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Found 72 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I thought this forum was a super helpful resource when I was applying for grad schools and didn't see a lot of information about Georgetown's Global Human Development program, so I wanted to give it a shoutout! I am a current student in the program and would be happy to answer any questions about GHD, the application process, etc. Just to emphasize a few highlights here - two of my favorite things about GHD are the program itself and the people. I chose GHD for its practitioner oriented approach to development - both through the curriculum itself and the co-curriculars like internships, the summer field placement, and the capstone project. The classes are very practical and hands on. For example, the core course in Strategy, Design, and Implementation provides the skills to identify and deconstruct a problem, conduct a socio-economic landscape analysis, design an intervention, pitch a program, etc. Other classes provide technical skills in data analysis, evaluation, economics, and more. And the program itself is super flexible, so you can tailor your specialization or other classes directly with your interests. The people are also a HUGE part of why I chose and why I love GHD. More than any other program I applied to, the GHD program is a tight-knit supportive cohort of students and professors. The professors in particular come from incredible backgrounds and have amazing resources and connections. There is also a good mix of academics, professors of practice, and current practitioners, which provides a really fantastic and diverse perspective to many of the issues we discuss. They are also very engaged and supportive and go well above and beyond to support us both personally and professionally. For example, this year one of my classmates mentioned how she was passionate about linguistics and one of the professors remembered this and created a workshop, led my World Bank professionals, on this topic for her and anyone else that was interested. They are also great about helping us navigate the field and get connected with opportunities with DC and abroad. I'll stop there for now, but definitely respond or reach out if you have any questions!
  2. Hi all, Somewhat new here. I'll try to keep this short. I've just been accepted to SAIS (MAIA/Bologna campus) with €25,000 funding per year which comes out to about a solid 50% scholarship. I've had my eyes on this program for years and have essentially been doing my best to keep my life and career in Europe (hence the European campus). I am fluent in German/French with intermediate Russian/Italian. The "problem" is that I'm not sure if I realistically have "better" options long term. Here's a quick look at my profile: GPA: 3.8/4.0 GRE: V: 162/Q: 158/W: 5.5 (I think I can realistically get up to 325 combined with preparation, although I've already taken the GRE twice...) In addition, back to back Fulbright ETA years (Germany/Austria), 1 year peace corps service (Eastern Europe), graduate level coursework in German (Middlebury) and--here's the kicker--a potential research/coordinator position at a top business school (first initial with "H" and includes "B" + "S"). While I was pumped to get my offer at SAIS, I'm feeling a bit of reserve in the event that an additional round of apps (undesirable) might produce offers at schools I simply did not have the time/LOR's in place to apply to this last cycle (i.e. SFS/Jackson). Complicated matters further is that my career plans have become a bit more fuzzy since undergrad. I'm definitely an "academic" at heart and feel somewhat ambivalent towards the Econ concentration at SAIS (I am not envisioning a career in consulting), however I'm not sure that additional acceptances even at Georgetown etc. would yield equal funding while simultaneously setting me back by an additional year (currently 25). Hope this isn't too much info. I'm really just trying to get more insight, so all input is welcome. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I've applied to the following programs, and I was hoping to get some insight into which programs were worth the inve$tment - in terms of employability / phD prospects afterwards! Would love to hear any feedback! Thank you!! Stanford MA in POLS (Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies) - pending Columbia University MA in Education Policy - pending University of Pennsylvania MsEd in Education, Culture and Society - admitted with $10,000 scholarship and option to apply for GA (max. $3,500) Georgetown University MA in Educational Transformation - (unofficially) admitted with $15,000 scholarship NYU MA in Education and Social Policy - admitted with $500 fellowship at Education and Social Policy Institute Background about me: I'm an international student. My interests lie in the role of education policy as a tool for mitigating inequality in society. I hope to work in a think tank in the US after graduation. I'd appreciate any help, especially from people who have experience in any of these programs, on sorting out which programs best suit me. As an international student from a developed country, I don't qualify for many scholarships other than the merit-based scholarships offered at admission and am concerned about investing in a degree that will not maximize my employment potential in the long term. I'm also happy to answer questions as well, if anyone has any about the admissions process!
