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Found 24 results

  1. Hi there! I am currently an undergraduate senior studying Speech and Hearing Sciences and I am hoping to be admitted into a SLP graduate program for the Fall 2017 semester, but I am aware of the reality that this is a very competitive field. Now that I have started the application process, I am having trouble determining how I rank as a student. I don't personally know many people in SLP graduate programs, so I am hoping to get some advice from people who have experience in this area. I am a little concerned about my overall academic standing because although I have a pretty strong GPA (
  2. Hello, My question is for anyone who has been accepted to media related PhD programs. I'm looking to apply for Communications/media studies programs and wanted to know for those who have been accepted to these programs what type of background did you have: - what was your GRE score? - past college GPA's - did you have any publication experience? - did you have and related work experience in the field of communications/media studies/film? - what school were you accepted to and what did they offer full funding?
  3. Hi all. I am really quite confused about PhD admissions. I've heard various things from various people--everyone has their own theory on what AdComms are looking for. Do any decent PhD programs accept applicants with limited language training (1 yr Latin/1 yr German)? No B.S.: What GRE scores are "safe" for top programs in theology/religion? I have a 164V/156Q/4.5. Should I retake, or is this a waste of time? Obviously my MA theology gpa is stellar (because prettymuch everyone applying for PhD programs has stellar grades...3.95ish). I have a TAship this semester, but no publication
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently an Undergraduate student at UW Madison and I would like to apply to the UW Madison La Follette school. I looked on the website for average GPA, GRE scores and etc for acceptance into the program but there was nothing on the website. Can anyone tell me what you got for GPA and on the GRE to get into the La Follette school? Or where I could find more info? Thanks!
  5. This has happened to me plus the few others of fellow test takers as well as a few of my friends that are in the same boat. The social sciences backgrounders are getting three Quant sections in the GRE. I guess this has to do with the selection that you make before starting the test where you enter your intended graduate field/subfield. Similarly, those from the engineering/sciences background are getting three verbal sections. Is it safe to assume the selection of intended program you make at the start of the test makes that section choice for you? It's not a big deal to tweak the algorithm t
  6. Hello everyone! I am a senior with a psychology major and am currently applying to SLP grad schools for FALL 2018. I have a 3.7 GPA and will be taking the GRE this week, but am not feeling too confident about my math scores. I have a lot of research experience from psych, but not too much experience within the field of speech pathology (just 25 hours of me observing). I have strong letters of recommendation as well. Does anyone know any schools that do not require the GRE or seem like a good fit for me as a non major? Or if anyone has any tips in general! I would greatly appreciate
  7. Hi all, I am looking for insight into how application readers for PhD in Political Science weight the GRE verbal versus GRE quant scores. So far, I've read mixed thoughts on the two. I've taken the GRE and have gotten a score of 165V/160Q (95th/76th percentiles) and 160V/164Q (85th/87th percentiles). Which do you think would be better to send to schools as part of my application? I also have no intention of retaking the exam again. Thank you so much for your insight and help!
  8. Hi, nice to meet you all, this is the first time for me to write anything and ask questions. What scores for the GRE general and chemistry tests are considered to be competitive for top 5/top 10 grad schools in chemistry? I only have little research experience, only having worked for 6 months in an undergrad lab. Planning to take gap year starting Fall 2017. And I plan to apply for the fall 2018 cycle. Currently my GPA is 3.81/4 overall (messed up on arts humanities and social sciences, etc.) 3.99/4 chem major GPA
  9. Hello, I'm interested in the one year Master of Science in Public Policy program at NYU's Wagner School. It seems like a pretty unique program to me, and I'm having trouble finding any information about acceptance rates or thoughts on past applicants. etc. Does anyone have any thoughts about this program or is anyone else applying/does anyone know any admissions statistics? Thank you! - M
  10. Hi everyone. I'm having a difficult time deciding which GRE scores I should report. Here are the results from each session: 11/19/2016: QR: 147 | VR: 152 | AW: 4.5 12/12/2016: QR: 145 | VR: 157 | AW: 4.5 01/02/2017: QR: 143 | VR: 159 | AW: 4.5 (probably) As you can see, as my verbal score ascended, my quantitative descended. I'm inclined to think that I should submit the middle of the scores, but my score of 159 on the verbal portion is actually at the top of the range for one of the schools I'm applying to. No one was reported to have scored
  11. I had to use the form for unlisted institutions. I was just wondering if the institutions I listed will receive my score report in the same manner and time as if I had been able to find the institution codes while I was entering that information on the computer, or if it will take much longer. It seems when you ask for your reports to be sent to schools when you get the four reports for free, the institutions you list will receive the scores at the same time that they come available in your ETS account. Also, do you think I would have any success in contacting ETS to make sure the instit
  12. About a week after submitting one of my applications, I noticed that the application status page still did not have my GRE scores listed as received. After looking into it, it turns out that I had sent them to the wrong location of that school. I had them sent to the correct school on December 6th, and am worried that they will not be received before the December 12th deadline. Does anyone know if they will still consider my application if they receive my scores a few days late? Thanks!
