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Found 5 results

  1. I just accepted my offer to U of Utah and I'm so excited to start making plans for the move. I'm looking to get out there by August 1st. Anyone else here looking for housing and would possibly want to chat to see if we'd be good roommates? I talked with a few friends and have some suggestions for good neighborhoods to live in.
  2. Hi guys! I'm having a really hard time deciding between Purdue, GWU, and Penn State. If there are any graduate students who are in these programs or simply if you have any insight I would greatly appreciate it! Purdue and Penn State are ranked super well but I'm mainly worried about the surrounding areas being too rural and then GWU sounds great but is definitely the most expensive option. Please help me decide, thanks!!
  3. Hey everyone, I am back again with a new question! Loans.. so I really don't want to work during grad school, so I can focus and obviously succeed. I've never applied for loans before and am a little nervous I wont get money for classes, housing and books. Anyone have any information for me?? Thanks!
  4. I'm graduating this year and starting to really research grad programs for Speech Path. I'm a non-SLP undergrad so I am looking for grad programs that have a "leveler" or "bridge" program, or who accept students with non-slp undergrad and allow them to take prerequisites in their first year. I am interested in bilingual programs and working with people on the autism spectrum as well. I was wondering if any master's students could reach out and tell me what you love about your program/what your experience has been like so far. I know that each school has a different focus and atmosphere, but it's hard to tell that from just a website.
  5. Hi, Last week I was interviewed by phone. The work being done by the professor that interviewed my is very similar to the work I have been doing for the last couple of years. The interview seemed to go well in part because of the commonalities on our research interests and experiences. At the end of the interview the professor told me that he will ask his graduate students to contact me and for me to ask them anything I wanted to know about the program, the lab, etc. My questions are these: 1. What questions would you ask at this point? (not accepted yet but given this opportunity) 2. To what extent will these grad students evaluate me? 3. Can I ask them question about the prof they are working on? (e.g., supervision style, their impression of that prof, etc) 4. Are these communications formal or can they be informal - unlike the one with profs. Thank you for your help!
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