western US/Canada. US citizen, WA state resident Linguistics BA from Yale University, 3.93 GPA, magna cum laude GRE: 169 verbal, 162 math, 4.5 writing Currently doing online SLP 2nd BA through Utah State (expecting ~4.0 GPA, though not a guarantee) Relevant experience: linguistics research during undergrad, 2 years working as paraeducator in public school autism program Thank you!
  3. Can anyone recommend schools that fund Ms Electrical Engineering? I can't afford to pay tuition.
  4. Hello all, As the title suggests, I'm not entirely sure how this NSF GROW funding works. The only part I'm 100% certain about is that NSF gives us a one time allowance of $5000. Here's where my questions arise: 1) It says the host institution pays some allowance too. How has this worked for anyone who has done GROW? Is it by the international NSF-like counterpart? 2) Do your abroad mentors end up paying for your analytical costs? I know I want to look at Ca isotopes and that's about $300/sample 3) I would stay on tenure. Do I still get my ~2700/month? Thank you for any insight! The NSF website is a bit confusing and I just want to be sure I'm not assuming something that I shouldn't be.
  5. Hi. I currently manage an animated series production in a company in Pakistan. I want a better grounding in film and production aspects. I want to go to a grad school ASAP (deadlines are close) but I am having a hard time finding scholarships and funding for international students in art/film schools. Can anyone help? Any country is good though I prefer the US. I am interested in RIT, Pratt, SCAD, and Chicago NY. If you could mention schools with January deadlines, I would prefer that.
  6. Hi, I am applying to a PhD program and it requires a department supplemental form, which includes a part called "PLANS FOR SUPPORT". I supposed all PhD program would provide full funding for everyone who was admitted, so what does "PLANS FOR SUPPORT" mean? What should I fill in it? Could anyone give me some advice? Thank you!
  7. Questions for Canadian applicants! How did you navigate the CGS-M submissions? I know you can only submit to four schools, but every school ideally wants you to pick them as one of the four. Did you just pick your four top picks and call it a day? How did you explain why you 'didn't' apply to the other schools if they ask?' I'm also having difficulty figuring out which topic I should put in my proposal. I currently have two research areas, and two different proposals written. Two of the schools are in the one area, and two are in the other area. I've heard that you can change the topic if it's awarded, but I'm not sure if it will be a significant disadvantage if I apply with a proposal that's in a different area than what I'd want to pursue at that particular school. Does that make sense? Any assistance would be appreciated!
  8. Funding at York University, Toronto

    Let's discuss the probabilities for securing graduate funding at York Uni for would-be Yorkers 2018.
  9. The Jindal School of Management admits about 20 PhD students each fall into the school’s two PhD programs, the PhD in International Management Studies and the PhD in Management Science with concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, and Operations Management. Applications should be submitted by our priority deadline (to be given full consideration) of January 5, 2018. Highlights of JSOM’s PhD Program: · PhD students have access to outstanding faculty researchers, ranked number 5 worldwide in intellectual capital and research contributions (Bloomberg Business 2014 rankings, UT Dallas Top 100 Business School Rankings) · A generous funding package, which includes over the course of your program $20,000 for conference travel and research. In addition, students receive $36,000 annually in the form of research or teaching assistantships and a tuition and fee waiver. · Excellent career prospects. In recent years, students graduating from our program have secured academic placements in universities such as University of Minnesota, University of Florida, University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of Kansas For more information about our program, visit our website at A student run WhatsApp group is available to help you with the application process. If you need help, please join the group from your smartphone here:
  10. I'm looking to do a Masters in Teaching or a Master's in Ed in the Northeast. I know Smith College has a program called Project Coach that is fully funded in exchange for 20 hours of work in their urban ed program, and at Boston College Lynch School they have a partially funded urban ed fellowship as well. Does anyone know of any other Masters in Ed or MAT programs that are partially or fully funded in the Northeast? Thanks!!
  11. IDRC - IDRA Awards

