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  1. I've been lurking hoping someone will post news, but it looks like all the aspiring geographers had the same idea. Figured I'd go ahead and get us started to see if anyone has heard anything yet. I'm applying to the following PhD programs: Kentucky (Apps not due until 1/15 so not surprised I have not heard) Berkeley Michigan State UW Madison CUNY (EES Program) Washington Have not heard anything. It's a weird year to be applying, so I'm eager to hear how this round shakes out. Good luck to the rest of you!
  2. Anxiously awaiting a decision from the University of Waterloo for an MSc in Geography (thesis-based). I've been in contact with a potential supervisor prior to and after completing my application. The professor said he approved my application and was waiting for more levels of approval before a decision could be sent out. I followed up with him again yesterday and he replied saying not to worry as it was likely my application was stalled due to the hectic nature of the admissions season. Does anyone think there is a good chance I'll be accepted based off this?
  3. Hi all, I wanted to make a thread for students applying to geography programs in Canada. I'm currently waiting to hear back on admission decisions and would love to hear where everyone has applied/what you're hoping for!
  4. Hi all, Just prepping a thread here for discussions on 2020 admissions. Feel encouraged to share what programs you're applying to, update us on decisions, and talk shop with other applicants. I'm applying to: University of Maine University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee University of California-Santa Barbara University of Tennessee Cardiff University Technological University Dublin University College London Penn State University (maybe) Best of luck to everyone! Let's keep each other in the loop.
  5. Has anyone heard anything from Ohio State about acceptance into the geography program? There's NOTHING in the results search, and every other year acceptances/rejections went out in Jan/Feb. I emailed the department yesterday and they haven't responded yet. I feel like I'm going crazy.
  6. Has anyone been to/ know anything about the United Nations University in Tokyo? I have applied to the MSc in Sustainability 'UNU-IAS', but I'm finding it a tough time to find alumni to speak to. Surprisingly the university is rated at 1000+ in the world as a university (or not mentioned at all in all the major rankings) but 6th in the world as a think tank. Does that mean its teaching quality is high/ its a good idea to do a post-grad there? - Is it a good experience to study there? - Does it set you up for a global career? - Is the teaching staff well reputed? Any
  7. Two acceptances so far at my top 2! Really tied in terms of research interests/funding/facilities/academic atmosphere/etc. (PI at one actually studied under PI at the other!) Main differences that I'm having trouble sorting out: Tech at A specific to my project ideas would need to be set up initially (by me), whereas is already set up and being piloted at B. Cost of living is high at A (almost making a studio apartment unaffordable), and (VERY) low at B (to the point of making a mortgage a no-brainer). A is prettier, topographically much more diverse than where I've lived all my life
  8. Hi, I'm interested in applying for a PhD in Fall 2019. Choosing schools in the US is particularly hard because I am conflicted between Sociology and Geography programs. I hold a Masters in Development Studies from a premier institute in India and have close to 2 years of work experience in the public policy & academic research sectors. My expectations are as follows: 1. Emphasis on qualitative research/ room for qual research 2. My specific interest is in urban studies, so would prefer a research cluster on cities/urban spaces. Interests: Urban studies - Quali
  9. For those applying for Fall 2018 admittance in geography programs.
  10. A place to check on decisions, share excitement, and commiserate on bad news.
  11. Still waiting for the result! It takes too long for the final decision. I've got no message from the school since I finished all the application process. Is there anyone who got any result from Mcgill? +Is there any deadline for the Canadian school for the final decision like US schools?(I've heard that deadline for the US schools is April 15th)
  12. Is anyone going to the AAG conference in April? I had a paper accepted, but I'm really really low on funds and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to afford to go now. However, I don't know if that looks really bad to get accepted and not go; especially when I've been applying to schools with that on my CV. My current school doesn't pay for conferences at all, they only do reimbursements, so I have to pay for my flight and hotel/Airbnb out of pocket and wait however long for them to pay me back. What are your thoughts on going?
