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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. I've been accepted to Teaching Learning and Learship MSEd at Penn GSE and Curriculum and Teaching MA at Teachers College. I was wondering what other people think of these two schools and which school you would pick. I've heard Teachers College at Columbia is seen as "not quite Columbia" because they are an affiliate school whereas Penn GSE is properly a part of UPenn. Just wondering what others think about this and other aspects such as prestige and the course themselves (what is more challenging or how time-consuming they are). Thanks!
  2. Anyone else apply to/hear back from the exec MHC program at penn? Had my interview last Tuesday and am waiting for a decision letter.
  3. Hi! I applied to a mental health counseling masters program in PA a few months ago and have some questions about licensure. If I do a two-year program and pass the NCE exam in PA, am I able to complete my clinical supervised hours in another state? I want to move to CA after graduation and know that an additional exam is required but I'm a little confused on the period of time between taking the NCE and gaining LPC status. I'm a little new to the process so apologies if this is a basic question! Thanks!
  4. Hi, I’m looking into Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Ed.M. programs for next year or the follow. But I’m not finding much on acceptance rates. Some places mention acceptances anywhere up to 50-something% for HGSE’s masters programs, but I’m not seeing anything official. I’m leaning towards Learning and Teaching or the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Does anyone know the acceptance rates for either of these? I heard that TEP has a small cohort but how many people are actually applying? Or if nothing else, which of these Ed.M. would you say is the hardest to get into or have lots of applicants?
  5. Hi everyone! I'm getting started and planning ahead for the fall when I'll be applying to PSU's Counselor Education program, and I was wondering if anyone had any words of advice -- I applied to the PSU MSW program last year and wasn't accepted, which actually turned out to be fine because it made me reflect on exactly what program to pursue, and I've settled on an MFT Counselor track in the Graduate School of Education at PSU. That said, the application process last year was so stressful and it was obviously tough to be rejected, so I'm trying to come back much stronger this year. I have an undergraduate GPA of 3.4, and I have a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in sociology. I've volunteered in a domestic violence shelter for about a year (it will be 1.5 years by the time applications are due) doing direct-service work with participants, and have worked in administration at a couple of nonprofits for the last 6 years. I'm hoping to take the prerequisite 'Intro to Counseling' course at PSU this fall as a non-degree seeking student to get a little more face-time at the university and possibly make some connections there (the admissions advisor I spoke to said it was a good starting point). Does anyone have any wisdom to share? For the MSW program, the piece that I wasn't fully aware of was how much emphasis they put on direct social work experience, and I think that's why I wasn't accepted. I'm curious to know if there are any pieces like that in the GSE Counselor master's program that I should try and address now. Thanks!
  6. Hi y'all! I wanted to get some insight about the programs I've so far been accepted in. As of this moment, I'm not entirely certain on the direction I'd like to take after graduate studies, but I'd definitely like to keep all options open. I've an undergrad in International Economics at UPF, +3 years of experience in macro research and I've been applying to European MSc programs (5 different applications). I'd like to focus my research on macro and monetary policy, though - as mentioned above - I'm not quite sure I would like to follow it up with a PhD program. So far, these are the schools that have accepted me: - Stockholm School of Economics: No fees due to EU passport, though not funding either. - GSE Barcelona: No funding. - CEMFI: Tuition waiver, no stipend. Waiting for replies from PSE and Zurich. Any thoughts, comments, tips, recommendations and general information you can share would be very welcome.
  7. Is anyone who received e-mail about interview?
  8. Has anyone else on this forum applied for the 2017 Fall Cohort for the Harvard GSE EdLD program? I've seen threads from applicants from the past few years, but nothing from this year. From what I've gathered from previous posts, there will be 50 interviews for 25 spots and around 500 applicants. The acceptance rate seems to be around 5-6%, so it's highly competitive. Notice of interviews seem to be emailed in late January, but may be rolling, with interviews happening in mid- to late- February. Does anyone have any other information to share? Thoughts? I'm with my chances, but this is my first time applying. My GRE scores are all well above average for their admitted students, my undergrad and graduate GPAs range from around a 3.3 - 3.6, and I have varied and extensive leadership opportunities and successes in education as a teacher. Still, the waiting game has me nervous. The last time I applied and went to grad school was 12 years ago. Good luck everyone.
  9. Hello everyone! I was wondering how masters from BU is looked upon. I am specifically thinking about either MAT in English or EDM in Curriculum&Teaching. I know it's 50 something in US News ranking, but I wanted to know what people in the industry thought about BU. In comparison to Lynch at BC, would you say it's on a completely different level? I'm in search for a safety school-- BU might not even turn out to be a safety for me given my mediocre gpa and experience, but it'd be great to have more information about the job prospect ... Hope the question isn't too vague Thanks!
  10. Altho I'm still waiting on decisions from some other schools, I am pretty sure my decision will come down to GSE & Peabody. I am in the MPP Education Policy program and am trying to figure out which school will be best for me. Is anyone in a similar situation? So far this is what I have: Upenn - One year program (much cheaper & i'm receiving some financial aid) - smaller program - Philly is great & close to my family and friends - Interesting courses and sociological research based - GSE has been very helpful and has sense of community especially thru the admissions process Vanderbilt - 2 years - More specific to my future career goals - Capstone Experience - way more expensive (haven't heard about financial aid yet) - JD program - Difficult to connect with current Peabody students; have not really reached out I have also been admitted to GW but haven't really considered it since there is no specific education policy track... am I wrong? These are just some of the things on my mind currently. I was hoping someone who might be in the same boat can shed some light on this very difficult decision! Thanks!!
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