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  1. Hey all, Could use a bit of advice here--I'm still in the acclimation process to my grad program, and I have fallen sick with a bit of what seems to be a developing cold. I don't think it is terribly severe, but I do wonder if you have any advice for managing this situation when my schedule is dominated by coursework, teaching, and work at a side job for which I can't readily find a stand-in for my shift. Please let me know what your tips and tricks are?
  2. The first college I attended right out of high school was highly selective and elite. While I was there I started experiencing symptoms of schizoaffective disorder leaving me to have a psychotic break, C's in all my classes and an F in one class. I only spent that one semester at the school before moving into a mental hospital. 7 years later after years of working hard in recovery I am now enrolled at a new university with an almost straight A average with a few B's and two withdrawls. I am completely stable and highly functional. I am wondering when applying to grad school if it would be helpful to explain my failures at my first college by telling them about having an undiagnosed psychotic disorder and talking about how I overcame that disorder to have an almost 4.0 gpa. Will it be hurtful or helpful? I don't want them to hold my disorder against me. Thanks for your time reading this
  3. Hi Everyone! I have a few questions about McMaster's MSc e-Health program. I read a few things about the program itself and it seems that it's still a little disorganized. However, I was curious as to what the program is actually like and how are the grads of this program are doing now? Also, how are the interviews? How competitive is the program? Also, I know that it says you need a B+ in your final year of undergrad. In my final year, I took a few of my general education courses, would they still include that in calculating the GPA? or would it be the GPA of fourth year courses. I know that for the MPH program at McMaster, they specifically want a B+ in your third and fourth year courses. Also, what are the chances I'll get an interview/chance in this program if my grades from first two years are not as great as my last two years? I'm still debating between MPH and MSc in e-health. I currently have a BSc in Global Health specializing in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. MPH is a little similar to my undergraduate degree but I'm interested in digital health. (Also, looking into MDes in Digital Health at OCAD). I'm all over the place right now, as you can tell. ? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Hi all, Is a score of 307 too low for funding consideration and/or admission? I am not great at standardized tests which is why I am debating retaking it. 5.5 Writing 153 Q 154 V My undergraduate GPA is 3.33 (3.60 in my major). Schools I am applying to: Michigan (Ford), Duke (Sanford), and Chicago (Harris). Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone Just wanted to start a topic for anyone who is thinking of applying for MHI with admission date of Summer 2019. UofT Application deadline: March 1, 2019 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm currently working full time in a health care association as a project lead. I have been in this position for 1.5 years. Previous to that, I worked 4 years at a downtown hospital as a research coordinator. My background is in nursing but my focus is on research. I have a Masters degree from UofT (Average Grade: A). I want to apply for the executive stream of the MHI program. I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight on whether my experience and education makes me a good candidate for the executive stream. Does anyone know if you need to have your employer's permission and basically have a project idea presented to your employer before you even apply? I'm just scared that what happens if I get accepted for the Executive stream, and me and my employer cannot bang out a Health Informatics-related project for the program? Please let me know if there are any others applying to the HMI program (regular or executive) Thanks!
  6. I am still waiting to hear back from Portland State University for the fall of 2018. I applied for Health Management and Policy. I have waited roughly a month or so, I sent an email and I received an email stating I would hear by April 15th. Well, UMASS Amherst told me I have until April 15th to accept or decline their acceptance. Portland is my top school, the waiting is making me extremely tired.When should I send another email?Or should I just wait it out? Has anyone heard back from Portland? Has anyone been accepted into UMASS for their MPH?
  7. Is there anyone that had an interview at Uconn's health center for their biomedical sciences PhD program, and NOT heard back yet? I know they sent out some acceptances and rejections, but I have not heard anything.
  8. Hi all, I am admitted to Columbia University (Teachers College)- Mental Health Counseling E.d.M, and USC- Marriage and Family Therapy, Master I was thinking with a Columbia degree it will work great for me in the job market, no matter where I go. However, I did some research but some people said that teachers college is not as good as Columbia and some people even see it as separate or affiliated. So I'm not quite sure now. For USC it will work great because I'd love to work in CA and I will be getting CA's license and networking so that'll be nice. I want to work in the U.S. but I don't know if that's possible as an international counselor in the U.S... How likely am I going to get sponsorship? Anyone has suggestions? Anyone knows anything about TC? or the programs? I'll really appreciated any comments/ concerns.
  9. Hi All, I am admitted to Columbia University (Teachers College)- Mental Health Counseling E.d.M, and USC- Marriage and Family Therapy, Master I did some research but some people said that teachers college is not as good as Columbia and some people even see it as separate or affiliated. But I really like the name of Columbia. For USC, I've talked to someone who went there and seems like he liked it a lot. Anyone has suggestions? Anyone knows anything about TC?
  10. Will having any CEU's, CECH's, CHES's, NBCC's etc. help me get into grad school? I'm talking about accredited programs/websites, not MOOC's. I'm willing to pay if it'll help. Also do I attach the certification of completion to my resume (each certification is a page long), and how do I mention it on my resume if I have any completed so far? I'm interested in going for physical therapy school, and want to get some courses on mental health and general health, will this help me at all? Most courses aren't free. I'm still in undergrad, graduating next year, might apply for the next cycle in a few months.
