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Found 587 results

  1. Which scores should I send? V 152, Q 155, AWA 4 V 148, Q 157, AWA 4 I am applying to a Electrical Engineering PhD program.
  2. Which GRE score should I send?

    Hi there, I took the GRE for two times, and my scores are really awkward. I got V149, Q167, AW 5.0 for the first time, and V151, Q163, AW 3.5 for the second time. I know my score is pretty low, but which score should I send?? (I am applying to neuroscience programs) Thxx!!!
  3. Should I retake my GRE?

    I'm a senior applying to graduate schools for Speech Pathology. My major is Health Sciences with a concentration in Communication disorders. I took my GRE and I got a 142 Verbal, 152 Quant and 3.5 writing. I know my scores are very average and I don't know if I should retake them.The minimum for all my schools is 140 Verbal and 152 Quant. My GPA is a 3.6 and I feel my essays are good and my letters will be good. My resume is really packed- I have over 1,000 service hours at many different locations, shadowing hours, I worked at an AAC communication camp, I am the President of a service organization and on the state board for the same organization, I help run the $40,000 Relay for Life event at my school and am on the committee for planning our annual "Day of Service". I also have research experience with a Speech Professor and am a part of NSSHLA on campus and have started an initiative for VocalID in our club. Do you think I should retake my GRE or do you the rest of my application will balance it all out? Thanks for the advice
  4. Hello everyone, I have my essay practices in this Google docs. Can anyone provide a critique?. Thanks. Issue Topics: Argument Topics:
  5. Hi, everyone!! I'm currently in the process of applying to graduate programs in the tri-state area for speech-language pathology. My GPA is a 3.8 and I am taking the GRE on Monday, but on a practice test, I scored embarrassingly low. I got a 145 on the verbal and a 140 on quant. I really have not had time to study between school and work, so I wanted to know how heavily weighted the GRE is. I am heavily involved on campus. Just to list some of my involvement: school newspaper editor, commuter student mentor, professor's assistant, member of a club for children with autism, national student speech-language-hearing association, sorority member, member of several academic honors societies, and I just got involved in one of my professor's research. I've also completed my 25 hours of observation with a licensed SLP and I have had one internship with a healthcare company. Basically, I want to know what you think my chances are of admittance. I really want to be a speech-language pathologist and I will be extremely heartbroken if I'm not accepted. I plan on applying to: Kean University Emerson College NYU (that's a total reach) Monmouth University Hunter College Seton Hall **I wanted to know if there are any schools that don't really look at the GRE. Please make suggestions! I would really appreciate feedback. Thank you!!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm having difficulty thinking about which GRE scores I should send: First round: 153v 155q 5.0 awa (my worst score) Second round: 156v 157q 5.0 awa Third round: 153v 159q 5.5 awa I'm not sure if I should send just the second score, or all scores to include my higher math score and awa score. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  7. Applying for MPP/MPA- Profile review

    Hi, I am applying for MPP/MPA program with following profile- GRE 308 (M-163, V-145, AWA-3.0) TOEFL 96 (R24,L26,S22,W24) GPA 3.7 I am having around 5 years of experience with around 3 years experience in Government of India on large scale projects. I have drafted some major policies for flagship schemes in government. Having good volunteer experience. I am having SOP aligned with dedication for serving people as well as strong LOR from from government officials. I am very keen to get into MPP and shortlisted following Universities- 1) Duke University 2) UChicago (MS-CAPP) 3) U of Austin 4) CMU Heinz 5) Ford School (Michigan) 6) University of Washington Please suggest safe university to apply. Or should I apply to Germany or Canada Universities. Kindly need help.
  8. GRE/admissions question

    I don't have the best gre score (Q: 154, V 155) from a couple of years ago but I have worked in a couple of research labs post-undergrad and my financial situation is making it hard for me to take the gre again before the December deadlines. I know I can do better though because I have studied more and my practice exams have been 158-162 for both. I currently work within the department I am wanting to get into and therefore I know someone within the program too (my PI). He really wants me to get in and possibly join the lab as a student. Is it possible I can still get in with these scores? Just worried about how they will affect my application even though I have experience. Thanks!
  9. GRE/admissions question

