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  1. Hello, I have received an admit from ECE CMU and ECE Georgia Tech. My interest lies in computer architecture, FPGAs, digital design and hardware acceleration. I feel the course of CMU is better than Georgia Tech. But I am confused whether ECE CMU really worth spending extra 30K USD? At Georgia, I will have a better opportunity of getting an RA or TA. At CMU, program is professional masters while at Georgia I have an option to choose Thesis . I request you to please provide a better comparison of two programs from the perspective of my technical interests. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have been accepted to both NYU Courant MSCS and Georgia Tech MSCS, both without funding. I am looking to do with thesis, as I want to keep PhD option open. I am interested in AI/ML applications for finance and would ideally be researcher/developer for a bank, though don't mind working at a tech company as well. Currently, working as a software developer at an international bank and have been working for 5 years since bachelors. I am leaning towards Georgia Tech because: Cheaper than NYU Can be completed in 1.5 years Better ranking and reputation for AI/ML and CS. NYU Pros: Better city Great business school and overall reputation as a university. Near Wall street Any inputs?
  3. Hey guys! I am a Mechanical Engineering (major) and Math (minor) student who goes to UCF for undergrad. I am, however, out of state and from Georgia. My #1 choice of getting my masters is at Georgia Tech but I have UCF as a backup since I am in their BS-MS program. I also applied to UF to have the choice of three graduate schools. Thus, I have taken two graduate courses (applied mathematical methods for engineers and turbines for sustainable power). I also intern at one of the world's top gas turbine producers and have been here for 1 yr and 3 months. I'm also a Resident Assistant and have been in ASME & Mech Eng Honor Society. On top of this, I did some volunteering that I connected to my aspirations in engineering in my SOP. Idk if it matters for GT, but I'm a resident of Georgia. Tldr: Applying to UF, UCF, GT. Thank you! Applied to: Applied to UF, UCF, and GT. I am in the UCF BS-MS program, so my acceptance is certified. Undergrad Institution: UCF Mechanical Engineering Undergrad Major: Mechanical Engineering major with mathematics minor. I have taken all classes relating to thermofluids thus far (found my specialization). Years out of undergrad: 0 (In senior year of undergrad) GPA: 3.73/4.0 , All As during Senior Year, including summer, and mostly As in Junior year (2 B+s). Upper level GPA much higher than lower. GRE: not required Applicable Background: MATLAB, Mathcad, SolidWorks Relevant Work Experience: For 1 yr and 3 months, I have been interning at a top tier turbine producing company while going to school full-time. This experience directly connects to my desired focus in my masters since I want to go into thermofluids and the study thereof. I have also been a Resident Assistant for 2 years and 2 months, working for the university. While I know this RA job is unrelated to my major, I hope my ability to mediate conflicts and instruct a large group of people effectively will affect the admissions. Languages: English ; Patois is spoken in my household. Ethnicity: African-American Strength of SOP: Realistically, I'd give my SOP a 7/10 or 8/10, so not the best nor the worst. Strength of extra material essays: These are a strong 9/10 for GT. Strength of LOR: Definite strong recommendation from current turbine company employer, previous Resident Assistant boss who oversaw all RAs and supervisors, and a third from my Mechanical Engineering Senior Design advisor (solar desalination plant) and current professor for a graduate course I am taking (intermediate heat transfer). No research - stopping at Masters. I really appreciate it
  4. I am an international graduate student, my plan is to have an academic career. I have been accepted to both Georgia Tech and UIUC for the Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. program with subfield in biomechanics. The offer from UIUC is quite competitive as it guarantees 5-year funding, while the offer from GATech is only 1 year with the intention for renewal. Both are almost the same stipend However Atlanta is much more expensive. I like the research point in GATech and the group more than that in UIUC. I really can't make a decision. especially I am worried about the availability of funding in GATech as COVID-19 might impact the economy.1-I would like to ask for your opinion about both universities because QS ranking places GAtech significantly ahead of UIUC while in US News they are almost equal.2-I feel the stipend at UIUC will make my life better and the city of Atlanta will also make my life more interesting and energetic, what do you think?3- Is the guaranteed 5-year funding much better than the 1-year contract.Thanks
  5. Hi, I have received several math phd program offers including Wisconsin Madison, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Texas A&M. I am now interested in analysis and differential equations, having learnt some basic knowledge about viscous conservation laws and infinite dimensional Morse theory. Please help me about selecting a fit program for me. Any related information would be appreciated.
