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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, I am looking into start writing my thesis proposal, specifically doing the background research section. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to decide what information is important and should be included, how broad do I need to go? Just in general what advice do you have for writing the proposal and finding the background information? thanks!
  2. Undergrad Institution: Medium sized state school Major(s): Environmental ScienceMinor(s): Geological science/coastal geoscienceGPA in Major:3.6Overall GPA:3.4Position in Class: mid to mid topType of Student: domestic white maleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q:162V:151W:3.5Research Experience: NoneAwards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list a couple timesPertinent Activities or Jobs: State Geological Survey working of geologic maps, GIS, and field workAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Study abroad for geologySpecial Bonus Points: took two graduate classes but was not on resume so hopefully they see it on my transcriptAny Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: strong LOR two from professors and one from state surveyApplying to Where: All for M.S. programs UT - Petrology/geochemistry University of vermont -Petrology/geochemistry Syracuse-Petrology/geochemistry Boise state-Petrology/geochemistry CU boulder-Petrology/geochemistry Lehigh-/geochemistry Checking everyday, but really want to know my chances because I am clueless and don't seem to have anything special that stands out in my application
  3. Hi all- I've seen a few posts on people receiving emails saying to "check the graduate portal". Anyone know if they mean ApplyWeb? Two of my schools use that and I have only found the status of receiving information from myself, recommenders, etc. I'm particularly looking for information regarding the University of Cincinnati and Miami University of Ohio. If not, what portals are they referring to. I can't find the names of any graduate school portals for these schools that do not require you to be a student. Cheers
  4. I had applied to all MS programs but was recently accepted as a ma in geology. What is the actual difference within a department besides not having a research based thesis?
  5. Hello Friends, I thought I'd start a thread for UCSC Earth Science Dept! Housing thoughts? Are you attending open house? Research topics? Questions, comments, concerns? Best of luck, Amanda
  6. Hi, So I got invited to visit the campus of one of the schools I applied for for Earth Sciences and I'm not sure what would be appropriate to wear. Like do I wear full business casual or more like jeans and a nice shirt?
  7. Hello! Long time lurker and this is my first GC post. I received my informal acceptance email from Yale (Geology Dept) last Monday Deb. 5, but it will take a few weeks for the Graduate Admissions office to send me the official acceptance so I can formally accept. Does anyone know when the official letters go out? I have a few other places I need to turn down, but I guess I'm a nervous person and don't want to do so until I'm formally accepted at Yale. I just feel bad that I'm leaving a few other programs on the hook when I know I'm going to reject them.
  8. So I am here to vent about two big topics that are interconnected with my graduate school experience. Firstly, I realized upon the middle of my first semester (I started in fall 2017) that my advisor is a bit scatter-brained. At first, I was okay with the scatter-brained bit because my previous advisor was a bit scatter-brained so I figured that since this was master's (and everything was based on my own interpretation of the literature, experiment, etc...) that this would not be detrimental. That was until three months ago when my research partner and I were thrown into a project that was unrelated to anything our advisor had done before (including the graduate students she has now). Now, we are, again, scraping to get a single "yes" or "no" answer out of her because we are both in a class where we have to submit progress in addition to abstracts, outlines, etc... Understandably, we are both getting frustrated and while we know more about our project now than compared to last year, this is not the ideal we searched for. So we both, officially, are regretting our decision to attend graduate school, even though for both of us this was the only school that offered acceptance and funding. Now, I can say that when I visited and contacted my now-current advisor I asked her how she organized her graduate students and she told me that she was organized and had weekly meetings with her students to discuss progress and work on the project, so to me, this was a complete misleading. The only thing I can say that is any small amount of a defense is that the project I am assigned to work on is a part of a project that began with a colleague of my advisor's so maybe she has no control? But even still, what I can say to anyone in a future degree program, especially in the sciences, make double, triple, and quadruple sure that the school you go with is 100% what you want with people who work with you exactly how you want to. For me, the worst part of my graduate school experience is not the lack of interest in the project I am doing (even though that is an annoyance), not the loss of money (though again that is certainly a major irritant), the worst is that I could have held on for another (put up with a job that I hated) in order to pursue a school that would fit every inch of my criteria. But instead, I thought that I could, in essence, settle, earn the degree, and move on to my doctorate at another. To which I do say, to my past self, hold out. Look only for the best and expect the best, don't just wish! But I digress. The main reason why I am angered now is that while my advisor and other trusted professors known of my uncertainty (my advisor knows that I want to take my project a certain direction but she remains ambivalent about it), they offer no assistance whatsoever. I went to one professor that I trust and I asked them about the possibility of moving into science teaching (which I am interested in) and she, herself, is a science education advocate so I figured she would have something for me. Well, she did have a contact but the contact (who is at the school I am currently at!) remains unresponsive despite the numerous emails I have sent (and I checked the directory to make sure the email is correct). While there are other professors I could contact, I just feel that my school has let me down and that I am going to come out of this, $60K more in the hole. I thought I wanted to pursue a life in academia but academia, it seems, does not want to pursue me. And even other subjects, they don't seem to want me either. So to anyone else who has felt a pain similar to mine, know that we are all in this together and we will show the world our passions, even if we have to do it in unorthodox ways!
