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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some insight into what my chances might be for admissions to PhD programs in organic chemistry. Any constructive criticism is much appreciated!! Undergrad Institution: UCLAMajor(s): ChemistryGPA in Major: 2.90, upper div: 3.0 (First two years were ROUGH--was between a 2.6-2.8 overall GPA. Third and fourth years were a significant improvement academically).Overall GPA: 3.20GRE Scores: Q: 163, V: 165, W: 5. Taking the Chem GRE in 2 weeks! Interests: Transition metal catalysis, organometallic chemistry, experimental and computational mechanistic study. Schools I'm Applying To: Princeton (my number one), UPenn, UMich, MIT, UC Berkeley, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of MinnesotaResearch Experience: 2.5 years working in an inorganic/organic chemistry lab on boron cluster-based applications to organic synthesis. 1.5 years in a computational organic chemistry lab studying cycloadditions as well as transition metal catalysis/photoredox catalysis. Publications: First paper is inorganic/organic in Chem, authorship: 6/11. Second paper is inorganic/organic, about to submit, authorship: 2/2. Third paper is computational organic, manuscript in progress, authorship: 2/2. Fourth paper is a photoredox collaboration for which I did calculations, so I'll probably be towards the end of the authorship--manuscript in progress. Hoping to have them submitted before I apply!! Relevant Advanced Coursework: Practical and Theoretical Organic Synthesis, Organic Spectroscopic Methods, Organometallic Chemistry (grad class), Physical Organic Chemistry (grad class).Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Research fellowship for summer 2019, awarded by the department of chemistry. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for lower division organic chemistry courses (Summer 2019-present), tutor for lower division organic chemistry courses (Summer 2016-present), member of AXS, the professional chemistry fraternity (Fall 2016-present).
  2. Hello all, I just wanted to get some feedback on my chances of admission into PhD programs for English - FALL 2018 (concentration in Modernism/Avant-garde poetic studies). My case is unique (or perhaps that might just be my perception) considering that my bachelors degree is in Civil Engineering (Georgia Tech, Class of 2016). I have been working full time as a transportation Engineer for approximately a year and half (internships throughout college). I graduated with a 3.35 GPA (higher honors and Dean's list all semesters) Undergraduate Engineering Research Experience (4-5 semesters) Taken two poetry courses at Emory University and a online course through UPENN (ModPo) I'm involved in local poetry events in Atlanta GRE Cumulative score: 320 (Verbal: mid 70 percentile, Quant: high 80 percentile, AW: 4.5 ) Writing Sample (approximately 17 pages) topic : The importance of the subjectivity in the logic of language in varying experimental modes of poetry Letters of recommendation from my Supervisor (Current engineering job), the Creative Writing Director of a prestigious university, and a published poet/teacher at the same University P.S. If anyone has any suggestions on the universities that one should apply to if they are interested in Surrealism, Modernism (ex. Stein and Hart Crane), or the Language school, please let me know
  3. ATTN: any current grad students or people who are applying again, when did you start receiving admission decisions? Did most schools wait until March/April? The application due dates are quickly approaching, and I just finished submitting mine. When will the waiting end?! haha help
  4. Hi, I apologise if I'm posting in the wrong place but application deadlines are approaching and I'm freaking out! I'm applying for Columbia's CS PhD program and there was a transcript section that said to mail our official transcripts as well as scan and electronic copy. However, I'm an international student - my transcripts are in English, but they aren't using the US 4.0 scale. The instructions for that section wasn't very clear as they said to mail "official" transcripts which I'm assuming are sealed with your university stamp/sticker on the envelope. However, they also said in their FAQs that we have to get our transcripts converted to the 4.0 scale. Anyone applied before and knows what they want? If they require the conversion, then I have a very tight schedule to get the conversion done in time for Dec 15. Another question I have is, can I apply for a Masters and PhD at the same time through MICE? I know for the PhD applications they ask if we would like to be considered for the MS program if we didn't get in but I recall the MS applications are considered on a rolling basis. Hence, I would like to apply for the two separately and wouldn't mind paying that extra application fees. If any international students have applied to Columbia before, please help me! I have emailed a bunch of times over the past month or so and did not get a single response.
  5. Hi, I have been admitted to a PhD program at a Top-3 university. I have an external scholarship which requires me to have a one-year research attachment prior to my graduate studies. Therefore I have to defer the admission for one year. I wrote to the admission committee but they said deferral is not allowed and I have to reapply next year. Technically speaking I do not occupy a quota since I have my own fundings. Any suggestions how to appeal for deferral? Anybody has similar experiences? Thank you.
