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  1. PhD economics

    hello, I wish to apply to Us for PhD in economics. I have a Bachelors in economics 3.36/4.0 Masters in economics 3.0/4.0 Masters in Mathematics 3.5/4.0 all degrees were obtained in Africa Gre 141 V 147 Q 3.0 AW I have 5 publications. Research and teaching experience for 7 years Do I have a chance of gaining admission in the US in any school?
  2. Fall 2018 Admission

    Didn't see a post here, so thought I'd start one.
  3. PhD Program Interviews

    Good afternoon everyone! I was wondering if there are any past Soc PhD applicants that have an idea of how interviews work? I got rejected from all programs I applied to in Fall 2014. Finished an MA program this past spring that has a small Soc/Anthro department and I'm not really sure what to expect in the next few weeks. Thank you in advance for the information that could help ease my anxiety!
  4. Question for Fall 2018 Applicants

    Fun little poll to kill time as we wait for deadlines and admissions
  5. I'm trying to finish up my application for Columbia's CSD program and do not know how to format my optional essay. I know I need to discuss my GRE scores (below par) but focus on how my GPA is great and I have a lot of volunteer/work/professional experiences. Should this be a blunt statement? Or should it be put in a nicer way like every other personal statement? Applying to: Columbia, UVA, UNC, Vanderbilt, Pitt, BU, MGH, Kean, NYU
  6. Four years out of undergrad. Great work experience so far, interning and then later clerking for a year with Speaker of the House of Representatives at the state capitol. Spent last two years working for a large, national nonprofit coordinating a 35,000 person volunteer program. It's been a little less than half a year since I was promoted to Grants Manager in which I apply for and oversee half of a $1.7 million grants budget. Hold a Bachelors of Science, double major in Philosophy and Law. (3.9 GPA) Two study abroads under my belt. Lots of community involvement. Served on a board of directors, built some houses, scholarship panel for several years, etc. Letters of Rec from Speaker of the House, Chief of Staff, and Vice President of the public education foundation in Nashville. All I know personally. I should mention that the Speaker holds a doctorate from Peabody. I took the GRE 3 1/2 weeks ago first time. Got a 305 (148Q; 157V; 4AWA). Retook yesterday and got a 314 (155Q; 159V) I expect my writing to come back at a 4.5-5.0 range. What are my chances of getting into Vanderbilt Peabody's M.Ed. in Leadership and Organizational Performance?
  7. Princeton WWS App Q's

    Hey guys! I haven't had any luck getting in touch with Princeton's admissions team by email (I suppose I could just call?) but I was hoping some of you might be able to answer my last-minute application questions. First- should the Policy Memo be annotated? Right now I have annotations for all the hard facts I cite and footnotes at the end, but I'm not sure if that will be useful for the admissions team, or even necessary. Second- where on their resume would they want past internships and research assistantships taken during college? Their blog post on this:ésumé-diversity is kind of vague. My best guess is the "Personal Background" section. Thoughts? Third- also for the resume, do they want a list of "interests" as part of the personal background- like playing guitar and writing short stories? Their blog post made it seem like they want that included but I wasn't sure how to go about it. Finally- the online application has a section for "Publications/Original Work." Could or should this include non-scholarly work- like articles or blog posts I've had published? Any assistance you all can offer will be greatly appreciated!
  8. Safe Schools?

    I've heard a lot of talk of people applying to "reach" and "safe schools." Maybe it's my GRE scores, but I feel like there are no "Safe Schools" in Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs. How are you all determining this? (This is my first time applying, and I'm trying to be more prepared in the event that I'm repeating the application cycle next year)
  9. Are top chemistry graduate schools (phd) possible?

    So this semester, it looks like I am getting my first ever Cs (spectroscopy and physics II). I am super bummed but here are my updated specs and plz let me know what you think. I am a junior chem major, dance minor, math minor I go to a "top 100" R1 public university GPA: 3.3 (3.1 major gpa) -I completed a summer undergraduate research fellowship at my school two summers ago (biochemistry) and I am currently trying to move away from that kind of research. -I completed an NSF-REU this past summer at an R2 university. (Theoretical/computational chemistry) -I have presented my biochemistry research at 1 national conference and 3 regional conferences (will possibly attend another national conference for this) -I have presented my theoretical research at 1 national conference and I plan on presenting it at ACS meeting and potentially another national conference -I have one publication where I am first author (theoretical/computational) in a pretty well-known journal -I have two research mentors that would write me great letters of rec and one professor in quantum chemistry that would also be able to write me a good letter of rec -have not taken gre yet Other things: I'm a big advocate for women in stem and I am on the board of my school's feminist group along with the women in stem group on campus (I dont care too much if this helps me get in, but it might) Before these C's I was hoping to apply to top 10 schools (focusing on theoretical/computational). I'm pretty sure this isn't possible anymore so are top 25 schools doable? Any suggestions? Should I drop out lol
  10. General letter advice?