  13. So this post is predicated on me getting things that aren't set in stone yet, so its more of a hypothetical at this point. I want to go to a Geography Ph.D. program, but one where I can also focus on Gender Studies. There is one program that is a dual Ph.D. in Geography and Women's and Gender Studies, which I haven't heard back yet, but I feel really good about it. However, I definitively got accepted to another program which is less prestigious and they also nominated me for a university-wide fellowship and their department is raising their GA stipends. The second program, I would
  14. Hello. I'm currently a senior at an American university, pursuing two BAs (one in Geography, one in Urban Studies and Planning). I'm getting ready to apply to graduate school, and the more I think about, the more I realize Europe might be a strong option for me, particularly Germany or the UK. I want to get a Master's degree in Urban Planning or a related field, with a specific focus on commuter railroad administration. Essentially, I want to be an urban planner who specializes in public transportation. When it comes to infrastructure, Europe is just plain better in this regard (I live in a ci
  15. Welcome! I figure it's time to kick things off for 2017, exactly a year to the date the previous thread was made. It's that time of year where there's a million things to do to get applications ship-shape, school choices need to be made and there is a lot to think about! Best of Luck everybody- let's hear where everyone is thinking of applying to, research interests and the like. I'm a Brit, obviously, so will be an international student which will make the process that little bit harder, but hey- I love a challenge! Research Interests: I have very disparate research
  16. Hello, Like many, I am anxiously awaiting the results of my applications. Anyway, I haven't been offered any interviews, and I am not really sure if that is a major problem or not. Three of the schools(including the one I was rejected from) are campuses that I visited and met with some faculty and the DGS etc. pre-application. Schools I applied to are: Kentucky, Clark University, University of Oregon, University of Minnesota If anyone knows whether these these schools offer interviews I would really appreciate it. It might lessen some of the anxiety of waiting.
  17. I attend a small liberal arts college in Massachusetts that does not have a geography department. I'm an Urban Studies major and am attracted to studying Geography after undergraduate because I am fascinated with maps and spatial analysis. I have two questions: 1) Since I am not a geography major and do not have access to many geography courses, am I at a serious disadvantage in getting accepted into a M.A. or Ph.D. program in Geography? 2) What experience would I need in order to be competitive for a M.A. or Ph.D. program in Geography? There is no one with a Ph.D. in Geography at the col
  18. Hey does anyone want to review this SOP for me? Much obliged! My varied academic aptitudes professional backgrounds have prompted me to pursue advanced degrees in geography, is an ideal institution for my academic interests in political ecology, environmental governance, political economy, and ultimate goal of becoming a researcher and instructor within academia. Furthermore, the specializations of the department’s faculty and research centers align closely with my own, and provide opportunities for prospective collaborations. BLANK" applies approaches and frameworks from political ecolog
  19. I am strongly considering applying for an MSc in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh. Does anyone have any experience with the program or university as a whole? I got my undergraduate degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, so I am a little concerned about transitioning to a UK university, but the program seems very interesting. Also, does anyone have experience with their admissions? I have a 3.58 undergrad overall GPA in Environmental Studies and a minor in Geology (with distinction in my major). In addition, I have two published articles and an abstract pub
  20. Hello People of GradCafe, I need some help! I just received my Master's in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois, Chicago this May. During my Undergrad I studied Economics and the Sociology of Religion. I am interested in eventually applying for PhD programs but am unsure if I should be applying for Sociology PhD's or one in Geography (Human). The topics I am interested in focusing on are immigration, migration, and diaspora policies and how migrants/refugees fit into western societal spaces. Additionally I am very interested in how the role of the city plays int
  21. Hello People of GradCafe, I need some help! I just received my Master's in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois, Chicago this May. During my Undergrad I studied Economics and the Sociology of Religion. I am interested in eventually applying for PhD programs but am unsure if I should be applying for Sociology PhD's or one in Geography (Human). The topics I am interested in focusing on are immigration, migration, and diaspora policies and how migrants/refugees fit into western societal spaces. Additionally I am very interested in how the role of the city plays int
  22. Hi all - what are offers of funding looking like, in terms of amount and funding type? How many years are being "guaranteed?" Congrats to all those accepted and sympathies to everyone still waiting >__<
  23. I'm in GIS. I've been offered funding from Penn State (RA) and UGA (TA). Do any of you guys know the strengths/weaknesses of these two departments? I'm more inclined towards Penn State since it is considered to have a better program. I know Penn State has geoVista Center but not entirely sure what it has been focusing on.
  24. Hello, Has anyone applied to the MSc/MPhil at Oxford in geography? I applied Jan. 22 in human geography and I am waiting to hear back. Good luck all.
  25. Has anyone else applied to the CU Boulder Geography Graduate program? I know admission decisions probably won't be out for a while but I am just so anxious to hear! Does anyone know about the time/how the geography department notifies students? From what I have seen on this site from prior years, the website doesn't seem to get updated very often and mostly you hear from email. Thank you in advance for any advice! Good luck to everyone!
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