  9. Hi all, I'm ashamed to post this to complete strangers but I'm hoping you all might be able to give me some advice. I started college in 2003 and had to leave prematurely due to medical issues. At that time, I had what was to later be diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and a severe depressive disorder. This was so rough on me that my GPA plummeted to an abysmal 2.1. Fast-forward to today. My conditions, though not cured, have improved dramatically and I'm going back to school to finish my B.S. in geology next Fall. I'm going to be going to a different university but I'm wondering that if (and I absolutely will) perform well, as in get all A's in my remaining classes, do you think a master's program would consider me? My dream is to get my PhD but I'm sure with such a poor record they won't even consider taking me. Thanks everyone!
  10. Hi all -- I have a question for those of you on the far end of the phd tunnel, or perhaps some of your who even have experience (or heard of people) that have had their field research component delayed. I was brought on to a research group last year in anticipation of our grant being funded to continue some of the lab's previous work in Antarctica. My adviser has a horrifyingly shocking success rate with grants (in 25 years he has never not had PI funding), which is why he brought me on before we had official confirmation. A long series of events later (including major funding uncertainties at the NSF), and we were unfunded this season. I am very fortunate in that my university guarantees funding for 5 years, and we will resubmit the grant, but the earliest I can get to the field is midway through my 4th year. There is plenty of work for me to do in the meantime on samples already collected, but I was looking forward to doing my own work and actually learning some field skills. Because I'm still early in my career, I could leave my university with a masters and go somewhere else. Any thoughts? Does the long delay warrant leaving? I'm really quite bummed because I chose this researcher for their fieldwork style, but I don't want to sell myself short and stay when I shouldn't.
  11. Hi all! Just a quick post asking for advice for the coming application season. Me: Current undergraduate junior. Female. At major research university. First gen college student. GPA: 3.4/ major 3.6 Work: 2 paid jobs, one is supervising at a customer service place, another is a work study in a geology lab Research: 1 semester of helping out w/geochem, just offered my own project to perhaps publish on in Fall Goals: PhD program, possibly in paleobio, at CU Boulder, Washington (Seattle), Montana, Wyoming GRE: Havent taken yet, but preform well on standardized tests (SAT score 2080). Have started studying though! Honors: Deans list 3x, several merit based scholarships, honor society What programs should I be looking into reasonably? Would love some advice! Will definitely cast my net wide no matter what, contacting profs early. Thanks in advance guys/gals!
  12. Hi all, I've been having a hell of a time choosing which school to attend for my PhD in geology this fall. I have full funding at both schools. My dilemma is that I like the advisor and my would-be lab mates at UC Davis more than at UCSB, but I like the research more at UCSB than at UC Davis. Also I think the quality of life is just higher in Santa Barbara. Does any one have any advice? Thanks!
  13. I'm applying to a few schools for Fall 2017 and have a limited amount of people to review my SOP. Could anyone look it over for me? I'd certainly be willing to look over any material you have if you are in a similar position. Comment or PM me and I'll send it to you. Thanks! Zach Zens
  14. I just received an offer from CSUF which included a TA position, but it seems as though I'd still have to pay tuition. I've heard not to accept an offer if the tuition isn't covered, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows if tuition is ever covered at CSU schools?
  15. Hi, so I currently have only 4 more classes and my field study until I will graduate with my BS in geology. Recently I have been deciding I definitely want to further my education, but I think I want to go back to get my masters in teaching. I would definitely like to focus on geoscience if that is possible I'm just not sure if it is I need some help. I was looking into WGU and I meet all the requirements and some for everything besides life sciences. I went to temple university and we were not required to take any type of bio classes( besides paleo) so I'm afraid I won't be able to get into any programs without biology, but I've taken up to, physics 2, chemistry 2, and calc 2 and obviously a handful of earth science classes. So I guess I'm wondering if any one went the same route as me and can direct me to any online programs.
  16. This might seem pretty heavy for a first post, but now that graduate program deadlines are coming up and I'm nowhere near where I should be in my decision process, I thought I might solicit some advise from you all. I'm currently deciding between two programs, a masters in geoscience/geophysics and a masters in geotech engineering. The geo masters will be at UT Austin and the engineering masters will either be at VT, or Davis. All the programs are well funded but Austin is the most, with money flowing from every direction. I love the city of Austin and Davis, Blacksburg is kind of meh but the school is very nice. My primary goal is industry unless I find research to be very compelling in grad school. So the final question I guess is whether to go for a masters in the geosciences or engineering. A couple years ago going into the geosciences would be very lucrative with the booming oil and gas business, but the recent downward spiral of oil prices and the general boom and bust cycle of working in oil turns me off. I like job security. To my knowledge, a degree in geotechnical engineering would have much better job security and would have the potential to go for professional engineering licensure. Would I be correct in assuming that the engineering route would be a safer option, with better job security, job options, and career paths? I have an intense love for geology and geophysics but I actually do not know much about their job applications other than in nonrenewables and academia.