    Hey, I'm trying to get my letters of recommendation all wrangled up for my desires to get a PhD in philosophy I'm freaking out right now, mainly because I only ever did like one course with most of my professors. Out of the two I worked closest with, one of them has been kind enough to work like pretty closely on the process, and the other one has been dead silent because of a bunch of things going on in their life, and am in the process of trying to re-open that communication channel. The other big hurdle is that for financial reasons I am on the opposite end of the United States as I could not find a stable job near my college that could pay DC / Northern Virginia levels of rent. Currently, due to this, I only have like one real letter of recommendation on lock-down. I am thinking of going to get an MA to try and drum up two more, but the issue there is that it seems like all the MA programs for Philosophy in WA require 3 of em. I also was part of an Accelerated MA program for the college, used it to take Graduate level work, but due to the move that the family was making I kinda had to ghost out and am concerned that might lead to bad blood with one of the professors I want to get into contact with but I'm worried that if I broach the subject that'll create that bad blood by bringing it up. So, the question becomes: 1. Should I reach out to the professors I only did like one course with, but who seemed to respect the general cut of my jib? 2. Should I look to other sources for possible letters of recommendation? Both in other departments, my English classes for instance, or outside of academia proper? Working a normal job right now and am thinking of asking one of them to give me a generic one, if that might be of use? 3. Any tips on trying to get the conversation started and not feeling like a miserable and selfish bastard for taking up a lot of their incredibly busy and precarious schedules?
  11. Hello Everyone. I'm an Economics undergraduate student at Università Bocconi. (going on exchange at the University of Virginia on spring 2018). My GPA is 26,7/30, but 27,5 if we concentrate on quantitative/economics subjects. I have taken the GRE (164Q, 163V, 3AW). I have sincerely outstanding academic refererences and I think I have written a very well balanced personal statement. No working experience, good IELTS and I speak fluently french, too. I know that at LSE they look a lot at the average, and that is my flaw together with the 3 at the GRE AW (however, I got 93% on verbal.) Do you think I stand any chance to be admitted to LSE's MSc in Economics and Philosophy? Talking aboutother programs, I'm lookingf at UCL and Pompeu Fabra pure economics. Any hint on these too? Thanks
  12. Hello Everyone. I'm an Economics undergraduate student at Università Bocconi. (going on exchange at the University of Virginia on spring 2018). My GPA is 26,7/30, but 27,5 if we concentrate on quantitative/economics subjects. I have taken the GRE (164Q, 163V, 3AW). I have sincerely outstanding academic refererences and I think I have written a very well balanced personal statement. No working experience, good IELTS and I speak fluently french, too. I know that at LSE they look a lot at the average, and that is my flaw together with the 3 at the GRE AW (however, I got 93% on verbal.) Do you think I stand any chance to be admitted to LSE's MSc in Economics and Philosophy? Talking aboutother programs, I'm lookingf at UCL and Pompeu Fabra pure economics. Any hint on these too? Thanks
  13. Hi everone (it's my first post). I am trying to apply for a PhD position, but unfortuantely I have only 2 reference letters. (I am an international students and this whole reference letter thing is not common in my country) I was hoping it would not have been a big problem, but it turns out it is a HUGE problem and every university requires at least 3 letters. Since application deadlines are (ususally) on the 15th of Dec, it also seems like it is way too late to look for any other possible source of reference letters. So do you know any US university with a good Computer Science PhD program which accepts applications with only 2 reference letters? Thanks
  14. GRE cutoffs?

