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  1. I’ve been offered admission to both UCLA and Carnegie Mellon Universities for a Master’s degree in computer engineering. As a international student, it is difficult for me to compare the two universities. Could some of you who know those universities help me decide? A few questions: How is living in Pittsburgh different from Los Angeles? (I’ve never lived alone) Is is reasonable do deny the admission offer of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University? How hard are the two programs? How smart/nerdy are the students? What about making friends and going out? ...
  2. Sciences po PSIA Development

    Hi, Anyone heard back from Sciences Po PSIA Development? My last referee submitted his recommendation on 3rd Jan and I haven't heard back since. The application follow up page has not changed from when I first submitted the form and this makes me doubt if there was something wrong.
  3. Social Work GRE

    hello guys, someone knows what is a good GRE score for a social work degree. Please any help will be great. kisses
  4. Hi, I’m just a girl who was recently accepted to a graduate school program at USC for 2 years. I’m coming from Southern California as well, but I didn’t do my undergrad in Los Angeles. Thing is, I didn’t make any long lasting friendships while I was at college, so I don’t have many friends. I was hoping that attending grad school in the same area I grew up in could not only let me have job opportunities closer to home, but make new friends in the area too. I’m just worried that the other students won’t want to make new friends since most of them are already in their “cliques”. I know everyone says to get involved, but are there other things I can do to meet people? Thanks!
  5. Will having any CEU's, CECH's, CHES's, NBCC's etc. help me get into grad school? I'm talking about accredited programs/websites, not MOOC's. I'm willing to pay if it'll help. Also do I attach the certification of completion to my resume (each certification is a page long), and how do I mention it on my resume if I have any completed so far? I'm interested in going for physical therapy school, and want to get some courses on mental health and general health, will this help me at all? Most courses aren't free. I'm still in undergrad, graduating next year, might apply for the next cycle in a few months.
  6. Duke 2018

    Hi everyone! Has anybody else going to Duke for Fall 2018? (I see that there's a new Duke thread on the board, but I wanted to make one that is not program-specific.) I'll be accepting my PhD offer for the Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program.
  7. I'm fortunate to have been accepted to both programs. Based solely on research faculty and rankings, which is stronger? I can't find much information regarding the biostats program. Is it clumped together with the bio, med, or stats dept? In addition, if I'm looking for industry work which would look stronger? If you have any info regarding internal PhD conversion rates or on whether Duke's program has been on the up and up please let me know!!
  8. Looking for funding

    Hi. I got admitted in the MA in Women's History program at Sarah Lawrence College for Fall 2018. I am from Karachi, Pakistan and cannot afford to fund grad school myself. What options do I have other than the partial scholarships being offered by SLC?
  9. I am having trouble deciding between NYU and George Washington University for grad school. At NYU I would be studying International Relations at GSAS while at GW I would get an M.A. in international Affairs with a concentration in international development. My hope after obtaining my masters is to work for an NGO that focuses on trade and development and eventually go back to get a doctorate in International relations, focusing on trade, development, and economic relations. I prefer D.C. as a city in general as it is much nicer in my opinion, but I don’t mind New York either. I understand that both are going to be very expensive in terms of living which I can accept though I really hope to not have to share a bedroom which seems like the only option in NYC from what I have been looking at. I have heard from many professionals that NYU is a better choice because it is better known and higher ranked in general, though not necessarily for the field I am hoping to go into. *I might also mention that I was also accepted to American University for International Economic Relations. I absolutely love this school too (especially the campus) but have found that the majority of people I talk to have not heard of it, which seems a little scary to me. I like the idea of having a more focused M.A. After receiving my B.A. in International Affairs I was often told by employers that this degree seemed too broad. American would give me the opportunity to show a little more focus in my resume.
  10. I recently received three ECE PhD offers from UCLA, Gatech and UIUC. It is really hard to make a decision. Could anyone give me some suggestions. I want to find an industry job after my PhD (Prefer Silicon Valley). UCLA pros: 1. High reputation 2. Good location. 3. Prestigious adviser Cons: 1. Large research group, very few attention from adviser 2. High living expenses Gatech Pros: 1. High reputation for ECE program 2. Interesting research project Cons: 1. Location (Less tech jobs in Atlanta than Los Angeles?) 2. Security UIUC Pros: 1. High reputation for ECE program Cons: 1. Location 2. Cold
  11. I have been accepted into the Duke MS Economics and Computation program. I wanted to know the reviews of this particular program. What is the cost of the attendance? Also I wanted to know about the funding, financial aid and availability of student jobs.
  12. I have PhD offers from Princeton, Maryland, Penn State, and UC Santa Barbara. I feel blessed to have the offers I do, but I have no idea how I am going to decide between them. Help!
  13. Columbia MSUP vs. UCLA MURP

    Hi everyone, I got into both Master of Science in Urban Planning (MSUP) at Columbia University and Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) at UCLA. I'm having trouble deciding between these two schools and there are couple factors that have been shifting my mind: UCLA has always been my dream school but Columbia is a big name too Columbia costs way more than UCLA does (but finance won't be the No.1 factor in my decision process) I live in LA so it will be convenient for me just to attend UCLA; However, some of my friends and family members are suggesting this would a great chance to explore a brand new environment). I have to admit that the opportunity to live in NYC for two years is attractive. I am going to check out both schools and learn more about their concentrations but any inputs/ thoughts from you guys will be appreciated. Help, please! Many thanks!
  14. UCLA MLIS 2018

