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  1. Hi! Does anyone have any personal experiences/ Or heard anything about the speech pathology program at the University of North Texas? Is their program rigorous? Enjoyable? How is the faculty? Any information would be so helpful!!
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm curious if anyone has been offered admissions to a school and then heard at a later date about funding or assistantships. I was accepted back in February. The acceptance letter said they are making decisions about it within the next month. So far, I haven't seen anyone accept or get offered any funding. But I feel like I just want to know now and I'm sick of waiting. So I'm looking for advice, do you think it would be bad if I call and as if they gave them out yet? Need help because I'm going crazy waiting haha! Anyways, I am talking about UNH. However, this may apply to other schools as well! Send me in your thoughts and advice!
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm curious if anyone has been offered admissions to a school and then heard at a later date about funding or assistantships. I was accepted back in February. The acceptance letter said they are making decisions about it within the next month. So far, I haven't seen anyone accept or get offered any funding. But I feel like I just want to know now and I'm sick of waiting. So I'm looking for advice, do you think it would be bad if I call and as if they gave them out yet? Need help because I'm going crazy waiting haha! Anyways, I am talking about UNH. However, this may apply to other schools as well! Send me in your thoughts and advice!
  4. Thank you to all of you...

    I just wanted to say I really appreciate what a great forum this is, and how much having a support network like this has made things so much better. This past academic year and a half has been exceptionally difficult for me. I entered my program full of beans and and have since felt like I've let my department and my supervisor down repeatedly. Life got in the way (changing doctors from moving, chronic medical condition deteriorating, spending weeks recuperating part of which was in the hospital, difficult supervisor, sexual harassment, death of a mentor, supporting mentally ill family member; you name it!) and it just spiralled out of control from there. I was / am the grad student department chairs cringe when they see because yet another something has happened. There are days I am convinced my department made a mistake and I just slipped in by mistake. (This is not a post asking everyone to reassure me I'm doing well and all that!) I could not have done it without all of you, taking time to respond, support, encourage, and give perspective to strangers on the Internet. Many of you support each other without judging. A special shout out to the ?admin? and / or just really smart people like @TakeruKand @fuzzylogician and @telkanuru and @rising_star and @Sigaba for replying to virtually every panic stricken, lost, and scared graduate student on this board. I am sure I've missed some people, but know I do appreciate you. My memory sucks from all my drugs, so I shamelessly blame that. If you ever feel like graduate school is just too much and feel like quitting (that's me very often lately), come here. You are not alone. This community will support you...or knock some sense into your head.
  5. Like many others have done, I'm a current first year grad student! Feel free to ask any questions from applying to grad school itself! We're all in this together and I remember how rough the application process was!
  6. Hello everyone, I am hoping to apply to a graduate program in anthropology this calendar year. My research interests, broadly speaking, involve perceptions ofcommunal identity in South Asia and its intersection with historical, political, religious, and ideological processes. However, I am also interested in religion, spirituality, and cultural interpretations of the "human journey". Given these broad topics and my interest in South Asia, I am looking for recommendations for suitable graduate programs to which I might apply. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you! Austin J.
  7. I got into UC Berkeley and Stanford Environmental Engineering MS program to study Water Resource Engineering. I'm not sure which to choose. Any opinions of pros and cons of each university for academics(course material) and campus life in general are appreciated! Where should I go?
  8. CSUDH MSW 2018

    Hello, I wanted to create a place for all of us to chat and compare our stats. Also, to congratulate each other when some of us get in and people to plan a second try who don't. Good luck to everyone, and I hope we all hear back soon!
  9. Los Angeles Roomate

