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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone! (This is an updated post from the previous year. I simply copy/pasted it because I did not find anything on computational biology programs for Fall2022) For citing purposes: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/125918-2021-computational-biologybioinformaticssystems-biology-phd-admissions/ I saw posts about computational biology/bioinformatics/systems biology programs for previous years but there is nothing posted for the 2022 cycle. I thought I'd be nice to get things started for this cycle - it was great read through previous posts for those interested in more computationally-inclined programs. It'd be nice to hear about everyone's thoughts on where they are applying to and to hear about news/updates/tips anyone has as well as we progress with applications. All the best and stay safe.
  2. International student who lacks math/CS coursework looking at PhD bioinformatics programs. I have too many top tier programs in my list, and am looking for "safe schools" to add. However, given where I'm coming from, are any schools really "safe"? Also, any suggestions as to how I should proceed with my non-math/CS background are welcome. Thanks for the help! Undergrad Institution: International university, fairly average Major(s): Life sciences, biochemistry GPA: 3.5 Masters Institution: Top 5 private school, USA Major(s): Molecular biology GPA: 3.88 Type of Student: International Male GRE Scores: Q: 96% V: 90% W: 98% Research Experience: 2 summers of research during undergrad (~ 6 months total) at institutes equivalent to the NIH. in vitro and ex vivo studies (clinical research) 2 year project during Masters (preclinical drug discovery). 1 publication (average journal, impact factor ~4.5) and 1 more on the way (top tier journal). in vitro and in vivo studies 7 months (to date) after graduating (preclinical drug discovery and clinical research). in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo studies. additional experience in bioinformatics. 1 publication on the way Programming languages: R (intermediate), Python(novice) Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Multiple leadership roles Weaknesses: While I do not have formal coursework in math (linear algebra, calc, real analysis) or computer science, I have taken statistics classes in college. My undergrad institution did not allow for that flexibility and I could not take these classes during my masters. Learned those subjects (linear algebra, calc, r, python) through coursera/edX. Recommendations: 1-2 extremely personalized recommendations, third should be average Essay: Working on how to tie my background to my interests Areas of interest: Bioinformatics/genomics/computational biology (Ideally biostat, but thats out of reach given my non math background in my opinion) PhD programs: 1. Washington University in St. Louis - Human and statistical genetics 2. Johns Hopkins - Human genetics, Biomedical engineering, Pathobiology 3. Boston University - Bioinformatics 4. UNC Chapel Hill - BSSP 5. Tri-institutional program (Cornell, Sloan Kettering, Rockefeller) - Computational Biology 6. Columbia - Biomedical informatics + PIBS umbrella program 7. University of Pennsylvania - GCB 8. Emory - Biostatistics 9. University of Washington - Genome Sciences 10. NYU - Systems and computational biomedicine 11. CMU-Pitt - Computational biology 12. Harvard - BBS
  3. Innovation Info Conferences proudly announces the International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Development (IPSDD 2018) to be held during November 05-06, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. The IPSDD 2018 Conference is organized by the Innovation Info Conferences (IIC). The theme of the conference is "Embracing Innovative Technologies in Drug Development, Manufacturing and Discovery", will underpin the need for collaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional, academic and technological backgrounds. IPSDD 2018 aims to bring together a wide range of active expertise, covering all stages of developments from lab to consumer: scientists, researchers (senior and young), academicians, clinical pharmacists, companies, investors and regulatory authorities. Moreover, the meeting is designed to serve as an effective international platform for all participants for networking as well as to contribute to the discussions on innovative technologies employed in modern drug discovery and delivery to promote development of efficacious novel drugs. Interested people can register and submit abstract here: Website: http://www.pharmascienceconferences.com Topics: Drug discovery, pharmaceutical ingredients, Pharma Conferences, Drug affinity, Genomics, proteomics and Bioinformatics, pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, , drug resistance, brain drug delivery, Nanomaterials, Polymer Chemistry, drug development, Drug Designing, Drug screening, Drug Carriers, Regulatory Intelligence, Pharmaceutical Market, Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Nano systems, Pharmaceutical Nano systems, IPSDD, Pharmaceutical Nano systems, Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacy, Patient compliance, Pharmacology and Toxicology.
  4. Dear grad cafe, I've posted on the questions forum, but I had no luck there so I'm posting here again. This is my first post on this cafe and wanted to ask how good is university of maryland's computational biology, bioinformatics and genomics program compared to other schools in the US. I have been offered admission for their BISI's program and also got a dean's fellowship with my package, so the offer seems nice. One thing I forgot to mention on the questions forum was that this is the only school that I have been accepted to and wondering about the schools caliber in this area. What do you guys think
  5. Dear grad cafe, This is my first post on this cafe and wanted to ask how good is university of maryland's computational biology, bioinformatics and genomics program compared to other schools in the US. I have been offered admission and also got a dean's fellowship with my package, so the offer seems nice. What do you guys think?
