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Found 140 results

  1. Gallaudet 2018 Application

    Hi guys! Can anybody applying to Gallaudet for a Master's in Speech-Language Pathology describe to me in detail how to check if the program has received my GRE or transcripts? I've emailed them several times for more detail but they respond again and again again to check my Student Center? Is that the same as my graduate application? I'm still in the process of completing my application, but I've checked actually everywhere and I can't see where received documents show up. Can somebody please help
  2. Hi all, I am preparing to apply for an MA program this year or 2019. I had an undergrad degree in economics and a master one in logistics/industrial engineering. I have been working in a logistics company for 3 years since my graduation. In recent years, I became really passionate about philosophy and started reading a lot about it and going to philosophy meetups. I want to have a systematic education on it, so I think starting with an MA program is my best shot. I hope to eventually get a PhD in philosophy. My GPA is 3.7 for my grad degree and 3.6 for my undergrad. I don't have a Phil background. Is it still possible to get in a good program? Can you please give me some suggestions on choosing programs? Thank you so much for your help!
  3. USF-SP MA in Psychology??

    Hello! Anyone applied (or admitted, or a student) at University of South Florida - Saint Petersburg campus for their MA in Psychology program? I'd like to know more about their admissions process, acceptance rates and how is the program itself? Any help would be really appreciated as I'm currently preparing all the materials before their March 1st deadline. Thank you!!
  4. Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Thanks in advance! I have a few inquiries in regards to getting accepted into a clinical psychology program, specifically in Ontario, Canada. First, I think it would be a good idea to start off by describing what I have to offer to a Clinical Psychology program. I have a decent CGPA of 3.63/4 ( recent graduate from University of Toronto; 4.0 in all psych courses). Currently, I am working for respite care company building some experience in the field and paying back some my OSAP loan. However, I do not have any direct research , lab experience, or any notable references (I can probably obtain these with some ease). I am living at home and working a full-time and part-time job in order to pay back my huge loan, and it is a source of significant worry. The problem is there is no university near my home where I can gather some research experience, which I know is critical to admission to a clinical psychology program. Honestly, I don't know whether I will be able to live on my home with the cost of my loan each month and the uncertainty of finding at job at all. I'm looking for a realistic run down on what I need to be accepted at an Ontario Clinical Psychology. Please note: I have read the relevant university websites, but I am looking for an open and honest response for this question. Furthermore, if anyone can direct me to useful GRE resources, please link them or list them there.
  5. Loan for graduate programme

    Incred Finance is offering loan of 40 Lacs without collateral at ROI of 11.5 % which is negotiable. Has anyone taken loan from Incred before? What are the reviews regarding this financial service?
  6. Hello everyone. I am currently a Psychology major/Business minor. I was always fascinated by Artificial Intelligence & cognitive psychology, so I am trying to find out if I could get into the AI field with a non-CS major. Some AI programs only accept CS majors and some others accept people from other disciplines too (including psychology) as long as they have good CS foundations and some basic programming knowledge. My psychology major covers a big part of the cognitive fundamentals and has some statistics courses and my business minor has some extra quantitative courses and a course in information systems in Business. I was thinking that I could cover my lack of knowledge in CS somewhat by adding a minor in Information Technology (IT) to increase my chances of doing well in that field and maybe meet the requirements of more AI programs. Some others have advised me that I could do something a bit closer to psychology, like the MSc in IT & Cognition in University of Copenhagen, or even a Cognitive Science masters. What are your suggestions? Is anyone of you in a similar program? Or does anyone know somebody with a psychology or social sciences background getting into the AI field eventually? Thank you all in advance!