  4. Hi Grad Cafe. I'm exploring the possibility of applying to a Masters in International Relations program after being out of school for a bit. I've been looking at Tufts' Fletcher School's MALD and Georgetown's M.S. in Foreign Service as ideal programs for my career goals. However, I was looking at how both schools have a foreign language proficiency. I was a language minor in college with three years of Japanese study. I still study it lightly but I am wondering about how intensive the examinations are, particularly the oral examinations, so I can figure out a study regime for preparation if I decide to pursue applying next cycle. Does anyone have any familiarity with Georgetown's School of Foreign Service and/or Tufts' Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy language proficiency components in terms of proficiency level and how it might relate to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)? At the end of my minor, I was nearly at JLPT N3 level and am wondering if that places me around what they are looking for or if I need to intensify my studying.
  5. Hi everyone, I know admissions decisions are still a long ways away, but I thought it could be helpful to discuss the comparative merits of these great IR and public policy programs. I applied to HKS's MPP, Columbia's MIA, Georgetown's MSFS, WWS's MPA, and SAIS's MA. I also applied to Georgetown's Security Studies Program, but am leaning away from the latter now because of high tuition costs and rumored lack of aid. How do you feel these schools compare to one another, in terms of job prospects, curriculum/course offerings, school culture, academic rigor, faculty? Which would be your dream program and why?
  6. I’m trying to decide whether to pursue the MSFS or SSP at Georgetown. I’m also interested in the graduate certificate in Arab Studies. My main career goal is to be an intelligence analyst in the counterterrorism field but I’m very interested in politics and international affairs overall. I’ve read that MSFS is the “golden child” program at SFS and I’m worried that the SSP doesn’t measure up to it. I think I am more attracted to the rigor and faculty of the MSFS, but it concerns me that the program is only offered full time (whereas SSP is offered part time). I will barely be able to afford Georgetown as it is so I was really planning on working while in school and taking advantage of employer tuition reimbursement. I don’t want to settle on SSP and spend so much time and money if it’s not as respected of a program.
  7. I got a full tuition scholarship at SAIS, which has me very close to accepting my offer there. My only hesitation is that right now I don't see myself in a job related to finance/trade/banking or even economics in general. I freaked myself out a little after comparing the "Employment Outcomes" sheet for SAIS with the sheet from Georgetown and seeing a lot more financial institutions for SAIS grads. I also have a contact who works on security issues at the State Department who told me that most SAIS grads at State work in Economic and Business Affairs or as Econ Desk Officers in the Political Bureau rather than on other issues. I went to the open house last week where they made the case that you need to have a grasp on economics to fully understand any issue in international relations, which I think I buy to a certain extent. Is SAIS still a strong program for people interested in issues (security, human rights, etc) that are not directly related to economics? At present I have been offered much more funding from SAIS than Georgetown so I think it is probably worth sacrificing a bit of "fit" for a significant cost difference, but I also want to make sure that I am not limiting myself to one type of work. Any insight on this would be very appreciated!
  8. I plan to apply to the MSFS program at Georgetown for Fall 2019 as well as a few other international relations programs. My long term goals include a career in the counterterrorism field. I'm interested in the University of Maryland's Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis and I'm wondering if you all think it would have any affect on my chances of getting into grad school. Would it help pad my application or are certificates largely irrelevant to admissions committees? what about for scholarship prospects? For what it's worth, the certificate program is only one year long (2 semesters and I would start Fall 2018) and my employer will pay for it, so there is really no downside for me.
