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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, Folks! I have been investigating various programs but thought I would crowd-source for additional insight or suggestions: I'm planning on applying to phd programs this coming fall to research the way gender (and particularly masculinity) is policed and performed, especially among adolescents, and especially vis-à-vis social media. I'm interested in the ways Instagram, for example, both expands and contracts ideas about "optimal" and optional gender performance. More generally, I am interested in the way media (soc med/tv/internet) and institutions (school, gov) shape these concepts and the way these communities evolve. So far, I have looked into sociology, media/comm, and gender studies programs at the following schools: UMich (soc, comm); Northwestern (soc [they have SPAN for soc of sexuality], media/tech/society), UChic (soc); UWisc (soc, comm); UT Austin (soc, comm); and OSU (soc, gender studies). When I comb through scholarly articles, however, I sometimes find that the scholars are in anth or even psych depts, and, overall, the scholars tend to come from all over, including lots of European unis or places that don't offer phd programs. I would prefer to stay in the Midwest to be drivable to family (and the lower cost of living); programs in NYC and CA are programmatically/philosophically appealing but sound financially even more challenging than a phd will baseline be. I am planning to apply mostly to competitive programs, as well, for the sake of funding (I am currently a full-time teacher, so not getting in somewhere this year doesn't spell disaster) and future employability (as an academic or beyond). My own academic background is competitive though lacking in research; I'll have to make the case that my life experiences as a gay/queer man (theatre actor and teacher) inform, enrich, and compel my research proposal. I am hoping someone with similar interdisciplinary interests might be able to offer some insight or feedback--I'd greatly appreciate it!
  2. Hi, My name is Anicca and I am currently doing my Mphil in gender studies and working on disability and gender in India. I am disabled and suffer from a cronic illness too. I gave my GRE around 3 years ago and have a score of 307 (V:154, Q:153). There are two questions that I wanted to ask: Firstly, what are the best disability studies phd programs in US, especially where people are working on sociological exploration of disability and/or on intersections of disability and gender. Secondly, what is the medical insurance scene for disabled students, do they get any additional benefits financially (I am an Indian citizen) It would be great to know something before I apppy. I am 32 years old now and have done all kinds of things. From working in rural development as a researcher to being an independent columnist for newapapers and newswebsites. Plus I am working on something where my politics and personhood merge. So I am very passionate about it. I want to work with the best profs working on the disability but at the same time it would be great to have an accessible, financially and medically supportive environment while I slog it out academically. Please help me out with advice and suggestions. Regards, Anicca
  3. Hello! I am considering a MA in Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights at UCL or a MSc in Gender at LSE. Both programs would be cheaper alternatives to my US options which are MSW programs at UMichigan and UChicago. My question is: is it really that impossible to find work in the UK if I'm not in finance/business/STEM?
  4. Hi. I got admitted in the MA in Women's History program at Sarah Lawrence College for Fall 2018. I am from Karachi, Pakistan and cannot afford to fund grad school myself. What options do I have other than the partial scholarships being offered by SLC?
  5. Hey all! I'm a 3rd year student now, applying in the fall of 2018 for programs starting in fall 2019. I've been trying to find grad programs with focuses on gender and the body but haven''t found too much luck yet, most programs only focus on one or the other. I'm also looking for a program with flexibility and resources for qualitative research. Open to masters or phD programs help me out here thanks yall
  6. This was passed around a lot last year but I haven't seen it posted here. Gallery representation isn't and shouldn't be everyone's goal, but this study broke things down pretty well in terms of race, gender, and education in New York's commercial gallery system (and confirmed the obvious) http://www.havenforthedispossessed.org
  7. Hi there, I am an aspiring PhD applicant for fall 2018 and planning to put in applications in top schools in US/EU. My areas of interest include Gender studies, collective, culture and management. The main dilemma I am facing is, whether to apply in US universities or European universities including UK. When I look up rankings of development studies programs many UK universities come to top. I am still in dilemma what to do. My research topic is not yet decided but I have interest areas which makes applying to UK universities a bit problematic. I need some advise on how to shortlist the target universities for application. My profile: Computer Science grad, Rural development masters (from top institute in India)and 3 years of hardcore development experience based on tribal women collectives. I have no publication. I have average grades throughout, very active in extracurricular and sports. In current job qualitative research tools forms part of daily tasks. I am also capable of conducting quantitative research and can program models in various programming languages. I can get good LoRs as well as writing sample from masters projects. I would appreciate a frank response on how my profile looks and what message it conveys to people who want to make some sense out of it. Any tips for improvement will be a big plus.