    Hello all! I'm a big planner! I'll be applying to the MSW program at Cal State LA, Fullerton, Long Beach, and Fullerton at the end of this year. Is anyone else planning to move down there for their masters program? I'd love to get to know someone and get on a waitlist for an apartment down there! I know I'm kind of early but if I have to get on a waitlist for an apartment it can typically take awhile. But if you are a woman entering the masters program in the southern CA area and applying to any of the schools I listed comment below!
  10. Hey guys,I am creating this thread for applicants who are applying to IHEID 2019-2021.Fell free to comment if you are an alumni and tell us tip for successful application.
  11. I'm an international student currently studying in a reputed liberal arts college in the US. I'll be graduating with a BS in general engineering (my electives are in mechanical) rather than a specified engineering discipline. I have a current gpa (I'm in my junior year) of 3.93, one summer internship and some research assistance experience (one summer, one semester independent study) but no publications and am a tutor. I'm hoping to go to graduate school but it's impossible for me to fund it on my own. I hear PhDs are generally funded, but I'm concerned about lacking the background required to get into a good school for a PhD and so I'm currently thinking of pursuing a masters first....I'd love to get into a top engineering school although I'm skeptical about my chances. Any advice on strategies or steps to take over the next year or thoughts about if this is even doable? Thanks!
  12. So I am here to vent about two big topics that are interconnected with my graduate school experience. Firstly, I realized upon the middle of my first semester (I started in fall 2017) that my advisor is a bit scatter-brained. At first, I was okay with the scatter-brained bit because my previous advisor was a bit scatter-brained so I figured that since this was master's (and everything was based on my own interpretation of the literature, experiment, etc...) that this would not be detrimental. That was until three months ago when my research partner and I were thrown into a project that was unrelated to anything our advisor had done before (including the graduate students she has now). Now, we are, again, scraping to get a single "yes" or "no" answer out of her because we are both in a class where we have to submit progress in addition to abstracts, outlines, etc... Understandably, we are both getting frustrated and while we know more about our project now than compared to last year, this is not the ideal we searched for. So we both, officially, are regretting our decision to attend graduate school, even though for both of us this was the only school that offered acceptance and funding. Now, I can say that when I visited and contacted my now-current advisor I asked her how she organized her graduate students and she told me that she was organized and had weekly meetings with her students to discuss progress and work on the project, so to me, this was a complete misleading. The only thing I can say that is any small amount of a defense is that the project I am assigned to work on is a part of a project that began with a colleague of my advisor's so maybe she has no control? But even still, what I can say to anyone in a future degree program, especially in the sciences, make double, triple, and quadruple sure that the school you go with is 100% what you want with people who work with you exactly how you want to. For me, the worst part of my graduate school experience is not the lack of interest in the project I am doing (even though that is an annoyance), not the loss of money (though again that is certainly a major irritant), the worst is that I could have held on for another (put up with a job that I hated) in order to pursue a school that would fit every inch of my criteria. But instead, I thought that I could, in essence, settle, earn the degree, and move on to my doctorate at another. To which I do say, to my past self, hold out. Look only for the best and expect the best, don't just wish! But I digress. The main reason why I am angered now is that while my advisor and other trusted professors known of my uncertainty (my advisor knows that I want to take my project a certain direction but she remains ambivalent about it), they offer no assistance whatsoever. I went to one professor that I trust and I asked them about the possibility of moving into science teaching (which I am interested in) and she, herself, is a science education advocate so I figured she would have something for me. Well, she did have a contact but the contact (who is at the school I am currently at!) remains unresponsive despite the numerous emails I have sent (and I checked the directory to make sure the email is correct). While there are other professors I could contact, I just feel that my school has let me down and that I am going to come out of this, $60K more in the hole. I thought I wanted to pursue a life in academia but academia, it seems, does not want to pursue me. And even other subjects, they don't seem to want me either. So to anyone else who has felt a pain similar to mine, know that we are all in this together and we will show the world our passions, even if we have to do it in unorthodox ways!
  13. I currently am graduating with a B.S. in Computational and applied mathematics. I concentrated in statistics and have a minor in it, but am only also a class different from a Statistics B.S. as well. I took a class in mathematics of large data and it concentrated in Laplace and Fourier transformations of data, such as signals within pictures, voice and speaker recognition, and wavelets JPEG. I absolutely loved it. I was wondering what I should do now? I have heard that mathematicians can go to grad school for electrical engineering and not be behind if they are going to focus on signals and processing, which is what I would be doing, but am wondering how feasible it is? I know for a fact that mathematicians transition into systems engineering flawlessly since graduate school of systems engineering is mathematics of processes. However, I know a masters in applied mathematics would also open doors to different worlds, but normally lead to different kinds of jobs than my dream job. Other than that, should I just finish a bachelors degree in electrical engineering? I do not think would be more beneficial but I thought I would ask that as well. any advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Tom
  14. Genetic Counseling: Fall 2018

    Hi everyone! I am an applicant for Genetic Counseling at the University of Pittsburgh. My application is officially being reviewed as of a few weeks/a month ago and I'm basically just playing the waiting game. A few stats about me: 26 years old, graduating with a BS in Biology April 2018, 3.34 GPA, 5 years pharmacy experience, GC shadowing experience, bereavement counseling volunteer, research experience, and personal GC experience. I only applied to UPitt -- kind of scary, but hoping for the best. Anyone else applying to GC programs for Fall 2018?
  15. Columbia Financial Aid?