  6. Hi, Last Friday, I had a kira interview from a reputed uni which had only 3 pre-recorded questions to be answered in one minute each. Due to the time constraint I was a bit nervous and kinda feel that I did bad on this video interview. However, I don't want to just wait but try to increase my chances instead. I'm currenly thinking of e-mailing the admissions team whether it is okay if we could arrange a skype session so that I can ask them my questions while helping them to know me better. What would the admissions committee's reaction to this request? Is this approach too agressive or is it worth a shot? I think I need to do this quickly before they arrive at a decision. Thanks
  7. I want to pursue a PhD in History and am applying this month for the Fall of 2017. My Application: Strengths: Writing Sample LORs SOP Uncertain parts: GPA [3.18 cumulative, 3.48 at current institution (I was a transfer and screwed up on some Psych courses, which was my major at the time, during freshman year), and a 3.900 in History] GRE (I take it on Tuesday so don't yet have my scores. I'm anticipating good marks on the Verbal and Writing sections. At least 160 for V and 4.0 for Writing. *knocks on wood*) Certain Weaknesses: No Publications No Conferences No Advanced Degree No Relevant Work Experiences. What I Hope to Compensate for the Weaknesses: Independent Study course relevant to my field which taught me how to present on research, how to do research itself, and the paper resulting from it is my writing sample. Background in French language (relevant for an Africa and African Diaspora historian). Training in archive and work with handling antique documents Attended at least 5 seminars (not conferences, I know, but still) on campus led by my History professors Participating in the Appalachian Student Research Forum this year (though not officially until after I've already sent my applications out) Bonus: Dean's List 3x in my most recent semesters and on track for 5 semesters by May. Member of Phi Alpha Theta: History Honor Society. Member of multiple organizations and hold leadership positions in a few. Have also done several hours of volunteer work with a few causes. Applying to: Northwestern University University of Wisconsin-Madison UNC-Chapel Hill The College of William and Mary University of Memphis Howard University
  8. I know we all navigate the Results boards like pros, and have charts and graphs (in our heads if not on paper) of when our schools will likely notify us of decisions... However, I went ahead and emailed some of the schools I'm applying to. Here's what I found out, hope it's helpful! Feel free to add more if you know of more ETAs of schools! (Sidenote: the graduate admissions staff were all very friendly and helpful. It was nice to actually have contact with someone and remember they're not [all] soulless robots.) University of Michigan (English and Women's Studies joint PhD - assuming English is similar) "Decisions are still being made, and no notifications have gone out yet. We expect to have decisions and to notify students by next week." (received 2/8) Brown University, English PhD "Thank you for your message. We expect admissions notifications to go out later this month and certainly no later than March 15. Applicants will receive email notification from the Graduate School informing them that a decision has been made and is available to view via the Embark online application system." (received 2/8) Rutgers University, English PhD ]"We will begin making offers after February 17th." (received 2/9) (After the 17th is Presidents Day weekend, so I'm not sure whether they'll be notifying over the weekend or the next week...going to try not to obsess about that!) University of Illinois, MA-PHD track, English They said in their confirmation email that it would be early March, so I didn't bother them again University of Missouri, Columbia, English PhD They also gave a date in their confirmation email which I'm REALLY hoping is way later than they will actually notify - on or before March 31 (yikes that's late). OKay so again - feel free to add if you know more! I find this information useful and anxiety-lessening. Best wishes to everyone!
  9. I feel sort of overwhelmed by picking a Masters program right now. I have a few areas of interest, which may be my real problem- that I am not completely comitted to one area. My interests include, women's issues, fetishes, and neuropsychology. I believe a Masters program will help me get the research experience that the Doctorate programs are looking for. I am planning on applying to a few local programs including CSUN, CSULA, CSUF, and CSUDH. Does anyone know of other programs that I would qualify for and would be a good fit for me? I prefer to stay local for a Masters program so that I don't go into too much debt for my Masters. However, I would not mind looking into programs farther away that would be a perfect fit or ones that also offer a PhD. I could get into after completion of my Masters. I have a 3.65 over all GPA, A 3.79 GPA in Psychology. I got a 680 on the Psychology GRE, I got a 540 on the verbal and a 630 on the Quantitative. Thank you all for your help!
  10. Amerz

    My chances?

    Hi, I've applied to 6 PhD programs (all but 1 are University of California), and since the waiting is stressing me out, I'm hoping you guys can let me know what you think my chances are :/ I applied for Social psych mostly, but applied for evolutionary psych at UCSB (my top choice). GRE scores: Q: 700 V: 720 A: 4.0 (don't know how that happened, have never gotten below an A on a paper in my life :-/. Okay, maybe the occasional B.. ) I've already been rejected by UCSD.. GPA: 3.72 Major GPA: 3.81 Went to UCD for undergrad. Research experience is scattered: 8 months as an RA at a child abuse/parent child interaction therapy training center, entering data, reviewing case files, coding clinical interviews and training sessions, etc. 2.5 years as student assistant at gov't mental health agency, did some research with a psychologist (one of my recommenders) on mental health program trends, and did a quality improvement survey and report (published). 6 months as an RA in a cognitive psychology lab, entering data, etc. Lead professor wrote me a letter, really liked me - i attended all the lab meetings, got her advice on grad school, etc. Well.. whaddya think?
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