  6. Hi everyone, I am mostly looking at four programs that accepted me in Computational Biology: Berkeley, UCSF, UChicago, Columbia Never studied or interned at any of them before so I am hoping to know more about them outside the website~ I am most likely in academia, but I wonder for Computational Biology in general, which school might be a best fit, and what to avoid. In general as far as I know: Berkeley great for bio and cs. young. in Bay. UCSF top biomed. expensive but in Bay. less known in pan-science than biomed. Columbia young. great science. great city. not sure about biomed in general. UChicago great faculties and focus on edu. not sure about its biology within the country though. Opinions? Thank you!
  7. I'm debating between accepting UCSF (Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics) or UW (Pharmaceutics), both PhD programs. Both seem excellent, but the differences as I see them: PSPG is part of the broader Quantitative Biosciences Consortium (QBC) at UCSF, so has more faculty and incorporates genomics along with traditional pharmacokinetics (PK) research. There is only one year of coursework, which seems rushed to me. The current students and other interviewees were amazing. San Francisco is cool, but expensive. UW does not have an emphasis on genomics, so I would have to take classes outside my home department if I wanted this skill. I've emailed Genome Sciences at UW to see if they offer graduate certificates or coursework to outside department students; waiting to hear back. UW has three years of coursework that includes advanced PK coursework, and space for 5 electives (hence my email to Genome Sciences). I currently live in Seattle, so this would be a pretty low-cost transition. The department is about half the size of UCSF, and has more of a family feel between faculty members. Basically: I want to live in a cool city (both satisfy) I want to work with excellent faculty (both satisfy) I want to have a good foundation in Pharmacokinetics (UW seems to satisfy better, but maybe coursework isn't everything?) I want to expose myself to and incorporate genomics into my research (UCSF seems much better in this regard, but maybe I could do coursework at UW and then post-doc at UCSF?) I want to be around cool people (UCSF had a comfier vibe to me) I want to be prepared for either industry or academia (both satisfy) Any guidance much appreciated
  8. Hello Everyone, From the results section I can see many results related to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology are rolling in. Assuming they are not fake results posted by trolls, I am eager to hear about your results and interview experiences. If you have applied for PennState Bioinformatics and Genomics PhD programme, I would specially like to hear your experience since there are already several acceptances from that programme on the result board. Great luck for people who have not heard anything from any programme yet!
  9. Hi Guys, It’s so inspiring to hear everyone’s stories. Good luck to everyone! I wanted to introduce myself to see if anyone is making a similar journey, or has any opinions. I’m a 25 year old medical doctor from Australia, and just finished my internship 4 months ago. I’m planning to apply to Masters of Science / professional masters programs this year for 2017 mid-year entry. I’m considering bioinformatics / computational biology, or computational neuroscience, or some field in computer science. Since high school, I’ve done a Bachelor of Science degree (3 years, accelerated into 2) majoring in Biomedical Science, and a post-grad Medical Degree (MBBS) (4 years), both from a University in the top 50-100 globally. I’ve finished my internship and received general registration in Australia. The Dream: I’ve decided I want to become a data scientist and work somewhere in biotech / med-tech / genomics / machine learning. I’m inspired by Google's DeepMind, and their work with Atari games and AlphaGo - designing incredibly sophisticated AI algorithms. I think this heralds an era of disruption by AI of many professional industries that depend on thinking skills. I’m also inspired by Craig Venter’s work creating synthetic genomes for viruses and bacteria (the ‘first synthetic life’) and I’m excited about the promise of using synthetic bacteria to process pollution, create cleaner fuels and sequester carbon. I think the two fields - artificial intelligence and synthetic life, will redefine the human condition within our lifetimes. And I think the key nexus of them is data science. I would love to build a career in this area, and work in tech startups in the bay area in San Francisco. The Reality: I currently have no research experience, minimal stats / data science and minimal computer science understanding (and no tertiary study in the area). My Plan: This year I’m working as a doctor about 30 hours per week and: 1) doing a bunch of courses in coding, machine learning, and data science 2) saving money to pay for the masters 3) get some experience in research in biomedical science I’d love to hear any thoughts on the following: Is a Computer Science MS realistic? I’m more interested in AI than biotech. Would I be a realistic candidate for top CS schools, with no tertiary experience in CS? I had strong marks in high school advanced maths and physics, but I’ve spent 7 years studying and working in biology and med. I can do 10-20 hours per week to up-skill in this area (roughly 6-7 months before applications are due and 16 months before the 2017 class would start) How much scope is there for CS electives in bioinformatics? I figured bioinformatics may be a realistic way to sneak into CS courses (like AI and robotics). Converting GPA: My GPA in science is 6.0 and my medical degree, 5.46 (both out of 7). 6 is a distinction average, and 5 is a credit average. I haven’t been able to work out how my GPA converts to the US though. What schools should I aim for in CS and bioinformatics? My list after limited research looks like this: Stanford UC Berkeley MIT Carnegie Melon Caltech Johns Hopkins Cold Spring Harbour Harvard Georgia Tech Oxford Cambridge Princeton Imperial College London UCLA UCSD Then a bunch of others in the top 50-100 Again, best of luck to everyone! If you’d like to discuss anything further, please reply here or PM me!
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