  13. V149 Q147 AWA 4.0 V151 Q145 AWA 3.5 I have lots of research experience, a 3.76 GPA and great LOR'S. I have always been bad at standardized tests since I was a kid but always had great grades. I took the GRE 3 times (spaced out) and I can't seem to raise my score. i even took classes. At this point I'm hoping everything else in my application will help me get in. These were my highest score and I took them 6 months apart. Now I am applying for graduate school in Psychology and I don’t know what’s better/worse. To send both scores (some Grad schools say they combine the highest section
  14. Hello, I'm pretty new to this forum, I was hoping for some input/help I'm planning on applying to grad school for speech language pathology for the Fall 2017 year, and I'm just freaking out about applications and GRE scores. I have a 3.731 GPA but my GRE scores are god awful. It's pretty embarrassing to even share my scores (mostly due to the math). To be fair, I did not study as hard as I should have for the GRE. I'm planning on taking it a second time around and I've been putting in major hours (Memorized 500 vocab words + Magoosh vocab). However, it seems my Achilles heel is the
  15. Hi guys, For those of you struggling with GRE, especially GRE math, I am holding a meetup event this Sunday to talk about great tips and advice about GRE math test with one-to-one consultation. I am currently a graduate student at Columbia University. I took GRE twice last year and scored 100% on math, which has definitely helped me to get accepted into Columbia University. Many of my friends asked me tips - I have used Magoosh but I made my own problem book and I keep refreshing them and practice looking for keywords. With the right strategy and preparation, I believe everyone can score
  16. I'm very interested in applying to the Richard Gilder Ph.D. in Comparative Bio program through the American Museum of Natural History. I'm a recent grad from a top tier school with two majors and two minors, all in the hard sciences. I had pretty good GPA, about an A- average but just about an A average for my major GPA. 3.5 years of research experience. A presentation at a big conference and a publication pending (I'm like 4th author but it's still cool). I literally just took the GRE today and got a 153V and 160Q. I'm usually a super good test taker, like I got in the 99th percentile the one
  17. Hey everyone! I know this may be a repetitive question, but this morning I just submitted my SOPHAS application to two schools and I wanted to know if the other application factors are stong enough to increase my chances of getting into Georgia State. My stats are: GRE: 145 V, 149 Q, and 3.0 Written (all horrible I know) Undergrad GPA: 3.46 Letters of Recommendation: All are stong and include: one from a Health Promotions professor, one from a mentor who works at the CDC, and one from my supervisor/internship coordinator of a local public health department. My major is Int
  18. I took my first GRE in December to give myself enough time to prepare for admissions in Fall 2012 (looking at starting for my PhD in 2013). I didn't know how well I would do, so I wanted to give myself enough time to re-study, take a course, and re-take the test if needed. Scores weren't so bad (V=165, Q=154, AW=5.5), and I'm going for World History (with a good bit of Archaeology thrown in), so I needed a great verbal and writing for the schools I've chosen (UPitt, Brown, UVirginia, UArkansas, UDenver). My question is this: if I take the test again to try and improve my quantitative score,
  19. I've applied to 15 universities for fall 2012 in hopes to get into a graduate program that would be a good fit for me. I have learned a great deal about the application process and how idiosyncratic it can be from university to university. The one area that makes this process more grueling than it needs to be is the GRE, especially if you’re an applicant like me who lacks a cushy score. The research it takes just to find a school’s particular GRE perimeters is at times overwhelming. The calls and emails I have sent out about this number too many. Graduate websites and online applications
  20. I will be graduating next fall from a state university history program with an anticipated 3.8-3.9 GPA. I am looking into Master programs for Public History from Northeastern, Boston University, NYU, University of Vermont and American University. I plan on studying for the GRE this semester and taking it in the summer. However, standardized testing and I don't get along very well. How much emphasis is placed on the different subjects of the GRE for a public history program? Also, will coming from a small state university with up to five transfers credits from a community college from intersess
  21. i just took the Gre for the first time in Aug 2011? I just got my scores back and i am not sure how bad they are? can u help? I am applying for a Masters in Coastal Management of Fall 2012 verbal- 143 Quant-141 Ana-3 I want to retake it in Dec. Do u have any tips? I know for sure my math is my weakest section? thanks
  22. I wish to apply for a PhD program in Computer Science next Fall. For personal reasons, I want to stay at a specific geographic region, so there are a small number of Universities that I can apply for. I was thinking about writing to some of the professors of those Universities whose work I find interesting. My academic record is good, but not extraordinary, and I have a few papers published in local journals. My GRE is scheduled in October. What should I write to the professors? Will it be something like an SOP? What things should I highlight? Or should I wait for my GRE score and then wri
  23. Ive been studying (3.5 weeks) for the GRE using a hand-me down Princeton Review GRE Manual (6.3) for practice sets, and what I thought was a relevant strategy book, Princeton Review's "Cracking the GRE 2011 Edition". In the "Cracking" book it mentioned the New GRE and suggested that the book I was using would be adequate for either test, the main argument being that the content can't change drastically as this is a standardized test, and those who take it earlier than August can't be judged on a completely different scale than those who take it after. I'm strong in Verbal, so I have been
  24. Hey guys - I'm new here and starting to organize myself to apply for mental health counseling and human development MA's in Fall 2012. Just thought I would open this up to talk about the hurdles faced for us UK students when applying to US and Canadian schools! In particular, issues about funding, GRE scores, the lovely WES evaluation process, admittance rates for international students and the like! Personally, I come from an average-ranked school in London and graduated with First Class honours in psychology and criminology. Most probably applying to Columbia TC, NYU Steinhardt, Mc
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