  11. Long story short, my application for medical leave for mental health reasons was denied (thankfully I had this semester "forgiven" in a sense). I talked with my dad and after some back and forth he thinks I should drop out, take a year off, focus on work and my health, and then reevaluate my options next fall. Overall meaning delaying grad school by 2 years or so (assuming I don't start reapplying at this moment). Talking with my mother yielded the same result although she thinks I should somehow appeal the decision (not sure on how to do this since I was denied based on a technicality). for leave because this was/is my first semester at the university. There's also a situation with my landlord where I've told him, in writing and with his written confirmation/agreement that I will be terminating the lease at the beginning of the year, so I'm not sure if I can possibly back out of this if I need to. Basically it seems like my only two options are to drop out and reevaluate my situation, or step up and go back to school. I'm leaning towards going back to school with the only issue being the landlord thing mentioned earlier. But, I'm not sure I'm ready to yet considering the circumstances as to why I left for the semester. I know that ultimately it all depends on me and what I want (I am an adult as you know), but what are your opinions? Should I dropout and reevaluate things, or should I pack my bags and head back to school? Many thanks in advance!
  12. Hi All, Each year we organize a Summer School for senior undergraduate students. This year, the four-day fully-catered event will be from July 3rd until July 6th, inclusive. The Summer School will consist of wide-ranging talks on the theory and applications of data analytics & visualization given by program faculty and industry experts. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about cutting-edge research in the big data science and network with subject matter experts and fellow students from other countries. We are inviting applications from exceptional students worldwide. The event is free to attend, and moreover, the successful applicant’s travel and accommodation expanses will be covered by the program. For more information or to apply, please visit http://www.lassondecreatedav.ca/ About the CREATE DAV Program The program is a multi-institution, multi-sector collaboration between York University (the lead institution), OCAD University, Concordia University and the University of Toronto, together with a number of leading Canadian high-tech companies in Toronto and Montreal focused on applications in cloud computing, digital cultures, health technology and smart cities. The goal of the DAV program is to provide opportunities for exceptional graduate students (MSc and PhD), undergraduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Students accepted into the program will receive highly competitive financial stipends and enhanced training from a collaborative group of internationally known subject matter experts in the field of data analytics and visualization in a broad range of application areas. Poster Create Dav Summer school 2018.pdf
  13. Hello, Can someone please rank or describe the following programs (strengths and weaknesses or pros and cons): USC Annenberg Upenn Annenberg Cornell Stanford Northwestern Thank you so much!
  14. Hey all, Thank you in advance for the advice. I am asking a question for my girlfriend. She is applying to MPH programs with a low GPA 3.2 and ok gre scores. 152Q and 159V. She has 5 years of international work experience peace corps, ESL teaching, research in health. What are her chances of getting into Harvard, Columbia, Hopkins, or Yale for their MPH programs??? Also, I am having trouble finding a thread for this year's MPH applicant statistics so feel free to post your stats in the comments: GPA 3.2 GRE: 152Q 159V other relevant factors:
  15. Hi there, I am thinking about getting my Master's in Social Work in the near future. I have my mind set on becoming a Medical Social Worker and want to work in a hospital setting (With patients and their families). If there is anyone who is also going in the "medical social worker" career, please explain how your experience is so far? (ie: how are your classes?, what are you specializing in?, etc.) Also, I am looking into the University of Maryland, School of Social Work in Baltimore. I looked up the website and it states that there are many different specializations. I don't know which one is for me? And lastly, what is the difference between macro vs micro and clinical concentrations? (You do not have to answer ALL these questions but any type of feedback or advice would work. Your help is much appreciated! Thanks!)
  16. HI all, Does anyone have any insight into the London School of Hygiene in Tropical Medicine's Global Health Policy program? I have done my research and was actually accepted into the program. It is entirely through distance education with an option to go to London and study at the school for a 6 week blended-learning option. There is an option for a project at the end, otherwise known as a thesis. I work full-time as a research assistant so this masters would allow me the time to build my professional career as well as my academic. Apparently, LSHTM has an outstanding reputation and I have spoken with a wide representation of people who have all pretty much regarded the program to be high. My worry is about the potential for networking through distance education. Also, is there any stigma associated with a distance masters degree? There isn't much in terms of funding through distance education but the price tag isn't too hefty. I really like the international perspective, without having to leave for too long. Also, their connections to the UN, WHO etc... In the global health/policy world, how is LSHTM regarded? Should I hold out to apply to other schools next year? Thanks ahead for reading this!
  17. Hello, I am a first-year PhD student. I want to ask about input on thriving. As background: in undergrad, I consistently had leadership roles in extra-curriculars, which helped balanced the necessary classroom focus. During Master's studies, I was also engaged (more participatory) in social and recreational groups. Now, as a PhD student , I would like to be able to connect better - it is strange, since more opportunities seem available than ever before, at my current institution. There is certainly a difference in rigor, but I have also never had so much time to focus exclusively on my studies (no need to work externally, for example). I would love any feedback you can share on growing as a healthy individual, and developing ties within the community.
