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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! I'm currently making the decision today and tomorrow whether to accept my offer of admission to SAIS Europe w 20k yearly scholarship or wait a year to reapply for SIPA (they didn't consider me for aid as they said I didn't ask for it), apply for Kennedy, and then maybe Princeton or dual degree programs. A bit of background on me, I went to a top 3 US college and ivy for undergrad. Pulled an A range GPA with a history degree and special economics concentration. Went to work in consulting after college, but that unfortunately took me down the wrong road, and now I'm in a career I truly hate and that lacks valuable experience or prestige: tech and ops consulting. I've only been out of college since may of 2019 and love where I live in NYC and friends, but am actively depressed by my job. A policy degree has always been my goal and dream, but I decided to apply a year early in sort of a rushed manner during covid, and only applied to Columbia and JHU and was admitted to both. I'm wondering if it's worth deferring or saying no and suffering another year in a dead end job, just to have the opportunity to get my GRE score up from a V:167 Q:158 Essay: 5.5 to be able to reapply and mull over a dual degree. For reference, I'm looking to work in political risk, economic consulting, or just anything more international trade and globalization focused after Graduation in NYC. I'm also considering working in-house at a financial services firm or tech company in a more politically focused role or strategy role. Thank you all! Being tortured by this decision. I was more excited about Johns Hopkins at first, but after examining the student body, it just doesn't seem as accomplished as Harvard or SIPA.
  2. HI all, Does anyone have any insight into the London School of Hygiene in Tropical Medicine's Global Health Policy program? I have done my research and was actually accepted into the program. It is entirely through distance education with an option to go to London and study at the school for a 6 week blended-learning option. There is an option for a project at the end, otherwise known as a thesis. I work full-time as a research assistant so this masters would allow me the time to build my professional career as well as my academic. Apparently, LSHTM has an outstanding reputation and I have spoken with a wide representation of people who have all pretty much regarded the program to be high. My worry is about the potential for networking through distance education. Also, is there any stigma associated with a distance masters degree? There isn't much in terms of funding through distance education but the price tag isn't too hefty. I really like the international perspective, without having to leave for too long. Also, their connections to the UN, WHO etc... In the global health/policy world, how is LSHTM regarded? Should I hold out to apply to other schools next year? Thanks ahead for reading this!
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