    I don't have the best gre score (Q: 154, V 155) from a couple of years ago but I have worked in a couple of research labs post-undergrad and my financial situation is making it hard for me to take the gre again before the December deadlines. I know I can do better though because I have studied more and my practice exams have been 158-162 for both. I currently work within the department I am wanting to get into and therefore I know someone within the program too (my PI). He really wants me to get in and possibly join the lab as a student. Is it possible I can still get in with these scores? Just worried about how they will affect my application even though I have experience. Thanks!
  10. Retake GRE?

    I would love it if the GRE was no longer used to determine PhD readiness. I cannot get above a 150 in Quant. I have never been great at math, but I seriously despise this section. I am going to apply to PhD programs in Developmental Psychology in 2019 and I am currently in a master's program at Brown. Should I even worry about my scores? I will have 3 years of research experience, a Msc from an Ivy, a bachelor's in psychology from a UC, and a crap GRE score. I would just hate to waste another $200 on the most anxiety ridden test of my life for the 3rd time! That's $600 total. HELP!
  11. Can someone please score my essay? This is my first attempt at trying to write the Issue Task and the Argument Task in 30 mins. Please give me some advice. Thanks for your time!! Issue Task 1.docx Argument Task 1.docx
  12. GRE for Phd

    I'm applying phd in second language education now. Undergraduate gap: 3.15 graduate gap: 3.81 GRE: 148+157.3(I took it two years ago) publication: 2 paper Because my gre is a little bit low, do I need to take it again?
  13. Hello everyone, I am currently trying to take some CSD courses in order to meet the prereqs to get into graduate school. I'd like to get some of you guys' opinion, should I retake my GRE? I've taken it twice now and it seems not make much of a difference. I'm not great at test taking especially when it is timed. My GRE scores are a few points shy from 150 and for the writing score it is a 2.5. I know this is significantly lower than many of the scores I have seen on other threads. What do you all suggest? I would like to avoid taking it again just because it's so expensive and I don't have the money for that and paying for applications too. I am currently trying to find more volunteer opportunities in order to build my resume. I am trying to volunteer for students with special needs for the next semester. I volunteer at adult service sometimes and I also volunteer at churches. I'm contemplating on whether or not if I should try and apply this application cycle for the third time or focus on my courses and building experience before applying again. I appreciate you all's opinion and suggestions! Good luck on applications this term!
  14. Issue Essay Critical judgment of work in any given field has little value unless it comes from someone who is an expert in that field. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position. Experts spend time and effort studying a certain field to gain expertise, and to be able to understand a range of works that come out of their chosen field. The more familiar an expert is with the issues and specifics of their field, the better they can assess other works within their field of expertise. Due to their deep understanding of the details and nuances of a field, an expert is much better suited to give critical judgement on work in that field than someone not as familiar with that field. Someone who is considered an expert in their field has presumably spent a large amount of time learning about the details and nuances of their chosen field. Therefore, they have a deeper understanding of topics related to their field than someone who has not devoted as much of their time to expertise in that same field. In critiquing a work borne out of their chosen field, an expert has valuable experience to draw from in offering criticism or support of the work. Jane Goodall, a celebrated scientist of primate anthropology, would offer highly valued critical judgment on a paper by another scientist that examines the eating habits of a group of chimpanzees. In contrast, Stephen Hawking, while also a celebrated scientist, would not be able to offer the same level of judgment on that paper, as it is outside his area of expertise. Experts know the details and nuances of their work better than someone not in that