  7. Hey! I've been way too stressed out obsessing over my SOP and would love any feedback from a fresh pair of eyes. Many thanks. After completing my bachelor’s in linguistics at ------ and three years of national service with AmeriCorps, I now seek a master’s in speech-language pathology in order to pursue a career in early intervention services. I am most interested in working with a nonprofit or state program such as Early Start to provide therapy to children and families free of charge. Working with AmeriCorps has been invaluable in developing my awareness of both how important social justice and working with children in early childhood are to my professional and personal goals. Throughout this work, I have confirmed the importance of using my strengths to serve my community in the most effective and equitable way possible. My freshman year at ------- I began working with -------, which trains teams of young people to implement a literacy-focused curriculum in under-resourced preschool classrooms. I loved my mornings with the group of preschoolers assigned to me, and I relished the challenge of tailoring the ------ curriculum to students with varying language abilities due to age, learning English as a second language, or different rates of language development. I spent another year with --------- where I took on the role of Family Involvement Coordinator, in which I ensured families were informed about their child’s educational progress. I currently work with the education nonprofit ---------, where I have had the opportunity to expand upon existing tutoring and mentoring skills while also growing in leadership skills. I work closely with a partner teacher in a third grade classroom to provide academic and behavioral support throughout the school day. Four times a week I pull out groups of children at least one grade level behind in math and English for targeted intervention. Thanks to --------, I have had the chance to work on a diverse team of 16 other Corps Members, build relationships with educators, school administrators, and the speech-language pathologist who works with two students in the classroom I serve. Looking back on my years in education, there is no doubt that I love working one-on-one and in small groups with children. Speech-language pathology gives me the chance to do this while also incorporating linguistics into my future career. After taking -------'s Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology as a required course for the linguistics major I was in awe of human speech and hearing physiology. Wanting to learn more, I looked into the department’s Linguistics Research Apprentice Practicum and was immediately drawn to the dissertation project of ---------. The spring of my sophomore year I began to work with ------, work that I continued until after graduation. I assisted with her dissertation on the effect of altered auditory feedback on articulation of the American English [r]. I helped with acoustic analysis in the program Praat and used R to process data. I conducted a literature review of similar projects to inform the experimental design. I ended up discovering papers that also discussed altered auditory feedback, but instead of investigating articulatory compensation, these experiments showed the value of altered auditory feedback for people who stutter. I found the results fascinating and I started to read more and more about speech and language disorders. I confirmed my interest as I took coursework -------- offers at all related to the field. I took a language acquisition class in which my favorite parts of the curriculum discussed phonological development and childhood language and developmental disorders. I went on to take a linguistic field methods course in which I worked in a small group of students with a speaker of Kana, an Ogoni language of Nigeria, to describe the language, addressing everything from phonetics to semantics. The course was invaluable for real world practice transcribing using the IPA and identifying non-English speech sounds. Finally, I took an introduction to neurobiology to inform my interest in language and the brain and a speech and communication disorders course in which I received an introduction to aphasia and fluency disorders. These courses, as well as my research experience with --------, have inspired an interest in pursuing research and a PhD after I practice speech-language pathology for some time. My research interests include early childhood language development and multilingual populations. ---------’s program will give me the opportunity to complete a thesis and continue to grow in my research skills. The program’s strong multicultural focus is essential as I plan to continue to work with diverse populations. The wide range of clinical practicums available, including the Child Clinic at the ---------- Center for Communication Disorders housed right in the department, will allow me to gain relevant experience that is directly related to my career goals.
  8. I am applying for MS CS for the fall 2018 session. I am confused about which university I should choose from these four options - Columbia, Gatech, USC and Pennsylvania. My primary interest is in the are of machine learning and AI. Here are my stats - University - JIIT Noida Sector 62 CGPA - 6.8/10 (My mother was admitted due to some illness for 3 years during my college, so there is a steady decline in grades, and the trend is apparent in my transcripts. Amounts to approx 74%) GRE - 323(Q:165, V:158, AWA: 4.0) TOEFL - 107 Resume - RESUME_Final.pdf Can somebody guide me and give me some realistic chances of acceptance. I am leaning towards Columbia and Gatech, but I don't have any knowledge of their acceptance rates. Regards, Piyush Kathuria
  9. Can anybody share university rankings by US News for material science and engineering program? Also how good is QS ranking in that regard? Thanks in advance.
