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  1. Hey all, I’m struggling with a choice between HKS MPP (42k/yr) and SAIS (full tuition fellowship with decision day fast approaching. I was also accepted into SIPA, Fletcher, and UCSD GPS, but I’ve narrowed it down to these two. I’m fortunate to have Ch.33 GI Bill & Yellow Ribbon Benefits to cover most of the costs and graduate with comparatively little debt. I’m interested in going into public sector in DOJ, DOS, DOD in FLE, intel roles, but also looking to broaden the horizon and consider private sector consulting/international security areas. Does anyone have some input or perspective to weigh in on the HKS network, academics, and access versus the SAIS DC network and whether one might be more worthwhile? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys i was going through the results and just saw that one person was accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Arts &Science REECA program, did any one else her back anything? if You did not hear from the yet, does this result to a rejection letter? i'm just nervous waiting haha
  3. Anxious as in where my profile stands for Med School PhD. UG - B.Tech Biotech at SASTRA University, India (7.2/10) PG - MS Biological Sciences at University of Massachusetts Lowell (3.6/4) Work experience - 16 months at BIDMC/Harvard, post PG (Research) Research experience - 8 months MS Thesis at UMass Amherst, 8 months UG Thesis at SASTRA, 16 months post graduation research at BIDMC/Harvard Publication - 1st author article (BIDMC/Harvard) 2 more in progress, 3rd author book chapter (UMass) Presentation - 1 International conference (Won best poster) LORs - Chair professor of Medicine at Harvard, Chair professor at UMass Lowell, Professor at UMass Amherst Target - BBS Harvard, CMM Johns Hopkins, BBSP UNC, IGP Vanderbilt, PiBS Boston Univ GRE, TOEFL waived. 1. Would like to know how competitive my profile looks for each of these univs. 2. When can I expect a call for interview / reject decision from these univs? 3. Would like to connect with fellow applicants in the aforementioned programs. TIA!!
  4. Hi all, I saw that previous years, folks created forums for that year's application cycle and didn't see one for this year. I was wondering if anyone had heard anything back already or had an interview? Based on last years post, it looks like interviews were had around this time, so I wanted to know if anyone else had theirs? It would really help in letting me become depressed earlier so as to get on with my life sooner. Thanks!
  5. Can anyone share their experiences, both positive and negative, working with admissions consultants for Harvard Kennedy's MPP program? Any experience with Stratus, the MBA Exchange, Fortuna, Personal MBA Coach, Stacy Blackman, or The Art of Applying?
  6. Hi all, I saw that previous years, folks created forums for that year's application cycle and didn't see one for this year. I was wondering if anyone had heard anything back already or had an interview? Based on last years post, it looks like interviews were had around this time, so I wanted to know if anyone else had theirs? It would really help in letting me become depressed earlier so as to get on with my life sooner. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I wanted to know when the decisions by HGSE would be out!
  8. I have been admitted to the statistics departments at both Harvard and Berkeley. I applied to 24 schools, so I've also been accepted to virtually all of the top 20 stats programs, excluding Stanford. My academic interests are pretty broad, but I'd like my research to be more theoretical and in the realm of probability or machine learning/deep learning, if possible. I'm also not sure if I will try to go into academia or into a research team at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. I am mainly considering these two because Berkeley is so good at ML, but Harvard is a better fit in every other way (culture, location, etc.). Any advice would be appreciated! I am also happy to provide any more information.
  9. Hi guys, Has anyone received any news about interview or admission for PhD at harvard for immunology or virology program? If I haven't received any rejection yet, does it mean that I still have any chances? thank you
  10. Hi guys, Has anyone received any news about interview or admission for PhD at harvard for immunology or virology program? If I haven't received any rejecton, does it mean that I still have any chances? thank you
  11. Can someone please shed some light on what the actual admission requirements are for Harvard’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral program? I’ve searched the Harvard website for admissions requirements and found nothing. Some of their other Doctoral programs offer open house’s, but I didn’t see any open house dates for clinical psychology either. Someone please help me.