specific field, and so they are better equipped than anyone to critique work in their own field. If someone is not an expert in a field yet is offering critical judgment on a work from that field, they likely would not be able to understand certain specifics of issues the work introduces. Therefore, their criticism may be misguided, or may focus on unimportant parts of the work. This kind of critique is not valuable, as it does not get at the root of what the work is based on. However, it could be said that someone who is not an expert in that field could give a valuable outside perspective on a piece of work since they are able to see the big picture. Although in some cases this outside perspective could be valuable, in general, it is still more valuable to have another expert’s opinion on a work in their own field. Due to a deep understanding of a field, an expert’s critical judgment on a work in that field is ultimately more insightful and valuable than someone outside this field. Argument Essay The following appeared as a letter to the editor of a national newspaper. "Your recent article on corporate downsizing* in Elthyria maintains that the majority of competent workers who have lost jobs as a result of downsizing face serious economic hardship, often for years, before finding other suitable employment. But this claim is undermined by a recent report on the Elthyrian economy, which found that since 1999 far more jobs have been created than have been eliminated, bringing the unemployment rate in Elthyria to its lowest level in decades. Moreover, two-thirds of these newly created jobs have been in industries that tend to pay above-average wages, and the vast majority of these jobs are full-time." *Downsizing is the process whereby corporations deliberately make themselves smaller, reducing the number of their employees. Write a response in which you discuss what specific evidence is needed to evaluate the argument and explain how the evidence would weaken or strengthen the argument. This argument is flawed, mainly because it makes no connection between the ability of the majority of competent workers who have lost jobs as a result of downsizing to get these newly created jobs in Elthyria. Just because more jobs have been created than have been eliminated since 1999, does not mean that those workers who have lost jobs as a result of corporate downsizing will necessarily get these created jobs. The fact that more jobs have been created than have been eliminated does not affect the claim that the majority of victims of corporate downsizing face serious economic hardship before finding other suitable employment. The fact that two-thirds of these newly created jobs are in industries that tend to pay above-average wages and are full-time, also does not mean that those who have lost jobs as a result of downsizing will get these new jobs and consequently will not suffer economic hardship. There is no evidence that the victims of corporate downsizing have the skills necessary to obtain a job in the industries that tend to pay above-average wages and are full-time. Therefore, there is no guarantee that these high paying full-time jobs are accessible to workers looking for new jobs as a result of downsizing. In addition, the other third of these new jobs could be low-paying or part-time jobs, that would not be able to support workers that have lost their jobs as a result of corporate downsizing. Therefore, this fact provides no evidence to suggest that these workers will not face serious economic hardship. Further, the recent report on the Elthyrian economy does not necessarily undermine the article on corporate downsizing, because the findings of the report as detailed in the letter do not disprove the article’s claim. The fact that the unemployment rate in Elthyria is the lowest its been in decades, does not dictate the employment rate of workers who have lost their jobs due to downsizing. In order to strengthen this argument, evidence in the Elthyrian economy report needs to be brought forth providing that the majority of victims of downsizing in Elthyria are eligible for and able to secure these newly created jobs that pay above-average wages and are full-time.