  10. Advisor gone AWOL

    Please bear with me if a similar topic has already been posted - I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My advisor, the one who would be my strongest recommender, has basically gone AWOL. I asked for the letter about 2 months back and he said he would write it in time for my Dec 15 deadlines. I even met him the past week and he was suggesting some schools that I should check out and stuff. Afterwards, its like he just dropped off the face of the earth. I know that it's ok if our LORs arrive a little late, but in the event that I still cannot get him to submit his LOR, what should I do? And how long should I wait to contact him? I'm a little hesitant to rush him because I'm afraid then he wouldn't write me a strong letter; he thinks I'm not ready for a PhD and asked me to apply for Masters programs and I'm afraid this opinion might be reflected in the letters. PS. All final exams are over now in my university and students have gone for their vacations - I thought he'd have more free time now. I have a "backup" recommender but he's someone I never worked with directly so the letter would be rather generic.
  11. Hello all, I have applied to UBC, UofT, UAlberta, UOttawa, Queen's, Mcmaster for MS in CS programs. I am hoping to get admits from UBC and/or UofT. Here is my profile. I have no publications. Strong academics (8.65) from a good college from Gujarat,India. IELTS 8.0 bands. No GRE. 3 internship stints and 2 technical training stints. (2 of the internships were on Java and Cloud/ML) Strong leadership skills and extra-curricular activities as well. I have formed a strong SOP mentioning my clear vision and broad interests in the field of AI, ML , DL and CLoud computing , along with a few professors and their research groups. Any one admitted from UBC of UofT MscAC program if available to comment on my chances , Please do So! Also, I have heard that UBC and UofT conduct interviews before giving acceptance offers. What is asked in those interviews? If anyone experienced is available, please throw some light on the matter and please rate my chances if possible. Thankyou. Sagar Parikh Resume.pdf
  12. Hello Everyone. I'm an Economics undergraduate student at Università Bocconi. (going on exchange at the University of Virginia on spring 2018). My GPA is 26,7/30, but 27,5 if we concentrate on quantitative/economics subjects. I have taken the GRE (164Q, 163V, 3AW). I have sincerely outstanding academic refererences and I think I have written a very well balanced personal statement. No working experience, good IELTS and I speak fluently french, too. I know that at LSE they look a lot at the average, and that is my flaw together with the 3 at the GRE AW (however, I got 93% on verbal.) Do you think I stand any chance to be admitted to LSE's MSc in Economics and Philosophy? Talking aboutother programs, I'm lookingf at UCL and Pompeu Fabra pure economics. Any hint on these too? Thanks
  13. Genuine question on a potentially controversial topic: Does anyone have any insight into current graduate programs (of particular concern, education graduate programs) and their usage of affirmative action? I understand the Supreme Court ban, the current ban in 8 states, but also the "under the table" continued use of affirmative action for "diversity". I am a male and underrepresented minority race. Is there some preference for this demographic in education graduate programs? My searches haven't found any recent forum posts on this, only years old ones that did mention certain former admissions workers who stated how they came across female applications which were "maybe's" but would have been an absolute "yes" if the applicant were male. I apologize if this question touches some nerves. I know this is a controversial topic; am genuinely curious. Thank you.
