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Found 141 results

  1. Advice for an Unprepared BME

    Hi! I'm currently a Junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering at one of the best BME schools in the world, and I'm feeling very unsure about my future (aren't we all?). I have had very little experience in research (about one full semester) mainly due to the fact that I really did not enjoy it and I don't feel passionate about it. Through undergrad I realized that while I do love science, I don't love the tedious work behind it. I'd rather look at the big picture/finished product, understand the science behind it, and move forward with commercialization. I've been interested in the biotech/business analytics aspect of the field (I work in tech transfer) but I know that my current education isn't enough to get me a career. I've been thinking about getting a Master's in BME, Engineering Management, or biotechnology, and then going to medical school in an effort to build up the knowledge and prestige that will make me more marketable as a management consultant or something similar. But I'm not sure if my profile is competitive enough. I have a 3.2GPA with 2Cs and a W (im gonna get it to a 3.5 by the time I graduate even if it kills me), strong leadership/volunteering, and decent work experience in tech transfer. I plan to take the GRE this summer, and I only have two average recommendations that I know I could get. Also, which such little research experience and little interest, I may have to do the non-thesis option for grad school. Overall, I'm just trying to collect as much advice as I can about what direction I should go in with my life. So, my questions are: 1.) What can I do in the next 2 semesters to be more competitive for grad school? 2.) Should I get a Masters in something outside of BME? 3.) Is getting a MS then MD really necessary? Is there a better educational path to take? 4.) Would it be worth it to take a gap year to really understand what I want to do in life?
  2. How to Deal with Rejection

    Hi everyone, So I figured I'd start this thread not to encourage pessimism, but to talk about the realistic possibility of receiving all rejections. I have personally applied to seven Psychology PhD programs with no response (as of January 13th) and I think a forum like this would help those of us, like me, who are facing this anxiety. This is my first round of graduate school applications and I think this could be a beneficial space to maybe hear words of encouragement from those students who went through a rotation without any acceptances? "Everything happens for a reason" is a great quote but not necessarily one someone wants to hear after years of their hard work doesn't get recognized the way it should. I hope whoever joins this conversation can give advice on how to stay motivated, what to do in regards to self care, and address the "what nows?" that have infiltrated our thought process. Again, I really don't want this to come across as pessimistic or too hopeless, rather a realistic approach to this tough process. I wish everyone on here the best of luck in regards to admissions. Applications: UT Austin (Counseling Psych); University of Houston (Clinical Psych); University of Louisville (Counseling Psych); Florida International University (Clinical Psych); Clark University (Clinical Psych); Harvard University (Clinical Psych); USC (Clinical Psych) Acceptances: ?/7; Interview Notifications: 0/7; Interviews: 0/7; Rejections: ?/7
  3. Hello everyone! I am slightly freaking out because I waited to get my official transcripts sent to CSDCAS from my university. I have a graduate school app due tomorrow, and I submitted everything. My CSDCAS application needs to be verified. I am nervous that this will inhibit me from applying to grad schools and not having my application looked at. It said it'll take up to 4 weeks, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with how fast this process takes and if it prevents me from meeting the application deadlines of specific graduate schools? Thanks for your input, I am nervous as to what'll happen since many of my schools have January deadlines and this is not at 4 weeks maximum from sending my transcripts in.
  4. Hi all, I'm ashamed to post this to complete strangers but I'm hoping you all might be able to give me some advice. I started college in 2003 and had to leave prematurely due to medical issues. At that time, I had what was to later be diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and a severe depressive disorder. This was so rough on me that my GPA plummeted to an abysmal 2.1. Fast-forward to today. My conditions, though not cured, have improved dramatically and I'm going back to school to finish my B.S. in geology next Fall. I'm going to be going to a different university but I'm wondering that if (and I absolutely will) perform well, as in get all A's in my remaining classes, do you think a master's program would consider me? My dream is to get my PhD but I'm sure with such a poor record they won't even consider taking me. Thanks everyone!
  5. Are top chemistry graduate schools (phd) possible?