  17. Howdy folks, awfully nice to find this place. Checking the results search for applicant acceptances and rejections has become somewhat of an obsession during this wait period. As such, I've noticed a few peculiarities, and I was hoping to ask about them and maybe start a discussion or two. 1) There really aren't that many geology/geoscience/geophysics applicants who frequent this site (or at least there are few who have posted their results). Why do you think this is? Much like our beloved stratigraphic record, I'm sure there are some artifacts and preservational biases, so how reliable and representative do you think this site's data is? Do geologists just not find this place? Do a lot of us just not apply for graduate degrees compared to other fields? 2) It seems like the majority of applicants for geo degrees apply to doctorate programs rather than for a master's degree. Is this likewise representative of our geo graduate degree seekers, or is this again an artifact or bias? Why are there seemingly so few master's degree applicants posting? If the signal is representative of a real pattern, why do so many applicants seek a doctorate over a master's, even when it is the applicant's first graduate program? 3) I noticed a distinct lack of graduate applicant results from big name universities like Penn State University and Arizona. PSU is currently ranked first in geology for the U.S.A, and they've had a great record for years. Surely there cannot be so few applicants to such excellent programs, yes? Or are there real reasons for the lack of application results for such a big name school? How many applicants do you think programs like these (based solely ranking) actually receive from students with a legitimate interest in the programs (rather than just applying based on rank)? Well, that's the extent of what I've wasted my waiting periods pondering. Anyone want to join in? Cheers, -ScrewLeucite
  18. Hello So this is my issue: I am currently a Geography major with a geology minor and applied to several schools for a masters in geology (Cal State La, Chico state, SF state, and SD state) I was influenced to apply to these schools to be conditionally classified and work on my pre rec (math, physics, geology, and chem) for a year until I begin my master's degree. But, I'm not sure if I will be accepted since I do not have a strong science background.... I have a 3.5 gpa, internship as a geologist and GIS analyst, strong letters of reference, and personal statement IF I am rejected.. I have an offer to go to University of Colorado, Boulder for a second bachelors in geology. should I go there if rejected and work on a second bachelors or boost up my application for fall 2017 by going to a CC to complete those pre rec courses? Thank you
  19. Hey Y'all! So I recently applied to Cal State LA, Cal State Chico, San Diego State, and San Francisco State for their masters in geology/geoscience. Did anyone else apply this month before the march first deadline? Anyone know when is the average time we will hear back if we applied this close to the deadline? any one know the difficulty of acceptance too? I am super nervous like many of y'all any info is great info
  20. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue with University of Nevada at Reno's online admission system. I submitted my application for geology a while ago, and got an email confirmation for it. According to the email the status of the application can be viewed online. However, whenever I login to that portal the application I sent in is "inactive." Its record is there though but it's missing a lot of info in its title. I called in, and everything is still there, active, and supposedly good to go. They have received all of my application materials. However I wasn't given an explanation as to why the online portal seemed to be broken. Is anyone else's online application status like this? I only am concerned because I note in general many people seem to find out if they are accepted or rejected from a program in a timely manner by checking their online status. When I was applying to undergrad, this was the case as well. Also should I be concerned at all? Could this glitch potentially effect anything? I know they have to shift through a lot of applications. Here's a screenshot. Thank you all in advance!
  21. I emailed a professor from The Department of Geology of Miami University (Ohio) to ask her about the time line. She told me that the first round decisions have been made but they were not able to make me an offer but might recruit me later if there were some positions left. But she also told me that the possibility is not very high. It seems to me that I am on their waiting list but not rank very high. For god's sake! It is my first decision-like thing! I applied for 9 universities but heard from nowhere before this! And just look what the first is! Oh, I just bored of waiting. Is anyone reading this email got an offer from the Geo Department of Miami Ohio? Will you go there then? I really want to know how many guys would refuse them to go somewhere else. Perhaps I could take the chance! Fingers crossed for everyone!
  22. Like, almost Randy Marsh funny? It seems that whenever they get a crazy story when working in the field, they never fail to mention it. One guy at Yale today even posted the Yahoo Answers-like comments to one of the popular media articles describing his research. And another guy talked about how a mummified (poisoned) puma cat somehow died in Pantagonia, and then a bunch of random animals took bites out of it and then died (and became mummified) as well.
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