    Do schools/departments look at the GRE scores religiously? I recently got an M.A with extensive experience and having low GRE scores that are expiring is making me super nervous!
  15. Phd Profile Eval (stat or biostat)

    I would really appreciate it if someone could look over my stats and give me some advice on how to look like a more competitive applicant. I'm set to graduate in 2 semesters, but I might take an additional semester if it's helpful. I plan on applying to programs next fall, and I am not sure how to proceed from here. I would also like to know if an MS is maybe more appropriate for someone like me. Undergraduate Institution: University of Georgia (top 20 public school) major/minor: Math/statistics GPA:3.67 Ethnicity/Gender: White Male GRE: Haven't taken it yet Math GRE: I don't want to take it unless I need to take it Programs Applying: Statistics phd or biostatistics phd Noticeable Courses Taken: Calc 2 & 3 A- , Intro to Proofs A linear algebra A, Abstract Algebra B-, Differential Equations B Sequences and Series (Introduction to Real Analysis) B Real Analysis (Don't know yet, likely a B or C) Complex Analysis (Don't know yet, likely a B or a C) Intro to Statistics A- Statistical Methods B+ Intermediate Biostatistics B+ Some classes I plan on taking are a follow up course in real analysis, number theory, (maybe abstract algebra II?), CS courses (including a stat programming course), and other stat courses to finish my minor. Is that a good approach? Awards: Made Dean's list spring my freshman year, because I had a 3.9 overall GPA Research experience: Nothing Notable, but I've talked to a professor about working on it, I plan on applying to an REU Misc: I have three semesters left before I graduate, so I need advice on how to make the most of it. I just don't really know what I should be looking at. My transcript looks a little off, because I made A's and A-'s my first year of college, and then I did alright my third semester besides the B in differential equations, but I made nothing but B's my fourth semester, because I took nothing but math and statistics courses, and I had an unusually bad experience with Algebra (I believe the teacher was reprimanded for the course, because it was absurdly difficult) so it caused my whole semester to just go off the rails. This semester I've been dealing with a continuation of extenuating circumstances involving my personal life that have caused me to not do as well as I could have this semester. I also find Real/Complex Analysis to be very difficult subjects. Schools and programs I am applying to: Probably UGA, maybe GA Tech, not sure where else to realistically apply at If I don't get funding, I can't really afford to go anywhere Concerns: My GPA is probably going to go down after this semester, and it's starting to get into a low range. My grades don't look great, but I can explain sort of what was going on in my life to cause that to happen. I don't really have a lot of research experience, and I'm not sure I'll stand out as an applicant to any programs.
  16. Dear Gradcafe community, As an international student, I can not afford to study at the US on my own funds. So I looked towards other means of funding and I have secured the Fulright award in a second tier policy program for 2018. HOWEVER, there is a big downside to Fulbright - grantees have (and I've made it bold to show that staying in the US is simply not an option legally) to return immediately to their home country right after the program ends. This means the US job market is off for me. Because of this (I really, really want to gain professional work experience in the US), I was considering applying to graduate policy programs that are known to give aid, for 2018, and then compare them as alternative options to my Fulbright. The most well known of these, of course, is Princeton's WWS and the fully funded program if offers, the MPA. Now, what I want to know is what kind of people WWS admits, and whether I have a shot at it or not, no matter how small. You see, if you look at the MPA statistics on the WWS "Graduate Admissions Viewbook", you see some pretty intimidating numbers. Like, really, off the chart numbers, on a whole different league compared to other programs. 65% of applicants have 4 or greater years of work experience. Only 15% have less than 3 years of work experience. 76% have GPA above 3.7, and the highest percentiles on the GRE are also pretty average for the WWS MPA applicant. Now, what would really help me out is if someone already enrolled in the WWS MPA program or a graduate of the program could tell me about the class profiles at WWS. Of course, I would also appreciate advice from the rest of the Gradcafe community. If the WWS seems like a bit too competitive for my profile, what would you guys recommend I do? Take the Fulbright and just do the second-tier program and then return to my home country, squashing my dream of working in the US (and keep in mind that there is not much use of my MPA degree in my home country)? Or forfeit the award this year and try my luck next year by improving my profile for WWS? Please keep in mind that I just can not afford self-financed programs and am certainly not going to take debt for any unless they are solid return-on-investment options (which are those by the way? HKS? SAIS? Or do none exist - its a gamble with all of them?) And of course, also keep in mind the H1B visa issue - is it true that even if one is a top profile candidate, a WWS MPA graduate or HKS MPP graduate with a job or two already secured, the H1B lottery and simply send him home despite all his achievements? In other words, is studying the US to look for work afterwards in the country just not possible anymore? Especially after a policy degree? Thanks, Fulbright award grantee who wants to spend some years working in the US PS One last thing, what programs other than WWS MPA are know to give substantial amounts of aid?
  17. So, I thought I'd share my situation as a lesson for any future applicants. Last week, I received an email from one of my schools to let me know they were missing my 3rd LoR and my GRE scores. This was a courtesy email, since the app isn't officially due until January, but it caused a bit of panic in me. Why? Because I sent all my GRE scores on October 4th and it's now December. Ultimately, this took a lot of back and forth with both the school and ETS until ETS told me they needed the school to contact them before they would resend the scores. I have yet to hear back from the school since sharing this with them. This also got me worried about my other programs. I sent the scores so early because one of my apps had an internal early deadline to be considered for early funding. I checked all of my apps and two others did not list GRE scores at all. This means there is no way for me to know, from my application status page, if they were received. So, I contacted one of the schools. They let me know this morning that the scores were not received. I let them know what ETS said and emphasized that the scores were sent 2 months ago. They promised to double-check and then follow up with ETS. So, I contacted the final school and am still waiting to hear if the scores are missing there. And yes, that school is the one that had the early deadline, so if they're missing, there's (likely) no chance for that additional funding. In short, always double-check and follow up if you don't see your scores posted to your app within a week or two (or haven't received a confirmation from the school). If the school can't find them, ETS will not send them again until the school contacts them directly. Also in short, I'm very stressed right now. I'll try and let you all know how this works out.
  18. GRE again?

