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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I will be applying to the following programs by mid November, but I was wondering if my GRE score are good enough to secure a position with full funding. 1. PhD in Biomedical Sciences in Public Health - Johns Hopkins 2. PhD in Environmental Health Sciences - Ohio State 3. PhD in Environmental Health Sciences - UCLA 4. PhD in Toxicology and Environmental Health - U of Maryland 5. PhD in Environmental and Occupational Health - University of Pittsburgh 6. PhD in Environmental Health Sciences - Columbia 7. PhD in Environmental Health Sciences - Duke GRE scores are Verbal - 151; Quant - 150 GPA (Undergrad in Genetics and Cell Bio at Washington State University): 3.8 GPA (Grad - MS in Environmental Health at East Tennessee State University) - 4.0 Have extensive research experience and completed a Masters thesis No publications yet but in the process of submitting a manuscript... Have considerable teaching experience as well Good LORs Recently completed an internship through the National Environmental Health Association, funded by the CDC. Also, should I be casting a wider net in terms of applications? Would appreciate any help! Thanks!
  2. At what point should the GRE be retaken? If there is time, and you think you can improve your score, should you retake it? Also, if you have beaten the average of previously accepted students, but think you could do better, retake?
  3. Hi all, I've taken the GRE twice so far and am trying to choose which scores to report for Communication PhD programs First attempt yielded 163 (v) , 143 (q), 5(awa). That came out to 92%, 14%, 93%, respectively. Second time around got 165(v), 149( q), 4.5(awa) for 95%, 35%, 82% My primary concern is that my quant score is terrible the first time around but writing is better. So which of the two would you choose? Or should I just take it again?
  4. I don't necessarily need to retake the GRE for the programs I'm looking at, but I may want to to increase my funding chances. So here's my question: if I retake the GRE and only improve on one section - say, Verbal - but remain the same or even slightly reduce my score on Quant/AW, how might admissions committees view this? I remember in undergrad, with the SAT, colleges claimed to take the highest score from each section a candidate had ever scored. I took the SAT three times, and scored erratically - sometimes I'd improve Q, other times I'd improve V. In the end, I was accepted to a top college, so it was fine, but I never scores amazingly on all three sections at one time. Would this be the same with the GRE? Alternatively, do admissions committees look down on retakes altogether? Also, if it matters, I'm applying to MPA/MPP programs..
  5. And I was wondering you can cancel your scores completely. If I retake the test, does the institution see both takes or do they see the best or latest score? I'am considering taking the test in September as their 50% discount means that its not such a huge loss since it's non-refundable. Thanks.
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