  14. Statement of Purpose The number of areas in which Computer Science plays a vital role is astonishing and I feel lucky that my passion and skills lie in it. My undergraduate course in Computer Engineering and my experience in the software industry has helped me set a clear goal for my near future – mastery in the field of Computer Science. With an aim to study in one of the best universities in the USA, I wish to apply for the Master of Computer Science (MCS) course at XYZ State University. I have always found myself indulging in research activities and it delights me to know that XYZ State University gives high importance to research and has so many labs to facilitate the same. In my four years of experience in the software industry, I had the opportunity to work on multiple challenging research project. · At my first job for Calsoft Inc, I worked on the research project 'Federated NAS’. We as a team of 3 designed and developed the architecture for distributed and federated filesystem framework which allows global namespace for the data stored over several sources (Cloud sources, remote filesystems etc.). I actively participated in developing the design and architecture of the project and later was the leading developer to implement it. For this project, I developed a virtual filesystem and an object filesystem, an on-disk cache and an in-memory cache. · While working on the project – ‘In-band NFS XATTR support’, I researched for ways to develop the support for extended attributes in NFS (Network FileSystem) protocol in its data path. I proposed a novel way of its development and the idea was accepted. It helped me fetch an opportunity to guide a group of final year students for its implementation. · In Seagate Technology, I worked on the research project 'Parallel Data Mover (PDM)’. The work focused on developing a Data Mover which can migrate data at a high speed for HPC (High-Performance Computation) use-cases and is capable of working with multiple storage tiers spanning Lustre, GPFS, and Cloud Storage. Owing to the high quality of education, I believe studying at XYZ State University will be highly rewarding and satisfying at the same time being extremely challenging and competitive. I am fortunate that challenges excite me and bring the best out of me. · When I got the opportunity to guide a group of final year engineering students for the ‘NFS XATTR support’ project for the intra-company project competition, I was contending against other project guides who were senior to me by more than 8 years. This did not deter my confidence but instead motivated me to participate and try to win the ‘Best undergraduate project’ title. In spite of being occupied by other projects, my and my team’s dedication and positive attitude resulted in us winning the title. · Calsoft Inc organized a company-wide coding competition – ‘Code gladiators’. Even though I knew I would compete against top-notch Architects, Principal Developers, Director of Engineering among others, I believed in myself and spent more than a month preparing for the competition. I stood 1st and received applauds from everyone. There are no words to describe the happiness I felt when I was lauded by seniors who I greatly admire and respect. XYZ State University’s initiatives like ‘ABC’ speaks volumes about the importance the university gives to philanthropy. I believe I perfectly fit into this culture as I try to give back to the community in whatever ways possible. · A good education at a young age plays a vital role in deciding the future of a child. To reciprocate the effect education had on me onto others, I volunteered for ‘BHUMI’ NGO. There I taught Mathematics and English to orphan kids who never had the opportunity to study in a school. Even though I joined the NGO with a humble aim of teaching the kids, I ended up learning much more from them. Being part of the NGO for a year had a profound impact on my life. XYZ State University is a community formed to solve the world’s most challenging issues and I want to be part of this global group. The group which is bringing positive changes to the world and making it a better place to live in.
  15. I'm very interested in machine learning and its application to the healthcare/medical field. I am also interested in the Robotics program at Hopkins because of its wide array of machine learning research in the medical field. They research a large number of things like medical imaging, uses machine learning for surgical robots, analyzing EMR data, etc. Does anyone know of other universities that have similar medical focus? The ranking is not important. I am just looking for a little bit of a curriculum overlap here and there. Thank you!
  16. Submit Chem GRE

    Hi Today I got my GRE Chemistry score back and it was pretty abysmal, a 690 (48%). I was wondering whether if I should even bother sending it as a domestic applicant for Ph.D. chemistry programs, as the score being that low may hurt instead of help my application. Some background: Applying from undergrad at Berkeley, 2.88 cumulative and 2.68 major GPA. GRE scores 162Q 163V 5.5W, 2 summer internships, 1.5 semesters/ 3.6 "full time" months worth of research, no publications, part time job in the chemistry stockrooms since summer before sophomore year. 4 total recommendation letters (where schools allow more than 3) - 3 solid ones from my PI, postdoc now at Genentech, and my work supervisor, and 1 from a postdoc that taught a class. I'm applying to most of the UCs except Berkeley, USC, Scripps, JHU, UChicago, and Northwestern Thanks for any feedback, any advice appreciated!
  17. Statements

    Hey everyone! Would anyone who has accepted to grad school be willing to post their statement? It would be insanely helpful to see some examples. Thanks!
  18. Can someone suggest me for any low-cost online courses associated with biomedical engineering? Since i don't have any research papers i planned to rise my sop using online courses. Will online courses really help in improving my sop??
  19. I am really confused in selecting a specialization course for my graduate program. What is the difference between a M.S. Biomedical engineering and selecting any specialization courses. Can i do specialization course by selecting M.S biomedical engineering? Please help me with the doubt...