  12. Hello all, I'm new here so my apologies if this post doesn't belong in this thread. I applied to Harvard's SM program in global health and population. I spoke to a current professor from the department who told me the program places a heavier emphasis on quantitative skills, and the department's webpage states that: "The admissions committee looks for candidates with strong quantitative skills, as demonstrated by good performance in college-level calculus and statistics." As part of the entry requirements for this particular program, they ask for both a calculus and a statistics course with a minimum grade of B+. I have an A- in multivariable calc and a B+ in stats so I meet the minimum criteria. But the problem is I also took linear algebra in college and got a B. I also have a B- in an intermediate level econ class (which was more theory-based but still worried that it would turn them off). I got a pretty good GRE quant score (87th percentile), but since they made the GRE optional, I'm worried they won't take it into account. I know quant expectations vary a lot within public health by school and even department, so I'm not sure whether or not I would be considered to have "strong" quantitative skills? I know at this point it doesn't make much sense to worry but your thoughts would be very appreciated as I anxiously wait to hear back from most of my programs <3
  13. I am admitted to both schools (Master of Science).
  14. Hi everyone! Really sorry about this post. I am new here on Grad Cafe and working on my applications to graduate school (21 Fall) right now, and I am really nervous. It would be really helpful if you guys could take a look and provide me some feedback on my profile. (This is similar to What are my chances post....I found some links in the pinned post not validated anymore...Again I apologize for this....) I am currently a senior in UIUC with a crappy GPA of 3.4/4.0 (many Bs, some As, one C) majoring in Astronomy + Physics minoring Math. Here are some details about my profile: Have taken a handful of graduate-level courses. (I have better grades in 4&5 level courses actually.) 3 Years of research experience. (2 projects) 2 publication. One on PNAS (editor's choice), one ApJ. (not first-author) 1 first-author publication in progress. (may not be done by the application deadline.) will submit to MNRAS 3 recommendations from research-related faculty Nuclear particle physics summer school (FRIB). (can't apply to REU due to citizenship.) No GRE Physics test score due to COVID I found a faculty in the Harvard Astronomy Department who is taking students, and I am super-interested in his work. I have contacted him and had zoom conversations with him already. (I did not mention my GPA.) I really want to join his group after graduation, but I am deeply worried that my low GPA will deny me from entering a prestigious school like Harvard (Although the professor I am interested in encouraged me to apply). I am wondering that if it is possible for me to be admitted? Also, are there any suggestions that I can look into while still preparing for the application? Again, I deeply apologize for this potentially annoying post. PS: the professor I am interested in want me to mention our contact in my PS, how will that impact my application?
  15. Hi All, I hope there is someone out there who can shed some light on my question. I am equally interested in the Business Economics and Business Administration (Strategy) PhD programs at Harvard University. When going over to each program's page on Harvard's website, I notice that the number of students in the Business Economics is significantly higher than in the Strategy program. Can anyone confirm if this means I would have a higher chance to be admitted in the Business Economics program? Thank you in advance for your info.
  16. I heard that Stanford Biosciences is more competitive (acceptance rate wise) than its peer institutions, e.g. MIT Biology, Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS), UCSF, GSK. Why so?
  17. This year HGSE has a new section for international students to demonstrate English proficiency. It is called Video Response. Optional but strongly recommended for anyone who does not meet their TOEFL requirements (26 minimum in each section). My TOEFL total score is above 104 but my speaking session is less than 26. I'm debating between retaking TOEFL and doing this video response. I don't like talking to a machine to be honest. I heard there were interviews last year but admission office says they are using this video response instead for this year's application. Has anyone done it? What are the prompts you were asked during the 60 seconds? Any advice?