    So this semester, it looks like I am getting my first ever Cs (spectroscopy and physics II). I am super bummed but here are my updated specs and plz let me know what you think. I am a junior chem major, dance minor, math minor I go to a "top 100" R1 public university GPA: 3.3 (3.1 major gpa) -I completed a summer undergraduate research fellowship at my school two summers ago (biochemistry) and I am currently trying to move away from that kind of research. -I completed an NSF-REU this past summer at an R2 university. (Theoretical/computational chemistry) -I have presented my biochemistry research at 1 national conference and 3 regional conferences (will possibly attend another national conference for this) -I have presented my theoretical research at 1 national conference and I plan on presenting it at ACS meeting and potentially another national conference -I have one publication where I am first author (theoretical/computational) in a pretty well-known journal -I have two research mentors that would write me great letters of rec and one professor in quantum chemistry that would also be able to write me a good letter of rec -have not taken gre yet Other things: I'm a big advocate for women in stem and I am on the board of my school's feminist group along with the women in stem group on campus (I dont care too much if this helps me get in, but it might) Before these C's I was hoping to apply to top 10 schools (focusing on theoretical/computational). I'm pretty sure this isn't possible anymore so are top 25 schools doable? Any suggestions? Should I drop out lol
  6. Hi guys, For those of you who are attending or have attended an SLP graduate program, do you use statistics often? How important is statistics in an SLP program? What kind of statistics do you use, if any? How heavily is your statistics analysis based on software, such as Excel and others? I'm really poor at statistics, especially using software. Your advice would be deeply appreciated!!
  7. I’m currently a first semester graduate student at my dream school. I’m having serious trouble in two of my classes. The ultimate person to blame is myself...but how the two classes run is part of my problem. For these two classes, I have the same professor. She’s a tough grader and her exams are hard. Her midterm and final for both classs laid out like this: the questions are all multiple choice, the questions have multiple answers, and if you miss one part of the questions it’s completely wrong. I don’t do well with that kind of exam. I am grasping the material for sure, but being graded harshly on two papers and having trouble with the layout of the exam is an apparent reflection of whether or not I understand the material. I’ve met with her a few times but she cannot give me any feed back on papers. I expressed my concerns to her about the exams and she is testing our knowledge so that is why the exams are formatted that way. She said she appreciated that I came to her but at the same time I don’t think she did. I’m so afraid that I’m going to be removed from the program. From the second I wake up to the second I fall asleep, it’s on my mind. I start to wonder whether I’m a fit for the field or not because of how I’m struggling. I’ve wanted to be an SLP since I was 16 years old; I can’t imagine doing anything else but this. I’m hoping I can get some advice and insight on this issue. Thanks everyone.
  8. So as I am in the midst of getting my applications for graduate school (for speech pathology) figured out, I realized that I have no idea what I should have professors highlight in my letters of recommendation (in terms of when they ask you - what would you like highlighted to set you apart?) I was wondering, should you have every professor writing you letters (i.e. - 3) try to highlight something different thats on your resume/that you think it important about you, or should you have them all focus on the same thing? For example, I have experience in working with stroke patients through a volunteer program. Should I only have the professor I work with in this program write about this in my letter of rec, or should I have all three touch on it? Thank you!!!!!!! And best of luck to everyone applying. Almost done with it!
  9. hi! I wanted to ask if anyone knows of any SLP grad schools that superscore (which is where your best scores in each section of the GRE are taken). I took my GRE twice. On the second round of it, I did better in writing, but worse on the verbal and quan sections than my first one! If anyone has any schools on the top of their head that super score, please let me know!
  10. I'm a junior (pure) mathematics and physics double major and I have decided to pursue a masters degree in computer science upon graduation. One of the professors at CMU exposed me to Python during high school, and he basically planted the seed. Taking a course in computational physics last year reinvigorated my love for the computer science and programming, so here I am now! My general question is: what can I do to best set myself up when I start applying to schools next year? Here's some background (just so you know what credentials I have as of right now): 3.91 GPA I've been doing research in particle physics for about a year. Trying very hard to publish before I graduate. I will be doing an undergraduate thesis in physics based on this research My advisor (full professor, had him for two of my courses) thinks very highly of me and will write me a solid letter of recommendation 2 academic awards for physics 2 research fellowships I will be able to complete a computer science minor (and then some) before I graduate. What should I be doing to make my application more attractive? Projects? More coursework? Will my physics research be seen as favorable, or should work a computer science internship instead? Would it be bad if I got my letters of recommendation from math/physics professors and not computer science professors? These questions immediately come to mind, but there are many, many more questions to consider. Any advice at all would be helpful!
  11. SLP advising help

