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  1. Hi everyone, I have a PhD offer from University of Washington iSchool and an MS offer from University of British Columbia Computer Science department. I am having great trouble in deciding between these two offers. I am an HCI researcher and my future goal is to be an UX researcher / UX designer in the industry. UW is among the top 3 in HCI, so everyone is suggesting me to accept UW offer. Although I know that a PhD will be very good for the career I am envisioning, I am not sure if I want to pursue a PhD now. I am a bit hesitant to make a 6 year PhD commitment. The offer from UBC is from a very reputed senior professor, and an MS may give me option to do research as well as pursue jobs to decide finally if I want to do a PhD. But at the same time, I also realise that the offer from UW is too good to let go. Also, I have heard from alumnis in UBC that the job market in HCI in Canada is sort of bleak. So I am confused if letting go of the UW offer would be a good decision. Can anyone share any thoughts regarding deciding between this two? Also, can anyone share, if I reject UW and after 2/3 years I feel positive about PhD and decide to reapply, will my application be disregarded since I rejected an offer previously? I believe my profile will be much stronger with an MS. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys, I got admits from Indiana University Bloomington for MS HCI and from Pratt for MS IXD. I am unable to decide which one to go with. Any pointers would be helpful. PS: I am more interested in UX design compared to UX research. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all! Luckily, I got admissions from these great courses and I need your help in decision making. I’m an experienced UX & visual designer who worked for almost 10 yrs in a big IT company. I felt it’s time to learn how to find future problem and insights in global mind and get close with latest technologies and knowledge to move on to the next level, so I decided to admit to UX & HCI focused graduate schools. Actually, I got an admission from NYU ITP as well. However, I think that the ROI is not that good for me, so I’m considering UW and CMU. Both of them are 2yrs course Cohort size: UW 120, CMU 10 STEM: UW o, CMU x I heard that the ranking and output of UW IS #1 now, but CMU has more well-known school in my country. I want to work for FAANG like companies after graduate and I’ll come back to my country after few years if I can get a job in universities. Could you give me any advice? I need to decide until this weekend and it’s really tough......
  4. Hi guys! Which one should I choose? UMich HCI or Gatech Digital Media? My goal after graduating is to be a UX designer. Any advice? Thanks a lot!!!🏄‍♀️
  5. Hi ux designers, which program is better for getting a ux design job in the US? I am an international student. I was majored in psychology, so I hope the program can improve my design critique skills or other crucial skills for designers during interviews. Pratt is more design-focused and it is located in NYU. Cornell is ivy, so I guess the reputation might help as well. Anyone willing to provide some advice?? Im so confused!!! Thanks a looooot!
  6. Hi! I'm planning on pursuing UX Design as a career and am currently making final decisions for graduate school. I'd love your inputs as every program seems to be excellent in their own ways. I'd appreciate any opinions thanks! Carnegie Mellon University - MHCI UC Berkeley - MIMS (Concentrations: HCI & UX Design) Parsons - MFA in Design and Technology
  7. Has anyone else applied to/heard back from Pratt's new IXD program?
  8. Hi Everyone, My profile is as follows BS (India) GPA 3.75/4, MS USA 3.6/4, GRE 301 V-149, Q-152, AWA-4 TOEFL - 106 (R-23, W-25, L-28, S-30) I have around 2 years of research exp and 6 months of teaching experience as TA during my MS No publications , working on a paper currently though. and a year of software engineering experience all in the US I am interested in human computer interaction and machine learning programs. I have shortlisted following universities. 1. Colorado state University 2. university of Texas Dallas 3. Iowa State University 4. Kent state University 5. SUNY buffalo 6. university of North Texas Do, I have any chances of a fully funded admit with this profile or should I retake gre and apply next term? I did email professors and mostly all of them encouraged me to apply and mention them in SOP. please let me know if there are any other universities I should look into. Thank You.
  9. Hey guys, there was originally a thread, but gone for some reason, so I thought it's good to start a new one since I didn't saw another. I'm a CS+Psych focus and here's what I've applied to: Rice MHCI+HF (AD very early in Dec) Cornell Tech CM UW MHCI+D & HCDE GT HCI CMU MHCI UCB MIMS UMich MI Toronto MI Welcome to post anything! Interviews, timelines, and results! Wish everyone get in your dream program!
  10. Hi all, I'm revising my SoP for grad programs in Human-Computer Interaction and would be extremely grateful to get any feedback/criticism before submitting. Is there anyone in this field who can spare a few minutes going through my SoP and maybe suggesting a few things. More than happy to swap/review other statements- even if in different areas. Thanks in advance!
  11. I open this thread for HCI field's 2021 Fall PhD Admission. Let's share any updates such as interview offer, acceptances, rejections, or your specs (publications, GPA... etc). Here's are my info: - U of T CS - CMU HCII - UCLA ECE - UC Berkeley EECS - UW CSE - MIT Media Lab I didn't have any interviews and decisions from all of them. I saw my online portfolio visits from Berkeley and Cambridge (twice each of them). My several questions: - Are there cases to get acceptance without interview in HCI PhD admission? - How common is it that applicants have publications? I heard that applicants should have at least 1~2 top-tier & first-author paper to get acceptance by top 1~20 schools.
