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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, I figured these decisions would be coming out soon and that we might want to start a thread. Anybody have news yet? I haven't heard anything since they emailed me Feb 16th saying my application was officially under review and they'd get back to me in 4-6 weeks (currently in week 3).
  2. Hoping some of you who have been there already could give an undergraduate a little direction? I've been admitted to NYU GLS (not the core program) and GW Elliott School of International Affairs. My goal is to work with NGOs and create effective policy centered on human rights issues, but we all know that could evolve into something else. I was also accepted to American, but I really want to be on a city campus. If anyone has had good or bad experiences, please share. Thanks!!!!
  3. Hello everyone! I have been applying to different PhD programs in Biomedical Engineering to a some schools including Brown University, Georgia Tech, University of Miami, George Washington, and VCU. So far I have only heard back from VCU and I am going crazy waiting for the responses, has anyone gotten anything from these universities?
  4. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Geographical Window, DID ANY ONE GET CONFIRMATION?
  5. Hi all! I am waitlisted at George Washington. Does anyone have any knowledge and/or experience with this particular waitlist? I've heard GW is unique in how they handle this compared to other programs. Essentially, what are the chances of being accepted off their waitlist? How robust of a waitlist is it (seems fairly large given the number of results posted)? Should one remain silent or reach out to the department/POIs at a certain point? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hello all, I've been offered admission (with no funding) to the SAIS strategic studies program, 7k a year to Elliott's security policy program, and 20k a year to korbel's international security program. I know the debate about prestige vs debt is getting old, but does anybody have any advice? Will I be so severely disadvantaged not being in DC? I've also heard that though korbel is 11th for IR in general, its strength is in its security program. Also I have heard of other students using acceptance into top tier schools as leverage to get more funding from lower ranked schools, has anybody tried this? The elation of getting into these schools is definitely wearing off as I try to figure out how to pay for them. Any and all advice is welcome. ps I already live in Denver thanks and congrats to everyone who got the acceptances they wanted
  7. Got accepted into and need help deciding between: M.Ed in Education Policy, Organization & Leadership (concentration in Global Studies in Education) at UIUC and MA in in Education and Human Development (concentration in Organizational Leadership and Learning) at George Washington I'm currently working aboard. Both of these are online programs but the degrees will be from their grad schools and will not be different from one earned on-campus. The curriculum for the MA at GW is much more applicable for what I do now and what I want to do in the future. The big draw is that the UIUC program costs about 1/3 of GW's! I intend to go back to the US in the future, work in education (non-teaching)/non-profits. I don't know how both of these schools are perceived in the US. I just want to know if it is worth it to pay more for a curriculum I like better. Any input would be much appreciated!
  8. I'm currently deciding between UMD and GW! Does anyone have insight into either of these two programs? I haven't been to either open house, but if anyone on here has been to either, would you mind sharing your experiences? I was offered a Graduate Assistantship position at GW but am worried about the 20 hr/week time commitment with balancing school and work, but if I do accept this offer, GW would be a cheaper option. Thank you!!
  9. Hello, George Washington University has offered me an interview for the DrPH program for Fall 2016. Has anyone else here interviewed with them? Can anyone provide insight on how best to prepare for the interview? I appreciate your advice!
  10. I applied to an MPP or MPA in the follogwing universities: American NYU GW Maryland Harvard Princeton UCLA But I still did not receive results, anybody has information?? Thanks
  11. Hello GWU applicants! How are you holding up, now that decisions have started showing up on the survey? Has anyone here heard back? For those of you who have heard back, would you mind sharing when you submitted your application? I know they have rolling admissions, but if anyone can shed some light on how exactly their admission process works, that would be great too.
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