    Hi all- just wanted to share a new website I started- just enter to help undergraduate speech pathology and audiology students improve their chances of getting into graduate school. The site has tutorials- videos too- on all aspects of getting into grad school. I've been in the field for 12 years and have served on two different university admission committees so have a pretty good sense of what schools are looking for. On the site, I give you lots of strategic ways to improve your chances of getting in and even explain the parts of the process. For example, its the start of the fall semester-- if you are a senior, you should have asked the 3 or 4 people you've identified to write your letters of rec already. Check it out!
  12. I was hoping for a little advice!! I am a senior psychology major and getting ready to apply for graduate school. I am tied between industrial organizational (I/O) psychology and counseling psychology. For a few years now my plan was counseling. I have a big passion for mental health. Recently, industrial organizational psychology sparked my interest. The idea of helping companies with employee productivity, job satisfaction and overall health seemed interesting. It seemed like it would be similar to counseling but in a workforce setting. So I started looking more into programs for I/O than counseling. However I also am finding that a lot of the jobs for I/O psychology involve more management/business skills than psychology. I'm seeing that the tasks of I/O psychologists involve a lot of programming and research. Also, I do not have business experience and I'm afraid that may hurt me in applying for I/O graduate school. I have had experience as a crisis counselor and mental health board member so I feel my skills and experience may be better for applying for counseling graduate school. What really grabbed my attention for I/O psychology was the expected job growth and bigger average salaries. After researching more, counseling psychology's job growth is about the same. And the salaries aren't much less. So I feel like my obvious answer would be to go back towards counseling but I'm still unsure about my decision and wanted to ask for any feedback or advice that anyone may have. Thanks! --
  13. Hey guys! My application is a disaster. I have extended my undergrad 2 years and i am not graduated at the time. And my GPA is below 2.0 If i could get high score in GRE and good LOR SOP, can i get into top grad schools? Or should i stay one year and graduate, raise my GPA as high as possible and apply? Or should i try Problem is that i have an financial difficulty and i couldn't afford to waste money on application fee GRE, TOEFL fee and application procedure expenditures, scholarship fees etc., if i can't get accepted
  14. Hi everyone, I recently received an email by NYU SCPS encouraging me to apply for their MS in Global Affairs. The thing is that I got 90 on my TOEFL exam, and my GPA is currently at 3.60. They say that I can take their English Language Assessment exam. I thankfully have a CV full of experiences, including a Study Abroad experience and founding a Student Association at my University. I would like to know if anyone thinks those things count for the admission officers. Also, I would like to know about anyone who has already applied in the past to tell me their admission process experience. Thank you!
  15. Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I want to apply to U.S. Universities for Fall 2018. I have written the first draft of my SOP. I would be really grateful if you could go review my SOP. I am attaching it here. I know everyone is really busy so I thank you in advance for taking time of your busy schedule to read this. Sayani. SPACE SCIENCE SOP.doc
  16. Hi, I am thinking about applying to an Australian graduate program of Actuarial Science (or Actuarial Practice or similar). My GPA is 3 out of 4 in the American system (A, B, C, D, F, etc), how does this score correspond to the Australian system? Here are a few programs I am thinking about, with their entry requirements normally at around 5 out of 7 or 65% in the Australian system: Do you think my GPA can fulfill this overall requirement? Also, my GPA in the first two years was very very high, but in the last two years, it dropped quite a lot, for a variety of reasons combined. What should/can I do now, since I only have one semester left? Best and thank you all in advance, GPRW
  17. Currently, I'm a Junior at Texas A&M-Commerce, and will be applying for graduate school in December 2018. I'm a psychology major with an overall GPA of 3.9 and a major GPA of 4.0, with experience in independent study, research, and data analysis. I expect to graduate summa cum laude and receive good letters of recommendation from the professors with whom I've conducted research. However, I doubt that I will be able to achieve a high or even average score on the GRE. On all of the practice tests I've taken so far, I've done well in the verbal and written areas (156-160 on the verbal, and 5.0 on the written), but I've performed poorly on all the quantitative sections, receiving scores that ranged from 120-110. I know that with time and practice, I can improve my quantitative scores, but I am still unsure about my chances of getting into UT Southwestern's Clinical Psychology PhD program. Do any of you think that I could have a chance of getting an interview, or do you think I have better chances applying elsewhere?
  18. Just wondering what the process is like to get licensed in a state that is different from the state you're attending graduate school in? Is this a difficult and pricey process? Also, can you do your CFY in a state that you did not attend grad school in?
  19. Does anyone know of SLP graduate programs that require an interview during the application process? It can be in person/phone/video chat. I only know of a few so far.
  20. Interview for potential job.