    So I ended up taking my GRE a little later, because I got married this past fall. I just got my official scores back today and am trying to decide whether or not to take it again before the applications are due January 1st. Here are my stats: GPA currently in Bachelor's completion program for SLPA: 3.63 GPA for Associate's degree in Early Childhood Development: 3.32 GRE scores: V: 148 Q: 149 W: 4.0 I have a strong "experiences" background; I'm currently in a year long SLPA internship, I have over 50 observation/shadowing hours with SLPs, I currently volunteer at both an Autism Center and with an Aphasia Support Group, I've directed children's choirs, I started off college as a voice performance major, and I've nannied for 9 years. I have seen a lot of posts on here for people trying for years to get into a program, and I've tried to stack my stats against everyone else but I seem to be in the very "average" range. I know my GRE scores aren't terrific (I am not a great test taker), but I know they aren't terrible either, and I know it's kind of the same with my GPA. It seems that most of the schools look at "the whole picture", so I'm hoping I have that on my side? I guess I'm just looking for any advice on how to approach this because I haven't seemed to find anyone on this site yet whose stats line up with mine so I can refer to that. I'm honestly torn as to whether or not to bother taking the GRE again. Any advice welcome!
  19. Does anyone know whether the order of programs chosen (i.e. first choice and second choice) are reviewed separately for the Sciences Po graduate program? My first choice is the Dual degree Programme with Columbia's SIPA (School of International and Public affairs) in International Public Management + a Human Rights degree from Sciences Po PSIA. My second choice is the Human Rights and Humanitarian Action degree at Sciences Po. In the application, they list both personal statements one on top of the other. I had originally thought there would only be one statement needed. So now I'm thinking I would use the same bulk of my personal statement for each and change details accordingly to the programmes. However, it seems quite glaring and obvious that it's a huge copy and paste and i'm afraid that in comparison admissions may perceive this as lazy and not original enough. But would both be considered simultaneously or only review one after the other (like at LSE) if I don't get placed in the degree of my first choice? Thoughts? I spent an enormous time crafting this personal statement into a narrative and I am quite nervous in having to rearrange and finding a novel way of putting all this info into a concise format again. PS: I've also applied to a one year master's program at LSE for International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies and I've made a typo - despite my proofreading committee - of writing 'bear' instead of 'bare' and I'm cringing extremely hard. It's only one word amid 1000, but what are the chances of the admissions picking this up and looking down at this error? Many thanks!
  20. Chances this time around?

    hey everyone! was curious if anyone's in the same boat as me? I know my GRE scores are horrendous, but they're also expiring. I also have horrible test taking anxiety.. I cried during my fist exam in my MA program... Sad... I know... A grown man crying for anxiety and stress. LOL. here are my stats - Mid 20's - B.A. in Sociology & Anthropology (minor in English // TA for 1 semester // RA for 1 year) - M.A. in Sociology (graduate minor in Research Methodology // TA for 2 years // RA for 1 semester) - 1 year and 4 months RA work for a NCI Cancer Research Center Partnership at my undergraduate institution - 3.8 GPA (undergrad Overall) // 3.6 GPA (MA Overall) - 3 years of AmeriCorps and 1 year with CACGP - GRE 146V, 144Q, 3.5AW ---> VERY LOW...I KNOW : ( Not a very good test taker... I don't think I can stress this enough) - Research interests: Medical Sociology; Race/Ethnicity; Demography; Public Health - Currently working in health research for the VAMC I know I can be very critical about myself, but I took it lightly when I first applied in the Fall 2014 cycle when I got rejected from ALL 8 programs I applied to. HELP!
  21. Hello guys! I am an International Student and I am going to apply for Computer Science PHD program, recently I have took GRE test and my scores are Q:164, V: 139 , Also I have scored 101 in TOEFL exam. Do I have any chance if I send my application with these scores in USA top 80 universities?
  22. MSW Fall 2017 CSULA, CSUDH?