  6. Hey Everyone!, a newbie to this forum here! I am a prospective student who will be applying to the MS Computer Science Program at Georgia Tech. I have a unique doubt. I have already submitted a Ph.D. application (ML Ph.D. program) at Georgia Tech. But according to this link (https://grad.gatech.edu/helpdesk/knowledgebase.php?article=7), a student is allowed to have two open applications per semester. So, my first question is that then it should not be a problem if I decide to apply to the MS CS Program, given that I have another submitted application already, right? Second, if I am allowed to apply to the MS CS Program, I have another doubt, the deadline for the Ph.D. Program was December 15th, and I will be submitting the MS application by February 1st. And since I am in the last year of my undergraduate studies, I now have the results of my Fall Semester with me as well, so the transcript I will be submitting with the MS CS Program will be the updated one and will be different from the transcript associated with my already submitted Ph.D. application, will this cause any issue in any regards? One Side note: the ML Ph.D. application was submitted to the Industrial Department while the MS in CS one will be forwarded to the School of Computer Science. I want to submit my updated transcript because I scored a perfect 10/10 GPA in my latest sem & so it increased my GPA by 0.08. Since it is a competitive program, I think this will give me an advantage. Since I am in a time crunch, sorry if I did not adhere to any of the rules of the forum, Hoping to hear a reply from you people in regards to both queries as soon as possible. I tried contacting Georgia Tech with this query but to no avail.
  7. Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of deciding which grad school to attend and could really use some advice. I know I have some great options but each one seems to have its pros and cons. I was accepted into MIT and Duke's mechanical engineering PhD program and Georgia Tech's Robotics program. My interest is medical robotics and as of now I plan to go into industry after graduation. Listed are the pros and cons of each school. Georgia Tech: pros - I received a prestigious medical robotics 2 year fellowship. This fellowship would let me choose who I work with and I have already met, and like, some of my potential advisers. There is plenty of research I am interested in. I plan to go into industry eventually and the school has affiliations with some companies I would be interested in working for. I really like their Robotics program and I like the location and the people generally speaking. cons - Georgia Tech does not have the same prestige and name recognition as MIT. Also, if I were to change my mind and decide to stay in academia, I've been told it would be much harder to get a postdoc position. Duke: pros - Similar to Georgia Tech. I received a really nice 2 year fellowship. I know who my adviser would be and like him (based on the brief time I talked to him on visit weekend) and am very interested in the research. It is my ideal place to live and I really liked the other grad students I interacted with. Also, basketball (just kidding). cons - Duke is not known for robotics and there aren't as many options lab-wise if something were to not work out with my adviser. MIT: pros - The name carries a lot of weight. MIT guarantees funding. Because MIT makes you get your masters first, then PhD, if I am unhappy there, I could always leave with my masters. There is a lot of research I am interested in. It would set me up well for an industry position or an academia position. cons - It seems that most of the RA offers go out in the summer so I have no idea who I would be working with or what research I would be doing. Several grad students said there is a chance you end up having to work in an area you are not interested in, which is concerning. I really did not like the campus or the area and just did not have a good over-all feeling. This may be due to the fact that I was only able to visit for one day and was very rushed. Also Boston is very expensive. My professors say I would be crazy to not go to MIT but so many other people have told me that adviser is THE most important thing. If I turn down MIT, would I be throwing away an amazing opportunity for something not as good? Which factors should I put the most weight on? Any pros or cons that I am missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially since the deadline is fast approaching!
  8. Hello everyone, I've a couple of admits. One from U of Utah and the other from Ga Tech for MS in CS. I want to specialize in Computer Graphics. At the moment I'm leaning towards Georgia Tech because of the better ranking. Could someone give me a few pointers keeping the following things in mind, as to which University would be a better choice. 1. I'm an international student and would need a job after my studies till I can clear my loan (Which university would have better industry association in my field?). 2. Where would I be able to finance my studies better? (RA TA openings for grads) 3. Is the Computer Graphics department at Utah significantly better than Ga Techs? Would I be exposed to better professors at either universities? Any help, testimonials, opinions would be great. Thanks a lot.
  9. Which course is better? Georgia tech CS or Columbia DS. I am leaning towards a data science course.
  10. Which School do you prefer? All schools guarantee full funding and similar stipend for me. If not engineering, is Cornell the best?