  15. Undergrad/Graduate Institutions: University of Texas at Austin Major: Mathematics Cumulative GPA: 3.82 cumulative; 3.75 in major Type of Student: Domestic White Female Math/Stats Courses: Multivariable Calculus (A-), Probability (A), Linear Algebra (B+), Mathematical Statistics (A), Stochastic Processes (A), Applied Regression Analysis (A), Biostatistics (A), Real Analysis (A), Differential Equations (B) Got credit for Calculus I and II so hopefully that doesn't matter too much considering I've needed calculus in nearly every class since? Also going to graduate with 18 hours in CS classes (data visualization, basic programming in python, databases, mobile computing and numerical analysis) Quantitative/ Programming Courses: Elements of Computing (A) - this was basic programming in Python, Elements of Software Design (A) - more Python, Elements of Data Visualization (A) - included SQL, R, Tableau Elements of Databases (in progress) - SQL, Python, BeautifulSoup, learning to understand how cloud services such as AWS work 2 more classes next semester: Numerical Analysis in C and Mobile Computing where we will have to create a fully functioning app. I feel very confident in RStudio and pretty good about SQL as well. I think my coding in Python is decent but could definitely use some brushing up. GRE: Just took today and am incredibly upset. Quant: 160 - obviously don't have the percentages yet but this is much lower than I planned. This was my only run and I had a lot of anxiety surrounding it. Just couldn't get in a clear headspace due to anxiety. Verbal: 160. Don't have analytic score yet but I think it'll be > 4.0 at least. My first essay was pretty mediocre but I felt my second one was pretty good. Research Experience: 125 hours over the summer in a Human Development and Family Sciences lab; worked on coding in SAS and SPSS to calculate BMI percentiles for the teenagers in the study; also helped organize a small team to put together data for the professor's grant analysis. Recommendations: 1. The professor I worked with over the summer. She was surprised I completed the BMI percentiles task and said she expected that from a graduate student. 2. Applied Regression Professor - feel like it will be good? He said he'll discuss how I did in the class and my work ethic (i'm hoping the second part is what really stands out) 3. Stochastic processes professor who is very well-known; I can't say it'll be very personal or good but I hope that's offset by others who I feel know me more personally. 4. My Real Analysis professor. I had him for a class over the summer and he's just a really sweet guy. It might not be glowing, but I feel he can attest to my mathematical ability due to my work in the course. Other tidbits: I have worked about 20-30 hours per week consistently at my part-time job as a front desk attendant at a recreation center. This isn't really all that relevant, but I included how my daily encounters with the homeless people there have motivated me to pursue biostatistics in my personal statement. It also explains some Bs during my sophomore year as I was getting used to working. I'm mildly concerned about the B+ in linear algebra; however, I am taking Applied Linear Algebra this semester to brush up on those skills. Currently a TA for Biostatistics where I grade and assist with lecture and lab. Programs I'm applying to based on order of preference: University of Washington (biostatistics) (MY DREAM SCHOOL) but I'm feeling very discouraged atm with getting in due to my low quant and I won't have time to retake . University of Wisconsin-Madison (biostatistics) UT Health Science Center (biostatistics) Rice University (statistics) Oregon State University (statistics) Colorado State University (statistics) University of NC - Chapel Hill (biostatistics) Baylor (statistics) University of Texas Dallas (statistics) * Some of these schools only have a statistics program but with biostatistics electives; I marked whether I'm applying biostatistics or statistics. Thank you so much for reviewing. Please let me know if I should consider any other schools/drop some of these because honestly if it isn't necessary to keep schools like UT Dallas and Baylor I'd be thrilled with dropping them. Lat note: I won't have time to retake the GRE for my top 3 schools (of course >:( ); however I will be retaking it ASAP for other applications.
  16. Should I explain average GRE, or why my average GRE maths scores are not indicative of my mathematical ability? Also would tutoring experience be something to include? Applying for PhD in Electrical Engineering for reference.
  17. Would anyone be willing to score my GRE practice essays for me? I have attached the issue and argument essays for your review. If I have not put this in the right forum, please let me know. Issue Task Essay 1 on 10.30.17.docx
  18. GRE Scores