    I received an interview offer to become a Resident Director. I scheduled a phone interview and because I asked too late my interview is not this week, rather next week. However, I obtained the confirmation for the time and date...however I am expected to head over to the school for the interview. However, I don't have a car to make the 6 hour drive for the interview. I thought I stated a phone interview in my previous email and I suggested the time since I'm off from work on that day. Moreover, it gave me time before I picked up my cousins from school... I am going to call her directly. But how do I tell her this? I don't want the committee to think I'm lazy and stuff. I have commitments to make and cannot afford to head out on a short notice.
  21. Hi everyone. I've been looking around this forum for awhile as I've been researching Ph.D. programs in political science, and I have a few questions regarding admissions. First, let me give you some background information on myself. I attend a decently ranked regional liberal arts college in the Northeast, and I have a 3.8 GPA. I'm majoring in history (3.93 GPA) and minoring in political science (4.0 GPA). I have not taken the GREs yet. I have, however, taken a practice test without studying to see where I need the most improvement, scoring a 152 V / 153 Q. I understand these scores are not great as I am not a strong standardized test taker. After a few months of preparation, I hope to score between 157 and 160 on both sections. I have zero publication experience and minimal research experience. I've presented research at two regional conferences and recently applied to present poli sci research at a third this November. Also, I've written a 40-page thesis paper (although it was a history paper). As for work experience, I've interned for political nonprofits and legislative offices and done archival work. I've heard that work experience doesn't matter much to admissions committees, though. I plan to apply to programs with exceptionally strong political behavior programs this fall. That being said, I have a few questions. 1. I'm worried about my GRE scores. Even though I haven't taken the official test yet, I can't see my score being above 315/320. I know various admissions websites claimed to look at the application as a whole, but I'm nervous that my application will be immediately scrapped. How influential are GRE scores in the overall decision? 2. What are some strong political behavior programs? As of right now, my list of schools include Duke, Columbia, UC San Diego, OSU, UC Davis, Minnesota, Northwestern, UVA, UFL, and UC Irvine. 3. While my current undergraduate institution is a decently ranked regional liberal arts college, I'm worried that it won't be prestigious enough to get into any of the schools listed above. Is this justified? 4. Because I go to a liberal arts college, it's difficult to find open research assistant positions. Is my minimal research and publication experience a large issue? 5. Like I said, I've heard that work experience doesn't count for much when applying to Ph.D. programs. Is this assumption correct? If my GRE scores exceed my expectations, I think I could be considered a strong candidate. Regardless, I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  22. Hello, I'm interested in the one year Master of Science in Public Policy program at NYU's Wagner School. It seems like a pretty unique program to me, and I'm having trouble finding any information about acceptance rates or thoughts on past applicants. etc. Does anyone have any thoughts about this program or is anyone else applying/does anyone know any admissions statistics? Thank you! - M
  23. Does anyone have any additional information on the Manhattan campus for Adelphi? I know the classes are on Sundays. What are the professors like and how is the clinical experience? From what I understand, clinic would be done at Garden City. Any other additional information would be great. Also, how are externships? How many classes are taken in a semester? etc
  24. How is student life at the Boston University School of Public Health? Do people feel that they are constantly stressed? How is the workload? Do people feel that they have free time to pursue extracurricular activities?
  25. NYU MPH vs. BU MPH

    I got into NYU and BU's MPH programs, but I'm having a hard time deciding which school to go to. I'm thinking of pursuing community health, though I may want to switch concentrations once I take the core classes. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks!