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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, Thought I'd start this topic for 2018 fall applicants specifically for Public Health. I realise there is a general one for all applicants, but thought it might be useful to have one for just a Public Health field (in the most broad sense). I apologise if this post is redundant. I just wanted comments on whether my choice of universities were too strong. Although these were the only programmes which matched my interests. Feel free to comment/share your experience so far. Undergrad Institution: Imperial College London, UK (Top for science in UK)Major(s): Biomedical SciencesMinor(s): n/aGPA in Major: no GPA system in UK (Upper 2nd class)Overall GPA: n/aPosition in Class: Type of Student: International female Postgrad: MSc in Public Health (GPA 3.88) at London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 160 (76%)V: 167 (98%)W: 4.5 (82%)B:TOEFL Total: n/aResearch Experience: 2 years in health services researchAwards/Honors/Recognitions:Pertinent Activities or Jobs: some teaching assistanceAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points:Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where:Harvard, John Hopkins, UNC, UCLA, UCSF, Northwestern, Brown, Ohio State, Iowa, Standford
  2. Basically the title. I want to work in health policy, I think in government, and I'm just wondering which will give me the best place to start a career from. I got into the MPH program at George Washington in DC, and the MPP program at CMU with 50% tuition (technically the master of science of healthcare policy and management). is there going to be a career difference between the two? I would imagine an MPH gives you more lateral movement within public health, and the MPP gives you the same in the policy sphere.
  3. Title says most of it, just trying to gather input on deciding between either the CMU MSPPM or MSHCPM (master of science in public policy or health care policy) programs, (I applied to both), got 50% scholarship there, or the MPH program (health policy track) at George Washington. I want to go into health policy, potentially promotion, and just have no idea if the cost of going to GW is worth the networking opportunities offered there or if the skills gained at CMU will put me in a better place.
  4. With April 15th approaching quickly, I am hoping someone can share any experiences from the programs I have been accepted into. All of the programs align with my research interests quite well. Iowa is definitely the most reputable program, but I have lived in the mid-west my whole life and am looking for a change of environment. Any guidance is much appreciated! University of Iowa- PhD in Health Services and Policy: Offered GRA position. Oregon State University- PhD in Health Policy: Offered TA position. University of Colorado- PhD in Health Services Research: I have not received an official letter at this time, but have spoken to both the directors and they are working on a TA funding package. The program is fairly new and has not produced many graduates, but the professors I spoke to assured my that the program will prepare students for academia.
  5. Hi, I'll be getting a PhD in Health Policy and Management and was wondering if someone could speak to how the job outlook was after completing their PhD? I don't think I want to go into academia but am not closed to the idea. Did you find jobs more commonly in certain areas, what salaries were you looking for, how much did you degree matter in terms of specialization and school reputation or advisor reputation? Any and all advice welcomed. Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, So to keep this brief, I applied to PhD programs in health policy this year and was fortunate enough to be accepted to multiple great programs. That said, I am based in Boston - where I live with my partner - and was hoping to get admitted to my top choice program in Boston (Harvard). I was, however, waitlisted, and while they have assured me I am at the top of the wait list, they were not particularly optimistic about any movement happening this year. I am planning to revisit the programs I was admitted to to be sure they would even fit well with me, but if they do I am really caught between a rock and a hard place here. My partner is a medical student in Boston, and has no flexibility to move any time soon. Going to this program would mean moving out of our apartment, splitting up our pets from their owners, etc. I have spoken to Harvard and they said a reapplication would never be guaranteed admission, but reapplicants have been successful in the past (no idea on the frequency). In addition, there is another program in Boston that I could go to and would have a strong chance of admission based on my results this year (I did not apply there this year), but it would definitely be a drop in program quality. I guess these are my questions: (1) If I turned down the programs I was admitted to this year, would there be any chance I could apply again in the future, possibly when my partner has more flexibility? I know that this should have been taken into account this year, I was just told that advisors that I would most likely get into my top choice so it didn't seem like a huge potential problem. (2) What is the general consensus on reapplying? Assuming I don't get in off of the wait list, the program director said I was a great applicant who very well could have gotten in this year, the cards just didn't fall in my favor...so I know I am competitive, but I'm afraid I'd wait a year and then end up in the same position. (3) Would going to a lesser program really hurt my career overall? Thanks everyone!
  7. Anybody have an update for when this program is sending out acceptances/rejections/interviews/waitlist notifications? I see that some Health Behavior notifications have been sent out, but not for health policy/management. I was rejected from my top school (JH), have been accepted to my third.. but UNC is my second and I need to know what they say before I start looking for properties in South Carolina. Moving a family of four takes a lot of preparation.. the sooner I can get started, the better!
  8. I have been accepted in a number of programs for MPH for fall 2012 and i'm having a tough time deciding between programs. Is there a clear front runner for health policy amongst these programs?-- Columbia mph- health management and policy, BU mph, GW mph, or UNC- mph leadership program ? Also do the rankings of these programs really make a difference? I'm currently in state for UNC which makes it a good price, but what does their number 2 ranking really mean? thanks.
  9. Anyone else applying to Harvard's Health Policy PhD this Fall?
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