    Hey everyone! Columbia hopeful here! I was wondering if there was any here who has any information about Columbia and how they are with scholarships, grants, assistantships, and financial aid in general? I am hoping for a lot of money, but this wait is painful.
  16. UChicago vs. NYU vs. Columbia

    Hey everyone! I have been accepted to both NYU and UChicago so far, and am wondering if I could have insight as far as the areas the schools are located in, and their programs! I am also waiting to hear back from Columbia, and am submitting my UPenn app soon. I have visited both NY and Chicago very recently, but of course the tourist perspective is different than the resident perspective. There are several pros and cons for each of my acceptances thus far, however the pros and cons of each don't quite overlap (in my opinion). NYU: Lots of familial/peer support, program seems more focused on my direct interests, tons of things to do in the area, gave my $17,000 a year UChicago: Rank, not as much familial support, gave me $25,900 a year, beautiful city with a lot to do, not as expensive. As I mentioned, I am still waiting from Columbia, however I know a few people who were accepted last school year who received full tuition scholarships, so I'm hopeful that I'd get some sort of money from them too? As you all can tell, I am at a weird crossroads, so I'd appreciate any feedback! Thank you you all so much!!
  17. I entered my MPH program as a Community Health concentration (or its equivalent). However, now I'm having doubts about sticking with it because I'm afraid that it's not as marketable as other concentrations (ex. Epi/Biostats). I was considering switching into Epi/Biostats, but community health is a little more interesting in me (though I do appreciate aspects of Epi/Biostats). Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can offer some advice?
  18. Chance of SLP grad school

    Hello all, So, I have a tough decision to make. I have struggled to find out what I want to do as a career then I came across SLP. I researched it and learned about it from my sister, who just passed her PRAXIS for SLP. I knew this would be something I would enjoy doing. I love the idea of it, it is very interesting to me, I love working with kids, and I would like to work in a hospital or school. However, I do not have a very good GPA and I am nervous about being screwed in life if I don't end up getting into a masters program for SLP even if I reapply and don't get in because I don't want to be reapplying for years and years. My GPA is 3.04 right now entering my spring semester as a junior, it is low due to me starting out in biology and figuring out that is not for me, I also didn't have good study habits and didn't try as hard as i could have. My first semester of this junior year I did get a 3.8 GPA and took a language development and communicative disorders class and got an A in that. My current university does not offer CSD major, so I am trying to decide if i should transfer to university of Minnesota Twin-cities and further pursue this or find something else like Athletic training which I am also considering as my other choice if I choose not to go the SLP route. Also, if I did transfer it would be 4 semesters of work to graduate with a Speech language hearing sciences degree which is the same as CSD. Is it possible for me to get into a program? I am a male by the way, so I don't know how much of an advantage that gives me in the selection process because I see there are few males in the profession. I have read posts like mine where people have gotten in with low GPA's with bolstering other things like GRE and experience but I am just nervous because I feel like that is only a couple people and that doesn't mean it would happen for me. Any help or suggestions would be great!
  19. NYU MSW Finances

    Hey everyone! I recently just received my first graduate school acceptance from NYU. I am extremely excited about the entire thing, however I wanted more insight about finances and managing life in New York. NYU gave me a tuition award of $17,000 a year, but I am also not sure if that's even a good amount to be awarded. I know that regardless I'd need to find an additional source of income. For the sake of insight, do you all think that $17,000 a year is a good amount to get from this institution? I am still waiting on other schools to hear back, but I'd just like to hear some opinions. Thank you so much!
  20. Advice for an Unprepared BME

    Hi! I'm currently a Junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering at one of the best BME schools in the world, and I'm feeling very unsure about my future (aren't we all?). I have had very little experience in research (about one full semester) mainly due to the fact that I really did not enjoy it and I don't feel passionate about it. Through undergrad I realized that while I do love science, I don't love the tedious work behind it. I'd rather look at the big picture/finished product, understand the science behind it, and move forward with commercialization. I've been interested in the biotech/business analytics aspect of the field (I work in tech transfer) but I know that my current education isn't enough to get me a career. I've been thinking about getting a Master's in BME, Engineering Management, or biotechnology, and then going to medical school in an effort to build up the knowledge and prestige that will make me more marketable as a management consultant or something similar. But I'm not sure if my profile is competitive enough. I have a 3.2GPA with 2Cs and a W (im gonna get it to a 3.5 by the time I graduate even if it kills me), strong leadership/volunteering, and decent work experience in tech transfer. I plan to take the GRE this summer, and I only have two average recommendations that I know I could get. Also, which such little research experience and little interest, I may have to do the non-thesis option for grad school. Overall, I'm just trying to collect as much advice as I can about what direction I should go in with my life. So, my questions are: 1.) What can I do in the next 2 semesters to be more competitive for grad school? 2.) Should I get a Masters in something outside of BME? 3.) Is getting a MS then MD really necessary? Is there a better educational path to take? 4.) Would it be worth it to take a gap year to really understand what I want to do in life?
  21. How to Deal with Rejection