    Wondering if others have heard anything back from UCLA regarding the Master's of Library and Information Science program. I was accepted by the department on February 14, but still have not heard anything from the graduation division. Curious how the FA process works for this program as well. But mainly just trying to connect with other people from this program! Anyone? hah
  15. Grade Issue Task Essay Exchange

    Hello, I am willing to grade other people's essays if someone could grade mine (or just simple feedback) using the ETS Grading Rubric. Please respond with feedback for my essay and your essay if interested. Thank you! Educational institutions have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position. Educational institutions uphold the responsibility of manifesting student success. However, dissuading students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed does not guarantee success in other fields. Certain fields of study require a long-term pursuit of work ethic and perseverance before success if manifested, particularly the arts. Celebrity actor Morgan Freeman did not have his big break until he was significantly older than the status quo youthful age of obtaining fame. There are limited predictive measurements that can determine a students’ success. While grades may provide a narrow glimpse of student strengths and weaknesses, successful high school drop-outs including Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, have disproven traditional education as a preemptive necessity for success. Students also may not experience failure, moments of which are commonly found in the narrative of successful people. Research on social-emotional learning has increasingly found soft skills including grit and perseverance increase the likelihood of high school graduation by 37%. Educational institutions may consider manifesting such skills rather than focusing on specific fields. However, dissuading students from pursuing fields of study could potentially increase the likelihood of identifying skills and talents worth tapping into given the evaluation and development of psychological, emotional, and intelligence testing, leading the way for a successful career. Schools, universities, and other learning centers are responsible for manifesting student success using methods that predict achievements of which remain unclear.
  16. Okay so I’m trying not to be too excited but I just receieved a full financial aid package (loans and grant) from my top school, but I didn’t receive an admissions letter!! I’m even able to accept or reject the finaid offer. Does this mean I am admitted??
  17. Hi anyone out there applying to the Urban Planning programs for fall 2018? I applied to University of Illinois, Chicago, University of British Columbia, University of Colorado Denver, UMass Amherst, and Portland State. I've been admitted CU Denver, UMass Amherst, and UIC but I am still waiting on the others. No news on funding for UMass Amherst yet, and confirmed no funding for UIC and a small scholarship for Denver. Where have you applied? What news? Any schools you are particularly anxious to hear from? I am anxious to hear from PSU as people have begun to get acceptances and I have had no news.

    HIIIIIII EVERYONE I GOT admitted to PENN STATE and was offered 25k for 2 years, (12,250$ per year) plus 2,500K for any internship and such, I am really grateful for the offer, but i need 100% funding in order to attend since the school's estimated cost is around 50K for one year (I am an INTERNATIONAL Student), I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, and yes i have researched every database, website on the internet for scholarships and because of various reasons, age, work experience, country residency, major and stuff there was no suitable scholarship out there, THEREFORE, i have no choice but to TRY negotiate with the school if any of you have negotiated before, please provide me tips ANY ADVICE will DO
  19. Late applications

    Is there anyone browsing who still has at least one application to be submitted or recently submitted? I'd love to talk and know.
  20. Hello! I was accepted at the University of Cambridge for a MPhil and I am very excited but also very worried about funding. Webpage says they are still seeking college membership for me and I am still waiting to see if Cambridge Trust offers something. Any advice? Anyone else out there?
  21. I’ve been accepted to a number of masters programs, of which I’m seriously considering the following: - LSE's Msc. in Economics (2 year programme) - Duke's MS in Economics and Computation (40% tuition waiver) - Columbia's MA in Economics - NYU's MA in Economics - Tuft's MS in Economics (80% tuition waiver plus TAship) I currently work as an analyst for a government agency with a pretty heavy research component. My goal is to eventually pursue a PhD, though I’m not as competitive a candidate as I’d like to be quite yet (missing certain courses, eg real analysis, and less than stellar grades during first half of college). The plan is to use this degree as a sort of Econ post-bacc, and maybe a launching point for a better RA position (I’ve applied to a ton, but never made it past the final round). Any thoughts on where I should go? Leaning towards Duke currently.
  22. UPenn IEDP/ Vanderbilt IEPM/ UCL MA

    hi, i got accepted to UPenn IEDP, Vanderbilt IEPM, and i'm waiting for UCL (education and development). all three are masters. can anyone who got accepted or is a current student give some opinions about the degrees? upenn takes 1.5, vandy 2, and ucl 2 years upenn is in phily, so i think better networks? vandy is 2 years and i like this because i'm going quite directly from undergraduate but i think the network and job market might be smaller. and several ppl recommended ucl about development. i'm weighing the pros and cons about these schools right now and any advice would help! thank you in advance
  23. Hello all and thanks in advance for your help. I recently applied to UChicago's MAPH program (cash cow I know but they have a late secondary deadline and I needed more options) and they aren't notifying until after April 30th. In the email confirming my admission they state to contact the graduate department if I need an earlier admissions decision. My question is: would it reflect poorly/affect my chances for admission if I ask for an expedited decision? I have to notify another school of my intention to enroll by April 15th so an early decision would definitely be ideal. I'd love to hear your opinions on this!
  24. According to their website, each department at UCLA has allocated housing places and offer them to their students. Do you know how the departments (especially ECE) choose those students?
  25. Are you accepting?

    I am wait-listed at my top choice (ivy league) and I'm wondering where everyone has been accepted, what your subfields are, and which offer you may accept. Thanks!