    Has anyone applied this round to either the IDRA call or the research award call? Anyone here receive an IDRC award in the past? What are the odds, what do they look for?
  12. I was not accepted into any of the PhD programs that I applied to this past cycle and have now graduated from my undergrad. I began a new line of research, including developing a novel laboratory measure, over the past year and am working on trying to continue to pursue developing this model and measure (we had some very promising results!). My faculty mentor and I are planning to continue work on this over the next couple of years as I prepare to apply to programs again. This is at a liberal arts school, however, and there isn't any existing funding in the labs or department. My research over the last year was funded by an institutional grant that is only available to currently enrolled students and the line of research represents a substantial departure from any existing research programs at the school and my mentor's experience (I essentially created an entirely new research lab/program for my project). In order to do this, we need to find funding. Does anyone know of any grant opportunities for someone in my position (recent graduate, neither enrolled nor matriculating, trying to gain more experience and continue my research while re-applying to PhD programs)??? Pretty much everything that we are finding requires that one be currently enrolled in a program somewhere or at the post-doc level. I will also be continuing to TA for undergrad psychology classes this summer and through the next couple of years, but there aren't any funding opportunities for this within the department or institution. This is great experience and something that I really enjoy doing so I plan to do it even if unfunded, it would be great if I could find some way to fund myself doing this as I'm not really able to work at the same time and need to find some way to contribute to my household finances (especially since I'll have to begin repaying my student loans soon too). Does anyone have any knowledge of any funding opportunities for this? I'd appreciate any help/advice anyone can offer on where to look; funding opportunities for recent graduates that are neither currently enrolled as students, nor matriculating into a program seem to almost non-existent.
  13. I'm an international student and I will be applying to HCI programs for fall 2018. right now my biggest worry is affording the schools. The programs I'm looking at are: Carleton- human computer interaction depaul - hci Georgia Tech - human computer interaction: interactive computing mich state - Media and information: hci rit - human computer interaction Umaryland-baltimore - Master of Science in Human-Centered Computing (HCC) umich ann arbor - MSI Uni of baltimore - Interaction Design & Information Architecture UT Austin - (iSchool) msis uwaterloo - Appl sci systems design engineering My plan is to maximize fin aid and funding by applying early and hopefully get a scholarship and possibly an assistantship or on-campus job. However, I am curious on how realistic it is for me to be able to be able to receive full financial support or funding or close to it from the school itself. I know I haven't included many stats but I am wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and got fully funded so that I have hope. GRE: to take GPA: 3.47 (upward trend in final two years 3.9) no research experience outside of class projects
  14. Last year I was admitted to an MA program in anthropology at Berkeley, with promise of a TA position for the two years. Most grad students have their tuition and some fees paid by working as a TA or researcher. I.e. you NEED a 20 hour/week job to get your education funded. You of course get paid a [small] salary too. I write here to let prospective students know what's going on at Berkeley, in anthropology. Funding prospects are dismal. Half way through my first year, the department informed me that I would not in fact have a TA position for the spring. So I had to search for work elsewhere at the last minute, during finals. I finally found a job teaching a course in another discipline for which I knew nothing about, & it was a big struggle to learn the material while teaching it. For my second year, coming up in the fall, the budget to pay TAs has been drastically cut (about 25%) and therefore many anthro students do not have jobs in the department. Again, they must look elsewhere and hope they can find something, although there are budget cuts across the campus. The financial support for Berkeley grad students is dismal, and seems to be getting worse. My PhD friends face the same issues; they must find a job in other departments, find their own summer funding support, etc. No wonder the average graduation time for anthro PhDs is over 8 years? Rethink applying to Berkeley just because it carries status; there are a lot of problems, the largest perhaps being financial in nature.
  15. Hi all, I wanted to know if there are any scholarships available for someone on the following masters program: Masters of Science, Forensic and Biological Anthropology Track. I found a few, but would like to expand my options. Thank you and good luck to you all!!!
  16. Greetings, I've recently been accepted to the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU for art history and archaeology. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or ideas on how to find scholarships or other kind of non-loan assistance for graduate school. In addition to Stafford and Direct PLUS loans that are available, I will also be taking part in federal work-study and as much school employment I can find/handle. I understand that there aren't as many graduate scholarships as undergraduate, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. Again, any information would be appreciated, thank you!
  17. Hello everyone, I've been a guest visitor to this forum for quite a long time, but this is my first post here, so pardon me if something is amiss. Anyways, I was offered an admission with full ride to this great university(say, X) and I happily accepted the offer. I was promised a GTA position that carried a stipend of around $11700 per academic year(9 months) and although it seemed quite low compared to other universities, a great research fit was what attracted me to this university in the first place. In fact, I was offered admission to 5 out of 6 universities, some of which had offered me a generous funding package. But I chose this particular university X due to the research fit, thereby overlooking funding aspects altogether. I was(and still am) under the impression that the PhD stipend is generous enough to cover all the living expenses in a particular area, so this did not look like a big deal to me. In fact, the "Living Expenses" plus "Books & Supplies" is just under 12k in the area where this school is located(health insurance covered by the university). So, today I received my I20(a copy, anyway) and there is this piece that baffles me: Estimated Average costs(for 12 months): Tuition and fees : $642 Living Expenses : $11,800 Expenses of Dependents : $0 Books and supplies : $800 Total : $13,322 Students Funding (for 12 months): Personal funds : $0 assistantship GTA: $11,700 dept stipend : $9,445 On-Campus Employment : *blank* Total : $21,145 Are you kidding me? Did I just hit a jackpot? This "dept stipend" is something unheard of; I even searched the whole university website and there is no single mention of this type of stipend anywhere. It looks too good to be true. I was willing to settle on $11700, but out of the blue, this additional $9,445 brings additional charm to my life. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but I was under the impression that the only stipend I'm getting is that carried by the assistantship(GTA in this case). So, will someone please provide some insight on what possibly could this be "dept stipend"? Before someone tells me I've better ask the department about it, which I will do eventually, I wanted to know your experience with such type of funding. So please, provide some input. If it matters, the program is Computer Science(PhD). Thank you all and have a great day.
  18. Does anyone know if there is a list of Library Science programs that fund incoming students? I have found the University of Arizona, University of North Texas, University of Texas -Austin, and the University of Oklahoma. I see that Simmons has limited opportunities as well. I do not want to apply to schools that do not offer some possibility of a fellowship or tuition remission. Can anyone add to my list?
  19. Phd without funding?