  12. Looking for someone who has been admitted into top HCI programs to review my SoP. Any feedback would be great!
  13. The Information School at UW-Madison is recruiting applicants to our PhD program. All PhD students are fully funded for five years, including tuition, stipend, and health insurance. Students in our program receive individual mentoring from faculty who have expertise in a wide range of areas in information and computer sciences. Broadly, we are recruiting PhD students in all of the following areas: Bibliometrics, science of science, scholarly data analytics Book history and print culture Children and media Consumer health informatics Crowdsourcing/peer production/citizen science/CSCW Human-computer interaction and Human-AI interaction Information behavior Information, data, and AI ethics Information retrieval, text mining, and data mining New media and innovation in the African diaspora Public libraries and information services Scholarly communication Social computing and Computational Social Sciences To learn more about specific faculty research projects, please contact faculty members listed on the PhD Program page. We encourage students from historically and statistically underrepresented groups to apply. Applications are due December 31st.
  14. Hi everyone! I am getting ready to apply to MS programs in HCI and I am wondering if there is anyone who is willing to look at my SOP. I have been editing and reading over it for three weeks now and would love if someone can provide me with another set of eyes and outside perspective. Thanks so much!
  15. Hi, I hope all of you stay safe in such a difficult situation. I'm planning to apply to the CS (to be specific, HCI) for the upcoming Fall 2022 semester. I know this might sound a bit 'out of time' question, but I'd like to ask all of you about my profile and gain some insight on my future application process. I have several top-tier pubs with low gpa, and I'm having trouble looking for some references for my future application. If possible, please give me any of the advice including evaluation of my profile, future direction of improvement, or some possible target schools. 1. Type of student: 3rd year in foreign univ majoring in ECE (ranked top nationwide, top-20 worldwide) 2. Major: ECE / Information science 3. GPA: 3.4 (Top 20% in my department, but I think GPA would be the weakest part in my future application) 4. LOR: pretty strong 5. Research: Worked for 2 years in lab, ACM CHI first-author paper with two co-authored poster and workshop position paper Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi, I majored in Psychology at a top university in India. My undergrad GPA is low (3.04/4.0). However, I am currently doing some PG work in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make up for my poor gpa (and a three year undergrad degree). By the time I submit my application, I'll have work exp of about 2 years. I want to know how else can I make up for my low GPA, if I want to apply to good HCI programs? Some schools I am looking at are - GTech, UofW, UofMaryland, etc. Do I even stand a chance?
  17. Anyone else out there just apply for Fall 2020?
  18. Hi all, I've been looking to transition into the field of User Experience Research and Design and have been fortunate to be accepted into a large number of graduate programs for Fall 2020. I had this fear that I wouldn't get in anywhere and ended up applying to a huge mix of programs that I liked, but now I have a tough decision to make. Here are the programs I'm considering: University of Washington - HCDE University of Texas - Austin MSIS University of Michigan MSI University of Maryland HCIM University of Minnesota - Twin Cities HFE Every time I attend an admitted students day I end up liking new things about each program. I am currently leaning towards the University of Washington's HCDE program. My only reservation with HCDE is that I know the cohort is larger, mixed with full and part time students, and has mostly evening classes. I am a little worried about the social aspect and also what to do with my time during the day. I'd consider getting a job but what I'd prefer would be to complete a program quickly and get into the field, still I know Seattle is a great place to be for UX and that HCDE is the most competitive program I've been accepted into. I was doing my own research too but I was wondering if anyone had any feedback as applicants or students on any programs that I should give more consideration to or take off my list. Any information is appreciated while I try to make the best decision! Thank you
  19. Hey! Applications are opening and i thought it would be best to freak out together! Drop in a comment if you're applying for fall 2020, with your Uni list, background and anything else you would like to share!
  20. Hi! I'm planning on pursuing UX Design as a career and am currently making final decisions for graduate school. I'd love your inputs as every program seems to be excellent in their own ways. I'd appreciate any opinions thanks! Carnegie Mellon University - MHCI UC Berkeley - MIMS (Concentrations: HCI & UX Design) Parsons - MFA in Design and Technology
  21. Hey, I have an architecture background and switching to hci/ui ux and will apply OCT 2019. Anyone else in the same application boat? In the process of shortlisting schools currently! Would love to connect during the entire application process! Read here that Pratts program wasn't the best. Anyone else have any information about other programs in the US, Canada as well as EU? Currently considering UW, CMU, University of Michigan Ann arbor, Umea, Delft, Alto (for visual communication design)
  22. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to start a forum on those waiting for admission to Fall 2018 University of Michigan School of Information Master's program! Here is a space for you to discuss your worries, get information from others applying, and ask about acceptances/denials. We're all in the same boat! UMSI '18!!
  23. Hi, I have applied for masters in human computer interaction at Georgia tech, CMU and UW but have not heard anything from them. Did anyone of you get to hear from them..? Or any idea when the results will be out..?
  24. Hi all ! I recently was updated about a first author conference proceedings acceptance. This is about 2 months after submitting my PhD applications. Im looking for advice on this - I read somewhere that it might help to email the adcomm with an updated resume. Would emailing at this point be appropriate?
  25. Hi there - I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but "Interdisciplinary" seems like the best place. I'm a UX researcher/designer with 8 years professional experience. I want to go back to school to learn how to be a tech professional who can support tech companies in creating more ethical products and services. MIT's MS (I'm not interested in PhD) program seems like SUCH a good place to think critically about technology and how it gets made, and experiment with new solutions. I've looked at other HCI/Information/UX programs, and found that most MS programs don't seem to have the opportunities MIT does. It feels like most of the classes at other programs are tech positive and there's not space to challenge tech and look at it differently. I'm a non-academic tech worker (not a programmer though, no CS skills here) looking to contribute to a more ethical tech future. Is anyone in the same boat as me? Or in a boat nearby?
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