    Hi everyone! Its my first time here, I have a few questions regarding applying to the CSULA and CSUDH MSW programs this fall. I am still in the process of applying, how hard/easy is it to get into these two MSW programs? and what are my chances of getting in ? (taking into account turning in the supplemental applications beginning of January? Overall GPA: 3.39 CSULA GPA: 3.43 (I'm graduating with my BASW this May) volunteer experience: Kids Hope USA (mentored a child for 3 years) No work experience No GRE scores Inducted into the Tau Eta SW Honor society and NSLS (National Society for Leadership and Success) <--- But I don't think this matters much in MSW Grad school Apps
  23. Which schools are feasible for me?

    Hi everyone!! So this is my first round of applying for a Sociology PhD, and I am just trying to gauge which schools of the eight I am applying to seem the most feasible for me given my application criteria. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut with a double major in Human Rights and Anthropology My GPA is a 3.73 with my major GPA being 3.8 GRE scores are 155 verbal, 153 quant, 4.5 writing I have 3 strong letters of recommendation Research interests: Social inequality, social policy, immigration, refugee policy, social movements I studied abroad in London for four months where I completed two internships related to my intended field of study (one at a charitable law center where I was an immigration liaison between lawyers and clients, and one at a refugee center where I taught English and helped with application to transfer from an asylum seeker to the legal status of refugee. I am active on campus with various social justice organizations and am in one major leadership role I have a strong SOP with a clear goal of what I want to study My writing sample is a 20 page comparative analysis of different countries' refugee policies (this was also completed by doing an independent research program -- research experience) Schools I am applying to: Uconn, NYU, Boston University, Boston College, Columbia, Brown, UPenn, Princeton Concerns: Are my GRE scores too low to even be considered for most of these schools? (Really nervous this is going to play a huge role in getting rejected) Which of these schools are most feasible for me simply based on these criteria?
  24. MPH Chances and Advice

    Hey all, I was just looking for some candid feedback regarding my application. I am about to apply for the Environmental Health MPH program at Harvard School of Public Health. I will have almost 5 years of international work experience by the time I would enroll next fall. I worked for the Peace Corps in Africa, taught in Asia and have been doing Agriculture research in Latin America. I graduated from small liberal arts college with a degree in Political Science I received a 3.29 GPA. I took the GRE and got a 161V/ 158M/ 3 AW I know that the writing is egregious but the other two scores should be ok. I do not have a ton of full-time experience doing health-related work. I work in the agriculture sector in Peace Corps and did some health education. I did a lot of nutrition based planning regarding farm preparation. With the exception of teaching my work experience has been tangential to health which makes me somewhat nervous about admissions but I think that I pull together my Ag work nicely with Health in my personal statement. My LORs are very strong and I have advanced proficiency in two foreign languages. What are my chances at admissions for Harvard's MPH program? What do you think that I should do to increase my chances if I would reapply next year? Recap: GPA: 3.29 small lib arts GRE: 161V/158M/3AW 5 years work experience; peace corps (agriculture, Africa), teaching private school (English, Asia), research (agriculture, Latin America) program: Harvard MPH Environmental Health Thank you in advance!
  25. Hi all, On November 4th, I sent all of my GRE test scores (the general test I took on 10/25, and the psychology subject test I took on 9/16) to every grad program (clinical psych PhD) to which I'm applying. Several of the schools are showing, in the "checklist" of received items in my application, that they have received my verified test scores for the general GRE, but have not received verified scores for my subject test. Has anyone else experienced this? I checked my confirmation emails from ETS which all say that I submitted both sets of scores to the schools. When I logged back into my ETS account, it reflects that both scores have been sent. If the school bothered to update the status as received for one set, why would the other set not be updated on their end, if they really did receive the score? If anyone has encountered this or has an idea as to why this might be happening, I'd love to hear your thoughts before I start jumping through hoops to contact the admissions offices and the ETS before the deadline this Friday... Thanks! Alex