    Hi everyone, So I figured I'd start this thread not to encourage pessimism, but to talk about the realistic possibility of receiving all rejections. I have personally applied to seven Psychology PhD programs with no response (as of January 13th) and I think a forum like this would help those of us, like me, who are facing this anxiety. This is my first round of graduate school applications and I think this could be a beneficial space to maybe hear words of encouragement from those students who went through a rotation without any acceptances? "Everything happens for a reason" is a great quote but not necessarily one someone wants to hear after years of their hard work doesn't get recognized the way it should. I hope whoever joins this conversation can give advice on how to stay motivated, what to do in regards to self care, and address the "what nows?" that have infiltrated our thought process. Again, I really don't want this to come across as pessimistic or too hopeless, rather a realistic approach to this tough process. I wish everyone on here the best of luck in regards to admissions. Applications: UT Austin (Counseling Psych); University of Houston (Clinical Psych); University of Louisville (Counseling Psych); Florida International University (Clinical Psych); Clark University (Clinical Psych); Harvard University (Clinical Psych); USC (Clinical Psych) Acceptances: ?/7; Interview Notifications: 0/7; Interviews: 0/7; Rejections: ?/7
  22. Hello everyone! I am slightly freaking out because I waited to get my official transcripts sent to CSDCAS from my university. I have a graduate school app due tomorrow, and I submitted everything. My CSDCAS application needs to be verified. I am nervous that this will inhibit me from applying to grad schools and not having my application looked at. It said it'll take up to 4 weeks, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with how fast this process takes and if it prevents me from meeting the application deadlines of specific graduate schools? Thanks for your input, I am nervous as to what'll happen since many of my schools have January deadlines and this is not at 4 weeks maximum from sending my transcripts in.
  23. Hi all, I'm ashamed to post this to complete strangers but I'm hoping you all might be able to give me some advice. I started college in 2003 and had to leave prematurely due to medical issues. At that time, I had what was to later be diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and a severe depressive disorder. This was so rough on me that my GPA plummeted to an abysmal 2.1. Fast-forward to today. My conditions, though not cured, have improved dramatically and I'm going back to school to finish my B.S. in geology next Fall. I'm going to be going to a different university but I'm wondering that if (and I absolutely will) perform well, as in get all A's in my remaining classes, do you think a master's program would consider me? My dream is to get my PhD but I'm sure with such a poor record they won't even consider taking me. Thanks everyone!
  24. Are top chemistry graduate schools (phd) possible?

    So this semester, it looks like I am getting my first ever Cs (spectroscopy and physics II). I am super bummed but here are my updated specs and plz let me know what you think. I am a junior chem major, dance minor, math minor I go to a "top 100" R1 public university GPA: 3.3 (3.1 major gpa) -I completed a summer undergraduate research fellowship at my school two summers ago (biochemistry) and I am currently trying to move away from that kind of research. -I completed an NSF-REU this past summer at an R2 university. (Theoretical/computational chemistry) -I have presented my biochemistry research at 1 national conference and 3 regional conferences (will possibly attend another national conference for this) -I have presented my theoretical research at 1 national conference and I plan on presenting it at ACS meeting and potentially another national conference -I have one publication where I am first author (theoretical/computational) in a pretty well-known journal -I have two research mentors that would write me great letters of rec and one professor in quantum chemistry that would also be able to write me a good letter of rec -have not taken gre yet Other things: I'm a big advocate for women in stem and I am on the board of my school's feminist group along with the women in stem group on campus (I dont care too much if this helps me get in, but it might) Before these C's I was hoping to apply to top 10 schools (focusing on theoretical/computational). I'm pretty sure this isn't possible anymore so are top 25 schools doable? Any suggestions? Should I drop out lol
  25. Hi guys, For those of you who are attending or have attended an SLP graduate program, do you use statistics often? How important is statistics in an SLP program? What kind of statistics do you use, if any? How heavily is your statistics analysis based on software, such as Excel and others? I'm really poor at statistics, especially using software. Your advice would be deeply appreciated!!