  18. For all those waiting it out
  19. Hey everyone - I realize it's only April, but I figured I'd get started on the HKS thread for 2019 matriculation. A little about me: I'm a 2010 grad from a competitive small liberal arts college, 2012 masters in city planning from an ivy (both with honors), worked in public finance consulting for three years, now working as a civil servant in a policy office in transportation. I'm active in a few LGBT causes, and have a fellowship with a large, international professional organization that focuses on urban revitalization. I'm taking the GRE in August. I'm attracted to HKS and other MPP programs that offer programs in domestic policy, economic development, and urban policy. I'm nervous but excited to go through the application process, and to be nearly 30(!). Currently brainstorming essay topics, and how to best hone my story. What about you?
  20. Hello everyone, I hope corona do not find you :) . I want to know the funding program for international student accepted into neuroscience PhD at Harvard. Based on the website, the PhD student receive scholarship but still I donot understand the plan for this. I sent an e-mail to the funding officer but no response. As I understand from the website, it is a tiered tuition structure that reduces tuition over time as students progress through their degree programs. Another plan is the fully funded option. Which plan is available for international students? Best regards
  21. Hi all, I just received an offer from HKS MPP program, with no scholarship offered. I am currently debating whether I should take the offer or go for the MA program at SAIS in DC, which provides me a $40k scholarship per year. What are your thoughts? In the long run I am interested in development economics and international affairs. I may do a PhD after graduation as well, but nothing is set yet. I am really keen on to take the MPP offer but 40k per year is no joke.... My family is ok to support the MPP tuition but I feel bad letting them do this. Thanks.
  22. Hi all, I got admitted into PhD programs in Geology/Earth & Planetary Science at Caltech, Harvard, Cornell, and Oxford. I am an international student (from Colombia) with a Fulbright scholarship and deciding where to go has been very difficult for me so far. - Caltech: Pros: Awesome advisors, program structure, approach to research, research areas Cons: Very few Latin American students at Caltech, it takes 5 years to complete the program - Harvard: Pros: Excellent university reputation, research area Cons: I have been told my PI is not very good with grad students, weather, it takes 5 years to complete the program - Cornell: Pros: Get along well with PI, research areas, it takes only 3-4 years to complete the program Cons: Facilities are not available at the moment, weather - Oxford: Pros: I already know the PI (have co-authored a couple of papers), research project is already defined, Excellent university reputation, it takes only 3-4 years to complete the program Cons: Very little monthly stipend, Fulbright does not work in the UK, very far from home If you have any opinions/suggestions/experiences, that would be of much help to me to decide. I don't know well the American or British systems, so all these options are kind of unknown for me. Furthermore, I was only able to visit Caltech as other visits had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Thanks.
  23. Hello, HGSE hopefuls! I started the thread for HGSE last year but ended up not applying due to extremely low GRE scores. I decided to take another year to work, and get more experience in the education sector. So, here are are my stats. Let me know what you think. Be brutal!Applying for M.A I am an international applicant. Program: PSP (practice strand)GRE Score: V 155, Q 140, AWA: 4.0 (will be retaking it)GPA: 3.05 (2 health related withdrawals recommended by the university and some very low grades)Work Experience: multiple internship & volunteer experiences in youth development throughout college (turned my last internship into a full-time job J). 1.5 years as a project coordinator at a leading policy research institution in the world. 8 months of teaching experience at a university outside of the United States. And I just started working on health promotion project among school-age children. Undergrad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): international student at a private city school Research Experience: My research experience is limited to my undergraduate years. I am more into project development, management and fundraising rather than research. What Other Schools Are You Applying To: Columbia MSW (no GRE required!) I have visted both HGSE and Columbia MSW open houses. HGSE commnity, that they endearingly call "hugsie", is so warm and close-knit. The curriculum is extremely flexible. The student body is so diverse! P.S. Info about HGSE having 50% acceptance rate is total b.s.
  24. Happy Wednesday! I wonder if any of you are also waiting for a notice from Harvard about whether you'll get a chance to interview for the Fall 2020 Ed.L.D. cohort! And if anyone has intel about when invitations are likely to come out, I would love to hear it! Thanks and good luck!
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