  8. Hey! So I'm trying to decide between Boston University and Drexel University for a MPH. I am looking for opinions on the epidemiology programs in particular. I'm pretty sure I will be heading that route. Also, I will be focusing on the LGBT+ community. So if there are any current students that can attest to the quality of education, opportunities for community involvement and real work experience, job outlook, LGBT-friendliness, networking, general satisfaction with the areas.. umm etc. Any and all opinions are welcome : ]
  9. I'm a prospective MSW applicant (applying Fall 2017 for Fall 2018) and would like to reach out to those of you who have already done extensive research on MSW programs. I am primarily interested in working with women, LGBT populations, and those affected by sexual assault and/or sexual/domestic violence. I would like to do research in gender, sexuality, and trauma. Which MSW programs have a strong curriculum in these issues or even offer specific concentrations in violence, gender, or trauma? Where should I look? Thank you!
  10. I am applying to I/O psychology programs with the hope of studying bias and discrimination in the workplace, and I am concerned about Trump's policy implications and potential withholding of funding from universities conducting research in this area. Anyone else have similar concerns? I imagine this is also applicable to other fields as well (natural sciences, biology, etc.) Anyone currently in doc programs that have insight or perspective here?
  11. Hey all, I'm prepping for my first interview at UChicago and feel fairly confident about most things, but attire is (as usual) tricky. I identify as agender (they/them pronouns) and have been out in my academic and professional life for three years now. My lab and everyone I've met at the NIH have been incredibly accepting in the past two years of me working here, and I'd like to continue to be out and referred to in a way that makes me feel comfortable. A few of my applications asked for pronouns, and UChicago is one of them. Therefore, I feel comfortable presenting as myself for that interview. What about the other ones though? Do I shake hands and say my pronouns after my name? Should I try to pass as cis? I know two of them will be accepting (a friend of mine at UPenn will give the admissions folks the heads-up about my pronouns), but the other two are up in the air. Any other GQ/NB folks going through this or went through this already? Any advice?
  12. So I've been admitted to UGA, and also consider pursuing a master's degree outside of my field (in physics) while pursuing my Ph.D. But heard that UGA is most famous for its non-STEM programs, and has a high female to male ratio. Although I very much like my program at UGA, those are still my two major concerns. (I'm a female.) Because I usually enjoy a more balanced academic and social atmosphere. Are there a big gender gap on a day-to-day basis? And does anyone know about the physics program or the overall STEM fields on campus?
  13. So, given the tremendous lack of Latin@ academics around the country, I am curious if anybody other than me is Latin@, applying to sociology grad programs, and lurking around these forums with frequency. I really hope I'm not the only one, and it'd be a pleasant surprise if, in fact, I am not. In the off chance that I'm not, then to which programs did you apply and what is it that you want to study? *tossing bottle into ocean.... *bottle tossed... *waiting for return of bottle...
  14. What are your thoughts on the Inequality in Gender, Race & Ethnicity? Have you ever experienced inequality/discrimination based on your gender/race/ethnicity? For women, have you experienced being treated differently in work place? especially in male-dominated workplace? How do you feel about it? What do you think can be done about it? For Ethnic Minority, have you ever experienced being treated unfairly because of race-based discrimination? Did you ever find it hard to find jobs because of it? How do you feel about it? DO you think your education, occupation, lifestyle and key life choices have been impacted greatly by your social background? In what Ways? Thanks! I will really appreciate your answers.
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