  9. Hi I have been extremely lucky in being accepted into two great universities for my masters. Before I provide the details of the programmes, here is a little bit about my background. I hold a Bachelors in Business Studies from a reputed Indian university. My interest in economics is mostly fuelled by textbooks, online courses and, a few introductory courses at college. I plan to get a job after my master's programme somewhere in the development policy sector. Georgetown University: Pros: DC hence internship opportunities, math camp, more quantitative courses Cons: Expensive, not a lot of research opportunities Penn State University: Pros: Cheaper, a thesis component, PhD level courses- they are taught separately to masters programme. In the second year, can choose from PhD field courses. Cons: Small city, new programme Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You
  10. Hi guys, first time posting. I got accepted into Johns Hopkins SAIS (Conflict Management) and Georgetown (M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the Department of Government). I'm having some trouble deciding between the programs. GU is giving me a partial scholarship (10K-ish) while SAIS offered no funding for this academic year. The reply deadline for GU is 4/15 and SAIS is 5/01. I'm looking to pursue a policy career in international relations (State Dept. U.N. etc.), and am also concerned about career prospects after grad school. I also understand that SAIS places an emphasis on economics, and I haven't taken too many econ courses in undergrad. If anyone is already in one of the programs/can speak from experience, your feedback would also be greatly appreciated! Some professors and family have recommended Georgetown b/c they also have a Ph.D. program, but I'm honestly not sure if I want to pursue a Ph.D. at this time. I was also accepted into the University of Pittsburgh's GSPIA, and was wondering if I should consider that over the Georgetown MA (GU's program is relatively new; first cohort was in 2005-06). I also spoke to a career counselor and he recommended SAIS for diplomacy/international affairs. Any additional insight/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi everyone, I was recently admitted into the following MPP programs and am trying to decide which would be the best choice: Georgetown McCourt U Chicago Harris UCLA Luskin I received a $20,000 scholarship for McCourt and Harris and am specifically interested in environmental policy. Is anyone else debating between the same schools or have any recommendations?
  12. Hi everyone! I was recently admitted to Georgetown's Conflict Resolution program with limited funding and into Seton Hall's Diplomacy with substantially more funding. I know that Walsh is Gtown's hallmark IR program, but does anyone know anything about the CR program reputation or specifically in comparison to SHU? I'm having a hard time justifying the $60,000-ish additional Gtown will cost but it is hard to say no to Georgetown....also came out of undergrad debt free and will have some help (but not a ton) from family with the financial aspect if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  13. Did anyone get the chance to attend McCourt's Admitted Student Days last weekend? I wasn't able to make it due to a work commitment and want to know what others thought of it.
  14. Hi guys, first time posting. I got accepted into Johns Hopkins SAIS and Georgetown (M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the Department of Government). I'm having some trouble deciding between the programs. GU is giving me a partial scholarship (10K-ish) while SAIS offered no funding for this academic year. The reply deadline for GU is 4/15 and SAIS is 5/01. I'm looking to pursue a policy career in international relations (State Dept. U.N. etc.), and am also concerned about career prospects after grad school.If anyone is already in one of the programs/can speak from experience, your feedback would also be greatly appreciated! Some professors and family have recommended Georgetown b/c they also have a Ph.D. program, but I'm honestly not sure if I want to pursue a Ph.D. at this time. I also spoke to a career counselor and he recommended SAIS for diplomacy/international affairs. Any additional insight/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I'm in the process of selecting which school in the greater Washington, DC area to undertake a master's in public policy degree at. I've been working full-time here since 2016 and plan on continuing to work 9-5 for the next three years while I am completing my MPP. I've been accepted into all 5 schools I've applied and for now have them ranked as: 1) Georgetown 2) George Washington 3) George Mason 4) American 5) Maryland Georgetown and George Washington are extraordinarily expensive, but I think they have the best curricula and flexibility for part-time students. Any thoughts/experience/advice from the forum on these schools?
  16. Waiting to hear back from Georgetown’s Theological & Religious Studies PhD program. Others have been waitlisted or rejected last week, but I’ve gotten nothing so far. No one has said they’ve been accepted, either. I contacted the Theology Dept. and left a voicemail yesterday just inquiring and perhaps there might be a technical issue on my end. They definitely know I’ve applied, as I contacted my POI and another faculty member about my app during & after submission. I’ve heard that some people are waiting from St. Louis in a similar situation. All my other schools have been rejections so far... As this is my first cycle ever applying to PhD programs, is it typical to leave some people hanging with some notified and others not notified at all? Do schools send out second round rejections or waitlists without sending acceptances? It’s driving me bonkers not knowing my status, esp. when others have been rejected or waitlisted. I just don’t know what that means for me; is it good news? Trying not to get my hopes up too much.
