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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! If you decide to go to George Mason in the Fall. Let's talk!
  2. I'm a rising senior at the University of Virginia, a psych major and my current GPA is 3.1. I want to apply to the VCU MSW program this fall. I am planning on raising my GPA with my summer and fall classes which shouldn't be as difficult as what I've taken so far. VCU is the only school I'm interested in, I've only heard bad things about the GMU MSW program. I'm planning on taking the GRE soon but I'm wondering if it's even worth it. I have an internship coming up at a school for boys on the spectrum, and I have social services related volunteer experience. But even if I get my GPA up to a 3.3 or a 3.5, do I have a shot? I would love to hear the stats of people who have been admitted to or graduated from the program already.
  3. Got accepted into Masons MSW program!!...has anyone else??
  4. Hi, I'm struggling to decide where to go for a PhD in Comp Sci. I've narrowed it down to George Mason University or University of Houston. What's so important to me is reputation and my chance to find a good academic position after graduation. Any comment is appreciated
  5. I am currently employed in Virginia working in research for a non-profit. I'm looking to get a MS in analytics part-time at an institution in which I can continue to keep working. This obviously limits my options a bit. Currently, I've been seriously looking at two programs: M.S. Data Analytics Engineering George Mason University M.S. Government Analytics Johns Hopkins I haven't applied yet, and am still doing a lot of research in terms of best fit for long term goals (including other programs). However, I did want to get perspective on a basic issue of cost vs. name recognition. Both are fairly new programs. From what I can decipher from initial research and reviewing of the coursework, it would seem GMU's program would provide more of the skills I'm looking for. In addition, the entire program would cost be about $20k in-state tuition with my employer fronting half of that. For JHU, I'll be responsible for around 35k. There is, however, the benefit the John Hopkins recognition (ultimately I'm hoping to move away from Virginia down the road). I'm personally leaning more towards the GMU route, but it would appear others online with this same question got a much more definitive response towards JHU.
  6. So I've been surprised at how little information is out there on George Mason Public Policy. I'm heavily considering attending, mostly because as an in-state student, it's dirt cheap. But does anyone have any experience with the school, or know anybody that goes there? I haven't seen much on-line, and their website is pretty bare. Specifically, I'd be interested in hearing anything about the quality of education, job prospects, quality of student life, etc... Are the students that are attending happy there? Would they return if they had to do over again? Thanks in advance for any info!
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