  18. Applicants are being sought for a half-time or full-time Research Coordinator position in the WELL Center (an expansion of the Laboratory for Innovations in Health-Related Behavior Change) at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, under the direction of Dr. Evan Forman. Drs. Forman, Butryn, and Juarascio are conducting multiple NIH-funded clinical trials in the areas of (1) using innovative approaches to improve diet, health and weight, including new forms of behavioral treatment; (2) computerized "brain training" neurocognitive trainings; and (3) smartphone app-based machine learning interventions and algorithm-based optimized interventions. Coordinator responsibilities will involve coordination of one or more existing trials. These responsibilities include: helping to develop study protocols; scheduling and conducting participants’ clinical research assessments; tracking participant progress; managing data and coordinating data collection; maintaining contact and approvals with NIH and IRB; and supervising part-time research assistants. Advanced skills in data management and data tracking/analysis software (e.g., REDCap, SPSS, Microsoft Access, Excel) are a plus. Opportunities also will be available, as desired, for additional data analysis and preparation of poster presentations and/or manuscripts related to the projects. Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree and coursework and/or work experience related to the conduct of clinical research. Candidates will be asked to commit to staying in the position until the summer of 2019. This position is excellent preparation for individuals who wish to pursue graduate study in clinical psychology or a related area. Start date is flexible, but July 2017 is preferable. To apply, please click the link below to complete a questionnaire and upload your CV. Applications will be reviewed as received. If you have problems or questions, contact research coordinator Cara Dochat (cld93@drexel.edu). Click HERE to apply.
  19. Sampson (2006), in "A survey of public perception and response to heat warnings across four North American cities: an evaluation of municipal effectiveness", has found that "the effectiveness of the communication of safety precautions to different populations needs improvement". He also identified that "there is a need for more effective communication with people who are vulnerable that they need to be concerned about their safety". What do you think could improve this problem?
  20. Hello and happy holidays! I currently have less than a year before I will be applying to masters programs (hopefully attending Sept 2018). What can a undergraduate student do in the remaining time to become an ideal/competitive candidate for a MPH (or similar- MHA, MHS) program in Canada? Of course maintaining a good GPA is a must, so please comment suggestions for areas beyond grades! For my particular situation, I am concerned that I don't have enough relevant experience. While I volunteer in a health centre and have plenty of (unrelated to health sci) work experience, I worry that I will need to take a year or two off to make myself a competitive applicant (while having a 3.7/8 GPA in a honours spec health science degree). I also don't have any research experience, but am not looking at programs that are research intensive. Thanks in advance
  21. I want to learn more about science and environment so that I can report on issues in these areas with more authority. I was a really good biology student in high school, but could not continue it. What programs can I consider now? I'm 26, and a fairly accomplished journalist with 5 years of experience covering pharmaceuticals and healthcare in India for an international news agency. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas/suggestions.
  22. Hi all, I will be attending Northeastern University beginning this fall for Ph.D, I've come across something in the immunization report that could be very problematic however, so I'm hoping for some help. In the documentation, it gives the following instructions for the Hepatitis B vaccination: "Series of 3 doses: the second dose at least 1 month after the first, the third at least 2 months after the second and 4 months after the first." Since it's almost June, even if I get the first dose right now, according to the instructions, I will not be able to get my 3rd dose until October. My term starts in September and the documentation has to be submitted 1 month prior to that. Can anyone who knows something about this or has prior experience please explain whether this will be a problem and if so how to get around it? Thanks. Link to the document I have to fill up and submit: http://www.northeastern.edu/uhcs/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/2016-17-Health-Report-Meningitis-Waiver.pdf
  23. Just wondering if anybody has applied to the Masters of Science in Community Health Science at the University of Calgary and if they have heard anything back in regards to acceptance? Thanks!
  24. Hi guys, For some time I have been reflecting on my decision to apply for a postgraduate degree. I have a MSc in Management & Policy Analysis (Holland) and I have been a visiting scholar in Epidemiology at University of Cambridge. At the end of the studies I worked in development (World Bank) and public health ( ECPC), focusing on monitoring &evaluation of behavioral interventions in health care. As I would like to move forward I realize I need to hone my skills in quantitative analysis, preferably in econ, and in behavioral science. Given that there are no behavioral economics programs in the US (I am considering US, as I may get financed) I was thinking that may be my best shot is in health economics and try to combine it with courses in behavioral science. Another option would be to apply for a program in management or economics. For the latter I don t think I have high chances of getting in. Overall, my interest is to design and evaluate behavioral change interventions preferably in health care. I would very much appreciate your advice on steps I should take, questions I should ask myself, general opinion on career prospect, programs I should consider, general experience in such programs.
  25. Hi,So I apply in February for a Master in Community and Population Health Science in the University of Saskatchewan, they acknowledge the reception of my documents and under my application profile I have the status of "Complete Ready for Review".I already checked it online on the webpage of the University and I was unable to find a date when I should expect a response (either positive of negative) so I decided to contact the office for an advise and they just confirmed that my documents were in order, but were unable to provide me a date, should I insist, wait, cry, continue eating my nails?
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