    I have been accepted to two schools(UCLA and University of Washington) in Aerospace PhD program without funding. Both are good enough for me in terms of the research interest but both of them didn't get me any funding. Is it a good idea to enroll and look for funding after or should I just reapply next year?
  20. Cambridge AHRC Studentship 2017

    I haven's seen a post about AHRC Studentship, yet, so I am starting one. I've checked the results page and I saw that someone got a rejection letter from the AHRC and I was surprised because I thought that they wouldn't notify unsuccessful applicants.
  21. Fulbright 2018-2019

    Hello to everyone! Since the last Grant cycle is coming to an end and the next cycle's application is now open, I figured it would be helpful to begin this next thread! Congratulations to the last cycle's grantees! Let's help each other out in the Fulbright process. This is a great place to ask questions, get familiar with the process, and chit chat to blow off some steam! Good luck to us all!
  22. Hey all, I'm writhing in the end throes of application-cycle purgatory over here and was hoping for a little bit of advice. (Going for an MFA in Creative Writing - Fiction.) I've been accepted to Northwestern's MFA program so far. However, it's a part-time program, which means funding is limited or nonexistent. The part-time thing isn't really a deal-breaker for me; I was planning on working during school anyway, so in that sense it might be a good fit for me. I am worried, though that I won't get the full MFA experience that I'm looking for. I'm also not opposed to taking out more loans, but I'd rather avoid those to the extent that it's possible. I'm considering deferring til next cycle to apply again and hopefully make it into something full-time with more funding. I guess I'm looking for advice/guidance on full-time vs part-time programs, insights on Northwestern's program in particular, and information about alternative sources of funding (such as private scholarships/grants). To complicate the situation even more, I'm still waiting for an admission decision from the University of Washington in Seattle. I'm thinking that the fact that I haven't heard anything this late in the game probably means a rejection, but still...
  23. Fulbright Russia - ETA Funding?

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums here. I recently received a Fulbright grant to go teach in Russia. While I'm going to have to wait a while for my grant statement I'm trying to find more info about funding. Can anyone give a ballpark estimate regarding the ETA stipend in Russia? I heard it's based off of the cost of living, however, that varies greatly from region to region. Thanks!
  24. Hi folks, I was admitted to the Mphil in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies at Cambridge but with ZERO funding (agh!!). I really want to go, but I don't want to put myself into debt for something that isn't "worth it". So I have a few questions for advice: - Does anyone have any advice on securing funding in alternative/creative routes other than just scholarship searches? - Does an Mphil line up with the goals of a PhD/JD degree? - Does anyone know how to tell how prestigious the program is? I'm having a hard time seeing where it's graduates are getting jobs. I'm considering the JD/PhD split because I really want to do Critical Legal Studies (most of whom are law professors) but i'm afraid of fucking myself over through accruing a ton of debt. I want to do a PhD but don't feel QUITE ready with my undergrad experience and would really like to have one big project (aka the dissertation) under my belt to set me up for a PhD. Also, I think I have a much higher chance of securing full funding once I have the Mphil.If anyone has any random advice around this I would really appreciate it! I'm super super conflicted over whether the Mphil is "worth it" or if I should wait and apply straight to fully-funded PhD/JD programs. I don't feel ready for that and would probably take time off, but love school so much and want to keep advancing myself in my academic goals.
  25. I have two offers I'm torn between. Offer 1: slightly better reputation with mentor whose research interests align better with mine. Tuition remission and $18k stipend as an RA with option to renew yearly for up to 4 years; more remote location, no "guarantee" on amount of future years of support--year to year budget Offer 2: slightly worse reputation (as compared to offer 1) in my field with a mentor with research interests further outside of mine. Tuition remission and $25k fellowship (no work required) for the first year with option to renew annually as an RA (more likely guaranteed funding for up to 4 years than offer 1); more urban location, would allow my spouse better options for finding work. What are your all's thoughts? Thanks!