  20. What better place to find people to share application anxiety with? I haven't seen another thread like this yet so here we go. Which programs are you applying to? Where are you from? What are your biggest concerns about applications? I'll start. I'm applying to a grand total of two schools (I'm obviously crazy) because I want to be on campus and I have to stay in VA. I'm looking at JMU and Longwood and honestly don't know what my chances are but I'm going to try to be optimistic. Figured I'd start applications early on CSDCAS but maaaan this process is waaay slower than I had anticipated! I'm so excited for grad school though!
  21. I will be applying for Masters (and possibly some PhDs) in Statistics for Fall of 2018. I was hoping to hear how competitive my profile is at some of my target schools. Stanford (MS) is my dream school, so I'm most interested in feedback there. I'm concerned about whether to retake the GRE, since the average listed score at Stanford is a perfect score (97%). Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Public Ivy (Ranking: ~top 30-35 nationally overall, roughly top 20 in stats) Cum GPA: 3.89 Major: Statistics (3.84*), Psychology (4.0*), both B.S. *Only explicitly includes stats/psych department classes, respectively. Excludes math, astronomy, physics, & related classes that counted towards my majors, which would likely bump up my stat GPA a bit. Type of Student: Domestic White Male (DWM) from the south. GRE: 167 (93%) Quant, 164 (94%) Verbal Research/Work Experience: ~1.5 years as a statistician at a large research company. Have worked on surveys / projects with institutions such as the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and other government bureaus. Project topics include criminology and victimization, drug usage, and general health. I presented at a large statistical conference recently (published a proceedings paper). I did some very minor research during my undergraduate classes. Awards/Recognition: Phi Beta Kappa. Dean's List GPA (3.5+) every semester. Inducted into Phi Sigma Pi Honors fraternity. Nominated for junior statistician award by coworker (winner not announced yet). Applying to: Statistics/Biostatistics, Masters (maybe PhD) Dream: Stanford (M.S.) - Statistics Reach: University of Chicago (M.S.) - Statistics** Harvard (M.S.) - Biostatistics** UC-Berkeley (M.A.) - Statistics Match: University of North Carolina (M.S.) - Biostatistics** University of Michigan (M.S.) - Statistics** NC State (M.S.) - Statistics (also looking at Advanced Analytics/Data Science) **May consider PhD, depending on how competitive I am at program
  22. I have 4 offers for MA in International Affairs, and I am leaning towards the NYU program(s), because NY! The schools I have been admitted to are as follows: Middelbury Institute of International Studies in Monterrey, CA; NYU - GSAS International Relations; UW-Madison; and Penn State School of International Affairs. I am currently in the process of applying to NYU MS in Global Affairs too. Here's the deal, I am hoping to join in the Spring as I am currently enrolled in a program that is entirely focused on political science although it's supposed to be an International Affairs program. What I would like to do is get into a program that is strong enough and reputable within the industry as I go back to work. The reason I am applying to NYU's MS in Global Affairs is that it is designed for professionals (it's part of the school of professional studies). Can anyone recommend this program and say that beyond doubt it is the best program for me? Is it really that different from the GSAS IR program? Also, Penn State have by far the best financial aid offer for me - the Global Affairs program does not look promising on financial aid though. I am having the hardest time deciding, and would love to have some input from you guys, especially someone who has gone to either one of these programs. Thank you
  23. Hi there, This is the first time I am ever using this site, so here I go. I'm planning to apply to about 7-10 graduate schools in hopes for a phd in social/personality psych. However, my gpa is a 3.40. I have about 2-3 years of experience in research on personality. I will take the gre in a month, and I'm pretty confident in my letters of rec and my statement. Can anyone give me a realistic opinion on my chances? I know I don't have a 3.8+ but I've heard that doesn't matter much as long as you've got a good application as a whole. However, I've also heard gpa is used to weed people out. help!
  24. Hi All, I am going through a lot of graduate schools faculty lists and trying to find which professor has done research which I find interesting. Till now, I am able to obtain only a handful of such professors. Some professors have a good bio on the university website but have no footprint of a research paper anywhere. And in some cases, the name itself is so common that I find myself sifting through other lecturer's work. So would it be a good idea to start up a chat in order to get more details in their research area, assuming that I would be aiming for that university also? Thanks.