  11. Hello, I have received an admit from ECE CMU and ECE Georgia Tech. My interest lies in computer architecture, FPGAs, digital design and hardware acceleration. I feel the course of CMU is better than Georgia Tech. But I am confused whether ECE CMU really worth spending extra 30K USD? At Georgia, I will have a better opportunity of getting an RA or TA. At CMU, program is professional masters while at Georgia I have an option to choose Thesis . I request you to please provide a better comparison of two programs from the perspective of my technical interests. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Hi guys, a prospect who wants to purse a BE/BME PhD degree here. I would like to ask if anyone knows in great details on the pros and cons of the Bioengineering program at the University of Washington (Seattle) and Georgia Tech. Which bioengineering disciplines are the two schools strong at? Which of the two would you rather choose to purse your PhD, and why? (history?, strong fields/faculty member, funding, weather, etc.) I really appreciate your help!!! Thank you in advance
  13. Hi, I thought it might be good to meet each other and discuss the questions we may have. I am admitted to Georgia Tech ECE PhD program for fall 2018.
  14. Hello all! Negotiating offers for a PhD in Chemical Engineering between Amherst, Georgia Tech, Cornell, Michigan, and UT Austin. Cornell's offer has proven to be most financially competitive, yet all are within the same stipend ball park. Interested in biological research, primarily regarding cellular engineering. Little bit about me: first gen college student, female, first gen US citizen (originally from Moscow, Russia), currently at Northeastern University and completed my elementary through high school education in NJ. Also, I'm a total work horse and prefer a heavily shifted work:life balance. Currently 21 years old, looking to complete my PhD by 25 in order to kick start my career then! Let me know your opinions!
  15. I have recently been invited to Georgia Tech by the mechanical engineering department to tour and talk to some professors about assisting in research. I know this is a good sign, but I am curious about my chances for acceptance at this point. Does this mean I am close to admission? Or do I still have a ways to go? And I was also wondering how many steps there are when trying to get a GRA/GTA position. Would this only be the first round of interviews, or is this the only round? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Carnegie Mellon or Georgia Tech for masters in mechanical engineering? The real question being is there some feature of CMU that merits the extra cost over Georgia tech? Thanks, M
  17. 1) Gatech Pros: - Highly prestigious ECE school - Very strong group of researchers in ECE Cons: -My advisor is fresh out of his postdoc, so no PhD supervising experience yet or connections in academia and also less published papers (he seemed like a nice guy though, and his mentoring style seemed great, in theory). 2) Duke (PhD in Mechanical Engineering) Pros: -I got great comments on my advisor by a current PhD student of his (friend of mine), and his mentoring style suits me almost perfectly. He is also somewhat experienced (been a professor for a little less than a decade). Cons: -Duke's is not as famous as Gatech or UPenn. -At Duke I will actually pursue a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, because my advisor is with the ME department officially (even though he is researching ECE stuff). 3) UPenn Facts: -The prestige is between Duke and Gatech (Gatech>UPenn>Duke) -I liked the mentoring style of the advisor (judging from what he told me), and he is also adequately experienced (same as Duke's advisor). So, just because I do not have any inside info about the advisor, I rank this advisor between the advisors of Duke and Gatech (Duke>UPenn>Gatech). All of these advisors publish quality papers in respected journals. Also, the possible projects offered by all of these advisors interest me the same (not much that is). Moreover, I do not have a preference over Atlanta, Durham and Philadelphia. I plan on following a career in academia after my PhD. Should I choose prestige and fame and an inexperienced advisor (gatech) over a less prestigious school but with a guaranteed great advisor (Duke) or should I choose something in the middle (UPenn)? What matters more for a successful career in academia? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  18. So I got into Georgia Tech with a TA and Virginia Tech with some crazy fellowship thing that seems like it guarantees me 2 years at 30k but is renewable and ill get all 6 years funded by it. Georgia Tech seems to have everything besides the funding... better advisor(s) and more closely aligned research goals. What do I do?
