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Found 10 results

  1. With the deadline approaching, I'm very confused which one to choose. Given that Georgia is cheaper and affordable compared to Michigan, UMich is a great place to study. I somehow feel that a college town will establish more connections with the people than a city. Both places are great wrt academics and research. I am very interested in research and hope to get into RnD division after my masters. I'm particularly thinking about the job opportunities only. I have heard too many people say that any decision I take wont go wrong, so I wish someone can provide me with a little bit more insight on this.
  2. I've recently been accepted to the MS HCDE at University of Washington, Seattle. I'm very confused as to should I accept the offer or wait for Georgia Tech MS HCI to roll out their decisions. Is UW better than GT or vice versa? I'm inclining towards UW because of the location but GT has a great reputation in HCI.
  3. Hi, Has anyone here heard from Georgia Tech MS ECE program in nanotechnology track? Recently there were a string of admits but none of them seemed to be from Nanotechnology track. I was curious as to the difference in timelines for issuing admits to various tracks within ECE. Any information on this would be helpful. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I majored in Psychology at a top university in India. My undergrad GPA is low (3.04/4.0). However, I am currently doing some PG work in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make up for my poor gpa (and a three year undergrad degree). By the time I submit my application, I'll have work exp of about 2 years. I want to know how else can I make up for my low GPA, if I want to apply to good HCI programs? Some schools I am looking at are - GTech, UofW, UofMaryland, etc. Do I even stand a chance?
  5. Hi everyone! I'm having a lot of trouble deciding which M.S. in Computer Science (with a focus on computer security) I should pick. Here is the list of the programs I've been accepted to: University of Waterloo - fully funded University of Virginia - $2000 fellowship, (potentially, i'd get in-state tuition, which is ~20k/year. out of state tuition is ~35k/year) Georgia Tech - no funding (~20k/year) University of Utah - no funding (~20k/year) University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - no funding (~35k/year) UMD College Park - no funding (~40k/year) Georgetown - no funding (~40k/year) So that you get an idea of my financial situation, my parents are willing and able to pay for tuition/living expenses at any of the universities that I've been accepted to. That said, I don't want to burden them with an excessively high tuition fee when there are more affordable options. I feel like, in most situations, people are stuck between attending a fully-funded program at a lower-ranked school and an unfunded one at a more prestigious school. In my situation, what I imagine to be the most prestigious school on the list (Waterloo) is the one offering me funding. At Waterloo, I wouldn't have to search for any RA/TA positions because I'll already be doing research with a specific professor and TA-ing. I feel like most people would commit to that school immediately. But for some reason, there's something holding me back. I don't know why. Do I just not like the town that much? Am I worried that I'd feel out of place or not perform well compared to the types of people who usually get accepted there? Do I not want to live in the cold? I don't know. Maybe all of the above. UVA is most likely going to give me in-state tuition. They also offered me a fellowship, which, although not significant compared to the tuition, makes me feel like they were at least trying to attract me to their program. There's also a high likelihood that I'd be able to get an hourly position as a masters teaching assistant. It's also in a scenic location with a lot of nature, which I like, and is also pretty close to a lot of my family who live in the D.C./northern Virginia area, so I could potentially visit them often. That said, I'm not really a fan of what seems to be a preppy(?) culture at the school, although maybe that matters more at the undergraduate level. None of the other schools offered me funding or awards, and I'm not sure how likely it is that I'll be able to secure a TA/RA position there. I'd really appreciate your advice. Where should I go, if I want to go into computer security?
  6. Looks like most of the schools I applied to start sending out news mid-March but the wait is agonizing to say the least. I don't even know if I can be confident. This is my first time applying and I am straight out of undergrad. One can only hope.
  7. Hi Guys, I have the following admits, 1. MS Computational Data Analytics at Georgia Tech 2. MS in Analytics at Northwestern University 3. MS Computer Science (concentration in data science) at University of Massachusetts Amherst I have been waitlisted for NYU MSDS and still waiting to hear from Columbia MSDS. A little bit about my background, I already have a bachelors and masters degree in core statistics. My aim is to work in machine learning or data scientist positions. My confusion is given my background, what would be a better choice MS in CS or MS Analytics/Data Science? How reputable is the MS CS program at UMass Amherst? Would the GaTech brand be a bigger addition to my profile? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello everyone! I have been applying to different PhD programs in Biomedical Engineering to a some schools including Brown University, Georgia Tech, University of Miami, George Washington, and VCU. So far I have only heard back from VCU and I am going crazy waiting for the responses, has anyone gotten anything from these universities?
  9. I have got admit from DPhil in University of Oxford (funded) and MSCS in Georgia Tech (not funded, but can easily get TAship). My goal is to do PhD (in case I go for GaTech, I will definitely apply for PhD) and then go for an industrial research. I have a bachelors degree from India. Can you please discuss the following points: (1) Chance of working in US/Europe (after PhD completion) (2) Reputation of the degree (3) Oxford has 3.5 yrs program while in US it will be 5 years. Thanks!
  10. I applied to the Cognitive Aging program (Psychology) at Georgia Tech for Fall 2017, but my status still says "under review". Should I just assume that all first drafts have been accepted and that I am either wait-listed or will receive a rejection letter via snail mail? Many thanks!
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