  17. Hi everyone, Quick question about the two programs that Georgetown University School of Foreign Service has, the Security Studies Program and the Master of Science in Foreign Service. Does anyone know if one is better than the other in terms of acceptance rate, job prospects and earnings, academic, etc? I saw online that MSFS acceptance rate is 30-40% while SSP is 20-25%. Don't know if that makes much of a difference. Also, two programs seem to have different focus, one more qualitative and the other more quantitative. Would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this as I am trying to decide which program to enroll to. Thanks!
  18. Hi all, I have recently been admitted to three programs: Georgetown's MA in Conflict Resolution, Boston University's MAIA in Diplomacy, and LSE's MSc in Conflict Studies. I cannot for the life of me decide which school would be the best fit, so I'm hoping that someone here has either attended one of these schools or can offer insight into which program sounds the most compelling. Here is what I know so far: Georgetown Tuition: ~ $50k USD per year for a 2 year program Great career centre/job prospects post-grad Perfectly located for internships/careers in diplomacy or foreign service Beautiful campus Great reputation in the US Poli Sci/Government circle Very high cost of living Don't know a single person in Washington High crime rate Boston University Tuition: ~$45k USD per year for a 2 year program Offers a summer exchange program for CR students in Geneva & London Prof whose work I have followed for ages teaches a class in my department Boyfriend and best friend from uni both live here (support network + potential roommates) From what I can tell, great student-faculty outreach Very high cost of living Not as internationally acclaimed as the other 2 schools LSE Tuition: £20,904 for 1 year program (roughly $29,176 USD - this is a HUGE draw of this program, as I will be financing my own graduate degree) Great international reputation, would likely open many career doors Uni is in the centre of an exciting city Well located for careers in government/foreign service Insane cost of living From what I've gathered so far, their academics are not as strong as Georgetown Only a 1 year program, so not as much time to network/study/perform research Hands-off teaching style - very little in class time, grades based off one final exam at the end of term Any guidance you can offer on any of the 3 schools would be very much appreciated. HELP ME MAKE THIS IMPOSSIBLE DECISION!
  19. Hey guys! So I've been admitted to Georgetown's MPP program, among others, so I'm sort of in the decision-making process right now. I was wondering if anyone here had a better feel for how well the evening program fits with a full time, especially one in and around Capitol Hill? I know that Georgetown is a pain to get to, but I'd hate for that to be the reason it isn't doable. Are classes late enough that this is not an issue? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  20. Over the weekend, I was (unofficially) accepted to Georgetown's MSFS!!! I am, of course, over the moon as this is my top choice. According to the email, I was waitlisted for a scholarship. Does anyone have any experience with this? How likely is it that funding will come through? And how long are the waitlists for these? I've (of course) applied for outside funding, but most of those do not notify until April, so the cost of attendance is a bit scary at the moment.
  21. Any other people waiting on their Georgetown Masters in Asian Studies admission decision??! I’m struggling in the waiting game here, I thought decisions would come out today since they came out March 5th last year but nothing yet in my email. Trying not to check my email every 5 minutes but can’t help it!! Anyone else waiting?
  22. Anyone heard back this week? I got an offer but need to negotiate the aid package
  23. Hello! Did anyone hear back from the Georgetown M.A in Arab Studies? I was under the impression that decisions will be out by March 5th.
  24. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could offer insight on career services for MPA/MPP students at the University of Washington's Evans School and Georgetown's McCourt School -- specifically, how well-networked each is in New York. I currently live in the city, and hope to return here after graduation, but it seems that graduates of each school tend to stay nearby (in Seattle and D.C., respectively). I assume the Georgetown name would carry more weight on the East Coast, though I have no hard data to back up that intuition. (NYU Wagner would have been my first choice, but no funding makes things difficult. Results are pending from Columbia SIPA, though my video essay was not anywhere near what it should have been.) Thanks for any advice you may have!
  25. I have gotten into three schools so far for public policy: Georgetown, University of Maryland, and American. All these school's rankings are similar so I am having a hard time distinguishing between them (they are also all in DC) except for the price tag. Tuition follows: Georgetown- $50,000/yr (have not been notified of funding) American- $30,000/yr (received $10,000 each year) Maryland- $45,000 (have not been notified of funding) What do you think is the best option?
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