  19. Question: How can I tailor my application with a low gpa in the next 2 years? I am in year 3/5.5 in my dual degree engineering program. I would like to go to Georgia Tech for a PhD. 1)I have a 2.8 gpa and really want to go to graduate school. 2) I have started research and will continue through the next year with hopes to do more. So far I have this semester and next year lined up with undergraduate research at my institution. 3)I will have my 4th internship this summer. 4) I have a low gpa because in high school I had 2 jobs while helping my chaotic family pay the bills and taking dual credit college courses. I still do that but considering I started at a 2.5 and am now at a 2.83 I believe I can get to at most a 3.3 before I graduate. How do I overcome this? I want to get a start on the grad school application mindset early. Thank you for any and all help
  20. Can someone please evaluate my profile for Georgia Tech's MS in Computational Science and Engineering program (School of Computing Home Unit)? GRE - 325 (Quant 165, Verbal 160) TOEFL - 117 (Reading 30, Listening 29, Speaking 28, Writing 30) Undergraduate degree - Electrical Engineering Projects - 2 in the field of Electrical Engineering and 4 in the field of Computer Science No research papers 10 certified online courses from Coursera, edX, and Udacity Thanks in advance
  21. GRE: 321 TOEFL: 101 Work experience: 2.5 yrs as a data analyst CGPA: 7.7 (IIT Kharagpur 2014 dual degree graduate) Looking for Data Analytics and similar programs Shortlisted: NCSU UIUC U of Cincinnati U of San Diego Georgia Tech But I feel like they all are too ambitious for my profile. Please let me know your advice and suggestions. Much appreciated. Cheers
  22. I've been reading the forum for quite some time, but it is my first time posting here. I'm an international student currently preparing my application for a PhD in Political Science or Public Policy in the US and would really appreciate to hear your comments on how to improve my application (questions below). Academia: Undergrad: Economics, 5 years, mid-level Brazilian university, GPA~2.5, thesis on public budget in Brazil. 1st Master's degree: Public Administration (courses on PolSci, Law and Economics), 2 years, mid-level Brazilian university, GPA=4.0, thesis on innovation policy & economic growth in Latin America, with full scholarship. 2nd Master's degree: Public Economics, Law and Politics, 2 years, mid-level German university, GPA (by now)~3.0, thesis on political parties in Latin America, with full scholarship, plus assistantship at a Development Economics course at the BA level. Lecturer: Economics, Marketing and Financial Maths, 2 semesters, mid-level Brazilian university. Others: short-term courses (i.e. summer schools) in over 10 countries. Publications: One paper in a Polish journal, two papers in Brazilian journals; oral presentations at international renowned congresses as Development Studies Association (Oxford U), International Political Science Association, European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, and a graduate conference on political theory at SciencesPo. Work experience: National bureau positions in a Brazilian political party's youth wing for ~7 years; treasurer and program manager at an international NGO based in the UK for ~6 years; political consultant for different politicians in Brazil, incl. a former minister for ~8 years; part-time jobs in small-sized consulting firms in Germany as finance coordinator and market researcher (energy sector) for 6 months each. Languages: Portuguese (native), Spanish (upper-intermediate), German (intermediate), English (TOEFL: 104, 3 years ago, I guess I have to retake it). GRE: will take it in October. Very worried about it, as I feel myself very dumb when looking at the content. "Dream" universities: MIT, Georgia Tech or George Mason (although I believe that with not-high scores on GRE and coming from mid-level unis would not allow me to be accepted). Well, my questions are: 1) How much does coming from mid-level (not famous) international universities harm my application? 2) If I don't score high (or even in the 50th percentile) on GRE, would I still have chances with my CV? 3) In the case of low GRE scores, would you recommend any uni in the fields of either innovation or political parties in Latin America? 4) The applications are in December/January. I'm trying to improve my CV by having more publications. Is there any other thing I can do now? 5) On which aspects should I focus my application? 6) Do you believe the three listed universities would be a feasible target? Unfortunately my budget only allow me to apply for 3 universities, so I must be pretty assertive. 7) Should I approach potential supervisors before applying? If yes, how do you suggest doing so? 8) Any other suggestions or comments? I'd really appreciate hearing from you! Thank you very much for all of you contributing to it!
  23. I'm currently an undergrad Industrial Engineering major at GaTech. As of now, I intend on working for the healthcare industry after schooling. I enjoy learning about general IE but it seems heavily theoretical. Looking at the coursework for MSIE, it's just a huge chunk of theories and topics that I learned in undergrad, except it's even more in-depth. MSHS coursework seems more interesting as there are a lot of applications of IE in the healthcare field. The only setback is that MSHS is very specific so I'm worried that it may not open as many doors career-wise as an MSIE would have. A Masters degree is pretty expensive so I want to consider both degree carefully before making a decision. Any thoughts/advice/experience you guys would like to share on this? Thanks!
  24. I've been accepted into the CMU and Georgia Tech programs for MS in Environmental Engineering. I've got funding at CMU(12,000 USD) and no funding at Georgia Tech, so the expenses turn out to be similar at both places. Both are really great programs and i'm not able to make up my mind. Could someone help? Thanks!
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