    I recently took the GRE for the first time and received a 152 Verbal and 151 Quant. I have not received my writing score yet, but I am debating whether I should plan on retaking the test. Some of the schools I am applying to say their average scores are around a 155 Verbal and 152 Quant. However, my GPA is well above average at a 3.96. I also have various volunteer experience, 60 hours of shadowing, and am completing research with a professor. Should I plan on retaking the GRE for three points?
  19. Sending Multiple GRE Scores?

    Can we send multiple GRE scores to English PhD programs? I can't find anything for or against it on department pages and I'm happy to email programs to ask, but I wanted to check here in case the group knows (and I've just been in the dark).
  20. Hello! I just took my GRE this week and my score is: Verbal 162, Quant 165. I am an international student and my TOEFL is 114. I am going to college in the U.S. (GPA 4.0/4.0, senior currently) and I am applying to Ph.D. programs in economics. I was wondering what types of schools is my GRE score competitive for? And should I retake my GRE? I believe I can get a much higher score in Quant if I retake my GRE. I spent most of my time studying verbal because I thought that is my weakness and that Math is easy. However retaking it means I will have less time to do my honor thesis, which is arguably more important. Other facts about myself: I am currently the project manager for a behavioral economics research project with a professor in the department (after having worked for a year on the project). The professor holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University. I am also doing my Honors Thesis in economics. I am pursuing a B.S. in Economics and a B.A. in Math. Some advanced courses I have taken/am taking are Real Analysis, Topology, Advanced Probability/Statistics, Ph.D. level advanced Microeconomic Theory (a 2-part sequence, we cover choice theory, consumer/producer theory, Game Theory, market equilibrium, information economics/mechanism design), and a master's level course in Macroeconomic Theory. I appreciate any opinion/advice you have regarding my GRE score, my overall competitiveness, and advice on which schools to apply/tips on applications. Thank you very much in advance!
  21. So I've been studying a lot for my GREs when I first took them in September. First score was 162V and 153Q and 5 Essay. Then I got Magoosh and started studying like crazy for a month - focusing mostly on math. I did most practice problems and watched most videos. Two days before the test, got hit by a car while riding a bike - but I kept to my appt. The result on the second test - 166V, 153Q (!!!!!!!). I'm heartbroken. The first application deadline is Dec. 1 and I don't have the time to retake. Should I even apply? GPA - 3.7/4 Uni: University of Washington, Seattle Major: Phil/Accounting Work Experience: 2 years accounting, 3 years running a program in solar non-profit Applying to: UC Berkeley MPP, UChicago MPP, Duke MPP, Michigan MPP. Is it a waste of my money to apply?
  22. Hello everyone! I am an out of field applicant and I recently took my GRE test and got a 157 verbal, 143 quant (ouch!) and a 4.0 for the essay. I plan to retake my GREs in december and hope I can get a 150 for the quant. However, I am not feeling too confident! If somehow I do not end up improving on the quant, will schools look past it since I achieved the 300 total score? Thanks!
  23. Hi! I am someone who is reapplying to schools after not getting in the first time. Its been 2 years since I last applied. I'm wondering if I should expect to get in this time with my scores. (they have improved quite a bit in verbal) I want to start grad school more than anything right now but I really think that my scores on the GRE/ my GPA will hold me back. Tell me what you think ! GRE: (V: 152 - 56th percentile) (Q- 149) (W: 3.0) GPA: 3.67 Thanks for your help! Dani
  24. I have already taken the General GRE and am taking the Physics subject test in a week. I am struggling to figure out how the billing system of sending scores work before I decide to pick my four schools that I can send my scores to for free. ETS' website says that it is $27 per score recipient. This, to me, implies that if I send both my general and subject scores at the same time (assuming it's possible for me to do so), I can save some money. That being said, is that how it actually works? Or must I send my scores separately and pay $27 to send my general score and then $27 to send my subject test score? I am asking so I can optimize who I send my scores to for my subject test. Would it be better for me to pick the same schools I did for the General GRE (I would love to do this; I'm just worried it may not be the smartest financial option)?
  25. Hi everyone, I studied for the GRE for months hoping to improve my quant score but I ended up getting a 162 in verbal and a 152 in quant. I'm applying to cinema and media studies MA programs, and I'd like to be in SoCal. Out of all of the schools there, only a few offer the program as an MA degree, so I don't have a lot of options. As of now, I'm definitely applying to UCLA and USC, and one CSU, and obviously UCLA is my top choice. I have a 3.88, a good amount of extracurricular's during undergrad (I was a peer mentor, volunteered with kids/mentor programs, and am currently interning as a social media coordinator), 3 strong lors, and I am currently working on my SOP and Writing sample, but writing is my strong suit so I'm not too worried about those. I Anyways, I feel like i should take it again since I know my quant score is low, but is it really that important for media studies? I've contacted ucla and usc directly and they just said that there is no minimum for the gre and they take into account other factors when considering admissions.